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VW Touareg Maintenance and Repair



  • carlobcarlob Posts: 5
    I have never towed with mine but you should reference the tire problems, the engine hesitation problems, and other problems discussed on this forum. Personally, I couldn't imagine purchasing this vehicle for anything given the price of the vehicle and the problems. The Touareg is no Passat.
  • panzerpanzer Posts: 125
    I've had the dead battery once.The dealer towed it in and charged it. No problems (of that description) since. It seems like a common problem. Mine would not take a jump.
  • gsotiggsotig Posts: 8
    I have a 2004 model and I have had several problems with it (minor and major). I would recommend that you look over this web site and review the amount of problems that could come with this vehicle. Do not judge the T-Reg based on the Passat. However, maybe the latest models are better, I doubt that they could be any worse. I do know someone that had a 2004 model and they drove it for 48K miles (mostly on the highway) and never had a problem It is a Great vehicle to drive when it is running correctly, but it has been frustrating at times.
  • cat3126cat3126 Posts: 43
    I tow a 18' Boston Wahler with a 05 V-8 ,tows very well. The interface to the trailer lighting gives a message on your dash display if the trailer stop or tail lights fail. I have surge brakes on the trailer. My gross towing weight is approx.#4200.
    A word of caution the trailer wiring package will not tolerate LED systems. Some of the new boat trailers a coming with LED lighting systems.
  • cbonocbono Posts: 1
    I bought two of them, poor, poor me. Upon driving out of the dealership in Aug 2005 the problems started.

    1) 60-80 mph vibration
    A. Tires?
    B. Balancing?
    C. Wear?
    D. Alignment?
    E. Driveshaft?

    They don't know-and they have never heard of these problems. What bull.
    2. AC problems, not cooling down.
    3. Heat Shield Vibration
    4. Hesitatation and lurching -very dangerous
    5. Lights, motor

    None of these have been sucessfully repaired to date. They should paint them all yellow and give some lemonaid with these 50K jokes.
    On 9/6/05 I requested a technichin to look at the SUVs. They jsut had one come on 6/20/06. They will not admit there are problems. And they will look you right in the eye and tell you this is the first time they ever heard about it. I questioned a friend who is a service manager at a Jeep/Audi/Volkswagen dealership. He roled his eyes and said you can't believe the problems with these SUVs. Vibrations, the wear, etc, etc. They bury their heads like ostrachs. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. They are misleading their customers in a most dishonest way.
    I suggest that you do not wasted your time. If you have a lemon law in your state use it. All request warranty cover up to the State Attorney General office for consumer fraud. Do everything by registered mail. You will be surprised to see what they omit from your service record. And by all means don't give up. We are not dealing with integrity, if you own one of these jokes, you soon realize this is not "Herbie the Love Bug".
  • autoboy16autoboy16 Posts: 992
    Is any1 having trouble with their V10 TDI T-reg? Saw a nice used 1 for sale and pops likes it...
  • major7major7 Posts: 31
    Air Bag light was on my '04 T-Reg. Put new harness in, then it worked for 1 day and back again to VW shop. Then, they tried to wire it themselves to rid the car of this air bag light that was on and it wouldn't stay off. So, even though they ordered new parts and more wiring they ended up with a new side airbag unit!!! In the shop 9 days and some parts broke so they ordered new trim parts under warranty. I noticed my shift console light is out now and the Tiptronic acts disengaged, nothing happens at all when you try to use it, not functioning so I will go there Monday to tell them about it. Had to remove seats and leather seating, shift console, etc. Incredible but they gave me a free Enterprise loaner the whole time. Bob
  • panzerpanzer Posts: 125
    Complicated car. Hard to work on. Even trained VW technicians have no clue what they are doing and break stuff while fixing other stuff. That's been my experience as well.
  • sirisiri Posts: 1
    I purchased my 2004 Touareg V6 in Dec 2005. Have had a few problems with the center rear seatbelt locking (with three kids, not a great thing). Also, I recently filled up a full tank of chevron premium gas (which I have used before) and upon leaving the gas station, the "exhaust" lignt came on, the engine chugged and I had to pull over and have it towed to the local VW dealership where I purchased it. They spent 6 days now, trying to find the problem and have now told me it is the gas I put in and there is nothing they can do about it, but are still charging me for the labor.

    Anyone experienced anything like this before?

  • major7major7 Posts: 31
    Well, my brushed aluminum piece came in with small indentations in it and the wood piece a bit light so they reordered those pieces and fixed the Tiptronic shift and lights around shift console. Local Hudson Valley VW dealership has bent over backwards and has never hassled me when I requested new parts under warranty, etc. Manager always complied with what I wanted, no hassles and even fit me in when receptionist said I had a 2 week wait.

    NOW......Get this, the mgr. called me over and said he is authorized by VW to keep the customer satisfaction high and can give me around 500.00 because I had to wait 9 days, etc. and all the other snafus too. Nice gesture and I never heard of that happening before but I'm happy now!!
  • gsotiggsotig Posts: 8
    I also had a problem with my AC that took several days to figure out. To make a long story short, after getting the run around from VW, the dealership wrote me a check for a 1 month lease payment. I am also very happy now!
  • panzerpanzer Posts: 125
    You need to have a serious talk to the gas station owner. Sounds like you got a shot of diesel or maybe some dirt in your tank. The car will run ok on any gasoline, it's just that premium is recommended. Did anyone test the gas in your tank?
  • olvaskoolvasko Posts: 1
    I have a 6 cyl and the same ratling noise before transmission shifts. Did you find out what is the reason?
  • mcmuneymcmuney Posts: 64
    My dealer quote to replace front and rear brakes on my 1.5 year old Touareg was $700, which seems a bit steep for a VW. Is this a high maintenance vehicle???
  • shavershaver Posts: 18
    You will find that the $600-$700 range is standard. God only knows what it might cost if you needed callipers, etc. I was told by the dealer that the rotors are thin and therefore must replace rotors with each brake job. I questioned this and asked if this was suggested or a mandatory requirement of VW. I will caution you however, if you have say a tire company replace your brakes and the brake sensor by chance becomes faulty, VW will automatically assume that it is not warranted and broken not just failure. The same goes for your tire pressure sensors. The tire pressure dash light was on before I replaced the 18,000 mile factory tires and when I took my car in to have this corrected VW would not warrant the sensors. VW not the dealer took the position that they were broken by others. You will note that pressure sensor failure is a common complaint in this forum.
  • shavershaver Posts: 18
    No, the dealer was unable to correct this. If the six rattles by nature, I am OK with it but like you and not knowing, I'm apprehensive about a possible internal problem. I'm from Central Calif and the dealers and mechanics here just don't know their product very well. Has anyone found a phone number, address, e-mail or web page to someone that cares what VW owners think?
  • panzerpanzer Posts: 125
    Having just gone through the experience about six weeks ago, I beg to differ. The wholesale parts cost for pads, rotors and sensors is about $700 for four wheels, no labor or parts markup included. If you have the work done at your VW Dealer you will pay about $1600 for the job on all four wheels, plus about $100 to change brake fluid and then tax on top of that. That's a real number accross the country. Maybe you could clue us in on where we can get the job done for $600-$700.

    That is why I have a real nice, well-maintained Touareg for sale right now. $70 a month just to keep it in brakes is a ball buster.
  • gsotiggsotig Posts: 8
    I had all 4 brake pads changed for approximately $500.00 at a local garage that specialized in VW's. I'm surprised the dealer did not want to change your rotors as well. I was originally quoted by the dealer $830 for just front brakes and rotors. The local VW garage measured the rotors and told me that they were still within spec.
  • shavershaver Posts: 18
    You are correct, the $700 was for the front only. I'm probably going to regret saying this but our 04 Touareg is at about 65,000 miles and I think we have worked thru the bugs. We intend to trade at 80,000 miles.

    What has anyone out there heard about the new diesel engine for the Touareg?
  • I still love my Touareg after 33 months and 54k miles. Drives like a car, but hauls like a truck. Nothing like it on the road. And it still turns heads!

    Unfortunately, it's developed a really harsh downshift. Here's the problem: when the car downshifts from 5th to 4th as a result of me pressing the accelerator, the car downshifts so hard, it feels like it hit a 3 or 4 inch curb. It lurches violently. And it scares the heck out of everyone in the car.

    This only happens when on a slight to moderate incline. As you drive in traffic in 5th, maybe coasting a little in thicker traffic, the car slows from 40 to 35 to 30. The car usu. remains in 5th gear. If I hit the accelerator at any point below 30, and happen to be on even a slight incline, the hard downshift from 5th to 4th occurs.

    My dealer shakes his head and says that they can't replicate the problem. I'm going to take the Touareg technician out for a drive when I have some time during the workday, but in the meantime thought I'd check to see if anyone else had the problem.

    Otherwise, we've been completely thrilled with our car. Hopefully, gas prices will continue dropping and I'll get a good trade-in for when I buy my new one next year!

  • vwtechvwtech Posts: 2
    Is this a v-8 toureg?? If so the vehicle may not have this problem till after it runs for 15-20 mins, just expirenced one like this last week at work, ended up being the alternator, when lights come on while driving look at the voltage gauge on your dash
  • vwtechvwtech Posts: 2
    Touregs are all wheel drive vehicles!!!!!!!!!! Tires on these due go rather quickly, rotating seems to help, but if you get 30k your doing really good. Also #1 problem that we have seen with tire pressure monitoring problems is tire pressure, on driver door jam proper inflation pressures are printed, i belive it like 42psi in front and 46 or 49 psi in rear, double check but this may help ;)
  • major7major7 Posts: 31
    Got towed about 10 days ago as every 30 seconds my '04 Touareg died! Twed to VW lot and they were busy and kept it in the lot for 6 days! Sad I know. Then the figure it ut and it will be 6 ore days on Monday waiting for a internationally backordered fuel pump! No eta when they red flag it as service mgr. said they don't tell you at VW when priority part is shipping. A mess and ready to trade it for a GX 470 or the nice new Acura MDX just driven today. When my airbag light was on it took 9 days to get the suv out of he service dept. Terrible VW service and I just emailed them. For a fuel pump of which the V8 has 2 that work in tandem with each other. 1 worked when it there by itself but when 1 was bad you couldn't leave it in or it died in 30 seconds. never again, Trust me.
  • panzerpanzer Posts: 125
    You are correct in that the car has a set of circumstances that will eat tires (heavy, fast, all wheel drive, soft rubber). On my 2004 V6 Touareg, the tires are to be inflated to 36 psi front and 44 psi rear. Anybody that's getting 30k on the OEM tires is beating the rest of us by a long ways. I've seen wear bars at about 23k on both sets, first ones were Dunlop 8000's and second ones were Pirelli Scorpion Zeros. I get new ones when the wear bars show at tread level.
  • That is right, what my user name says. The Touareg is junk. After I had all the bugs/recalls cleared, I had shifting problems. The tipronic would get stuck on first gear and not shift. Took it in and was fixed under warranty. Next came the airbag light. Took it in and cleared that under warranty. At 25K my tiers are bald and need to be replaced $850. Tire pressure alert was going crazy since day one. I needed front brakes and rotors $750 because brake light went on at 25K. Mind you this is my wifes car and she drives 35 miles per hour only and is not an agressive driver. So far I did not mind all these lights going on UNTIL my check engine light came on. The Touareg started to feel like it was runnig on three cylinders rather than 6. Everytime I would push the throttle it will shake/vibrate and not want to go forward with puffing noise. Seems like a fuel pump gone bad. My wife only puts 93 premium gas which takes $75 to fill up and it does not get good milage more like 14MPG. Anyway, car is at VW shop waiting to get service. I owe only $8500 left on the car. I am going to get ride of this junk before something big happens before the warranty runs out. Edmunds gave this car low cost to maintain which is laughable. Anyway Good luck with your Touaregs I am sure there are going to be lots for sale in the used market since many are going to find out the truth and get ride of this piece of JUNK, they will be selling for under 15K in no time. I should have known better and listened to my wife and bought an MDX.

    I forgot, sound system CD has its moments where it will not turn on when you eject and want to feed the disc back in, it too has bugs. And not to mention the keyless entry range it a joke and does not work 1/2 the time.
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    What year is it?
  • major7major7 Posts: 31
    Well, problem is 6 days for VW to get it into their "too busy shop" and now 8 days more waiting for an Internationally backordered fuel pump! Dealer said it's on some priority thing but that VW doesn't tell them when it's shipping, etc. So, I called VW on day 12, it's 14th day with no Touareg now, and rep said she would get me status. VW dealer called the very next day and part left the warehouse already, finally. Ridiculous as Volvo Service Mgr. in sister dealership 50 ft. away gave me a 2007 X Country wagon with 2500 miles on it as Enterprise car rental from VW was some scratched up Taurus!

    Solution: Do what I'm doing in a week or so. Buying another GX 470, 2007 model. My wife loves her '04 GX 470. and the dealership network and service is second to none as I have had the best service. It was fun while it lasted driving the V8 Touareg but after 28k of lousy VW service it's time to leave VW behind. Nice SUV, bad dealer network and service..Bob
  • Panzer,

    I have the 04 V-10 TDI and it is spectacular. It is so smooth and quiet you barely know it's a diesel when idling. I have 30k miles on it and have averaged about 23mpg. I also tow a horse trailer (elec brake controller installed) it has plenty of power for towing up the mountains here in SoCal. It also handles excellent with the air ride. It is worth the extra cost for the TDI... :shades:
  • I have an 04 v-6. Just put my third set of tires. 1st was dunlop 5000, next were pirelli, got 20000 from each set. I e-mail Michelin and was told by them that they did not make a tire for my car. Went to Tire-rack and found new tire. Continental cross contact LX. Had installed total cost under $600. They even have a 65000 mile warranty. So far tires are superior to any I have had on my VW...Hope this helps. Have 41000 miles on my touareg and purchased it new 9/03 Must be lucky my only complaint is tires. Was a nice Tax write off for 2003.....
  • guestguest Posts: 770

    I had the same trouble with the Dunlop's except that I only had 15k miles on mine. VW was of no help to me. The dealer came through and gave me a new set of tires. He did allow me to pay the difference to upgrade to Michelin. Anyway, just had to replace brake pads at 21k miles for a total cost of $780. That is insane. VW said that they only have a one year/ 12k mile warranty on the pads. Very weak in my opinion. VW will need to stand up to their product a lot more if they want to make an impact in the luxury market.
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