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Lincoln Mark LT



  • Pontiac's old slogan was "The mark of great cars". I believe that it applies particularly to Lincoln as well.....generally speaking. Lincoln's modern styling is uniquely handsome. I abandoned my GM roots and came over to a Lincoln Mark LT in '06, when the distinguished look of it caught my eye. It's going on 4 years old and it still turns head and commands nods. Now don't get me wrong - it hasn't been without it's problems. Everyone here should acknowledge that anything man-made - mechanical and/or electronic, is going to fail, in some manner, at some time or another. Some sooner than others. Almost immediately, mine started falling into "engine failsafe mode" occasionally, and for no apparent reason. I simply shut it down, restart, and be on my way. Secondly, the brake rotors warped within the first year, affecting my stopping stability. Darn if I know how, why or when - it just started shuddering one day. The driver's side window button/motor works when it wants to. The sliding rear window seal has come off, although I rarely open and close it; and the 6-disc CD changer won't read discs in slots 2, 3, 4 and 5. Despite all these "quirks", I'm not gonna' condemn the whole line of trucks. In fact, although disappointed with it's various failings, I'd buy another one - if and when they re-introduce them. Y'know why? Because when me, the wife and the kids roll up, we roll up in elegant style; and I deserve that now - given all the hard work we've done to achieve where we are now....and no one else needs to know about the minor flaws in my vehicle, just as I'm sure theirs has 'em too. I'm not too crazy about the gas mileage. It is relatively thirsty - but hey, it's a V-8 truck and I knew that going in. What really confuses me, though, is that I seemingly have no control over my fuel economy. The analog fuel gauge and the digital "miles to empty" read-out are so in sync, 'ticking' away my fuel by the mile regardless of what the "MPG" readout says, or how conservatively slow I drive. (???) It's almost as if the engine and computer are specifically tuned to consume the gas at a constant rate no matter how fast or slow I go. (Anybody else experienced this phenomenon?) >>> Hats off to the new "upgraded" F-150's! They do look great - because they took styling cues from the Mark LT.
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,437
    They took styling cues from the Mark LT? The exterior of the Mark LT is the Ford F150's, with a modified grill and tail lights added to the tail gate. The new F150 Platinum edition is the replacement for the Mark here. In Mexico, they actually offer a new Mark LT, based on the '09 F150, but the demand here wasn't large enough to justify a new one here.

    Sorry about all your glitches. No, that is not normal. These days, you should be well able to drive a new vehicle for three or four years without anything at all going wrong. That has been my experience in several cars and trucks owned in the past decade or so.
  • gregg: You're right. I mis-spoke. What I meant was that the new F-150's are being dressed up more luxuriously than previous year models, which I perceive as being borrowed from the 'flavor' established in the Marks. It's bold and clever actually - a hybrid blending of traditional rugged workhorse, with sporty pizazz, with luxury trim and appointments. Honestly speaking - whereby I wouldn't want to go mud-bogging in my Mark; I'd definitely take a new F-150 to the opera.
  • own a navigator 1998, love the lt, think ford engine is b/c production ended and repairs will be inevitable, so ford parts will be available endlessly...I gotta have one, but hard to find one since 2006 was last production year any suggestions?
  • railstockrailstock Posts: 1
    I have a 2006 Mark LT and now stuff is starting to fail like window switches, belt tensioner and of course the part in question ALL FREAKING 4 of the dashboard directional air vent linkages. Just crumbled to the flow within a week of each other. Ford says is like $400 installed. There is minimal labor as they just pop in and out.Yes the part is cheap plastic too. I don't want to pay Fords price SO DOES ANYBODY OUT THERE KNOW WHERE I CAN GET REPLACEMENTS FOR THESE AND HOPEFULLY A MODIFIED VERSION?
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,437
    Several 2013 models are out already. They will have to move fast now to get the 2011 Mark LT to market. Maybe it will now have side airbags and stability control. Maybe even something more than a 4 speed automatic. One can always hope.
  • I have a 2006 Mark LT with the all leather wrapped steering wheel. I have seen in some pix that some of the later models have a partial wood steering wheel. I am wondering if I can get one of these to retrofit into my 2006??? I've asked my local dealer about it a couple times and they have absolutely no clue nor can they find the replacement part #. It would probably cost a bloody fortune to do this but I am curious anyway.

    Does anyone here have any insight into this?
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