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Subaru Impreza WRX STi



  • fisherboyfisherboy Posts: 16
    I read in another forum (NASIOC?) that some STI owners had a clunk from the rear they traced to a sticky rear strut.
  • jus wondering if there are any other 20smth year old guys in my position? that is, going to college, interesting in fast cars and a little fast driving {0-60mph} and worried that it won't be practical to redline from a stoplight once in a while [every other light on fridays and sats] with future gas prices?

    Unlike my high school friends who's parents financed their "fast and furious" scenes, i actually have 2 more years of undergrad be4 i can get my Subie STi, which i'm hoping will get decent styling by then. anyways, i just wanted to throw that out there....

    p.s. i'm currently studying abroad in europe and 99% of cars here are diesel and 6spd, i've heard diesel yields good torque but it stills sounds like crap in my option...
  • casbah27casbah27 Posts: 1
    I've been researching AWD cars lately and am drawn to the fact that the STi has front, center, and rear limited slip differentials. It seems unstoppable. It's also significantly safer than the Evo and has the elegance of a naturally balanced engine configuration-the flat four.

    However, I'm curious as to how these differentials work. I know that the rear is a "Torsen" type-ok, that's familiar.

    The front is a "helical" type-is this essentially a generic way of saying Torsen?

    And the center combines "a mechanical with an electronically controlled" type-What does this mean? Is the "mechanical" part simply a Torsen/helical type? And how exactly does it work in conjunction with the electronic one?

    These are very technical questions and I appreciate any help or a hint as to where I could read about the details of the STi drivetrain.
  • Hi all, I'm in the market to look for an STi and have found most posts here really informative and interesting. I have some questions on your experience with STi before i consider if i should get one.

    How has STi been been treating the owners on the road in terms comfort of ride and when there is bad traffic?

    I have test drove a pre-owned STi from a Subaru dealer and it seems like i can't control the clutch too well due to the sports and short clutch. I have been driving stick for a while and never had problem controlling the clutch, but STi's seems to be foreign to me. I tried flooring the gas, but the jerks from the shifting of gears made my wife sick.. Am i not doing it right?

    How do you get the hissing sound from the turbo when u change gear? I tried doing that but did not hear anything.

    Also, is it advisable i go for a pre-owned STi if it's not too bad? Thanks a bunch in advance if you are assisting me with all these questions.
  • If you have a very hard commute every day this will not be probably the ideal car for you. It can be a daily driver but not when you experience bad traffic very often.
    I cannot tell if is your driving or your wife just doesn't enjoy being in this type of car.
    I'm guessing that you were a little slow in releasing the clutch (jerks from shifting, no hissing sound from turbo).
    A pre-owned performance car is always a risk but if you think you can save enough to make up for that I guess it is okay.
    Just drive a new one before you make a decision... to make sure you don't get a lot less by buying a used .
  • Thanks for the information.

    Releasing the clutch faster will give me the hissing sound from turbo and reduce jerking? Do i need to rev to a certain RPM to shift gear and hear that hissing sound?

    I might need to try again. I tried a preowned one but did not ask to try a new one. I just don't want to run into situation that i pay 34k for a new STi and 1/2year later, evo X and newer STi comes out and forces the older generation's price so much lower.
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  • The more you rev the more you are going to hear the sound. Right now a brand new 2006 STI will cost about 31000. Try the new BMW 335 twin turbo. It is about 10000 more than the STI but is giving you everything you ever wanted in a car. Just brilliant. And that comes from an STI owner.
  • Are you driving an STi now or the BMW335? How different do you find these 2 cars? What is the $10k difference? Twin Turbo sounds exciting. I have not considered another car other than an STi. Thanks for opening my options!
  • I'm driving an STI but I wish I was driving that BMW. The sound that machine makes is intoxicating. If you can afford it I will say go for the BMW. Torque coming at 1400 RPM(compare with 4000 RPM for the STI) .. Unbelievable...absolutely no turbo lag...
    Just drive will blow you away.

    About 10000 dollars is the difference between a fast car and a perfect car.
  • Hi all,

    I would like to bring an STi to one of the Subaru dealership to check out if the pre-own STi has been wrecked or signs of major issues going in the car but not visible to me.

    The STi i am intending to get is from a private seller. Do you guys think it is advisable to bring it to the dealership to get their opinions? I feel its stupid of me, because dealers are not making money to help me make good decision on a private seller's pre-owned. But i'm desperate to get some specialist in STi to help me evaluate the STi i am getting.

    Please advise.
  • IMHO it's a very good idea. It always a good idea to have a used car inspectied by a mechanic before a purchase, why not have a specialist do it? This is probably even more important with a vehicle like an STi, which has such promising performance and may have been used with, eh, lets say over exuberence. You will probably be charged for this service. Make sure you find a good dealership, they're not all the same. Heck, who ever does this inspection for you, might end up getting further business from you. Hopefully just routine maintance.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Mechanics do this all the time. But I'm not sure if dealerships do, because they might end up competing with their own CPO models, since Subaru has such a program now.

    FWIW, I've heard it costs a bundle to CPO a car, too.

  • Lately I have been considering purchasing an STi, I'm not quite sure whether it will be new or used. I haven't got the chance to test drive one yet so I was wondering how this car would do on a trip in excess of one or two hours in terms of comfort because I have heard a lot about the STi's comfort and I'm not sure what to think.
  • I would not get a used STi. Here are the reasons:

    1. They are not much cheaper than a new one since they are more or less in high demand either way.
    2. They may have been abused in ways even the most "passionate drivers" among us cannot imagine. Once I saw a guy drive one over a 1-ft curb to beat a Vette...
    3. Turbo cars need good care to prevent damage to the turbine casing and airfoils. A turbo must be properly warmed up in any weather (especially in cold weather) and allowed to run to cool down for a few minutes with the engine running after driving them. Most people are either unaware of this or just choose to not care.
    4. Even modern, high-tech cars must be properly broken in. This includes staying under 70 mph and 3,000 RPM for the first 500 miles (these number can be argued but the principle holds). This is important to properly wear in the engine and transmission components that must work together for a long time after. Most people, again, either don't know or don't care, and beat the snot out of their new STi as soon as they're out of sight of the dealer lot.

    All in all, you are better off saving cashe for a few more months for a down payment on a new STi that's under full warranty and has not not been abused.
  • I forgot to comment on the comfort question you posed, osucowboy. My advice is that if you will drive the car more than 1 hr at a time, you're going to need new kidneys after a year. The STi is all performance, very little comfort. I think you should take a look at cars like the Infiniti G35 Sedan. A new G35 sedan sells in the low 30k's. I also sports 300 hp and handles really well (6-speed manual is also available). An STi will beat it, but it won't embarass it, and the G35 is 10 times more comfortable.
  • Just curious, what exactly is in an STi that isn't in a regular WRX sedan? because I know the STi gives about 70 more horses.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    A lot of stuff...

    * 6 speed manual trans
    * different AWD system
    * different suspension
    * different seats
    * different wheels and tires
    * engine tuning
    * HIDs
    * bigger brakes

    And that's just off the top of my head...

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