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Nissan Frontier 2005+



  • oxmeadoxmead Posts: 79
    I've had my 07king cab LE 2wd for about 2 months now. I really miss my Infiniti G20, but I needed a truck. I was feeling some vibration in the gas and brake petals, but finally figured out that it was the base on the radio. The audio package was a good choice and I'm getting to like the satelite radio. My big gripe is the panic button on the key fob. Why does it have to be so sensitive( .5 second). If I throw the keys on the counter it goes off. Gas mileage is about 19 in mixed driving. I also like all the storage areas and cup and bottle holders. My drivers seat cushion is showing some wear, so I may have them change it when I take it for an oil change.
  • dalodalo Posts: 2
    Well, after shopping around I purchased an 05 NISMO with 10k miles on it. I made a road trip that night from NRFK VA to Keene NH (10 hrs) as my road test. It performed great. Since then I have had to utilize the 4wd option quite a few times due to snow and mud season roads. The Anti Slip has done so well it's taken some of the fun out of it. The bigger tires and sturdy suspension has made a tremendous difference dealing with the frost heaves and less than perfect plow jobs.
    Anyhow, just to reiterate I couldnt be happier with this truck!
    Anyone know of any Northeast Frontier groups or website's?

    P.S. Test drove a Toyota and it just didn't feel as substantial as the Frontier.
  • asaasa Posts: 359
    I came VERY close to buying an '04 or '05 Colorado Crew Cab 5-Speed. Back then they offered that combination, but only with the smaller I-4 engine and the combination wasn't very inspiring. When I learned that Nissan would offer the '05 Frontier 4x2 Crew with a stick, I held off buying the Colorado. A test drive sometime later in the Nissan was extremely impressive and I went forward with Frontier. I love the truck and the 4.0L and 6-Speed combination is so sweet. :)
  • Yeah, I miss the stick shift but then the bad knee and the heel spur reminded me do do with out the clutch. You made the right choice for fun, the 6 spd that I test drove was a blast. Keep us informed on how the clutch holds up after some miles are on it. I loved my Ford ranger stick but while I had it I had to have the clutch worked on a few times and cost me some big bucks. Good Luck and Enjoy. :)
  • oxmeadoxmead Posts: 79
    On the 2007 frontier w/audio pkg there's a setting for bass, treble, etc. and something called SSV. Excuse me for being stupid , but what is SSV?
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242


    I read front to back about my 2005.
    The power in my 05 just roars!!
  • madman6madman6 Posts: 2
    Has anyone else had this problem? I bought a 2006 Frontier in August of last year. A month or two ago, after washing it, I noticed some tiny paint chips missing. They were about the size of the end of a pen and went down far enough that I could see the grey paint (the truck is red). I cleaned it again this past week and noticed more flakes. There are about 10, all over, not in just one spot. I took it to the dealer yesterday and they claim they have never seen anything like it. Anyone else have anything like this? Other than the paint, the truck has been great. I have had older vehicles, 20 years old, that don't have any paint issues at all, though, so I'm really worried here.
  • 2005lekc2005lekc Posts: 145
    I have an '05 LE KC and the paint has chipped on it from the git-go. The government has taken some of the harmful ingredients out of the paint they use today to become more environmentally friendly.

    The end result is that the paint is not as good as it use to be thus the reason you are having the chipping problems you are experiencing.

    My wife drives a 2000 Toyota Solara and it too has paint chipping issues. I am sure that it will get worse before it gets better as the government keeps moving us toward a more protective environment atmosphere.

  • I have a SE Crew with the auto and was driving in traffic about 35 to 45 mph and to avoid all of the slower traffic had to do some weaving in and out of lanes on occasion. When I use to have my manual floor shift, I would just shift down to 3rd and accelerate and back off the gas pedal to control my speed to get in and out traffic. For the heck of it I stuck my auto transmission in 3rd pushed down on the throttle and had a rush feeling the immediate power, and realized that I had the same great speed control as my manual. My question for any transmission experts is, will this hurt or shorten the life of my automatic transmission, if I don't go too crazy with it? Hope not because this would be best of both worlds. :)
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 10,919
    Not a chance. That is why there is not just P-R-N-D! I had a '96 Subaru with AT and downshifted all the time. It had just over 220,000 miles on its last night in one piece, and the transmission was still in tip-top shape. Unless you are shifting outside of the gearing range, it will do no harm.
    2014 Audi Q7 TDI, 2008 and 2013 Subaru Forester(s), 1969 Chevrolet C20 Pickup, 1969 Ford Econoline 100, 1976 Ford F250 Pickup
  • Thanks for your input, that's good to know. :)
  • Anybody know when the next generation of the Frontier is coming out?

    Also, what about the 2008 model... anybody know when it's coming out, and any new features?
  • dwillis1dwillis1 Posts: 4
    I'm looking at buying an LE crew cab with limited slip diff., leather int., and sunroof. Has anyone bought one recently similar to this and if so would you mind giving up how much you got it for. I've had a few quotes from local dealerships and most seem to be averaging about 25200$ before tax. Thanks in advance!

  • rimcutrimcut Posts: 3
    I have an '06 NISMO. I use it for work so it is high mileage, 31,000 in one year. It has been one awesome vehicle. Unfortunately, when I recently changed the oil I discovered a small problem while giving the underside a once over. The rear differential is leaking. It is a very small leak. Has anyone else had this problem with the Dana axles?

  • hustoncshustoncs Posts: 21
    It’s probably coming from the seal of the rear diff cover it happens. This is sealed by a silicone, so take it to the dealer and have them re-seal it.

  • bcosperbcosper Posts: 1
    YEP, '05 NISMO with 40,000 miles. It was leaking out driver's side axle tube. Replaced myself; $25 for seal
    and had to use 20ton press with adapter to press off bearing and lock. Seal then slides right off and on. Then
    you must press bearing and lock back on. Also need a heavy
    slide hammer to remove axle.
  • I had to save money so got the SE Crew and would like to add the fog lights, does anybody know if they are prewired ?

    FYI tested mpg on straight interstate driving, calculated 23.5 , but I am not real sure since did't fill up at same station as before plus truck was slanting more on original fill up, I am sure that it at least got over 22mpg. I have the 2007 LWB, auto tranny and was driving aprox 70. My average mpg have been around 19 . Very happy with truck, the only thing that really %^#$ me off was a dent left on my fender from evidently a flung open door, :mad:
  • asaasa Posts: 359
    The '05 and '06 SEs are prewired for fogs. If you look above your fenderwells from above, you'll see the wires neatly tied up and the connecting plugs. *Supposedly* Nissan changed the turn signal stalk in the '07s, thus making the dealer-supplied 'kits' not applicable to the '07s. It's not been proven that the '07 stalk is different, so with your '07 you need to verify which stalk is in your truck with your dealer and go from there.

    That's excellent mileage at 23.5! I have an '06 CC 6-Speed and my best has been 22.5 and my average is 21.5, all at moderate highay speeds matching your 70 mph.
  • I think in reality that I probably got around 22.5 considering the error of filling up the gas tank to different levels each time.

    I sure miss the manual floor shift a lot and as you know yo can get better mpgs especially in town, but in reality when I had my floor shift in other vehicles I never got a good mpg as I was tempted to put my foot down on the gas when I didn't have to, so to save my money I went ahead and did away with the temptation of having too much fun. :)
  • asaasa Posts: 359
    I know what you mean about the manual shifter -- it's hard to resist running through the gears with the hammer down. When I test drove the Frontier 6-Speed, I was euphoric. The ratios are just perfect and it shifts like butter. I'm used to driving little 1.8L engine cars and have never owned anything like this 4.0L. I have only 6,000 Miles on the clock and I've noticed that my average MPG is slowly creeping up. I'm pleased with my MPG, especially in view of the instant power this truck can put to the ground.
  • driver56driver56 Posts: 408
    That VQ engine is soooooooooooo sweet, love that growl.
    What kind of mileage are you getting in U.S. gallons?
  • I have the automatic, crew, lwb, 2wd. I am getting an average 19 to 20 city/ and 21 to 23 mpg hwy. Has plenty of power especially after 3k rpm with the automatic. My old Ford Ranger only had 140hp and got close to the same mpg plus to make the engine stop pinging I had to use the super unleaded gas. This ones purrs on regular just fine. Very nice truck. :)
  • stubertstubert Posts: 3
    I hate that key fob with a burning passion ....
  • I think I know why he may hate it. Every time I turn around I set the alarm off. I sit down in my recliner and the alarm went off once, the panic button is not recessed so you have to be very careful. My neighbors loved it when I set my alarm off at 5:00am getting ready to go to work.
  • driver56driver56 Posts: 408
    I wondered if that was the reason. My last vehicles' fob was quite touchy also, but soon learned how to live with it.
    I like to think that if I had designed my particular fob, that it would have recessed buttons. Makes sense to me. Guess I'll never be able to wear tight jeans ever again.
    In the end, if that's the only beef...........lucky us.
  • shufflesshuffles Posts: 50
    What I don't like about the fob is just that. My Honda Accord key has the fob built-in. Not necessary to go from fob to key.
    My biggest complaint on my 2006 XE auto is that pesky thunk when I stop. At first it almost never happened. Now it happens about half the time when I stop. Way back when someone suggested a leaf spring helper as a cure. That sounds like it would have a negative impact on the ride comfort.
  • asaasa Posts: 359
    Love the VQ-40 growl too! I've got no need for an aftermarket exhaust; it sounds teriffic from the factory.

    I average 21.5 MPG (US Gallons) Highway with the 6-Speed over only 6,000 Miles. I've received several 22.5 MPG tanks and the average is moving up.
  • asaasa Posts: 359
    Yep, it seems official -- the '07 SEs do indeed have a different turn signal/foglight stalk than the 05/06's, so be cautious when you order the '07 stalk with the foglight switch. I do not have the correct P/N.
  • asaasa Posts: 359
    Looks like the stalk with the foglight switch for those who want to install foglights in their 2007 SEs (without automatic headlights) is Nissan 25540-ET11A. Again, this is a different part than is needed for the '05/'06 SEs. I'd double check the P/N with the dealer if you decide to order it.
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