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Warranties Backed by a Risk Retention Group



  • I want to purchase an extended warranty for my
    06 Camry. I have been given a price from Mercury Ins as much less then Toyota. Which kind of plan is better--Platinum, Gold or Silver?

    Is it safer to buy from Toyota even though the price is more?


  • What was the source of this long read? It looks like this would be some useful material for our receiverships of these RRGs and the obligors (warranty or vehicle service contract companies) they insured.
  • I wouldn't touch an extended warranty from anyone else than the manufacturer. If you offer anyone EW without seeing the car and it's condition, then you aren't doing business to protect and offer services, but to just get peoples money and jump ship once you have the money.
    Get a discounted manf warranty online from auth dealers who sell warranty in quantity online. That's what i'm going with. Saved me $$ too.

    IMO EW business is the same as the subprime mortgage originators, 90s long distance telecom slammers, and acai berry trial offers.
    If you are not a big corporation that i can shame and sue in court, you aren't getting my business. I refuse to chase down lousy florida scammers :mad: who will have moved onto the next scam. How much can I get for gold hoop earrings from the 80s?
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