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Nissan Titan Maintenance and Repair



  • I have an `04 LE CC 4x4 and i had the same noise when i took off at medium to fast acceleration and when i stopped fast-(not a panic stop).. I found out from someone in this forum that if you have the utili-track with the covers over the tracks that they would slide back and forth and hit the tailgate and front of the bed.. I took the covers off and the noise stopped.. Hope that helps.. It drove me crazy for a long time..... GOOD LUCK !
  • highrollerhighroller Posts: 351
    This is normal if you just started the engine and slowly accelerating for the first time after turning off the engine. The clank or pop you hear is just the ABS self-checking. You should hear this everytime you turn on the engine and accelerating (most likely when it shifts gear for the first time). This is specifically stated in your owner's manual so please read and recheck what i've stated.

    As for the plastic faceplate on the dashboard, i'm also having the rattling issue with my 06 Titan SE CrewCab 4x2.

    Does anyone notice that the back end of their truck (i guess the bed)is making these squeaking/rattling noises?
  • kwikirkkwikirk Posts: 2
    Hi all, I have an 04 Titan LE 4x4. The brakes are finally fixed. I hope. 25k miles and on the third time they replaced the rotors. I've had no problems with the anti-locks or tranny. Had a bad thumping in the rearend but figured out it was the rail covers sliding back and forth, a piece of sponge fixed it.It still outruns most all the other trucks out there.Have talked with friends with all other brands of new trucks and the Titan problems aren't any worse than the rest and better than some.
    No my truck isn't perfect but I still love my Titan.

  • I have an 04 titan 4x2 , I have had the rattles the brake rotor probs, alternator going bad, and now the newest is the failing passenger air bag, it won't come on when someone is in the passenger seat,and this is all in the first 28000 miles. Have we all bought lemons? Is there anyone out there with same probs?

    Oh and the dealership is terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • akanglakangl Posts: 3,650
    now the newest is the failing passenger air bag, it won't come on when someone is in the passenger seat

    That's the sensor in the seat, some people have had issues with it. Not a huge deal since you appear to still be under the B2B warranty.

    My 04 LE hasn't had the issue with the airbag sensor, but it has had other issues. However, I also have 55,200 miles on it.
  • ksharpeksharpe Posts: 1
    I have a brand new 06 titan and get a bad vibration when i slow down. as soon as the vehicle gets between 30 to 20 mph it starts a vibration. dealer says all vehicles do this. I test drove another vehicle and it was very minor but it also did it. i told him i thought it was a defect in the design. is any one else having this problem. also get a bounce at 50mph. not related to low speed vibration.
  • mrgroovskimrgroovski Posts: 22
    Just a note to thank everyone for posting their Titan problems. After much research, I had my truck purchase narrowed down to two: the F-150 and the Titan. The rear-end / brake / water problems that seemed numerous on the Titan sent me to the Ford Dealership. At 15,000K miles on my 2005 F-150, the only problem with it is a ding I got in a parking lot. It's quite, powerful, comfortable - just a great truck. Anyway, thanks again, and I hope you have gotten your issues resolved.
  • titanbeartitanbear Posts: 1
    I have an 05 crew cab SE 4X4 and have 26K on it. I have noises coming from the dash and my seats make noise. Anyone else have this problem? I have been to the dealership several times about the seats and the dash but the noises always come back!


    P.S. I still love my Titan!
  • rafarafa Posts: 35
    WE have a 2005 nissan armada se with 5000 miles and we have the same dash and seat noise we haven't taken it to dealer yet wanted to know what the told you or what they did very annoying especaily for a new car thank you
  • I have an '05 KC 4x4 w/ offroad and tow package. Since owning the truck in January '05 it has been to the deal 17 times. The brakes and rotors have been replaced 3 times. I have a continual problem with all four doors in the KC. They continuously rattle and speeds under 50mph. The dealer could not fix it, and an independent engineering firm couldn't not fix it (which was hired by Nissan N.A.). I now have a lawyer and I'm in the process of lemon-lawing the vehicle. Anyone else had as many problems as I have??? This is the worst vehicle I have ever owned and very dissatisfied.
  • Skimmed through the messages here, and although I just absolutely ADORE my Titan, a lot of the messages sound familiar. (Had brakes, rotors, etc replaced. Had DVD Nav system replaced. Had issues with slip/vdc/check engine light which they told me was related to low fluid...they think I'm stupid.) Currently my baby is sitting at the Dealership AGAIN (where the mechanics are absolutely WORTHLESS, but it's where my extended warranty is serviced). Got a new tank of gas at my usual station on Saturday night. Didn't drive it Sunday. Monday afternoon, jumped in and it started right up....only to die before I could shift out of park. Happened multiple times. Worried I put Diesel in...checked my was the cheap unleaded (as usual). Had dealer tow it (over $300) because I was SURE it was a warrantied issue. Got the call a few minutes ago....they said there were NO DIAGNOSTIC CODES AT ALL...but that they took a sample of the gas and think there is something else in the gas tank besides gas. "some sort of chemical" was the quote. Of course, that negates the warranty, not to mention forces me to pay the towing etc. They want to empty the tank, refill it (mind you, I JUST filled it with $75 worth of gas) and "hope for the best". They have got to be out of their flipping minds. Called AutoZone...found out the fuel filter is part of the fuel pump "assembly" INSIDE the tank. YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. Called the dealer back to find out what exactly they did to rule out fuel pump....they did nothing. (only ran the codes) I asked how they knew "some kind of chemical was in the gas"...and they told me that "Eddie" looked at a sample and could tell. Niiiiiiiiiice. Eddie is a whiz. Now what do I do? Can't find any info on the net about how to troubleshoot the pump and/or filter. Any help out there?
  • I have had six sets of brakes,new larger rotors finally fixed the vibratons coming to a stop. I still have vibrations with 28,000 miles on the truck, speeds at 30 to 55 mph caused by faulty tires on the truck. I have had new horn, replaced the rear end cover becaused it had rusted out. My heated seats stay on now although the dealer
    Pat Peck Nissan states there is nothing wrong. The gas mileage dropped from 17.9 mpg on the road to 10 mpg the dealer Pat Peck Nissan states nothing is wrong. I have had mirrors replaced for wind noise and crome paint flaking off. The tires have been a problem from 2,500 miles on the truck. The sensors were adjusted today for the air pressure in the tires. I have had the dash worked on for the rattles.
    The seat belts gets tight while on the driving road for long trips. I have only had it in the shop about 30 times with oil changes and repairs. I have asked Nissan about the lemon law with the brakes and repairs to no avail.
  • akanglakangl Posts: 3,650
    Sounds like more of a dealer problem, try taking it to a different dealer.

    I'm not saying that they are great trucks, I had 2 of them, but your problems sound like you have a bad dealer. Mine had FAR more problems than yours, but I had a great dealer so it wasn't a major issue usually.
  • Hello all, i would like to know if anyone ever changed out their own oils and used different oil filters? My question is that i've been using a purolator oil filter since new and when i switched brands, the oil pressure readings on my gauge would read slightly higher when i switch to a Wix oil filter upon startup only. But, after driving for awhile after starting up, the readings would go back down or peak normally at the midpoint on the oil pressure gauge. Has anyone experience this or just me?

    Also, does anyone know where is the oil sender/sensor location on my titan? And if the oil pressure gauge on these trucks are real ones or are they just a "dummy"?

    Thanks for any inputs guys.
  • I have the same vibration you are speaking of. I have an 06 King Cab 2WD. My dealer also told me, "they all do it". The vibration is felt most at 22mph de-accelerating, in neutral, on drive, with or without brakes applied. I believe the tranny may be the culprit as this seems to be a shift point. Not sure, but would like to have it repaired. Any information beyond what I offered would be great.
  • I only have about 500 miles on my '06 Titan KC 4x4, but haven't noticed the vibration or the bounce yet.
  • There are a lot of times that I need to turn on the defrost just to melt the snow outside the windshield but the AC turned on and can never be turned off, that bothers me and I think that's waist of gas and power.
  • geo9geo9 Posts: 739
    LITTLE...........Just FYI poss. nissan uses the same
    idea as GM. When the defrosters are used the AC kicks
    on along with them to remove moisture and condensation
    from the air in the cabin..................

    Can Any nissan gurus confirm this???????????
  • Can someone tell me how to locate my PCV valve, and are there 2 or just one PCV valve... my manual has a picture that shows 2, but just wanted to make sure.
  • YES!!! I have a 2006 2WD Crew Cab and the first day I drove it home the rear end shook at 45mph and again at 52mph. This is a very annoying problem because most "in town" driving is around 40 to 55mph. I've had tires balanced, then replaced. No change. Then had the driveshaft changed. Again no change. I've heard that this may be caused by a bad fit with the differential to driveshaft meaning the two are in a bind and when the vehicle accelerates the driveshaft will not rotate corretly kinda like a tire out of balance. If you have heard anything as to how to fix this problem please let me know. Thanks.
  • I have a titan with the rockford fosgate radio and navigation. It has a aux input on the radio. Can I plug a Sirius Stargate 4 directly into the aux plug? Even Best buy did not know. Thanks for any input. Dale
  • yes i have been using the aux since 1-9-06. however the input level is low i have to set my sirius on high output mode and crank volume on radio all the way up to max (31) (be careful to remember the extremely high volume setting especially when changing back to cd or fm modes or you will blow your speakers out!) also speed sensitivity feature does not work with aux setting!
  • the default is to have defrost kick a/c on, however just push in dial and it will shut off.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    SSV works on the aux on my Armada.

    I use it for my carputer.

  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    but it's the same lowness I hear on all the aux inputs I have on several steros (JVC, Armada, and a few others) So I don't htink it's a result of the stereo in the armada only.

  • I have a 2004 Titan and noticed the same issue. However, I found in the owners manual that it does state once you turn the dial to the defrost setting the a/c will not turn off until the truck is turned off and restarted. Retarded design though.
  • Yes. I have a 2004 Titan SE CC 4x4 Off Road. I have several rattles in the entire cab. We also had the brake issues however the rotors were replaced and I have not had any further problems with that. I know have 20k miles. We love our titan too although some of the problems are surprising.
  • Your noises and the flashing "slip" light are completely normal as it is your anti-lock and anti-slip doing it's job to keep you straight and on the right track.
  • I have that sam ticking. I have a 2004 SE CC off Road 4x4. It has 19k miles and I just noticed the ticking or "knocking" sound is much louder lately. It runs great. But I want to get it checked out. I'm not sure if I should be concerned or not. Have you been able to rectify anything? How is your truck now?
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