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Mercedes-Benz SLK



  • I canceled my order for an SLK 350 after the car arrived with paint damage (from transport, or from the factory - was never determined). I had ordered the 6-speed, because I didn't enjoy my test drive in the 7-spd auto and was worried about its complexity. In fact, the specific car I drove was sent back to the factory because it didn't shift properly. After reading the posts here, I think anyone would do better with the manual.

    BUT - when Mercedes tried to locate another car for me, they had no 6-speeds in the country in the color I wanted (blue). Basically, there is no significant market demand for a manual transmission in an SLK, apart from those of us on this forum. The 6-speed was a very nice gearbox, but after I declined to buy the one they had it took them months to sell it. Keep that in mind when questioning why the SLK55 has to be an automatic.

    Moral of the story: I took my check back and ended up buying a '96 Porsche 911 convertible, with 10K miles on it, for $49K. More horsepower, no electrical gremlins, to computer-controlled tranny glitches, etc.

    Sorry to hear about the negative experiences here, but my 98 SLK320 wasn't well made, and all they've done is to make these cars stupidly complicated. It's a shame, because the new SLK really looks and drives great. I just can't buy one knowing what I know.
  • Have this car for almost a year now and NO driveline problems. Only a couple very minor ones. Adjustments etc. Big surprise is gas milage. Over 20 in town and 27-28 on the highway.

    Everything else has been flawless. Just thought that I would post some good news!
  • I just finished the deal on my euro delivery 2006 Slk350. I paid 59075 and this price includes the 1,300 Black Forest Package that gives me an extra 4 nights in Germany. My Slk is completely loaded it has every option. It has the premium, AMG, Heating, Tire Pressure, Phone System, Ipod kit, Entertainment DVD, Lighting, and CD Changer. I leave for Germany on the 15th of January. It has the mars red exterior and beige interior. The discount that I got was a little over 4,000.
  • I've had my car for three months and it now has 1700 miles on it. I got the JD Powers initial quality assessment form a couple weeks ago and had to carefully consider all the systems on the car for the first time. I had to give it a perfect 100%. I have not had one single problem to date. The fit and finish is flawless. All the electronics work flawlessly. The car drives and handles like no other car I've ever owned. I can hardly bear to look at it sitting forelornly in my garage where it is now waiting for some nice weather. Best car I've ever owned.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Congratulations on your good experience.

    But next time you get a survey, please suggest they offer the SLK55 in a 6-speed. I probably still would have ended up with my 911S Cab, but at least it would give the real enthusiasts another choice. Can't figure out those guys from AMG - some of the best engines in the world but they can't seem to mate them with a manual transmission.

    In any event, Happy New Year and enjoy your car. :)
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    A good report on a JDP survey? Hopefully there a few thousand other MB owners out there that answered the way you did!

    While I agree with habitat1, please don't tell JDP about MB and a manual tranny because they'd likely count that a "problem" knowing these survey folks. ;)

  • Since this was a formal 'initial quality' survey, there wasn't any place to list suggestions for future models, etc.
  • cmcclurecmcclure Posts: 1
    My SLK 230 right brake light failed and the light on the dash came on. I changed the bulb and it worked for about 2 minutes. I took it to the dealer and was advised that a new light assy was required. They tried to fix the problem by replacing the bulb, same problem, it would work only for a few minutes. So at great expense I replaced the tail light assembly. Same problem, the brake light works for a couple minutes and goes out, the light on the dash stays on. I checked the fuse, I think it only has one. The left brake light works ok. I am just about at my wits end trying to figure this one out. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
  • cflyercflyer Posts: 4
    I posted about 8 months ago regarding my SLK with the dreadful 7 speed. I know a lot of people have had a good experience, but MB just could not get mine right. The eventually replaced the entire transmission and the problem actually got WORSE. Clearly there is either a real problem in production OR there is an interface problem with my particular car that no one seems to understand.

    The dealer finally agreed to do "an exchange of collateral", after threatening Lemon Litigation, by ordering me a completely new vehicle to be exactly the same (with a few additional options), but with the 6 speed manual. Alas, when the car arrived the interior was WRONG. I ordered the brown Napa with the beige interior, but go the black interior instead. It looks nice, but I like a lighter interior due to warm climate driving. Its no wonder that MB sales are falling off with such terrible attention to detail. Expensive car, mediocre reliability and quality, sagging customer service. What a shame.

    I guess mixing the dirty water of Chrysler with the clean Mercedes water just made MORE dirty water... This was my 6th Mercedes purchase...there won't be a 7th.

    I really hope this replacement has some redemption contained within.
  • jprocjproc Posts: 135
    I have the exact same problem.Constantly replacing bulbs which fix the problem for a week or so.I'm just going to live with it
  • ted18ted18 Posts: 2
    Ihad the same problem on my SLK230 took to MB they plugged there machine into it and said it was a faulty brake switch which they changed and it has been ok ever since.
    switch cost about £11.00 plug in cost £90.0 10 mins labour cost £90.0
  • ted18ted18 Posts: 2
    My SLK 230 seems like it does not respond immediately when I want to excelerate is this normal. Or is it because its an automatic
  • greasykid1greasykid1 Posts: 336
    Have SLK350 with automatic. Instant response with 7 speed auto. Sounds like a computor problem.
  • slkslk Posts: 2
    I now have 18,000 kilometers on my 2005 SLK350 and it is turning out to be everything it promised and remains problem-free despite the usual spirited driving. It's fully loaded, incl. the 7-spd auto. The only thing I had to do was lubricate the hardtop rubber at the points where it folds. Did this once, was very easy to do, and it got rid of the little squeaks that had developed in the dry weather. Have driven it all winter in Northern Ontario, Canada, on a set of proper winter tires, and the automatic climate-control system is fully up to the demands of even the coldest weather up here. The SLK350 is a perfect all-season sports car, and has a great engine. I have never had to top up the oil, and the upcoming "B" service in the next couple of months will be the first scheduled service. We're a bit isolated up here, and my service point is over 700 kilometers away - makes for a great drive on a single tank of gas.
  • speck_13speck_13 Posts: 1
    I had this same problem for a while and I finally got it. Simple answer is when you put the socket back in don't completely turn all the way to the right. I went through two sets of new taillight assemblies before I realized there is a flaw in how they are made where the metal plate the socket touches wears away. If you take it apart you will probably see the same thing, there will be a black dot where the metal prong on the socket touches the plate.
    This did the trick for me and has been working since. Hope that helps
  • priya1priya1 Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 SLK 350 .The same thing happened twice to me and it really scared me. I was once accelerating on to the freeway with a huge truck coming up behind me and my car went into neutral. Another time it happened on a side road .I pulled off quickly and restarted the car .I took it to the dealership and they replaced the transmission system.But one day after I got the car back it has happened again and they don't know what's wrong.Has this happened to someone else?Its really dangerous and I'm scared to drive my car now even though I love it so much!
  • is the slk 350 to much of a "girly" looking car. ive driven it and i cnt decide whether it looks like its made of girls or not and i dont want to drive a girls car.
  • Maybe the older style (pre-2005) seemed a little tame. But the new SLK is a looker.
  • arpdogarpdog Posts: 1
    i am thinking about purchasing an slk 280/350 and was wondering if anyone has attempted to drive one in the snow. i live in chicago and am concerned about winter/snow driving since it will be my only car. can it be driven in the snow without major problems? if winter tires are required for this, what would you recommend i buy?
  • Hi arpdog, I drove my 2006 MB Slk350 with Amg Package during the winter in the mountains of Germany. I was very suprised how well it handled in all that snow on frozen roads. It would have driven even better with all season or winter tires but it still drove very well. I did the European delivery program which I fully recommend to anyone buying a mercedes. I was in Europe for two weeks, one week in Germany and one week in Paris. On top of how much fun I had I got a 7% discount on the MSRP of my car. Good luck with you car purchase.
  • jprocjproc Posts: 135
    I think the key to winter driving is the tires.I have a 99 and when I first bought it-it had "summer tires on".First time it snowed I backed car out of garage and slipped right across my driveway into my neighbors.This on maybe 1 inch of snow.
    Yet I've read lots of posts from readers who say it handles fine.I now have all-weather tires on the car but haven't experienced any snow with them yet.
  • katcarkatcar Posts: 3
    In 2007 I will buy a hardtop convertible. After initial research the top 2 contenders are the SLK and the Cadalliac XLR. I know the perils of a GM product but have yet to own a MB.

    It was an eye opener to see that there are issues with MBs just like any other car. I enjoyed reading the discussions to date.

    On the XLR forum there is discussion around the SLK & XLR. This was somewhat helpful. Has anyone compared the SLK and the XLR? I would like input from the MB perspective.

  • i brought my slk350 a little over a year ago, and this is the third with the same problem. The light on the dash board shows "check oil when next fueling", when i brought it to service my car for the first and second time, they just add more oil to the engine. When the third time they told me that the engine is burning alot of oil in a fast period of time and over burn the engine. They told me that most likely they have to change another engine and replace the other one. I was wondering if anyone with the same car have this problem. My car is still at service with some unknown answer.
  • fm_retiredfm_retired Posts: 3
    I purchased an SLK 280 and after only 800 babied miles it sounds like a ticking time bomb when you stop at a light. anyone else with this experience? Was told by dealer at 400 miles this was normal... my wrist watch is quieter and my girlfriend has a c280 with same motor that doesnt sound like a clock. Comments, concerns or questions appreciated.
    Thanks in advance! :confuse:
  • alan5573alan5573 Posts: 1
    Hardtop has been down for one week. It will not go up. No sound or movement takes place when trying to raise the top. A whirring sound from the hardtop motor can be heard if button is pushed in the retract direction. This is a 2001 SLK 320 and is out of warranty. I have owned it for two months. Seeking advice regarding cause of problem, solutions and cost based on your experience.
  • rpg131rpg131 Posts: 1
    My question is, Is the SLK dingy towable? If so what needs to be done to the vehicle? Thank you in advance for any information
  • greasykid1greasykid1 Posts: 336
    Not likely. If manual does not include info you can most likely forget it. Also front ground clearence is low so there is a strong chance of damage.

    Had a bus for several years and towed a grand cherokee w/4 wheel drive. Ideal vehicle.

    Other option is a tow dolly which has its own problems.
  • Hi metalicslk350,

    I bought my slk350 in Feb. 2005, and had the same problem. After 4000 miles they replaced the engine. Then I had terrible transmission problems until they realized the software had been updated for the new engine, and reinstalled the software. I think this has been a common problem. Hope this helps.
  • tserio1tserio1 Posts: 1
    I own a 2001 Mercedes SLK 320. I have done my own maintenance and have the maintenance code "wrenches" showing on my odometer read out when I start the car. I need to know the sequence to clear out that code.
  • pamgpamg Posts: 3
    It could be electrical. Don't know how many miles you have on it, but my 2004 320 only has 22,000 miles and I had the same problem. It also had a faulty starter that made the problem worse. Mine is under warranty, so I don't know about costs. However, you should have it looked at right away before it affects anything else, if it is electrical.
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