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Honda Ridgeline SUT



  • saabgirlsaabgirl Posts: 184
    >>That's over a 30% drop in 7 months, and the reason given by my Honda dealer is "the competition from the lease program".<<

    The success of the Ridgeline lease program is bad for the "early adopters" but could be a plus for "value consumers." I'm hoping that in 36-42 months the dealer lots will have an ample supply of clean, back-from-lease Ridgelines at attractive prices. By that time hybrid technology should be sufficiently advanced that it, too, will put some pressure on prices of non-hybrids.
  • once_for_allonce_for_all Posts: 1,640
    nice thinking.

  • mbrady1mbrady1 Posts: 13
    Ouch!, Well at least your'e honest. Yeah, I pretty well loaded it up with just about everything. I will be anxious to see what the "blue book" value is when it becomes a "used" car. That is part of the issue now, the dealers say that they really do not have a reference.
  • gearhead1gearhead1 Posts: 408
    The Ridgeline has exceeded Honda's goal and still has 2 months to go in its sales year.

    Following a slow start, the Ridgeline has exceeded Honda&#146;s sales expectations. Honda had projected sales of 50,000 units in the first 12 months.

    &#147;December was our peak month,&#148; said Gary Flint, the chief engineer on the Ridgeline who spoke with PUTC after the award was announced at the North American International Auto Show. &#147;So far we&#146;ve sold about 47,000 units and it&#146;s been on sale since March 1. That&#146;s just in the United States. We&#146;ve also sold about 8,000 in Canada.&#148;

    Flint attributed the sluggish early numbers to introducing a &#147;unique vehicle&#148; into a conservative marketplace.

    &#147;We feel we&#146;ve finally got to the point where the market understands it,&#148; said Flint. &#147;But there&#146;s still a significant part of the market that isn&#146;t aware of the vehicle.&#148;

    Industry observers have questioned the Ridgeline&#146;s high starting price when compared to compact pickup market.

    &#147;We never really targeted the compact truck set,&#148; explained Flint. &#147;If you look at the really narrow segment that compares to a fully equipped 4-door crew cab compact truck, Ridgeline is the best selling vehicle out there. But that&#146;s really a very narrow market.&#148;Flint said he sees future customers coming out fullsize SUVs and pickups &#147;because of some of the negative experiences they&#146;ve had.&#148;
    &#147;I think the market potential is about double where we&#146;re at now,&#148; added Flint.
  • atlgaxtatlgaxt Posts: 501
    So is Honda still planning a temporary production cut?

    If so does that mean that the current deals people are getting (on both leases and sales) will go away?
  • yeah it looks like the Honda temporarly cut production because ive been looking for a black rtl with navi and moonroof and ive visited several different dealerships and they cant get it anywhere!! very fustrating...does anyone know if Honda plans to do any kind of changes to the Ridgeline this year?
  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    To be more precise, Honda has not cut production (as in "stop the presses"). They reduced production. The lines are still running, they just aren't producing as many units.

    And judging by the recent sales figures, I don't think they did slow production. They opted not to.

    Colors can be tricky. The production line will build in lots. Trucks from the first lot of the month may all be blue. The following week the lot is all silver. And the last is black. So the timing might become an issue. Especially if you're looking for an uncommon color.

    As for changes, Honda has not announced any. They may happen, but we don't know what they are.
  • mbrady1mbrady1 Posts: 13
    Sounds like my vehicle, I'd be happy to sell it to you!
  • maple2maple2 Posts: 177
    Test drove a new ridgeline today thinking about trading in my 03 avalanche but just cant justify spending that kind of cash on a v6 with unimpressive gas mileage im getting the same avg mpg with my 5.3l and it has power to spare unlike the honda which seems underpowered (admittedly im used to the v8 tho so mabey im spoiled)for a couple grand more i can get a new avalanche much bigger more comfortable mabey not as smooth a ride(if a smooth ride was important i wouldnt be lookin for a truck) the versatility of the midgate a low range transfer case much more roomy back seat,(while the honda had more room than i thought it would back there it still dosent seem to be as roomy or comfortable back the as the avy)
    found the leather seats werent as nice as the avy. the honda interior in general just seemed cheap to me, not scare me away cheap but expected more from honda
    having said all that i do like the tailgate and i see the pros and cons of the in bed trunk now im not ready to run out and buy anything for probly 3-6 months so if the hondas go down in price (i wont hold my breath) i would seriously reconsider but if i were buying today i would definitly go with the chev and before anyone goes on about bashing the avy or chevy i can tell you ive owned this truck since day 1 and not had one problem with it (only lookin to trade it before the problems start just about to roll 350k)
  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    Sounds like you want a bigger vehicle. Nothing wrong with that.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 25,938
    You HAVE to tell me how you're getting 20 mpg in a Chevy V8 truck. My folks are on their 5th chevy truck, 3 of which had 6-cylinders, and have NEVER gotten better than 17 (which is in their current Ascender). PLUS, EPA estimate is 14/18 on your truck, so I'd be quite impressed if you are achieving 15% better mileage than the EPA, especially with all this hoopla about making them change their tests due to nobody being able to even match their estimates, let alone exceed them.

    And, just a point of clarification, what do you mean by "just about to roll 350k"? You mean to tell me you have 350,000 miles on your '03 truck?? Or maybe you meant 35k?

    '18 BMW 330xi; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '18 BMW X2. 47-car history and counting!

  • maple2maple2 Posts: 177
    first of all my mistake my truck is an 02 got mixed veichle mixed up with wifes 03 civic. but yes it has almost 350k kilometers not miles (i spend a lot of time in my veichles)
    second of all who said i was getting 20mpg? i avg about 17-18 if i drive it nice have got 20 before tho on long trips all highway and i dont see many people claiming much better than that in a ridgeline quite a few actually less my point was if i dont mind the bigger veichle with the higher tow rating more comfort for passengers (seats and roominess not ride smoothness cause there really isnt any comparison there not that the avy has a bad ride just that the honda has that good a ride) then why would i want to pay more for less? no need to start labeling me a troll or what have you just trying to state that while it is overall a good first attempt at a truck from honda, price wise it is up there with the more luxury trucks and in my opinion it just dosent have all the tools to compete there looking forward to the next attempt from honda tho hopefully they will learn from their shortcomings and address them and mabey bring out a few more innovative ideas in the process.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 25,938
    first, i NEVER called you a troll, or anything else, for that matter.

    2nd, comparing your above-average mileage to someone else's below-average mileage is no way to make a comparison. Odds are, if you are getting the top of the EPA scale in your chevy, you will do so in the Honda, too. Meaning you can expect 20-21 in the Honda. Is this a guarantee? no. But its a reasonable extrapolation.

    But does this better mileage make such a switch economically sound? Heck no. Saving 3 mpg is in now way justification for changing vehicles. I was merely contending your point that the 2 vehicles get the same mileage, because they don't. On average, the Honda gets roughly 15% better mileage, while providing about 5% less horsepower, and weighing over half a ton less. Different strokes for folks, ya know? Honda is trying to cater to those who want a 4-door pickup, but don't want a nearly 3-ton V8 beast.

    '18 BMW 330xi; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '18 BMW X2. 47-car history and counting!

  • grove4grove4 Posts: 95
    First off you have to compare a totally loaded avalanch to a ridgeline RTL.Doesnt the chevy get close to 40 grand.The interior in the chevy goes back to the early 90"s.There is no way the honda could be called cheaper.By the way the ridgeline post quicker times than the avalanch and handles like a sportscar in comparison.The total bed area is very close plus the ridgeline seats give you plenty of floor space when folded up.Yes the chevy has a midgate and the honda has a trunk.Last but not least who is gonna kill you on resale.Maybe you will find that out soon enough.
  • slammieslammie Posts: 38
    So, we can expect the 07' in March? Is that right?
  • :blush: Love the Avalanche bashers in here. I've been faithfully following this topic because I'm honestly interested in the latest vehicles on the market, even if I do agree with maple2's assessment of the situation (esp. Avalanche vs. Ridgeline). And I have refrained from bashing the Ridgeline, because as I see it, different strokes for different folks. So lighten up a bit.

    Oh, and just a tip- my truck is an '04 Silverado 1500 extended cab Z71 with the 5.3l V8, and I routinely see upper 18's to mid-19's in winter driving, and 20 to 21 during warmer months. This is probably 70% highway. So these big heavy V8 powered Chevy trucks are pretty efficient for what you get in return in power output, regardless of interior styling age. And that's gonna change soon, btw. Check out the interior of the new 2007 Tahoe /Suburban for a clue- best interior in any truck / SUV to date, imo.

    Anyway, back to Ridgeline discussion. I don't mean to derail discussion from the main topic. It's just getting old seeing attacks on other equally worthy vehicles (if for people with different needs / desires).
  • Oops. Forgot to add that I am a relatively conservative driver. So I admit that I'm probably in the top 20% of mileage for my vehicles. Then again, I tend to believe that the reason most people never get the EPA ratings for their own is that they can't resist putting their foot into it all the time. This is especially true for many owners of these big V8 powered trucks, as evidenced by the arguments that occur in other truck forums over mileage and driving styles. :P
  • dhtoy2dhtoy2 Posts: 1
    I had been a Chevy man for 15 years and own a small company. Over the last 3 years I switched to Honda's and have bought 9 different Honda's from Civics to Odysses to a Ridgeline. I drive the Ridgeline and it does everything my Chevy truck did. The room in the front is great even with the sun roof and I am 6'4". XM Radio is awesome, trunk in the bed is something every truck should have. Power is fine as most truck owners are like me that they haul trash, mowers, kid toys, etc. and the mileage is fine. Over the years any vehicle I have owned gets 15 mpg. V8, V6, Straight 6 (my wifes old Trailblazer, 15 mpg was downhill in nuetral and in town 10 mpg with that straight 6). Several of my employees kid me about the V6 in the Honda but it still has more horsepower than either of their particular Chevys or Dodges. It is also unique on the road, not many out there so I stand out as something different in the sea of Fords and Chevys. Will you see one on a job site, probably not, but then again a lot of these will sit in nice gargages ready for average use. Side note on resale, one of my employees rolled an 04 Civic VP with 30K and totaled it, I bought an '06 Civic LX and only had to put $800 to the deal. Awesome resale value of Honda.
  • nowakj66nowakj66 Posts: 709
    I have no inside knowledge but I would guess August or September for the 07. They generally run the first year 15 months if it is intro'd in the spring as the RidgeLine was last year.

    Acura did the same thing with the TSX in its first year and it was also a spring intro.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 25,938
    Love the Avalanche bashers in here.

    Who is bashing? Ok, grove's one comment about the 90s interior could be taken as bashing ... but you seem to agree with it, so what's the problem?

    Otherwise, the only bashing I saw was maple claiming the Ridge isn't worth its price and is somehow inferior to the Chevy.

    '18 BMW 330xi; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '18 BMW X2. 47-car history and counting!

  • I apologize for calling it bashing. But we obviously have opposite points of view here. I agree with all of maple's points. It gets especially irritating after a while to continually see the misconception that Chevy trucks can't achieve the same high mileage numbers that the imports can, or any of the dozens of other attempts to make the GM products sound inferior (sounds a bit like what you accused maple of, doesn't it?).

    BTW, the Ridge IS overpriced compared to the competition. Honda tells us to compare its capabilities to other compact and midsize trucks, but then prices it into the range of competing full sized trucks. You do realize that the Avalanche is full-sized, right? That means, roughly equivalent interior space to the (crew cab) Honda, in loaded form comparable equipment to the Honda, much more powerful engine, better towing and hauling capacity, the ability to increase the bed size to accommodate 8+ foot loads, a fully enclosed payload area from the factory (not just a trunk under the bed), side storage boxes with drains, etc. I'd guess that if you check out a local Chevy dealer now that they've reduced MSRP closer to normal transaction prices you'll find that the fully loaded Avalanche comes in even with or less than the Ridgeline RTL. Honda just wants to have their cake and eat it too. I could buy any one of several of the competing compact / mid-sizers and get a tonneau, and still have paid way less than the Ridge and still have most of the same functionality for towing and hauling most of you justify your purchase of the Ridgeline for, or I can for the same money as a Ridge step it up a notch to the big boys and exceed the Ridgeline by anywhere from a little to a whole LOT.

    That's not saying that for some people the Ridgeline isn't worth it. Just not for people wanting a true "truck", instead of a car / minivan with occasional trucky capabilities (for trash, light loads from the local home supply, etc.). If you place greater value on the ride, handling, interior fit and finish (admitting current Av's failing in that area) and other more carlike attributes than the towing ability and hauling flexibility (truck traits), you might still end up with the Ridgeline. Even more likely, if you're import biased (some of those that wouldn't think of owning a domestic vehicle, let alone a truck), it's probably also punches your ticket.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 25,938
    It gets especially irritating after a while to continually see the misconception that Chevy trucks can't achieve the same high mileage numbers that the imports can, or any of the dozens of other attempts to make the GM products sound inferior (sounds a bit like what you accused maple of, doesn't it?).

    nope. I stated the Honda is lighter and less powerful. Not sure how that translates into making the GM sound inferior. I also stated FACTS about the mileage my folks get in their chevy trucks, so there is no misconception in what I stated.

    You do realize that the Avalanche is full-sized, right? ... etc etc etc

    uh, yup. that's why i stated the Ridge is for those who don't want something as big as the Chevy.

    I can't count how many times Ridge owners, supporters, and just nonbiased bystanders have pointed out WE KNOW the Ridge is not a full-on truck. WE KNOW it doesn't tow or haul like the ladder-frame-based competition. WE KNOW its only a V6. WE KNOW its not cheap. So why the need to state it over and over and over and over again??? All those points have readily been surrendered to you american truck folks, yet any time we try to point out the Ridge's strong points, we are all of a sudden bashing.

    you know what gets irritating, having owners of other vehicles come onto message boards and bash the vehicle the message board is dedicated to and/or promote a "competing" vehicle. That is what comparison boards are for. And this isn't just directed at you and maple. I see it on just about every board.

    And you can keep your assertions about being import biased. The old fallback position so many folks love to pull out ("oh, you're just biased") doesn't work on me. As a matter of fact, I have ZERO japanese vehicles in my stable at the moment (go ahead and check my profile).

    '18 BMW 330xi; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '18 BMW X2. 47-car history and counting!

  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    Jerry, I have to disagree with you on the pricing. The Ridgeline is not over-priced. It is over-equipped and under-discounted.

    When you compare a similar truck (Frontier or Tacoma) equipped with the same hardware, the prices come out pretty much the same. The only difference is that both offer options with far LESS CONTENT for less money.

    Not offering one of those base model trucks is a big part of why the Ridgeline sells in low numbers. It's nearly a luxury truck.
  • Look, qbrozen. I didn't come here bashing the vehicle the board is for, nor did I come here to promote the competing vehicle. In fact I've been reading this particular board since it was first created, following along and gathering information from those in the know- owners. It's still necessary to take some things with a grain of salt, because with ownership comes pride and that makes it hard to admit failings that might exist. The only reason I even bothered to mention the Avalanche or to "bash" the Ridgeline (I'm pretty sure what I did wasn't bashing- nowhere did I say it's trash) was because I saw your obviously incredulous reply about mileage and longevity of a GM truck to someone else. Someone else who was simply stating his own experiences and who even gave the Ridgeline credit where (in his opinion) credit was due after having personally checked it out. Your capitalization on certain words to add emphasis seem to imply that you disbelieve his experiences with the Avalanche. Hence the tone of his next post and the tone of my own. He went on to explain his view of the strengths and weaknesses between the two and to justify his reasoning of picking one over the other. These are experiences and opinions that I share with him (regarding efficiency, power, and the importance of other attributes of each vehicle).

    I also was not really promoting the Avalanche so much as:
    1.) attempting to state my own agreement with the prior comparison by the other person
    2.) providing my own personal experiences to disprove the assertion seemingly made in your own post that getting better mileage than your parents have experienced and that the EPA has posted is impossible with these trucks (or highly unusual, even, since I make at least 2 people that have shared this particular experience)
    3.) Comparing what I see as the strengths and weaknesses of the two relatively similar vehicles (part truck / part SUV vehicles in roughly the same price range)
    4.) Identifying who I think is most likely to be considering each

    Nowhere in any of that did I call you biased. Though you are beginning to make me wonder. Reread my (granted, long) posts, and you'll see that I only identified one of the groups of people I can see buying the Ridgeline. A group which we all know exists. My brother fits that mold- he'd take a barely running Toyota or Honda over a brand new domestic product any day, and has told me so himself. :P

    Varmint: A nice reasonable post with good logic. But it just makes me believe that fully equipped versions of Tacoma and Frontier are also over priced. Of course I also think that they're dangerously close to stepping out of their size class now too (along with the latest Dodge and its Mitsubishi clone).

    Then again, maybe the cost point will be moot once GM puts the redesigned Silverados on the market. I'm watching to see what pricing does, especially now that the MSRP is closer to expected actual transaction price (if GM sticks with it). It will be interesting to see if the expected improvements push the price up, and by how much. I haven't had a chance to see what the stickers on the '07 Tahoe / Suburban look like compared to their predecessors (after incentives). If the price gets up much, Honda might not be far off the mark even loaded up. :confuse:
  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    I think the Honda fans are being a little sensitive this time around. However, I can't really blame them given the way earlier discussions have gone.

    Everybody take a deep breath, sing kumbaya, or whatever else it takes.

    Everyone here should know the Ridgeline is a mid-sized truck and is designed to compete as a mid-sized truck. But there will be shoppers comparing it with trucks from other classes. It happens with every vehicle on the market. Especially when the price points are similar.
  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    All trucks are over-priced. That's why the big 3 relied on them through the late 1990's. They have huge profit margins. Old-school BOF designs are the cheapest things to build and the market was willing to pay ridiculous prices of them.

    That has turned around quite a bit since the domestics have needed $3-6K incentives to move them. Which is why I think part of what's holding the Ridgeline back is Honda's distaste for incentives. That's why I say it is both over-equipped AND under-discounted.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 25,938
    OK, let me get this out there to start. I LIKE the avalanche! I've liked it since it was first introduced. Midgate: cool. Chevy truck: cool. (my family raised me as a chevy person.)

    Having said that, I wouldn't compare these 2 vehicles. I fully understand their different intents, regardless of their similarities. Heck, a Civic and a 300C are both sedans, but not comparable.

    now... something else to get out there: you have to stop assuming things.

    I said "I HAVE to know how you achieve this mileage" and I totally meant it. Are we talking 100% highway driving? all backroads with no traffic lights? What?? Yes, I STILL find the mileage hard to believe, but I never said it was impossible. Stranger things happen every day.

    I made absolutely no comment about the longevity of the vehicle (my father sold his '87 K5 Blazer with 230k miles on it). I was merely SHOCKED that an '03 vehicle (of any make) would have 350K miles on it. But he since straightened out that misunderstanding.

    Nowhere in any of that did I call you biased.

    Ok, my misunderstanding. In the previous post, when you said "if you're import biased," i did take that to mean ME. I reread that and can see your probable intent with the passage.

    '18 BMW 330xi; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '18 BMW X2. 47-car history and counting!

  • My turn to say "OK." Both of us misunderstood parts of the other's posts. I apologize for my incorrect assumptions, and I definitely meant my passage as non-specific to any individual here.

    (Taking my valium now too. ;) )

    Everyone have a great weekend!
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 25,938
    sounds good (the valium, i mean). have a good one.

    BTW, I am honestly really curious about the mileage. maybe there are tips i could pass on to my folks or even use myself in our Pacifica (which is getting 18 mpg).

    '18 BMW 330xi; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '18 BMW X2. 47-car history and counting!

  • maple2maple2 Posts: 177
    "On average, the Honda gets roughly 15% better mileage, while providing about 5% less horsepower"

    5% more horsepower? lets see 247hp for the honda 295 for the avy that a little more like 20%

    "On average, the Honda gets roughly 15% better mileage"

    now while its hard to say for sure cause everyones mpg seems to fluctuate from what ive read from 12mpg to 22mpg but i dont see how you came up with 15% advantage for the honda

    but it seems to me like instead of questioning everyone elses numbers you might be better off having a harder look at your own
    having said that if you really want to get down to it the horsepower ratings are not as important as the torque ratings where the difference is even greater 335 ftlbs for the chev and 245 ftlbs for the honda assuming my math is a little more accurate than yours id say thats almost 40% more
    one more question, for a "tow ready" veichle why must you take apart the dash to wire it for trailer lights and even more odd is why must you alter the exhaust in order to put the trailer hitch on? dosent sound tow ready to me.
    mabe honda is hoping that a lot of people wont go to the bother of getting a hitch installed so they wont overwork the engine/transmission? or mabey they are leaving themselves a loophole so that if the hondas start falling apart cause they cant haul these heavey loads on a continuing basis then honda can always say well we would like to help you but since your exhaust has been modified your warranty is now void
    im not saying that is whats going to happen but it is possible
    for all those who will disagree, feel free to explain why a veichle that is so "well thought out" would be such a hassle to install a hitch that was designed for it
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