Subaru Forester rear a/c

flywheel1flywheel1 Member Posts: 7
edited January 2016 in Subaru
why don't Subaru have rear a/c on the Forester? it's hot here in florida & the rear seat passengers complain why no rear a/c. The strange thing is they have it in the sedans where it is not really needed, but not in suv's. The only Subaru that has it is the top of line Outback Limited at $ 37,000. My 2012 Mazda5 had it in the grand touring model & I traded it for a Subaru Forester only because Mazda decided they would not put the Skyactive engine in a 2016 Mazda5 but would rather discontinue that model, which in my opinion was a big mistake as so many people say it was just the right size & had sliding rear doors. Too bad Mazda screwed up on that one. If they don't bring it back with the new engine I will never buy another Mazda, because all their models look cheaply made also no rear a/c.
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