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Nissan Frontier 2005+



  • I've got about 5k on mine and don't see any paint chips on mine.
    I owe so love to take this truck through it's gears.....all six of them.
  • Does anyone else get 13.5/21 mpg city/highway, driving conservatively? Seem like I should be getting 17/21. I have about 6800 miles on it to date.
  • Yeah, I drive in an area where there are traffic lights at every intersection, so I just thought it was the computer calculating driving time and avg. speed to determine fuel consumption. Got tired of driving like a granny and started getting on it after I broke it in and still no difference. Highway proves about accurate on long trips though. Still puzzled.
  • lax5lax5 Posts: 29
    At 6800 miles, I am assuming that you have an '06. I have an '06 CC and that is approx what the computer is showing for me. I was wondering about it, too. I have put it off to the stop and go short trips that I do, day in and day out. I only have just over 3100 miles, so will be curious to see how it looks on long trips.
  • 2005lekc2005lekc Posts: 145
    I have not reset my mpg setting on the computer for the last 5 fuel refills and it currently is reading 20.1 mpg. I have an '05 LE KC with an automatic transmission, Volant CAI, Flo-Pro dual in dual out exhaust, and a Fold-A-Cover bed cover on it.

    I honestly did not see much change if any in my mileage with the above modifications. Some say these items helped increase their mileage, but I did not experience that with mine.

    I am having my engine covers painted right now so I am debating whether to leave the Volant CAI on or going back to the painted engine covers. I don't hear the Volant making much if any noise like the CAI I had on my Miata.

    I have about 75% suburb driving and 25% highway driving. I drive like the little old man that I am and I walk to any of the destinations that are within a mile of my house. I also avoid rush hour traffic since I am retired. I have had to drive down into the middle of the city a couple of times, but I avoid that when it is at all possible.

    The LE gets better mileage than the Nismo, but I can't believe there would be that much difference. Of course not resetting the mpg computer each time makes the system more accurate and less subject to wide swings of the pendulum.

  • Any body heard anything about this? One of my friends mentioned he had heard this some where.
  • Really, it's a 2005 with 6850 miles on it now. I live only a mile from work, so I bike. Plus I resent the cost of fuel in NW Washington State ($3.15/gal). I fill it up once a month (average). I use the truck mainly for leisure and occasional loads of compost, straw, etc.

    But this granny driving is for the birds. Tweet tweet.
  • I am thinking about trading my 07 automatic with 2 k miles on it for a new 07 SE Crew 6 spd, as I miss a stick shift. What ever happened to your clutch problem and did Nissan pay for the repairs ? Thanks, Steve
  • shufflesshuffles Posts: 50
    News out today, diesel Maximas in all 50 states. Nissan says it's studying offering a diesel Titan in the U. S.
  • driver56driver56 Posts: 408
    Putting a diesel in the Titan makes sense, a little surprised with the Maxima.
  • i was getting ready to purchase some 18x10" wheels and 255/55R tires for my stock '02 Frontier SC Crew Cab but im not sure if the tires will rub or not?? anyone know, advice?
  • Sounds like a good idea since they probably need some type of edge over the new Tundra. Maybe they can break the diesel in on the Maxima and get all of the bugs out before putting it in the Frontier :)
  • driver56driver56 Posts: 408
    That sounds like a plan! Would love to test a new Frontier diesel. Perhaps within 5 years?
  • shufflesshuffles Posts: 50
    Woops, I forgot to put in the planned release of the diesel Maxima - 2010. A diesel Maxima makes good sense. In Europe you can get most automobile models in diesel. Let's hope Nissan can do what Honda has. Read this edmunds article:

    Honda's Breakthrough Heats Up the Race for Clean Diesel Vehicles
    By Dave Chameides
    Date Posted 09-28-2006
    Honda Motors unveiled its latest development in diesel technology on September 25, putting the carmaker well ahead of the pack in the race to bring clean diesel vehicles to market. Its next-generation diesel engine uses a catalytic converter requiring no additives of any kind and will run cleaner through its new design.

    Starting in January 2007, all diesel passenger vehicles sold in the United States will be required to meet the same Environmental Protection Agency Tier II Bin 5 emission standards governing all gasoline vehicles. This will require auto manufacturers to significantly reduce the particulate matter (PM) and nitrogen oxide (NOx) that escape their car's tailpipes. While particulate traps will significantly reduce PM, most manufacturers of diesel engines are still struggling with a way to clean up their NOx emissions.

    Until now, most car companies have been working on systems that utilize chemical urea. When sprayed into the hot exhaust of the engine, it creates ammonia. The ammonia then reacts with the NOx and converts it to inert nitrogen.

    What sets Honda's new technology apart is that its catalytic converter requires no outside chemicals whatsoever. As the exhaust hits the first layer of the unit, a small amount of NOx is converted to ammonia, which is then absorbed by a second layer. The second layer, now ammonia rich, then reacts with the remaining NOx and spits it out as harmless nitrogen.

    Honda spokesman Chris Martin points out that what makes the system better is that the ammonia is generated internally rather than being introduced as an added chemical.

    "It's maintenance proof," he said, adding that with urea-based systems, a car owner could either fall behind on maintenance or opt to save money by not replacing the chemical. "It might run just as well, but it would be much dirtier."

    With Honda's new technology in place, the car does everything for you; nothing extra to add, nothing to check and nothing to maintain. This should save the owner money, and Honda can rest assured that its diesel engines will continue to drive cleanly as long as they are on the road.

    Honda designed the converter for use in its 2.2 iCTDi diesel engine, which has garnered widespread attention since its debut in the current model European Accord. The engine, which is remarkably quiet, is also much cleaner than most diesels right out of the gate. Thanks to a redesigned combustion chamber, a reduction in fuel injection time and other efficiency improvements, the engine already emits significantly less NOx. Add on the new technology the converter affords, and clean diesel could be right around the corner.

    While European drivers may be seeing this technology sooner than we will, Honda estimates that their diesel vehicles will start hitting our shores in about three years. Couple this with their recent announcement concerning future diesel hybrid vehicles, and it looks as if Honda is pulling to the head of the clean diesel pack.
  • I drive a 07 SE crew with the V6, the service mgr told me that to make sure and return to them for the oil change because they used some type of oil filter with some kind of special valve on it. He said the dry sound it makes during the first second or two would be worse and last longer if I did not use Nisann's special oil filter. Need input please as I am coming up on 2500 miles and sure hate to drive 30 miles to the dealer for a oil change.

    Thanx in advance, Steve
  • shufflesshuffles Posts: 50
    That valve filter design is not unique to Nissan. I think most filters have it. I know Fram filters have it, but Frams don't fit my '06 XE. The Nissan filters are not all that expensive; go ahead and buy a few. I change my own oil.
  • asaasa Posts: 359
    It's a simple drainback valve and I think most upscale filters have it. I use the factory filter to avoid any kind of fight should a warranty claim arise; it's very cheap insurance. You might want to stock up on a handful of Nissan filters.
  • mystromystro Posts: 64
    Good point but I prefer using a Puratlator Pure One synthetic media filter was highly rated several years ago in a big testing shootout.
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,868
    2008 Nissan Frontier King Cab and Crew Cab

    The 2008 Nissan Frontier continues to offer tough, bold styling that mimics the larger Titan and an available Utility Bed system that features the Utili-track C-channel tie-down system and a factory-applied spray-in bedliner.

    Frontier continues to be built on Nissan’s F-Alpha platform and is available with a choice of a 2.5-liter inline 4-cylinder (4x2 only) or an advanced 4.0-liter DOHC V6, which produces 261 horsepower and 281 lb-ft of torque.

    The 2008 Frontier is offered in both King Cab and Crew Cab body styles and in 4x2 and 4x4 driveline configurations. Frontier also features long bed models with beds more than 13 inches longer than the standard models.

    Enhancements to the 2008 Frontier King Cab and Crew Cab include:
    - New SE trim for inline 4-cylinder models (previously only available as XE grade)
    - New Technology Package available for NISMO and LE trims
    - Utility Bed Package Standard on King Cab NISMO models
    - New finish on 16-inch NISMO Alloy Wheels
    - Available Bluetooth® Hands-free Phone System
  • joboo1joboo1 Posts: 75

    Has anyone purchased the Westin Sure Grip running boards for thier Frontier. I have an 05 Frontier Crew Cab and thinking about installing running boards.
  • toy4runtoy4run Posts: 10
    I was wondering if there is any information of trusted lift kits for my 2005 Nissan Frontier LE Crew Cab 4wd. I think it sits way to low for a truck and would like to lift it. Does anybody have any information out there about such kits.

  • shufflesshuffles Posts: 50
    08/23/2007 14:03 Source: AP ©

    Toyota Motor Corp. will cooperate with truckmaker Isuzu Motors Ltd. to develop and produce small diesel engines for the European market, both sides announced Thursday.

    The agreement, which seals talks that began last November, will allow Toyota, Japan's top automaker, to take advantage of Isuzu's highly reputed diesel technology.

    Production of the 1.6 liter diesel engines for use in Toyota vehicles sold in Europe will start 2012, the companies said in a statement.

    Demand for diesel vehicles is growing especially in Europe because of worries about global warming. Diesel is widely known for good mileage, and recent innovations have made diesel cleaner.

    Toyota already produces diesel engines in Europe, but it has tended to focus more on so-called hybrid technology, in which a car switches between a gas engine and an electric motor for fuel efficiency.

    The agreement allows Toyota to get help from Isuzu to compete in diesel technology with rivals such as Honda Motor Co., which is strengthening its diesel lineup.

    Toyota and Isuzu said the companies were working out details on development, production and supply of the diesel engine, but Isuzu "will play the leading role."

    Toyota owns a 5.9 percent stake in Isuzu. Isuzu formed a capital alliance with Toyota in November after dissolving its tie-up with General Motors Corp. in April 2006.
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,868
    How is this relevant to the Frontier?
  • shufflesshuffles Posts: 50
    How is this relevant to the Frontier?
    One word: competition.
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,868
    One word: competition. :confuse:

    That makes no sense at all. This is the Nissan Frontier 2005+ topic, not Tacoma vs. Frontier.
    Secondly, Nissan has offered diesel engines in the Frontier (Navarra outside of North America) for greater than 25 years as has Toyota offered diesels in it's Tacoma (Hilux) for greater than 25 years. Both the Toyota and the Nissan diesel engines in their trucks are are excellent and as competitive as any diesel engine offered in their class.
    Toyota offering a 1.6L diesel in Euro passenger cars changes competition in what way? :sick:
    Oh, yeah, you can't buy the 1.6L in the US just like you can't buy any diesel in the US Frontier and Tacoma.
  • I bought the factor Nissan ones for my 05 Crew Cab SE. Easy to install.
  • joboo1joboo1 Posts: 75
    thanks for your response. I bought the Westin Sure Grip. The boards were easy to install and look great.
  • kvhkvh Posts: 2
    How can a short person use the center arm rest ? Just your elbow will reach the edge of it. Uncomfortable on a trip. Rear cup holder should have been used for arm rest.
  • maxamaxa Posts: 4
    I just bought a 2007 Nissan Frontier SE CC LB 4x4 yesterday. I drove it home - about 8 miles and put it in the garage as I had several appointments to go to. I took it out of the garage this morning and discovered a 12" crack in the windshield on the passenger side. A rock chip caused the damage. Has anyone else had this type of damage to their windshield so soon after a chip? I own a business that has 9 vehicles and have never had a chip cause a huge crack in one day- usually it takes months for a chip to grow which gives me time to have it repaired. I also noticed 5 areas of the paint on the hood that are already chipped down to the primer- it has a clear bra which protected that area, but nowhere else on the hood. What the heck do I need to do to protect this paint? It is Red Brawn which I knew would be a problem, but I never dreamed it would be this bad after 15 minutes of driving.... Should I just take a hammer to the body of this truck to break it in????
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,868
    A crack in glass can appear an indefinite amount of time after the glass is stuck by an object or weakened. Changes in temperature, force on the glass due to flexing of the body or hitting a pothole may cause crack to appear, worsen, or sometimes even break.
    I have an 06 Nismo CC 4WD. About 15,000 miles on it and no issues with paint chips in any area other than in front of the rear wheels on the flare and quarter panel.
    Environmentally friendly paint is not as durable as the old enamels.
    I used to drive on interstate near one of the largest quarries in the US and no matter the make of the vehicle they ended up with chipped and damaged paint. They needed a paint job after the first year! Thankfully I moved.
    Do you drive where there is a lot of road debris?

    I'm not going to tell you the paint is not an issue on the Frontier, I just have not had any major issues.
    I've read frequent accounts of paint complaints with the Frontier and the Tacoma.
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