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Mercedes-Benz SLK



  • pamgpamg Posts: 3
    So what? It could be a "chick" magnet!!
  • ghastingsghastings Posts: 2
    Can anybody tell me want SLK means?


  • amixamamixam Posts: 17
    I had the same problem on my '01 slk 230. In my case it was low on hydraulic fluid, and the latches and hinges needed to be lubed. Try that and see how it goes.
  • amixamamixam Posts: 17
    For the 3rd time now, my BAS/ESP light, which has to do with the traction control, has come on. I've got an '01 SLK230Kompressor with 57K miles, only had it 1 month, certified pre-owned.

    The first time I took it in they told me it was the Brake Booster vaccum pump that had failed, so they replaced it. The second time it came on, they found it was the Yaw Rate Sensor which had failed, which feeds info to the brakes if you are skidding or swerving.

    I'm pretty much ready to tell them to put me in something else; I've only had the car 5 weeks, and 3 of those it's been in the shop. I'd take caveat emptor if it weren't certified, but don't they check this stuff out? Any ideas/suggestions? Am I overreacting or is this car a 'wrap'?> :lemon: :sick: :cry:
  • conniegconnieg Posts: 2
    I just found this site and it already explained some stuff I was concerned about. I lease a 2005 SKL350 and love it, but two things are starting to bug me. One is the bang. Mine seems to be rear side and I thought it might have something to do with the gas tank...I noticed it when I fill up my tank (sometimes) and it occurs until the tank is half empty and then it seems to slow down. It is erratic. I checked with dealer and he said one other person complained of it as well but they couldn't figure it out.

    Any answers on why this happens?
  • conniegconnieg Posts: 2
    My SLK 350 7 speed is at the dealer for it's 13,000 mile checkup and to see if they can fix this transmission problem. It feels like it's not shifting at lower speeds and is especially noticeable when I first start it up in the morning. This is the second time it's in the shop. Same thing first time and supposedly fixed. They say now it might be that the valve body needs replacing.

    I sure hope I'm not going down the same path as cflyer.
    Anybody else have this problem fixed???
  • amgnutamgnut Posts: 16
    Valve body didn't fix it :mad: Had to replace entire tranny :sick: Bad to go through in the first year with 1838 total miles on the car. I must say that 15 months since the replacement I have been completley problem free :shades: I posted all I went through back in March to May 2005 here on Edmunds!
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Long time no hear from! Glad to see that everything has been well since the fix.

  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    Your only solution in life is to drive a truck, or a car only a mother could love, like an Aztec. If you are concerned about driving a car which a woman may like to drive, what more can I say. Oh damn, seems women like trucks now too. There is no hope, buy a motorcycle. Oh now they ride those too. You will have to walk I guess.
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
  • At 5,000 my 2006 SLK280 has developed an engine knock. Had it in the shop three times now and they cant figure out what it is or how to fix it. Anyone had similar problems? Any solutions? thanks
  • Have almost 3000 miles on mine and it sounds like a clock... TICK TICK TICK... First time I heard it was at 1200 miles took it to Mercedes, they said it was normal and to just turn up the radio so I wouldn;t notice it... great answer huh? I am keeping my eye on it for now. good luck~! They also said it was some air pump valve on right side of engine compartment looking at car from the front. I wrapped it with sound deadnening foam and its a little quieter but I still can tell its there. Tony
  • Hey thanks for the input Tony.. mine is the actual engine knocking.. Merc. doesnt have a clue why its doing it. Now the transmission is acting up and Im getting wind noise thru the rubber on the windows even though its been replaced... grrrrrr losing faith in Merc. quickly..
  • pamgpamg Posts: 3
    My roof started acting up and I had it into Mercedes several times for repair. they replaced the sensors in the trunk twice and it still wasn't working correctly. The red light would go on and the alarm would ring every few miles no matter if the top was up or down. It also began to feel like there was air coming in from the top of the windshield. I was told that if I drove it with the top down, then the windows should be up to prevent that from happening!! Great response from a mechanic to a female whom he assumes was stupid about cars. Needless to say, I traded it in for an ML and am very happy. I also won't return to that dealership for any type of repair.
  • I have also had problems with our roof. We have had the car 6 weeks and in the shop 2 weeks. The problem was that the top would not go down. When they tested it it worked. So they started replacing sensors. Same problem. Went to pick up the car after they said it was fixed and when I tried it, it didn't work so I went and got them immediately and it didn't work for them either that time. Seems when the car got warm by being outside that the sensor faulted. Also if something goes wrong, I was told to continue to hold the switch for at least 30 seconds so that it can write an error code which can be read by the tech.
  • I've the same problem with mine 06 SLK 280, can you post the site that you found??regarding to this problem?..thx. :confuse:
  • Connie

    Holding down on a control for at least 30 seconds is what the Service Manager and the Technician told me. That way it writes a code that they can read and retrieve. Since they replaced a board where the rearview mirror is, it has been working great.

    I hope that this helps.
  • I"m :confuse: you mean holding down a remote control for 30 seconds??..if so what button do I hold down on..thx.
  • No if something doesn't work when you press that particular button, then hold that button down for 30 seconds. This will write an error code for that particular button. Say the remote side mirror doesn't work. Then hold that button down for at least 30 seconds.
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