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Nissan Frontier 2005+



  • gymbogymbo Posts: 37
    Rear splash guards came with paint protective strips,front ones don't. Does anyone know why,are they really needed on the rear and if so, how difficult to install the protective strips?
  • You should include Pathfinder owners in this database as they are suffering the same problems (happened to mine, I was one of the "lucky ones" who was covered by Nissan USA). Nissan should be held accountable.
  • shufflesshuffles Posts: 50
    I somewhere that Nissan is going to recall some Frontiers for faulty fuel gauges. Anyone out there know anything about that?
  • eoghan1eoghan1 Posts: 58
    I did a search and found your comments on the wind noise similar to what I have on my 2010 LE CC. It begins at around 35mph and is most noticeable from the passenger seat but seems to emanate from the left rear door. I expect it would get pretty annoying on a trip. I will tinker with some masking tape when our weather warms. Although it has been a while since your post I am hoping you can get back with some suggestions. Thanks
  • asaasa Posts: 359
    The problem is Nissan's fuel sending units (FSUs) in the fuel tank which causes an inaccurate gauge reading. The recall affects Frontiers, Pathfinder and Xterras produced from January to March 2006 and October 2007 to January 2008. Nissan will be sending letters to owners in late March 2010 I have read.

    It's clear the FSU problem affects many vehicles outside of these dates, so I'm not sure what Nissan is thinking. :confuse:
  • I'd like to hear from 2005-2008 Nisson owners that are having trouble with gas gauge, radiator leaking into the transmission trouble, brakes wearing alot turned down a couple of drums, Both catalytic converters replaced.
    Had to put a gallon of antifreeze in vehicle already; heat gets its cold spells.
    Violent shaking of vehicle little over 50,60,70. Thought this was the brakes or vaccum leak, or tires, or catalytic converter.
  • 05nismo605nismo6 Posts: 10
    I have a 2005 Frontier Crew Cab with NISMO package.

    My gas gauge hasn't worked in over 8 months. Fill up causes the empty light to come on and the needle to go to E, at about 3/4 of a tank it decides to work again. This all causes my check engine light to come on. Dealer wanted $500 to fix it, I said I think I'll just drive about 300 miles and fill it up, clear the trip meter and repeat. I've had numerous problems with my Frontier, including but not limited to, computer replaced, u-joint and drive shaft, rear differential problems, rear axle seals busted and had to be resealed (both sides), vent control valve went bad, clutch fan replaced (whatever that is), driver door not aligned properly, hood squeaks if not correctly aligned and greased, and a new radiator. All of this except the radiator and gas gauge happened before 66k miles, and the only thing I paid for was the radiator and the Vent Control valve and clutch fan. I raised heck with Nissan over the other things especially the rear axle seals and u-joint/drive shaft.
  • I have a frontier with a transmission problem from a faulty radiator which leaks into my tranny. I'm hoping nissan takes care of this problem.
  • kbackbac Posts: 3
    Can anyone tell me where I can get a stock roof rack for a crew cab, I have a 2005 Nismo and would like to but a rack on it but can't find one, Nissan wants to much.
  • 2005 Nissan Frontier have had to have both catalytic converters replaced. One failed at 78K, they other at about 110K. Dealer would not honor 80K warranty on first. Taking dealership to small claims court to recoup cost.
  • cel3cel3 Posts: 1
    2006 Frontier. Local key man said it has no transponder code. Ordinary cut key starts it ok. Will it stop in a few miles as part of security? I really am wondering if it has a chip or not? Is the cost for a key a total ripoff? Thanks.
  • mdntflyrmdntflyr Posts: 1
    My trans recently broke due to the leaking coolant tank problem. It is easily found when there is a purple "slime" in the radiator. The repair has been quite expensive (dollarwise and downtime!) while a replacement trans is being rebuilt. It seems Nissan doesn't have replacements in stock, nor will any repair shops have any in their inventory. The result? I have been waiting about a month to get my truck back. Nissan needs to "man up" and correct these problems to an otherwise excellent truck.
  • mystromystro Posts: 64
    Has anyone explained why this leaking problem occured?
  • asaasa Posts: 359
    edited April 2010
    Mine is a 6-Speed manual, so I'm not affected and am no expert, but the radiator cools both the transmission oil and the engine coolant on many automatic transmission vehicles. In Nissan's case a leak is developing within the radiator, allowing the transmission oil and engine coolant to mix, thus leading to the problems.

    Some concerened owners have added a separate transmission oil radiator and replumbed the lines to it. I suspect that the job is not that difficult, nor that expensive.
  • bspellbspell Posts: 1
    My 2005 NISMO truck has recently started the shaking that you describe. Did you ever determine the cause? A friend who is a mechanic thought it might be electrical. He replaced my positive battery cable and it was better for about 4 to 5 days but it is happening again.
  • My 2005 Frontier NISMO also had the trans fluid leak into the radiator. The heat was limited in the winter and the truck would shutter going into OD at about 40-45 mph. I have a bit of mechanic experience and new how to explain to dealer to fix. There are 'patches' and ways to bypass the radiator, but it leaves you with no trans cooling or heating in winter.

    I just picked up my truck from the dealer after having the radiator replaced, the cooling system flushed 2 times, and the transmission flushed 2 times as well. I have complained and am now ready to fight with Nissan about this...I just want my truck to run like I have treated it...GREAT!

    Has anyone else had their transmission flushed? What was the outcome after time/mileage?

    My fingers are crossed!
  • We had the same problem and the only way Nissan could fix it the problem was replacing radiator n replacing the Transmission. we are having big struggle trying to pay x the repairs bcs we were out of warranty...good luck!!
  • betty1498betty1498 Posts: 2
    edited September 2010
    How is ur complain going? our radiator broke n mix water to the transmission n Nissan told us that to fix it we had to replc is no cheap!
    And i like to know what can we do about it...(Also we have had the computer replaced twice).
  • draines5, ive also had to drain my fix my radiator problem, and i havent had a problem with it yet, atleast not that i notice.

    i also have the shuttering problem in OD, around 40-45, have you found the answer to this? i would really like to get it fixed before anything major happens. i usually just shut my OD off, but any mechanical fix will be greatly appreciated

  • I had my transmission flushed twice and my coolant system flushed twice. New radiator installed and all new fluids in everything (cooland and transmission).
    Immediately after my transmission flushes I would only get the shutter if I 'tried' to make it shutter. I did a normal transmission fluid change (4-5 qts.) after 350 miles and the fluid was dark colored already. After the fluid change, it is harder to make the transmission shutter, but I can still fill it shifting weird into OD.
    I will continue to change my transmission fluid until it comes out the correct color for new fluid (clear pink-red).

    I keep my OD in the 'on' position. I want to make sure the new transmission fluid is getting 'pumped' through all the little gears and bands within the transmission. This seems to be the biggest issue with getting all the radiator fluid out of theh transmissions? I have gotten advice from several mechanics, and they tell me that I need to nurse it back to health with several fluid changes and easy driving.

    I also installed a second transmission cooler on my own. I did this when I did the radiator bypass on my new radiator. After all this I still think its crazy that Nissan would put a new radiator into my truck, AND hook it up the exact same way that it failed!

    I am still talking to Nissan...when they return my try and meet some type of resolve for this. I am sure I will not prevail in the end, but can't afford to not try. There are some guys on the Nissan Frontier Forum that have between 65k and 110k miles on their transmissions after the defect-failure and feeling the shutter. So, my hopes are slightly elevated that my truck will make it.

  • so, your saying just check the fluid, and re-flush it if it looks dis-colored?

    i really hope this helps, im on the merge of selling the truck. its such a nice looking truck, but mechanically its pretty ugly.
  • I just got a letter from Nissan that they were extending the warranty on the fuel sending unit. I already have an appointment tomorrow morning to get a new one installed at no cost to me.
  • asaasa Posts: 359
    edited November 2010
    In view of Toyota's reliability issues, Nissan finally decided to re-engineer the fuel sending unit and is replacing them at no charge. My truck was included, which is good because I had TWO of them go bad, Oddly, only certain Gen 2 years and months are included, which infuriates owners which own models with failed fuel sending units that are not covered.

    Come December 2010, Nissan will contact certain owners by mail about faulty IPDMs (Intelligent Power Distribution Modules) which cause some models to quit runnning or not start. I think that '05s and '06s are included, but I'm not sure about '07+.

    Modern vehicles are just too durn complex.
  • I'm not so happy now. While driving this morning the fuel gauge went as low as it could go. Not knowing how much gas the dealer spilt during the replacement, I immediately stopped for a fill-up. All of 12.4 gallons. This unit is worse than the one it replaced. :mad:
  • jsan1jsan1 Posts: 9
    edited November 2010
    Check out this sliding armrest for the Nissan Frontier.( Go to This armrest addition really adds comfort and looks factory installed. I have one and it is absolutely fantastic.
  • jsan1jsan1 Posts: 9
    Check out Great armrest extension by S. Mfg.
  • jsan1jsan1 Posts: 9
    Check out , the digital floor mats are fantastic and check out for a sliding armrest.Let me know if this information is useful!
  • 'Got some surprisingly good news this afternoon re: the FSU I replaced in my '07 Frontier on my dime in July '09. Hopefully, it'll be helpful for others on this board as well.
    My FSU faulted out, causing me to run out of gas on the freeway in rush hour traffic. 'Took it my dealer, but because I was 7000 mi. past my factory warranty, and because my second-tier extended warranty didn't cover the FSU, I had to pay for it. Not happy.
    After reading several recent postings here, I called Nissan Customer Care (800-647-7261). The rep told me that because of the volume of calls they've received, Nissan is extending the warranty on the eligible FSUs to 72,000 mi. When I explained my situation and asked if Nissan is reimbursing those who already paid for the repair, without hesitation he said yes. All I had to do was fax in my dealer's service ticket with proof of payment (which I had right in front of me). I won't call this closed til I have a $435.00 check in my hands, but it seems like Nissan's trying to make this right. 'Will keep you posted.
  • Well, that didn't take long. 'Got the check today. Nissan made good on the entire bill. If you've been through the hassle of a faulty FSU, you really need to look into this.
  • My Frontier is just over 4.5 years old. Will I be needing a new battery soon? What is your experience? My service manager told me it might cause damage to pull a dead battery and go get a new one.

    Also, my second replacement fuel sending unit works better than the first replacement unit but not as well as the original unit. It gets stuck at a quarter tank till there are two gallons left. Then it quickly drops to empty. The service manager is going to huddle with Nissan to figure out what to do next.
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