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New 2005 Altima: Interior and other info

carpeoplecarpeople Posts: 36
edited March 2014 in Nissan

That is the site to see the whole new interior, just click or copy and paste. It comes off of the Nissan tech-info site, where you can find the owners manuals, and you can view the whole thing if you want to.

That's right, the old, cheap, and weak interior materials are gone and replaced by better quality and a cleaner design.

For 2005, the Altima will come in 4 models:
2.5S, 2.5SL, 3.5SL, and 3.5 SE

Navi will be available in all but 2.5S Altimas.

As for the exterior, the headlights will appear in a more smoked look, and the taillights now have dark chrome instead of the bright chrome in the current model. It will NOT have the tooth in the grill as the Sentra, Quest, etc.

Color wise, Velvet Beige(gold) is replaced by Coral Sand. Majestic Blue will be added as a new color for 2005

You can order beginning next month, and the cars will hit the lots in March.


  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    looks like a more normal radio setup.....
  • tomcat630tomcat630 Posts: 854
    I've heard different stories on the grille, some say it does have a 'tooth' and others say not. But, next week it's unveiled here in my hometown.
  • rctennis3811rctennis3811 Posts: 1,031
    Any other pictures besides the dash??
  • maxamillion1maxamillion1 Posts: 1,467
    Basically what I have been saying a along....LOL. I have posted this stuff on every Altima board...

    I am so happy.

    Let's just say, the materials are WAY WAY better, and it looks very nice. Similar to the Camry, Accord but slightly below the Passat.
  • maxamillion1maxamillion1 Posts: 1,467
    Will it really be unveiled in Chicago next week?

    Can you find out if it really will be unveiled there, because I might take a flight up to Chicago.

    Thanks in advance.
  • scottdudescottdude Posts: 177
    Are there any color pics of the interior somewhere?
  • Only pics are the owners' manual pics at

    Everything else, wait for the Chicago Auto Show.

    The front and back look better and more aggressive, but retain their sexy shape, and there is a crease in the hood, no tooth...... thats all the info, no pics, jus visualize your dream sports sedan ;)
  • tomcat630tomcat630 Posts: 854
    It will be shown to the press Feb 2-3, a few days away.
  • is there chance for a transmission to a four-speed(or five-speed) automatic with manual shift mode.
    if only for the SE 3.5 that would be nice.
  • that hot,
    i'm think nissan is gonna have alot of trade in, great time to make the change to, most lease will be up this year smart move.
    nice, automatic with manual shift mode and 245hps nice.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Since you all are talking about Nissans do any of you have any info or better yet pics of the 2005 G35 Coupe interior re-do? Anything official concerning the G's interior redo?

  • bretaabretaa Posts: 130
    Nissan did a nice job with the new interior...

    I might be the only person on Earth, though, who liked the center bar in the middle of the grille. I thought it was really distinctive. I think the new look is resultingly more generic, but i know 99% of humanity disagrees with me :-).

    - Bret
  • jrock65jrock65 Posts: 1,371
    If you look closely, the "tooth" is there in the form of a slightly different grill pattern.
  • Wow, what a HUGE improvement. The gauges look exactly like the G6, except it works better because the whole interior is great. Good job Nissan!
  • I can't wait...and I definately getting the Black looks best IMO.

    I look forword to testing one by the end of Feb.
  • You have to give Nissan some credit they have turn the Altima into a real car. I am one for a sport look in a car, but the Altima before the 05 change was a car that I would not consider before. But now that they have improve the look and inside too I am going to have to take a real good look at this car. When it comes out. I think the rear bumper of the Altima looks to fat.
  • mariner7mariner7 Posts: 509
    I have two criticisms of the new look:

    1. Maybe I'm mistaken on this one, but doesn't it have more chrome-endowed than before?

    2. They change the frontlight casing, now it looks similar to the last gen Max. I like the old casing better.

    The interior is definitely much better, and thanks goodness, no fake wood!
  • is standard on the SL models...but it looks good to me.
  • monte4monte4 Posts: 101
    Actually 250hp for 05 rock44x!
  • will eventually kill the Maxima. Unless the Maxi gets the Infinity V8 with 340 Hp.
  • mirthmirth Posts: 1,212
    Much, much better interior (although I think they could have kept the distinctive style of the center console). Too bad it's three years too late for me - I bought an '02 Maxima instead because the '02 Altima interior was too cheap. Oh well.

    In the 30K price point, I agree that the Max needs a V8 option. Or something to really differentiate it from the Altima. 20HP isn't enough to justify $3000.
  • mariner7mariner7 Posts: 509
    Max needs AWD, as in Murano, much more than v8. That's encrouching on Infiniti's territory, which is having enough trouble selling v8's.

    There's no reason to kill Max. It has one of Nissan's most emotive names. Nissan has the best flexible manufacturing in the industry, so the extra expense of building Max and Alty side by side is not that great. Nissan should just upgrade it so it can match the TL, that should be Max's mission.
  • You can get all the official pictures of the 2005 Altima at site), and click the "Chicago Auto Show" Link, you can also a product guide there, and a preview of it on ...if your lucky enough.:-)
  • GM cost-cuts by putting in the same knobs, plastics, gauges into a number of vehicles. In Japan, they get contracts from different companies.

    The 05 Altima has some of the same interior parts as my Suzuki XL7. I thought they might have copied the design, but I found out that the knobs and some interior parts were from different companies in Japan. The odometer is the exact same one from my XL7 (I haven't seen one yet with that same style), same with the A/C knobs which were from a company of which I forgot their name. I also noticed that the Saab 9-2X (Subaru Impreza) gets different A/C knobs than the Impreza, but it's still built in Japan. I looked at the picture up close and it's the exact format as my XL7! So, I did some research and found the website that does those Japanese parts, but I forgot the link. Interesting how in Japan they cost-cut by hiring someone to do some of their parts, while here we have GM trying to make their own parts or creating new brands to make crappy parts such as Delco. LOL
  • Always a Nissan Fan, this is great. 250 HP really buries other contenders, and 249 lb ft of torque crushes them. Way to go Nissan!
  • Malibu and G6 lovers beware. My best for the best sedans now are the MAZDA6, Nissan Altima, and Pontiac G6. Each is great in its own way.
  • gsemikegsemike Long Island, NYPosts: 1,983
    Wow.... I'm really happy with my 03, but Nissan addresses all of the criticisms of the car in the 05. I swore that I'd keep my car for 10 years, but this is tempting. If I could avoid dropping a couple grand on sales tax to buy a new one, I would be real close to checking it out.
  • theo2709theo2709 Posts: 476
    Heh, you've always been a Nissan fan, but your username is "03accordman"? Just playin' with ya.
  • does anyone know what colours the 2005 altima will be offered in? i don't think there was any mention of it at nissannews
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