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Nissan Frontier 2005+



  • asaasa Posts: 359
    < Are there any other Frontier forums anyone can recommend? >

    You might try . It's active and there seems to be some nice users on there.
  • asaasa Posts: 359
    I've put a few thousand slow-paced break-in miles on my '06 SE CC 6-Speed and decided to finally wind it up for the first time the other week. Holy cow -- it was incredible! It'll definitely push ya back in the seat. The 6-Speed and the 4.0L are well matched and the sound is great too, even with my factory exhaust. The magazine writers and TV's MotorWeek have all given Frontier top marks in the fun-to-drive category and I can see why. :D
  • driver56driver56 Posts: 408
    I test drove an 06 Nissan Xterra S 6 speed just last weekend and was very impressed with the power (more than enough) but the handling (body roll) was quite pronounced.
    The 05 Frontier 4x4 King 4LT. was a different story. Still the best handling 4x4 I've ever driven, and what performance. And what fun to drive. You'll almost forget you're in a truck.
    Enjoy your new ride!
  • nfmh05nfmh05 Posts: 1
    Hello, just wanted to offer any advice for help to anyone about the new Frontiers. I bought it mid January '05, and I have the 6speed manual V6 4x4. I have taken it to Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Washington and all over California. Its been through some good testing grounds in the dirt but mostly in some good snow conditions. I can say nothing but positive things about the 265hp motor and 4 wheel drive system. Anyway, enjoy using your trucks for what they were made to do!
  • Folks:

    I recently purchased an '06, SE, 4.0, 6-Speed, 4X4. I am not the tallest guy in the room so I have the seat sort of close to the steering wheel. This makes the center console too far back to function as a good armrest. Is anyone aware of an aftermarket armrest? Maybe something that snaps into the cupholder? Also- Does anyone know of a good vendor to get aftermarket accessories (rubber floor mats/body side moldings) for less than my dealership would charge?

    If anyone is interested; I am getting 20 MPG taking it easy with the 6-speed. I would really like to open it up and let those 265 horses run but I am too cheap to pay for it.

    Thank You,

  • rocketman67rocketman67 Posts: 82
    I just got my '06 Frontier NISMO 4x4 6speed. The puter say 17-18 with a mix of city and highway.
  • asaasa Posts: 359
    Jackie, I bought my Frontier accessories from Nissan of Turnersville, NJ at The fellow there is named Brian and he is extremely helpful and their prices are excellent, despite that I bought Nissan brand parts. They also sell other brands as well.
  • asaasa Posts: 359
    Mine's an '06 SE 4x2 6-Speed CC with only 1400 Miles on it, but my mileage has steadily risen. My current tank will be north of 21.5 MPG Highway I'm pretty sure. Us poor SE owners don't get the nifty in-dash computer. :(

    It's nice to have a truck that will yield decent fuel economy with conservative driving (my style) and yet be able to romp on it and have some exhilarating fun when I want.
  • rocketman67rocketman67 Posts: 82
    Yep just icing on the cake!
  • Thanks Asa. What accessories did you purchase? Have you been able to find an aftermarket bed mat or liner of some sort?
  • asaasa Posts: 359
    I bought all Nissan accesories -- step rails, hood protector, front and rear splash guards and the soft tonneau. I decided that I'd go with the Nissan stuff so that I knew it'd all fit without hassle. My SE CC came with the factory sprayed liner, so I didn't need to look into bed liners. Some guy at work used one of those do-it-yourself brush-on liner kits with is new Frontier and it looks horrible. Be careful if you go that route.
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,870
    06 NISMO CC 4WD 5sd auto
    507 miles
    21.1 mpg overall average
    244 miles were with a 500 lb lawn tractor in the bed!
    Trip computer indicated 21.2 mpg. 21.1 mpg is calculated using miles traveled and gallons pumped.
    Majority of trip was 60 mph w/ cruise control, some 75 mph driving and a bit of stop and go.
  • leob1leob1 Posts: 153
    An acquaintance of mine is probably going to purchase a 2006 Frontier x-cab SE 4.0 auto very soon. He wants to put on upgrades such as exhaust, intake and things to improve handling and mpg. Where are some good sites/places for that type of stuff?
  • swensenswensen Posts: 1
    I have a 06 Frontier with 2,200 miles on it. Since day one, when the engine is started cold, there is a tapping sound that lasts for a couple of seconds then goes away, not sure but sounds like lifters are tapping. I assume the oil circulation reaches the lifters in a second or two and silences them. On Warm starts there is no tapping. If it sits for approximately five hours you can hear the tapping again when engine is started. The engine has an initial high rev. on start up. It was suggested that I change oil and use higher quality oil filter to address the tapping problem. Changed oil at 1,800 miles with Mobile 1, 5W-30W, and used Purolator Pure One filter. No change in problem, still hear tapping on start up. Dealer says is "normal for Nissan". I find that hard to believe. Service rep at dealership started four Frontiers on lot, could hear same noise in two of them. Any suggestions?
  • jhrainjhrain Posts: 2

    Did you find an answer to the question regarding the Arm Rests? Although I'm 5'9", I find the armrest to be too low and too far back. I'd love to purchase a different one.

  • jjpeterjjpeter Posts: 230
    I'd be interested too. I'm 5'8 and the arm rest is an irritation. If someone does not make an after market one, I'm going to make one myself...
  • rangermangrangermang Posts: 27
    I have an 05 frontier CC SE and was wondering if the extang trifecta is a good tonneau cover. On it is about 335 with free shipping, which i think is a great deal. Anyone have any problems or know of any problems with this cover? Please let me know, thanks :)Oh and one more thing,will i have to remove the stock bed rails?
  • Jim- I have not found a vendor for an armrest. Seems like an obvious design flaw.
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    no,i have it on mine
  • jmsd1jmsd1 Posts: 20
    wow that is great gas mileage. I have 15K miles on my 4x4 Nismo KC auto. Life time average of 14 mpg. southern calif driving mainly city speeds. The computer says I average 20 miles per hour. I track both mpg and mph.
  • greywolffgreywolff Posts: 1
    I purchased one with my 2006 Frontier. I bought it from the dealer here in So. Cal and I have had nothing but problems with it.
    The latches are very poor design.
    It leaks water, just the dew in the morning will cause it to leak.
    The hinge that holds the top cover on has started to break where the spot welds are and I have had to pop rivet it back together.
    Save your self $500.00 bucks and go buy something else.
    I have been trying to get some satisfaction from the dealer and they are talking to Nissan, but not to me.
  • I think this is a common occurance on vehicles when they are cold. my 93 ford ranger with 4.0 V6
    used to do the exact same thing when cold(for a while i was worried and then it went away once warm and eventually forgot about it ). I have heard it on other cars too. So, I would not worry.
  • I was wondering if anyone experience this. I've just purchased a new 06 Frontier SE crew cab three days ago. So far, I'm pretty happy with it. However, I noticed something today. I was driving down the road cruising around 45 mph. My fiance sitting in the front and my two boys sitting in the back. They decide to open their window. Once the window's opened, we all heard this loud noise. It was loud to the point that I cannot hear the radio and it actually hurt our ear. It's like someone is blowing a tuba next to us. Has anyone experience similar problem? Should I contact the dealer about this?
  • asaasa Posts: 359
    Per the "tuba" rear window noise, my Frontier does the same as does my wife's Subaru. Nothing is wrong with the truck, nor the Subie. What you're hearing is akin to the bass note noise you hear blowing across the top of an empty soda bottle. If you lower the other rear window, the noise will lessen because the interior air pressure is equalized. I'm just guessing that this happens because many modern vehicles have the side window glass very close to the outer body surface (instead of deep within a window frame) to reduce air turbulence and increase fuel economy. Hope this helps.
  • asaasa Posts: 359
    I don't get a tapping noise with my '06 SE 4.0L, but I often hear and feel a light bump noise several seconds after startup. It just started doing this at about 1800 Miles and (like yours) does it only when the engine is "cold". As you know, the engine RPMs rocket to what sounds like light speed at start up. I guess we both have to trust that oil is getting topside real quick given the high starting RPMs.
  • My 2k6 Frontier does the same thing. Yep this is quite normal.Scarey but the engine is supposed to be bullet proof. Time will tell.
  • richierodrichierod Posts: 2
    My Frontier CC SE 4.0 is a whopping 3 days old, and I'm liking it a lot. Only problem I see is there is no way to secure the sliding bed extender. Here in L.A., if it can be stolen, it will be stolen. Anyone have an idea for me? I could always fix the rail stops on either side of the extender brackets, but what a pain when it comes time to move it around... Thanks for any ideas you may have...
  • 06nismo06nismo Posts: 3
    I have noticed this with my '06 Nismo CC LE model. I sometimes open the rear window to allow my dog to stick her head out. The noise with the one window open is loud and I end up shutting it. I suspect the other poster is correct with his assessment.

  • 06nismo06nismo Posts: 3
    You are right that these things can be easily picked off. The only thing I can think of in addition to screwing in the extender stops is to add a hard tonno cover. Then just lock the tailgate and hope they don't have a plazma cutter ;)

  • 2005lekc2005lekc Posts: 145

    I put a lockable hard bed cover on my truck to keep the bed divider and the utili-track system secure.

    Out of sight out of mind and a lock just to be sure.

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