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VW Touareg Maintenance and Repair



  • qpowerqpower Posts: 34
    Dealers ask for diagnostic time as a means of padding their repair revenues, but by and large, you can't avoid this sin!

    I am not familiar with this trouble being well handled by an independent mechanic. Frankly, this will be aexpensive vehicle to own as it is the same chassis as the Porsche Cayenne. This will prove to be a "fact of life". This doesn't mean you should like it, but rather you should own an extended warranty if you were within the original warranty period.

    Barring this coincidence, you will need to budget for the high costs of maintenance, especially if you are unlucky. Some are and some aren't...

    I'm a bit fatalistic I guess...

    No mechanic will accept your word that the stepper motor is bad, per se, without checking it out themselves. That is to say this is not a repair that presents itself to the eyes the way, say, a flat tire would.... So you would need to have patience with the process. However, if you are off warranty, and the stepper motor is bad, then you would want to mount a campaign with VW in your country over the inherent troubles that these have caused, but this is only a suggestion based on the troubles for the 2004-5 model years. At one time, VW was willing to replace any stepper motor within certain serial number vehicles. I imagine that this is an expensive item, but in the US there is at least one company, Cardone Industries, which re-manufactures these assemblies. So a rebuilt unit migt be available to save you some money, although I do not know about this in the UK.

    Best regards,

    Geoff ">link title
  • dud39dud39 Posts: 1
    I have a 2007 VW Tourareg I need to provide a 12volt hotwire to my caravan connector on the tow bar VW dealers shrug their shoulders has any body done it can you provide details of how to do it, and the connection points for the wire
    thanks dud39
  • The left turn signal light bulb in the left rearview mirror assembly is out and needs replaced. How is the access gained to this bulb?
  • Help. I am considering buying a Toureag and interested in comments regarding performance and service
  • The VW Touareg and the Porsche Cayenne share the same base mechanics, frame, suspension, etc... . The VW motor is a some what de-tuned version of the same porsche motor. The VW and the Porsche both share part with Audi.

    The VW V8 is a very good performer, especially with the tiptronic transmission. It has the power to cruise at autobahn speeds, tow a trailer, it handles snow, and ice with ease. Very good ride, comfortable, easy to drive on long trips. It is a very good off roader. In 4wd, low range or with the axles locked, it will climb, descend, pull out of mud or snow, or anything else you should not have been in, in the first place or you are out for adventure and wanted to test the vehicle or your off road skills. It is a very confident performer.
    The 6 cylinder version struggles to move that heavy of a vehicle. The new diesel may be better, never driver one, don't know.

    Gas mileage is not the greatest. The best I have ever gotten is 20 mpg on the interstate, at 75 - 80 mph, with a cruise range of 350 miles per tank.
    Parts for repair are almost exclusively from the VW dealer, so prices are higher. $250.00 for a headlight bulb and $100 installation. You can do it yourself in 5 minutes, and buy a bulb for $85.00 at the Autoparts warehouse internet site. Limited aftermarket parts available. is the best place for available parts. Prices are good.

    My 2005 Touareg has had some problems, but the dealer has fixed them under warranty(suspension, electrical). Tune up's, recommended maintenance intervals, etc... are expensive. They recommend a new timing belt at 80,000 miles - $1600.00 from the dealer. If you shop around, maybe cheaper.

    Overall a good performer, but higher cost of ownership.
    Hope this helps.
  • I am based in Kenya and bought a slightly used 2005 V6 Touareg from Japan a couple of years back. Reading from the forum, I gather that i also have the stepper motor syndrome and VW dealership told me i have to buy a new transfer unit as the warranty does not apply for secondhand cars. This is a bit unfair as the fault is of VW whether first or second owner. Please advice. Also have been experiencing electrical problems. Engine light is always on and dealer says because the airflow regulator is faulty but petrol consumption and power is okay. How do i know this is true? This part not available in Kenya!! Car is excellent but i think not built for africa.
  • qpowerqpower Posts: 34
    edited September 2010
    I think the German engineers would disagree with the statement that the truck is not built for Africa!

    Stepper motor troubles are well understood, this item is available to replace on it's own, do not let them replace the entire transfer case, unless it has an issue, as I imagine you can buy and import the stepper motor yourself if necessary from the US or Europe. Forget about VW supporting you at this late a stage, unless you have particularly low mileage.

    Do you mean the mass air flow sensor? That's available in the US and Europe as well for replacement. If faulty, this will affect fuel consumption or power output.
  • Hi Geoff! thanks for reply. Any idea how much a stepper motor costs? When i imported the car it had clocked 25,000 kms. Was quoted US$4000 for transfer unit.
    3 days back had another light coming on for ESP. I lost power and gear indication disappeared just showing PNDR etc. Dealer said the air housing cracked dont know how and they superglued it as part not available in the ESP light went off as well as engine light. today the engine light is back on!! Dealer said engine light was also on because of loose air pipe connection. Initially they said air flow meter was faulty. honestly i think they are going round in circles.As you said if mass air flow sensor is faulty then power and fuel consumption will be affected and i have none of these.
    never had problems with my old toyota prado!! very reliable.
  • My independent aftermarket manufacturer does not list a part number or price for the stepper motor. They claim that they will rebuild one, if parts are available, from a core.

    You need to find a VW dealer to sell one to you.

    Frankly, you may not be able to keep this vehicle on the road in Kenya if it is going to have multiple major issues.

    my two cents
  • Hi Geoff! You are absolutely right, i will eventually have to draw a line. The car also has a very poor resale value here. just one more question please whats a stepper motor and what does it exactly do. Cheers!
  • The stepper motor is a gear reduction drive attached to the transfer case that allows for a differential between the two axles whenever the system requires, such as when you are backing up or turning hard in a low speed situation. Troubles here are clearly manifest if one feels and hears scrubbing of the tires when backing out on a three point turn, for example.

    It's pretty unmistakeable!
  • I have a 2008 Toureg V6 that was purchased brand new. The car has 31k miles on it. My wife drives it most of the time... and usually just to and from work and around town.

    Last oil change/tire rotation (about a month ago) we asked about the brakes. No real problems, but seemed like it was about time to get the pads replaced. The dealership told us the pad needed replacing soon, but wasn't urgent. Suggested we do it next oil change. On Monday of this week, the "service now" light indicating brake pad issues came on. We called to make an appointment and brought it in today.

    The VW service agent comes back and tells my wife she needs 4 new pads and 4 new rotors at a charge of about $1600.00

    How is this even freaking possible? There is no squeaking or grinding sound when braking and never has been. Dealership tells us the vehicle is so heavy that its "normal" to have to replace rotors everytime pads are replaced. WTF? Sounds like a scam to me..

    Anyone had this problem? What did you do? Second opinion?
  • You need to clear your head and learn some more about your world-class brake system... no tongue in cheek here either.

    You have two choices: have the dealer do it or do it yourself / buy the right parts and subcontract the labor. It is relatively easy work.

    Please see the following thread at : ensors-now-11903.html

    After you have read thru this post well, then call the company involved and ask all the questions you need to ask. And be prepared to save $600-800 dollars.
  • I have a 2004 Touareg, purchased new. We have lived in the same area for the last 6 years, no towing, no off road, driving consists of school, errands, home, work, summer vacations. After we had the veh. for five years both sets of break pads needed replacing. Since then, according to the VW service dept., the fronts have needed to be replaced two more times and the second set for the back are being installed right now. We are usually told before the sensor comes on, we don't have them replaced until the sensor indicates which usually is months if not half a year after they tell us they need replacing. Any idea if something else is going on to wear them down. Guarantee our driving habits have not altered, nor terrain. We're pretty boring Touareg owners!
  • alman08alman08 Posts: 282
    you tried to sound like an expert on this car and yet you do not even know this car is called a "Tou-ar-eg" and not a "Tou-a-reg"... very sad indeed.

    no no no on "t reg"
  • I just read you posting re. fan running after shutdown.
    My '05 Touareg V6 does the same thing. The dealer said they need to change out a temp. sensor switch.
    I held off having that done since I had two other problems with he car and the estimate was over $ 1,500.
    I could still drive it but then 3 more problems cropped up and the estimate is now ??
    The car sits until I can afford to have it fixed. It has 107,000 mi on it and way too much trouble for that many miles. I have an older Infinity Q45 with 220,000 and it is what I problems there!
  • Hello!

    I recently had to get my Touareg jumped (It's a 2005 v8; just bought it used) and I was prompted to enter a pin to unlock my radio/cd system. Did that, but I still don't have audio. It displays radio stations and cd's but nothing is playing. Turned the volume knob up; no static or feedback, just silence. Anyone know what could be the problem? Thanks in advance!

    PS I don't want to take it back to where I bought it... Service was horrendous and made me pay for a repair even though it was still under warranty! Just need to know where to look for the problem so I can give my friend as much info as possible!
  • I have 2005 Touareg the AC started out by making a noise , quit blowing air at a decreased rate and then over the course of a week or two worked fine then just quit. Did you find out what was wrong with yours ? My neighboor is a certified mechanic took a quick look at the fan motor said it was OK. Just wondering if you had any helpful info. before I took it to the dealer and spend $$$$$. Would appreciate any help. Live in Fl. NEED my AC this time of year.
  • dac10dac10 Posts: 1
    I need to replace the plastic lower front grille on a 2011 Touareg TDI (believe it or not, I collided with a roadrunner that was dashing across a freeway). I have the replacement grille and there are tabs all around the edge indicating that the grille just snaps into place. However, I have not figured out how to remove the old grille without destroying it. Is there a process for removing the old grille, such as certain snap tabs that need to be released first?

  • crezzlin1crezzlin1 Posts: 1
    Hi guys, a mate was doing a part-ex with me for his Touuareg, but on his way to deliver it the car has found a fault, it feels like your driving over cats eyes with the sound of a flat tyre coming from the rear, ive checked the tyers and rocked the wheel with no problem, it's ok at low speed but starts at say 20mph with any stress on the engine like hills, Any ideas before it goes to a garage next week.. Thanks
  • Steve EliasSteve Elias Posts: 2,187
    hissing noise tends to indicate a vacuum leak .

    weirdness/rough-running with any stress on the engine like above 20 mph can indicate the common failure of: catalytic converter clogged.
    (hissing could be from exhaust escaping before the clogged converter.)
  • Hi i have just purchased an 05 touareg auto diesel the gear change is very good but when i select sport mode or slide the shifter across for manual mode there is no change. Also the parking sensors dont work someone has told me it could be the gear stick having an electrical fault can anyone help

  • 2004 Tourage -

    You name it I have had it. From the Fan motor going out for the heater/air conditioning to the TPM's all needing to be replaced. To the 2-3 second lag time when accelerating at low speeds, then when the drive train finally re-enagaged there was a clunk or thunk in the transmission. It is is currently in the transmission shop getting an entire rebuild build to the tune of another $5500.00 out the window. The only help the dealership would offer was for a brand new transmission at $7500.00 to replace a faulty transmission that came from factory.

    Plus it goes thru brake pads like they are candy. The high cost of maintenance and all the quality issues out weigh any pro's about the vehicle or the manufacture.

    If you are smart... you will run and count your blessings every day that you made the decision not to purchase a VW.
  • qpowerqpower Posts: 34
    Wow! OMG!

    If you only knew whereof you spoke!


    I've spoken or written the word "Touareg" THOUSANDS of times as I've been professionally involved in the sale of over 2,300 sets of brake parts for this chassis and its stablemates. My use of the expression "T reg" is a pet name, and is my right, along with the self-styled rights of thousands of other enthusiasts who don't get exercised over the many fun ways to butcher the word...

    I prefer Toe Rag... it's much more evocative! I imagine my big toe wrapped in a loose fitting, unkempt, dirty bandage! :P

    Enjoy whichever way you want to say it, as long as you know the correct spelling and pronunciation of the word.

    I do...
  • This just happened to my 2006 v8 this past Sunday. Just took it in today not sure the problem. What did they tell your problem was and how much was it?
  • rasekhrasekh Posts: 1

    2012 Touareg TDI I've problem with my hands free phone and people that I talk with keep telling me they do not understand what I'm saying. Almost always I've to take it out of hands free to be able to talk on the phone. Any one has this problem? How to fix that? Thanks

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