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Audi A4 - Sale Price in December 2015

lookingaudi_a4lookingaudi_a4 Member Posts: 3
edited December 2015 in Audi
Hello All,

I live in Atlanta and looking for deals on Audi A4 FWD /quattro, premium plus or just premium , with tech or without. It would be great, if someone can share the price they paid recently (total cost) , so that I can negotiate the same with the dealer. What type of rebates is Audi offering and how much ?

For Altanta folks : I went to http://www.audigwinnett.com/ today, and they didn’t have any rebates, only thing they gave me is 6% discount as my company is their preferred list. So they were asking 43K for A4 –Premium – Quattro.

Please help. I need to buy within next couple of days.
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