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Is this a good lease deal?

mbl7777mbl7777 Member Posts: 15
edited December 2015 in Honda
Hi all,

I'm looking to lease a 2015 CR-V EX-L model and this is the offer they made me:

Honda CR-V EX-L (it's a new 2015 model)
  • Lease Term: 39 months
  • Taxes: 8.625%
  • Acquisition Fee: $595
  • Cap Cost: $29,301
  • Money Factor: 0.001750
  • Cost of Car: $28,472
  • MSRP: $30,275
  • They said they are selling the car for $29,572 (they said $500 over cost)
  • Residual: 60%
They said the payment will be: $368.33 / month (this includes taxes)

This is *after* I'm trading in a car they valued at $2,000.

What do you think? Someone told me that because they're only charging $500 over cost that there won't be any wiggle room and I wouldn't be able to get them down unless I asked for more for my car (trade-in) or I put money up front.

Thanks all!


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