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VW Touareg Maintenance and Repair



  • The in dash display tells me to move selector to park position while i'm driving. Has this happened to anyone else? The dealer can't find the problem and it's very annoying flashing every 30 seconds while your driving.
  • Steve EliasSteve Elias Posts: 2,187
    that is annoying, alright, caranci.
    possibly consider applying black electrical tape to block the flashing light? :|
    (that's why I do for the TPMS light all winter, since my snowtires+steelwheels do not have TPMS).
  • hi, , we have a 2005 Touareg SE Sport Auto- Diesel 2.5 TDI... its done 45000 mls.
    has anyone had the following problem.
    It has been driving perfectly, but a few days ago, when I put my foot down to overtake someone, got really a lot of blue/black smoke from exhaust, and growling/rattling noise from front, but the car drives ok until you kick down.
    any help would be much appreciated
  • It certainly cannot use regular gas. Unless you like driving with the check-engine light on. I've tested it in my 2004. Regular Gas... check engine light. Premium... light goes off... The placard says minimum 91 octane only.
  • Steve EliasSteve Elias Posts: 2,187
    Thanks taxags -
    I sit corrected - looking at the 2010 info, it also shows premium *required* for the T-reg V6. Not merely recommended!
  • We have an '04 touareg with the TPMS. A few months ago, it would tell me that I had a flat tire about every 3 seconds. When I took it in, they said I definatly had a bad sensor on one of the wheels, so they replaced it. When the flat tire light still came on, they decided another sensor must be bad so they replaced that also. When I picked it up and drove half a block away, the flat tire light started again. I turned around and went back to dealership where they told me that it was working when they had it and wouldn't do anything for me. They only suggested replacing the other 2 sensors or the whole module and see if that did anything. Since then, it goes back and forth between flat tire or TPMS fault. Sometimes I can drive for a day or two and not see anything. We actually have lights and errors constantly. Between the tire stuff, system fault workshop and the remote. We get a light error also and the lights are fine. Now I'm getting something on and off that there is a problem with the exhaust. I don't really want to go to the dealership so they can replace whatever and hope that it might fix the problem. In the past when we brought it in, supposedly most of these problems don't show up when the mechanics check them out. Has anyone else had these problems and if so, what was your fix?
  • devanedevane Posts: 1
    what did you ever do about the problem with toureg. im having same issus.
  • jlcjrjlcjr Posts: 4
    My lease ran out and I was able to turn it in. They couldn't duplicate the problem at the dealership.
  • jeff618jeff618 Posts: 29
    I found aftermarket wiper blades for the Volkswagen Touareg. I replace the entire wiper because of the abuse the ice and snow put them through - I figure better safe than sorry (plus much less hassel than dealing with those rubber blade refills). I went with Trico Tech Beam Blades. I've been a Trico NeoForm guy for a while, but I tried the new Techs because they have a new mounting system that allows the wiper arm to sit slightly lower than in the past. The Techs are beefy as hell and look great with the new, lower side mount. By the way - they came with complete removal and installation instructions - very easy. Got them online.
  • What did you decide to do. I have the same problem on a 04. They want me to replace all the sensors and module. It's driving me crazy.
  • My fiance & I just got a used 2006 Touareg in Dec. I've driven it so much that its time for an oil change. My fiance called VW to get a price quote for a change. I was shocked to hear that it would be $100+ for a simple oil change. Is that true? I would like to take my SUV to another shop to do a simple oil change for a reasonable price. I was told by someone that since I had a German vehicle, I would have to bring it somewhere that knows German cars. My question is, do I have to take my SUV to VW or can I take it to any other oil change shop to get a simple oil change?
  • I have an 05 Touareg. I bought it a little over 2 years ago (yes used and my big mistake). It has got to be the biggest piece of junk I have ever had. I have already put $3000 in it . From sensors going out to having to replace the drive shaft. I have never taken this stupid thing off road, and take excellent care of it. After reading some of the postings on here, I am scared to death to know what the hell else is going to go wrong. I am fixing to have to replace my front break pads and now have learned from here that I will more than likely have to fix the rotors as well.

    The customer service at the VW dealership was HORRIBLE! They treated and spoke to me like i was an idiot because I am a woman. Once they realized I had a husband and he called, they seemed to change their attitude with me. I will NEVER own another VW again. The vehicle is crap and so is the customer service!
  • I had the same issue. I had a flat fixed at a local non-VW shop and suddenly the sensors would not shut off. I took it to the dealer and they said all four sensors were shot and the emulator needed to be replaced as well. I believe the cost was about $1,600. After thinking this over for all of 5 minutes, I asked them to turn the sensors off. My $.99 tire guage seems to work fine.
  • My check engine light came on and the dealer says the fuel pump is starting to fail. $1100 to fix at dealer and $550 elsewhere. They said it's ok to drive, but at some point it may fail and leave me stranded, most likely when I try to start. Has anybody else run into this issue?
  • It's been a while since your post. I had some problems with soft Pirellis which wore out in 10K miles, the dealer comp'd me on 3 of 4 tires because the soft tires should have never been put on such a heavy car. I have Yokohamas now, I bought through Discount Tire and had them installed by the dealer, for a savings of about $100 per tire. I've probably put 20K miles on them and they ride very well and the wear seems reasonable for the miles. I expect I'll get 40K or more out of them.
  • alman08alman08 Posts: 282
    No need to take it to the dealer for just the oil change, but I definitely would not recommend places like jiffy. And don't bother with that certain someone who told you that you will have to bring it to a German car specialist just because it's a German vehicle, especially for an oil change. VW dealership service dept charge ++++++++++ more for just about anything.
  • We've only replaced the first two--I'm not paying anymore money when they can't guarantee that new sensors or the module will fix anything. We're actually trading the car in on a new car we have ordered. The service writer at the VW dealership said this is probably only the start of our problems, so we want to get rid of it while we can. I guess '04's had lots of problems and they gave most people an option to purchase an '05 for a good deal, but we had leased, so never got that option. We didn't have any problems for the lease period and so then bought the lease out and of course, then all the problems started. Good luck.
  • i have a 2004 touareg V8 with the air suspension. It squeeks over speed bumps in the front end in the winter in cold weather. other than that and the million recalls on an 04 it hasnt had any air suspension issues. When does it make the noise??
  • i have the 04 also. I have 67,000 miles and i just brought it in and they replaced all the sensors as i kept getting a pressure monitoring system failure. I have the certified pre owned warranty for 7yrs 73,000 miles. Are you under warranty. They should replace them for you.
  • Tell them to replace the sensors under warranty. How many miles? do you still have warranty?? I have certified pre ownded warranty and they replaced all mine at 67,000 miles.
  • arhouarhou Posts: 8
    I'm getting considerable vibration transmitting through the steering column to the wheel. It is most apparent when the car is stopped with the AC on. The dealer in Houston replaced the power steering pump but that did not correct the problem.

    Anyone experience this? Any comments on a fix?

  • Steve EliasSteve Elias Posts: 2,187
    a motor-mount could be broken/malfunctioning? ( can you see the motor shaking excessively if you open the hood while symptom is occurring, or when you shift from P -> D? maybe do side-by-side compare with another Treg? )
    if problem happens only with AC on, I'd suspect AC compressor too - presumably it's only happening when the AC compressor is engaged. If it's also happening with AC compressor disengaged but AC on, that would be strange and would require additional analysis.
  • bsmoltokbsmoltok Posts: 1
    i got an 04 V8. while driving i heard a sudden noise in the front (engine side). when i checked it out with a mechanic, i was told that the propeller shaft is bad and it would cost me about $1,200. could this be true? are the parts this expensive?
  • bosnovabosnova Posts: 2
    Hi everyone.I am having a problem with my dashboard on my '05 T'reg splitting for no apparrent reason.It seems to be around the air bag located in the dash on the passenger side. Professional repairer is reluctant to fix due to the heat used in repair and the proximity of the airbag... possible deployment?Anyone else have this problem?Any advice?Thanks,Jerry
  • I was wondering if anyone can help with the problem I am having with my Touareg TDI 05, Automatic 50,000 miles. When I am driving the car and have to turn the steering wheel full lock the car judders and it is especially noticable if I am moving slowly in a confined space (hard lock left or right). However if I stop the car and put it in Neutral then turn the Diff lock right round and back again it stops the juddering for that moment but comes back shortly after. The juddering does not happen when I am driving the car straight forward.
  • qpowerqpower Posts: 34
    What you describe is a classic symptom of transfer case stepper motor troubles.

    I thought that this had stopped being a problem for the trucks.

    Good luck!

  • Hi Geoff

    I am a girl and have no idea what you mean by transfer case stepper, can you elaborate and is this something that can be sorted fairly easily

  • qpowerqpower Posts: 34
    Girl or not, you own this complex machine for better or for worse, so get to know will be to your advantage!

    You can start this educational curve with time spent looking at the website, where you will find more info on these vehicles than you can imagine possible! Remember the adage about the fish vs. the fishing pole?

    But I will assist herein once: the stepper motor is a motorized gear reduction drive attached to the transfer case and it insures that your tires do not fight one another on the road surface as you turn in any kind of radius. Otherwise, the tires tear against the ground and one gets the juddering when making slow turning movements, like backing out of a parking spot, etc.

    Any dealer would know what you were talking about if you mention the "transfer case stepper motor" to them...

    Good luck with your t reg!
  • Thanks Geoff. I promise I will get to know my car better....!!!! - feel like a naughty school girl right now.

    I have already taken the car to 2 mechanics and they told me that they cannot find the problem which is why I thought I would try to find someone with a bit of savy about Touaregs.

    I have been looking up on other forums about the motor stepper and I am sure you have diagnosed the problem - spot on..

    I appreciate your help Geoff - thanks again - it is a relief to actually know the problem with
  • The problem I have now is although I know the problem with the car I am being told that if I take it to a VW dealer they want to diagnose the problem themselves which they want to charge me £65.00 per half an hour. I have told them I know the problem but this makes no difference. Does anyone know if I have to take it to a VW dealer or are there other mechanics out there that have the technology to solve this problem? :(
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