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Chevy Aveo Hatchback



  • flaaveoflaaveo Posts: 161
    Hi. If you still have not bought an Aveo..I assume you are looking at the hatchback? It has nothing to do with the Geo Metro,like the other post says. It is a Daewoo that is all over the world in most European countries under every name you can think of. As far as insurance goes,even with side airbags,I got no extra deduction for that,because I came down from a big truck with antilock brakes and it could have run over this car. State Farm says my premiums went up because it is 'less crash worthly compared to my truck'. It has a good side and front crash 'worthiness',but it isnt a big truck or a big huge car. It is a little car. So you pay a bit more. And if you go from a 92 to a 2006 or 2007,you will pay a lot more anyway. Go for it,just get the hatchback,the sedan is sooo dull,the 2007 sedan looks a lot better than the 2006,but the hatchback is exactly the same except for a different automatic transmission shifter and a drivers arm rest. Something it desperately needed.
  • wave54wave54 Posts: 211
    My son just had the same thing happen to his 2004 Aveo with less than 50,000 miles on it.

    If you didn't know already, that repair is covered under the 60K powertrain warranty. If the dealership gives you a hard time, call GM at the number in the driver's manual. I had to!

    After 60K, you're on your own as far as timing belt failures, so keep them changed as recommended -- this engine has little margin for error with the belt.
  • flaaveoflaaveo Posts: 161
    Hey. Anyone else have their tires go nearly bald at such a low mileage? I only have 2,800 miles on them, and the front tires are already worn so badly. I have to go get them inspected at Pep Boys...that is the place the tire company told me I had to go to, to have them looked at to see if they will replace them under the tire warranty. The tires look like they have 30,000 miles of wear on them! The back ones look brand new of course. I know front wear drive tires wear faster...but I have never had them wear THAT fast. They are worn our evenly,not like if they were out of balance or aligment. Everyone on here seems to say that the tires are junk anyway...but has anyone else also had this problem? I know they will try to wiggle out trying to replace these. BUT I don't think I should have to buy new tires at 3,000 miles. So..anyone else have problems like this that I could tell them about IF the tire company won't cover replacement? I know I am running then on the hard side..but they are wearing out evenly...not the center or the sides. They just look like they are almost out of tread, at 2,800 miles! :mad: .
  • If they are the original tires, I took my car back to the dealership where I purchased my 05 Aveo and the tires were found to be faulty and they were replaced at no charge to me. Good Luck!!
  • I believe someone may have switched tires on you! You may have had work done on your vehicle and someone took your new tires and replaced them with used tires or your tires were switched when you were parked. After you purchase new
    tires you should invest in a set of wheel locks for about $15
  • flaaveoflaaveo Posts: 161
    I'm hoping for the 'faulty tire'report today when I go to Pep Boys. How do you get a faulty tire anyway!? My dealer didnt want to hear from me,they said it's all on the makers problem. I seriously doubt anyone switched my tires, all that work for (2)14in tires. Heck, nearly no car even uses 14in tires anymore! Everything is 20-24in rims and tires. I wish they would have taken my wheels and switched them. Ever since I hit that little curb,I have a tiny dent in the front wheel, so I know its my wheel. But if that would have damaged the tire, it would have thrown it out of alignment. They are wearing very evenly. And that was only like 400 miles ago. Well I'll find out today. But I am going to bang out that dent and shoot some flat black paint on it ,just incase they want to blame that,and then make the wheel as dirty as possible to cover any trace of it!!! But if I have to buy two new ones, they wont be these crappy ones, they do sell these exact tires. Ultra high performance onces on Corvettes and exotic cars dont even wear this fast. They even last for up to 20,000 miles...not 3,000. We shall see today.
  • Thinking about a new Aveo SVM. Seems like I can get one for $10 minus my $1k in GM card points, plus about another $500 or so off, so about $8500. Problem is, they want $1400 for AC, which puts it up to $10k again, and beyond what I would consider a great deal on this car. Have some questions:

    Has anyone had the dealer install AC on an SVM? How did it go and how does it work?
    What would be you folks' opinion on what a good deal on an 07 SVM hatch with and without AC would be, price-wise?
    Anyone with high miles on their car, and how is it holding up?
    Anyone buy an SVM lately, and what did you get them down to on price?

    Thanks for opinions.
  • wave54wave54 Posts: 211
    Faulty tires are usually bad or broken belts, leading to vibration or a tendency to blow out and fail completely. I've never heard of a tire wearing out that quickly, although I've seen front tires go bald in 9000 miles on a car that only made turns at very low speeds in a company parking lot (security guard patrol vehicle).

    Your dent in the wheel won't cause accelerated wear evenly across the tread. Had the same thing myself, was hammered back and no problems since.

    I put on 2800 mi. every 2 weeks -- that kind of wear is disastrously bad. I don't see how anyone could dispute a warranty claim.
  • flaaveoflaaveo Posts: 161
    Long story VERY long...these stock Kumo tires are rated to last only 20,000 miles! I was told by the dealer and by Pep Boys tire manager and they both said that they are wearing FAST, but it is because they are 'crappy tires' that GM puts on a cheap car. That came directly from the service manager,at my dealer and the Pep Boy inspection. They both said that they are wearing fast in the front since 75% of the weight is there and since I ONLY drive in the city. I am a 'prime canidate' for tire wear. They measured the tread depth with this very accurate little gauge and the ones that are 'worn out' my opinion, are only 2/10's lower than the back ones! So I paid for a rotation of the tires..$21.00, now of course it drives like brand new..but they wont replace them,even though GM admits they are 'cheap crappy tires', and they wear out fast, and more than likely I will need new tire in under 15,000 miles! They are not defective. I reported this to GM and told them if I get in a car accident because I have no grip now in the back..I WILL sue GM for every cent I can get..IF I live through it!! They couldnt have cared less..but it is in my files that I reported that I am VERY worreid about the safety of my tires...they just put it in my file,gave me a complaint number. So I told them..that if I crash because of these crappy tires, that I had inspected at THEIR dealership, and at Pep Boys, as told to me by Kumo,...I will have proof that they should have replaced them with GOOD tires. So..everyone with 14in Kumo 722 the wear on them. I can see the wear bars already...and they said as long as the bars are not even with the tread...they are 'good'.! So...hope I live though my crash when I hit a Florida 'puddle' in our rainy season. I am saving now for Goodyears or Pirellis or someother brand! They should not be wearing so fast,they are wearing like Corvette tires or other high performance tires. That are only suppose to last 18,000 miles..but they stick to the road like glue and are on $60K cars! Not a $11K econobox! I am beyond ticked off. But I have run the circle all day yesterday, so once these front ones wear down in 2,500 miles,about 6 months,I'll replace them all! BEWARE!!! of YOUR Kumos.
  • wave54wave54 Posts: 211
    Wow! Looked that tire up on and it has NO treadlife warranty -- NONE! I've never heard of such a thing.

    There is a workmanship warranty, but apparently that is it. Some consumers gave the Kumho 722 good reviews, even praising the treadlife, but there have been many complaints about early wear on the Aveo.

    Have had good luck with my most recent tires -- LeMans Champion HRs purchased at Firestone for $39/each. Have about 40K on the fronts and they're wearing very well and the rears are like new. My last front tires (Falken ZX) were shot at less than 25K miles and in the rain it was like driving on grease.
  • flaaveoflaaveo Posts: 161
    Well..isn't that a suprise! hahaha! I have even wrote to Kumhos home office, and bitched to them about their 'crappy low quality ' tires. And told them when the tires blow out, I will sue their butts into the next century:). Doubt anything will happen, but it felt good! At least I am not the only one with this problem...I am not imagining it. How 'old' is your Aveo? When did you get rid of your Kumho's? Well now eveyone on here..all 9 of us know, the treadlife is 20K..and yet they don't list it when they sell it? THAT says it all right there. I am going to switch to all new tires after the front ones go bald in 6 months...then all 4 will be bald. So I am investigating the best tire with a long tread life and an (A)rating for wet traction and an (A) rating for temperature. Florida heat and rain are 'hell' on tires, but in 14,000 miles on my TRUCK that I traded in, I didn't even have to rotate them once the entire time, 3.5 years! And the tread looked brand new. and those were those exploding Goodyears that are on Explorers. My Ranger never had this issue,not any of the 5 Rangers I had owned. If gas prices had not gone through the roof,I'd still have it and I'd have the same tires. Not these crappy things,now rotated at 2,500. Probably replaced at 5-6,000...that is ridiculous. At least I now know I am not the only one with this problem.
  • You should really be blaming Chevy for choosing such low quality tires to put on the Aveo. Every tire manufacturer has a bottom-of-the-barrel tire they sell. Hyundai/Kia puts Kumho Solus tires on the Accent/Rio, and those are some of the best all-season tires you can buy for the money.
  • flaaveoflaaveo Posts: 161
    I have blamed everyone involved. Someone on here thinks that since his tires lasted like 9,500 miles ,THAT is a good amount of treadlife! These are rated at 20K miles,and mine are going bald in the front at 2,500 miles. I had them rotated at my cost,as I have said. I now know of course after I bought the car, these are the cheapest crappiest tires this company makes. Chevy blames GM. GM doesn't care, when I called them to find out if they would replace them,and so far Kumho has not replied to my letter to them. When I have to replace them in mid summer,I will buy top quality tires. BUT WE should not have these tires on our Aveos. It may be an economy car. But tires are just about the most important thing in handling,in safety. That little patch of rubber on the road is the only thing that keeps us on the road! I never had this trouble with ANY ford truck or car in over 20 years of Ford ownership. IF they would have had an Aveo equal car...not just the loaded Focus, I would have bought from them. Even with their exploding SUV tires,they put great ones on all the cars and trucks I bought. I havent had to buy a tire since 1982!! when I was with Ford. I will go back IF I have any other major safety problem. Once these tires are off my car. IF the new ones wear super fast as well...then it is the design of the much weight up front...and front wheel drive should not wear THAT fast. Just faster than rear wheel drive. Time will tell. :sick: :sick:
  • wave54wave54 Posts: 211
    It's the tires -- anything else will be a step up!

    My suspension is so loose, I bought el cheapo tires, thinking they would wear out in no time. No sense spending good money when they'll get chewed up quickly.

    As it turns out, the tires are wearing evenly in the front and with 1 rotation, I should probably get 60-70K from the set of four.
  • I bought a SVM for 7995 about eight months ago. Got a great deal and then had them put in Air for me for 1600. They have someone else put it in for them but it looks to be top quality and it's covered under warrenty. So far no problem. I love the car. It is loaded for that price and I don't/didn't see anything out there that came close to the value of this car. I just keep liking it better and better. Great design, loads of space inside, and lots of little features that just plain make sense. Highly reccomend.
  • I was reading the manual for my 2007 Aveo SVM and it said with mostly highway driving change the oil at 7500 miles or 12 months. I will certainly hit the 12 months before the 7500 miles, but I was curious to know if anyone else follows this oil change procedure? I've always done oil changes at 3000 miles on previous cars. Additionally, do you use synthetic or regular oil?

  • 05 aveo rear main engine seal went at 42000 miles. Still under waranty. Also any problems out there about timming belt going out before 60000.
  • no
  • wave54wave54 Posts: 211
    Also any problems out there about timming belt going out before 60000.

    Yes -- some owners have had the timing belt fail before 60K miles. It seems more likely than other cars with timing belts to have an early failure.

    There's no margin for error here, so replace NO LATER than 60K. I don't want a $1200-$1500 repair bill for bent valves, so I change at 50K miles.
  • flaaveoflaaveo Posts: 161
    Hi. My 2 cents. Change that oil and filter NOW! IF you have not already. Change it at 3,000 miles or 3 months. I use pure Synthetic oil and a good Fram filter. The Synthetic oil will get you 1-2 mpg more, and it lasts a lot longer. THEN you could go maybe 7,500 miles between changes. But if you use regular oil. Go for 3/3,000 miles. It is CHEAP protection for your engine to change it on the 'old fashioned time frame', of 3 months or 3,000 miles. The oil and a filter on sale might be $15.00, if you do it yourself. And if you take it into most tire changing places, they only charge like $19.99 for a oil and filter change. It is very cheap 'insurance' to protect your engine either way. BUT I would go with Synthetic and do it myself, that way you know it is done right and what is in your engine. Save the receipt to cover yourself on any warranty issue, IF that ever comes up IF you ever have an engine problem. Then you can prove when you changed the oil.
    Like every mechanic has ever said...'it is the cheapest and easiest insurance for your car'. At least you drive highway..I am pure city driving, so I have changed it 2 times already at only 2,800 miles/6 months. That 3 months or 3,000 miles doesnt apply to me, I will never make it to 3,000 IN 3 months. So I go with 3 months. I switched to Synthetic Royal Purple Oil. After getting the damn filter off...even after I put the second one took a long time and many arm bending twists to get it off! You have to remove that alumminum cover that is on the front of the engine to get a good grip on the filter. But it comes right off with a very small socket in your socket set and hangs right there on some wires and goes right back on. Takes like 2 mins. to remove. AND get the Bosch 'Plus 4' plugs...VERY easy to replace and 1-2 miles more MPG. That is how I got my 2 mile increase,using the oil and the new plugs. Super easy to replace. :) I guess I always type in like $1.00 worth of advise..never just 2 cents! :)
  • andy_handy_h Posts: 49
    Wow, do you have any shame to say "Tires Worn Out At 3,000 miles...." Or, senses!

    Mine are at 26K and are still going good.
  • flaaveoflaaveo Posts: 161
    Why in the world would I be 'ashamed' to have these crappy tires worn out on my car at less than 3,000 miles?! Good for you to have a pair that is lasting. Everyone else on here has stories of how fast theirs are wearing out...and the tire 'limit' warranty isn't even listed on,THE only tire listed on that site that doesn't list its life expectance, which is only 20K! THAT is a low poor quality tire. I didn't do anything to it..I am the one getting screwd by Kumho Tire Company. so why would I have 'shame'?????
  • andy_handy_h Posts: 49
    Because, it shows how little you know about car or common sense. It is like telling me that your Aveo can fly. It is impossible. Maybe, if you ride your tires flat for 3,000 miles. And, what that makes you? I am sorry to be hard on you.
  • flaaveoflaaveo Posts: 161
    Andy. My front tires have lost A LOT of their grip in under 2,800 miles. EVERYONE on here agrees that the 14in tires are crap. The quality of them is very poor...even my salesman didnt know the tire ratings when I bought my Aveo! Someone on here pointed out to me that at there was NO rating at all for this tire! The ONLY tire out of thousands listed that didn't have any 'lifespan' listed. I have had my tires rotated and now the 'balding' ones are on the back and when the front ones now go 'bald',I will replace them with quality high end tires. Everyone,even the dealer told me when I went in to beg for help with this issue,that these tires cost GM $9.00 a piece! They are the lowest quality and cheapest ones GM could get away with to put on the car. THAT came from the service manager. Put into the mix that the Aveo has 75-80% of its weight in the front,and that I drive ONLY in town,it makes these tires wear out FAST. That is a fact. I have had 20+ cars/trucks since I was 18yo till now at 41yo and I have never had to even buy a tire for a single car or truck! Because I drive carefully and rotate them on time and I 'baby' my autos. But these 14in Kumhos are made of poor quality rubber and they are cheap. Maybe you have 15in tires? Maybe you are highway driving? Good for you. i wish you good luck. BUT mine are wearing out super fast....the front ones are worn down to the point they should be IF I had 20K miles on the car. NOT under 3K. Each car is different. I know how to care for a car. I am not a 18yo boy trying to 'impress' some other idiots by burning rubber or anything. They are just terrible tires. Hey,read the site...90% of the people agree with me. I am glad you have such good luck with yours. But maybe yours are bigger or you drive on the highway a lot? My city driving and the poor quality of the tires,makes me a prime canidate for early tire wearing. THAT came from the dealer and from Kumho when they replied to my letter. They say of course that the tire is 'perfect'...but it is on an 'economy car'...what should I expect? That tells me they want me to buy new tires...from them. Like I would do that! I will by my Pirellis or GoodYears or Michelins in 6 months when the ones on the front now get worn out. Then I will have quality on my car. BUT till then...I am running on very worn back tires. So..keep an eye on yours. Do not insult my 'common sense', that is just a personal attack and this is a friendly board to swap info on OUR Aveos. Don't make it a spitting match. You sound like someone from my old Ford Ranger forum that got kicked off after he wouldnt stop attacking everyone that didnt agree with him that black is the best color for ANY car or truck!! I am simply telling everyone my problem with my tires,and most of them have the same problem, to some degree. so it is to HELP people with their Aveo. Not personal attacks. Ok?
  • andy_handy_h Posts: 49

    I should just go with Bowsers that “someone may have switched tires on you! You may have had work done on your vehicle and someone took your new tires and replaced them with used tires or your tires were switched when you were parked.” Maybe, little green men shave your tires while you are driving! Okay, I got it. You meant 30,000 miles. It was a typo, right?

    These Aveo tires are not Michelin, but they are not yet at the bottom. 14in or 15in should not make a different. “even my salesman…” – you are going to listen to a saleman!

    Kumho tires are well known especially in performance tires. shows all their ratings (check it yourself), I believe it is required by law. Now, if you talk about Surveyed Averages ratings based on consumers’ surveys, then it is subjective and Kumho ranks pretty high (, check it yourself).

    Let me be helpful: you have Kumho 185/60R14 82H tires. Tires are rated from 81 mph to 149 mph. Yours are second best! at 130 mph. Remember you want comfortable and yet nice performance tires, something got to give. Usually, it is its life.

    I am not there to witness this incredible tires going out at 3,000 miles. If this is the truth, I suggest you change out your tires and rims. And, do continue on “baby” your Aveo. People do need to learn how to take care of their cars.

  • bowsersbowsers Posts: 14
    Everyone keeps complaining about the Aveo's tires? You wouldnt expect $200 tires on an "economy" car that lists for $10,000. This car was primarily designed as a second car, for city driving,short trips,food shopping,college students,housewives etc. I wouldnt recommend it on the freeways and interstates due to its speed,size and weight. Large 18 wheel trucks wouldnt even see you and a strong cross wind will blow you off the road! Also I would not want to be in a major accident in this car! But it is cute, fun to drive and gets fairly decent gas milage. So whenever "original" tires wear out invest in a good set of Michelin's or GoodYear's and have fun!
  • flaaveoflaaveo Posts: 161
    I give up trying to talk to you. I am done. They are cheap tires that are wearing out way to fast. I am sorry that Chevy agrees with me,but wont replace them.I am sorry that nearly everyone here has the same problem but not as bad as me. I am sorry that Kumho makes super high performance tires that are rated so highly. THESE are CRAP though! It is like talking to a wall. I was having a good time here till you turned up to be I see from most of your argue with nearly everyone. Don't worry about my car. Enjoy your Aveo..and get 50K out of your tires. I will get 3K. OK? Got it? If you cant read a polite posting,read this one. These are economy tires and I do not expect them to be high end tires...but they should last more than 3,000 miles! Everyone got it. No they were not switched,I wish they were. I know my car,I know my tires...even my crappy ones. No one shaved them and no one switched then when in service. I give up trying to talk to you on an intelligent level. You must be that 19yo kid that is spinning out his front tires and doesnt care if they blow up at 1K miles. As long as the other 19yo look and go 'ohhhh' wow!!! god I'm sorry I ever brought it up and tried to talk to you. Sure you were not on the Ford Ranger board to? They are the bottom of the Kumho line according to GM and Pep Boys and Kumho! I guess you know more than the manufacturer,dealer and a major tire sales store. I'm wrong they are perfect and it is all an illusion on my part. They look brand new and still have DEEP tread all around. A wall won't listen. And I won't make this tiny forum for our tiny car get ruined by you and this topic.PLEASE dont reply and go lower! :mad:
  • Just buy some more tires......
  • flaaveoflaaveo Posts: 161
    Today I have had to have my hatch handle 'mechanism' repaired for the 3rd time. The last time was only 19 days ago! I told them to get new parts that this would break again and sure enough it did. They finally 'repaired' it today in like 5 mins, it is always the clip that holds the rod on that opens the lock to open the hatchback. So they finally agreed that maybe all new parts from the handle to the 'guts' should be replaced. AFTER I threatened to bring in the Lemon Law to get a new hatch....the entire hatch, which would cost them probably thousands to replace the entire hatchback. Has anyone else had any problems with the hatch handle breaking...ever? This is a 2006 model...I was so scared of it breaking again after the 2nd time,but I always grab the handle in the middle and gently squeeze till it opens...I treat it like glass,and boom! It breaks 3 times in a row! So..Anyone else have their hatch handle break on them,or give them problems? If so how many times and what was the excuse Chevy gave you? They just keep saying it is this clip that holds the rod that connects to the handle, it just keeps falling off. My mind blowing idea of maybe new parts seemed alien to them till I pointed out the Lemon Law. 3rd repair of the same part in less than a month! So now they will order the parts and replace it instead of repair. Anyone else have this problem at all? NOT YOU Randy. I dont need your 2 cents. It is a lack of quality problem, NOT me knowing how to open a hatchback correctly!.
  • 05 Aveo in the shop replacing rear seal under warenty went at 42000. As long as car was in the shop told dealer to go ahead and replace timming belt and serpentine belt at my cost of 250 dollars. Dealer informed me that when replacing trimming belt the water pump act as a tensioner and it is now leaking. Going to order new pump under warranty. Chevy dealer has been very helpful and has given me a loner car
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