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Nissan Titan Maintenance and Repair



  • I have a 2004 Titan and I had the same issue around the same amount of mileage. In addition, the rotors were warped. So the dealership replaced all 4 rotors and all the brakes. At the time, my dealership billed against that directive, so it was free of cost. If only there was a place to post information for concerned owners to threaten a lawsuit unless they took corrective action... Now that my Titan is nearing 90000 miles (48 mile long commute to work) and I'm noticing a vibration in the steering wheel again. Although I love my Titan, and loved my Pulsar too, I am going to go back to Chevy/GMC and buy a hybrid Yukon/Denali this fall.
  • rafarafa Posts: 35
    Just order step rails for the Nissan Titan crew cab and wanted to know if there really easy to install and do I have to drill holes on my frame. They are oem parts from an online nissan dealer if anyone can help let me know would greatly appreciation it thanks.
  • mikev83mikev83 Posts: 1
    I just had the AM portion of my radio go out on my 2004 Titan. The dealer says the AM tuner has been failing on the Panasonic radio but there was no re-call; they were only replacing the radio if the vehicle was still under warranty (which mine wasn't). The problem in fixing the AM adio is that you have to replace the entire radio/CD changer which costs over $1,000 I filed a complaint with NISSAN Consumer Affairs and after a month and a half they finally told me issan wouldn't help replace the radio and if I wanted to pursue it further i would have to del with the Radio manufacturer. I was offered $200 in service credit at my local Nissan dealer. I have frends with 30 year old cars with good AM radios; this is ridiculous that Nissan isn't standing up for it's quality problems. No wonder the Titan gets a black circle in Consumer Reports for reliability. Anyone else have this problem?
  • Hi guys,
    My '05 is at 30K miles and it's time to replace the gear oils and ATF fluids. I notice the manual is insistent that this be done by the dealer, but I've done this on my other trucks no problem. Anyone know the front, rear, and ATF capacities since the manual doesn't list them?
    Also, I haven't had any differntial problems but I can see a lot of you have. Is there any way to tell that my rear differential is bad without any obvious symptoms? Thanks!
  • rafarafa Posts: 35
    Well just got home from picking up the tow mirrors for the titan wanted to know if anybody installed the mirrors them self and if it was easy. They came with directions but wanted to know if you guys had any info for me should i try to install my self or should i take to dealer let me know thanks.
  • The trans does not have a dipstick - and is sealed.
    The short answer is it requires special fluid which is expensive. The lube shops will be tempted to use their "expertise" and insert a "compatible" fluid since fluid will cost around $10.00 per quart.

    I had mine changed at the dealer - oil change and trans oil flush for $300. Expensive but the alternative may not have a happy ending.
  • bufallabufalla Posts: 10
    I have a 2004 Titan SE with 65,000 miles. I started having brake problems before it hit 20,000. I took it in because I thought it needed an allignment and was told that it was the brakes right away. Obviously they knew it was a problem. So the rotars were warped and they fixed that. At around 24,000 miles my back brakes were metal on metal so took it in. This was not covered and I had to replace them. Nissan told me this was normal wear and tear. I'm not an engineer but it's obvious that when there was a problem with the front brakes that this probably caused the back brakes to over compensate and therefore need replacing. Two more times I had to take it back in for the rotars. Finally after contacting Nissan customer service, they authorized the dealer to put a "KIT" on the vehicle at no charge to fix the problem. They also replace the back brakes again. At approximatley 55,000 miles it all started again. Took it in again at about 60,000 miles and all four rotars were again warped. NOT COVERED and back brakes needed replaced again. I contacted Nissan Customer service once again and a regional representative contacted me. He let it slip that the engineers knew there was a problem but it has not been recalled and didn't know if it would be. I told him that I wanted a manager to contact me. This was in August and I still have not heard from them. So, I recently sent them some correspondence and I'm waiting a response. I love the truck otherwise and would like to keep it. However, Nissan needs to come clean and fix this problem. It is obvious from doing some research on the Web that this is a consistent problem with many consumers. I am to the point now that I am about to contact a lawyer. I welcome any opinions or related experiences.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Before spending money on a lawyer try filing an online complaint at BBB online.
  • Anybody here have any brake problems with the 06-07 models. I'm considering the 08 PRO 4X long cab. Any input will be greatly appreciated.
  • bufallabufalla Posts: 10
    Thanks obyone. Appreciate the info. I assume BBB is better business bureau?
  • I have an '06 with 13k miles that I have noticed the brakes grinding occasionally. It doesn't happen all the time, but I am going to have it checked out. During the first three months my truck was in service 6 times, rear end replaced, a/c vent tube replaced, bad door seal, chipped paint (they would not fix), replaced carpet from mildew, replaced floor mats. Check out consumer reports before buying the Nissan Titan, it rates so poorly, they would not give it a rating. Save your money, buy a Toyota. Don't get stuck with a turd like the rest of us.
  • Oh, and by the way, I filed with the BBB and all Nissan would pony up was an extended warranty. Oh Boy!
  • I'm so sorry for your troubles. Do you still drive this truck then? Is it because the Titan has too small of a rotor for its weight? The new Titan supposedly have a rotor that is 26% bigger. I wonder if that solves the brake wear down problems.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    As my truck had a ton of mods done I didn't want to pursue buyback. GM offered Major Guard bumper to bumper $0 deductible up to 5 years/100K miles worth $2700 if bought at the dealer. What that meant was any problem for the next 3 years or 75K miles would be paid for by GM. I think if Nissan offered something similar to bufalla he would be more than satisfied.
  • No need to be sorry for me, thanks anyway. I should have researched a little more prior to buying, that's all. Don't get me wrong, sure, I have some sour grapes to Nissan, and the dealership that I bought it from in Gainesville Georgia, but it is performing well other than the brakes seem to be grinding a little lately. Power wise, the truck performs well, I just wish Nissan had done more home work in the beginning. Good luck to you and to all the other Titan owners.
  • bufallabufalla Posts: 10
    Thanks. Yes I still drive the truck. Other than this the truck is great. 04 was the first year and I'm sure they have fixed the problem with the brakes. I just want them to fix the problem on my truck and it should be no problem to do so. I am discouraged by the lack of concern on Nissan's part. It is so obvious there is a problem with the 04 model and they need to make this right. I am waiting on another response from Nissan now. The problem is the size of the rotar. We'll see....
  • I purchased a new Titan in '04. Since then I have had 2 new differentials installed. The story I got was that a company called Danner (sp?) built the rear end and they had problems. In under 10,000 miles a significant "thump" developed when placing the car in reverse or park or drive, or whatever.

    At first they tried to adjust the lash in the gears. At over 20,000 miles while in the shop for routine maint. they checked the brakes, gee, I wonder why? They found that the axle bearing seals were leaking, so they fixed them.

    The "thumping" had been getting worse, so at just over 25,000 miles, I complained bitterly. This time they kept the truck for several weeks and ended up replacing the rear diff., that would be the 2nd rear end in this truck.

    Next few thousand miles were switches, hoses, brake rotors, and other fun stuff until we got to just over 40,000 miles and the "thumping" was back with a vengeance. This time I got the "Danner rear end bad, Dana rear end good" speech. So they swapped it out again. For those not keeping count, that is the 3rd rear end. I was told it was a Dana rear end, hoorah, problem solved...not so quick.

    Long story short, here we are over the warranty mileage and lo and behold after taking the truck for a routine oil change and asking them to just check the seals, I get the "you need a new rear end" call, and Nissan says, "so sorry, no mo' warranty for you". It wasn't even the Dana Diff. I was told it was.

    I will be contacting a lawyer.

    Good Luck with your older Titan, I am sorely disgusted with what I thought would be a truck I could run for 150,000 miles.
  • bufallabufalla Posts: 10
    Wow--I thought I had it bad. I believe you need to contact a lawyer. I actually got an email last Friday saying that I would hear from someone within one business day. Well here it is Wednesday of the next week and nothing. I am going to take the advice of an earlier response and contact the BBB first. There is a lawyer on the web under lemon laws that will take your case with no cost to you. They get their payment from the company. Don't know their rep though so can't recommend. Keep us updated on your status.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Rear brakes gone at 27K. Tires gone at 30K.

    Good thing I replaced the front pads at 100 miles with ceramics. Dealer quotes $300 to cut rotors and replace thanks. Bought a set of ceramic pads for the rears but having a hard time finding replacement tires locally. Size seems to be an "E" rated tire.
  • I have an 2004 Titan SE. I have had brake problems 11 times(warped rotors of course). Nissan told me they would take care of the problem. They admitted they had a problem. Now I have 75000 miles an the brakes are warped again. They told me they was not going to warranty it anymore. I have contacted a lawyer an going ahead with the lemon law.
    It is really bad because I love the truck EXCEPT for the brakes. :mad:
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    and 75K miles? What state are you in?
  • 08 SE, Crew Cab, 1500 miles, Ac drain leaks onto passenger side carpet/ rear end vibration/ guages reflect in side mirror at night/sunglass holder felt lining is detached/gas spills out of tank when filling up if really low on gas

    Headed to the dealer for the third time in 2 months tomorrow. Anyone have any success with a buy back?
  • Do lemon laws cover when it's been a few years?
  • Sorry for your troubles. I hope you can get it fixed. If I were you I would try the buy back or check into lemon laws. I received a call back from Nissan today and they told me they would not do anything for me regarding all the brake issues I've had. I guess they think that the one fix that they did (called the 'kit') is all they need to do. It was only a short term fix and started doing the same thing again. I am going to file a complaint with the BBB. And also check into lemon laws. Although I don't believe lemon law will help me since I've had the truck for awhile. It's all about customer satisfcation and Nissan obviously does not care. It is so apparent that the brake issue is an ongoing problem with the Titan. I will never buy another Nissan product. I hope they realize that their decision will ultimately cost them not only my business but possibly other potential buyers because I will not be able to say anything good about Nissan now. Guys talk about their cars alot and when the topic comes up I will absolutley let them know about my problems. No doubt this will sway folks from purchasing a Nissan. Apologies to all you Nissan fans--but it's all about satisfaction and Nissan would not resolve my issue. There are too many other options out there where the vehicles are quality. Maybe this is why Nissan only offers a 36K warranty where most others over much more. I welcome opinions...
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Couple of things to check:

    1-when they installed the kit did it come with a 5year/100K warranty on the brakes?

    2-File a complaint against the dealership you bought the truck from with the BBB. It may or may not help and can't hurt as if they are members of your local BBB they will be put in a difficult position of having to answer your complaint. You can do the same for Nissan USA and file one with the NHTSA.

    Other than that if you still want to keep the truck I suggest you buy some aftermarket rotors and pads. That will fix your problem once and for all. And this will probably be the cheapest route all complaints aside.
  • Boy, am I glad I'm waiting til next summer to buy. I was close to buying one just weeks ago with the $4250 rebate and all. I thought I really had a bargain there for a moment. Please keep us updated and I truly wish you good luck. I can't believe the 9.7 consumer rating so far.
  • After 3rd visit dealer installed 2 new rear tires. Vibration is reduced but not gone. Nissan says bad lot of tires. My dealer says already has 20 tires in stock. I will address remaining issues at first oil change. I encourgage people with ongoing problems to post to sites like this b/c information can show ongoing design flaws. I will be pursuing lemon law. I don't know how other states work, but here you have to have same problem 3 times in one year or 12k miles. Already have that. Whatever happens truck will be traded or sold when basic warranty is expired. Should have more info for everyone in December.
  • I agree with you. I hope you win everything. Thank you for the update. I'll be keeping my eye on your progress. Best of luck again.
  • Its interesting that despite the nagging unresolved issues, Nissan has the audacity to increase the price on the 08 Titan by over $1600 from 07. This can't be good.
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