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Chevy Aveo Hatchback



  • ilaveoilaveo Posts: 26
    I would consider 17K pretty new. The numbers I've seen thrown around are 50K and 100k for the end of engine newness. YMMV
  • The repetitive occurring fog /film on the inside of your windshield and other glass areas could be caused by a petroleum coating used by some plastic/vinyl manufacturers on their seating, dashboards, door panels. The petroleum coating heats in the sunlight or by using the heater/defroster and becomes gaseous. The gas floats around the interior of the vehicle and attaches to glass....and an interior film is seen.

    The FIX: You need a good,oil cutting liquid cleaner. A cleaner, not a petroleum based solvent. Wipe down with the cleaner and rinse with clean water every piece of interior plastic and vinyl which includes the door panels, console, seats, vinyl headliner, dash...everything plastic and vinyl. Leave the doors and hatch open to dry. More than one cleaning may be necessary.

    ..and drive like your life depends on it.

    The Wheelman
  • c118fec118fe Posts: 23
    I thought it might have been anti-freeze from heater being it only happens in cold weather and I've added 2 pints of AF in 7000 mi.No evident leak.
  • slugslug Posts: 1
    After 40,000 mile I have a cracked steel wheel. Anyone else had this problem? Is there a TSB for this problem? If not I am interested in buying a steel whell from someone who has put on aftermarket wheels.j
  • kane2kane2 Posts: 1
    I use castrol's fully synthetic oil in my 05 aveo. I've been doing that since it had 6,000 miles on it. It now has 18,000. I have had no problems with it.
  • 2007 Chevrolet Aveo passenger airbag light stays on when my wife who weights about 130 lbs. I have had the auto into the dealership 7 times sence I purchesed it in Feb 2007 to repair this problem. They claim that they have contacted GM about this problem, but not come up with a fix for it. I called GM customer relations about this problem. They are no help eather. They claim they replaced every thing connected with the air bag system, but it still don't work. My wife will not ride in the car the way it is, so I have a car that I can't take my wife with me when I go any place.
    I would not purchase another GM product because of this, their customer service is not good. :confuse:
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    If this were a Toyota would you purchase another one of those?
  • Film or fog clinging to the interior glass may be caused be leaking anti freeze, but I doubt it. BIG PROBLEM IN THE MAKING: Your climate system (radiator, air conditioner, heater, condenser, and associated tubing ) is a closed, sealed and pressurized system and you should not be losing any fluid at all. You may a small leak which drips fluid onto a hot engine or exhaust pipe and then evaporates. Recommend you take the vehicle to a Chevrolet dealer, tell the Service Manager you are losing antifreeze and request that a technician do a pressure test on the heating/cooling system.

    The WheelMan

    PS. Pets love the taste of antifreeze, unfortunately antifreeze will kill your pets.

    T W
  • Whoever told you synthetic motor oil causes leaks is a liar. Most oil leaks occur from misaligned oil filters, oil pans and/or failed seals. Synthetic oils are the best (although expensive) lubrication for your engine. And...changing oil is critical to the lifespan of your engine.

    The WheelMan
  • Timing belts are considered 'wear 'items and should be replaced at the suggested time or miles stated in your Aveo owner's manual. Failure to change a timing belt may result, as Wave54 stated, in a catastrophic and very costly failure within your engine.

    Reading, especially the maintenance section, of the Aveo's Owner manual is critical.
    If you have questions about maintenance visit your local Chevrolet Service Department, before a problem arises.

    The WheelMan
  • Not changing the Aveo's timing belt as required by Chevrolet's maintenance schedule is like playing Russian roulette with your wallet. Timing belts wear out and when they snap inside of an Aveo engine all hell breaks loose. Valves get bent, pistons may be scraped, fuel mixes with the oil, spark plugs are fouled, valve guides may be comprised and maybe the head gets damaged. And to rebuild that mess you will cost your wallet a bundle. Guaranteed.

    The WheelMan
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    Synthetic oils can contribute to oil leaks on a higher mileage engine because the seals/O-rings are old and conditioned with the regular dino oil and synthetic has a different make-up. This is what I have read elsewhere not just my opinion.
  • Think for a moment...If synthetic oils caused deterioration in oil seals/ O-rings then Mobil, Quaker State,Valvoline and all the other oil brands would be shelling out megabucks to car owners because their lubricants contributed to destroyed engines.

    To separate rumor from truth, spend a moment reading:
    Question # 7 "Do synthetic lubricants cause seal leaks?"
    At >>

    The WheelMan
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    Please read my post again. I didn't say synthetic could cause deteriation of seals, I said it can contribute to leaks if an engine has been running regular dino and has a lot of mileage on the seals. If there is a lot of mileage on the seals then there may be fine cracks that develop eventually leading to the leaks that we see. If using synthetic in an engine with weak seals the synthetic will flow better and because of that can leak through the cracks easier than regular dino oil thus leading to leaks that may not have showed up or at least for awhile.
  • Hello everybody, and happy new year in advance....

    I am ready to buy, within the next couple of days, either a 08 aveo hatch OR the sedan version....cannot decide. Time is running out as the red tag sale (and the number of aveos on my local chevy lot) is winding down.

    The hatch offers more versatility, but I gotta be honest, the sedan version looks better--easier on the eyes. Not trying to bag on the hatch, I think when they revamp it for the 09 model it will look really good. Chevy obviously put a lot of effort into the sedan and it shows.

    My question is, for those of you who own the hatch version, what are your thoughts? Just how much room is back there with the rear seats "flipped and folded"? Looks like quite a bit, but how often do you take advantage of it?

    thx :confuse:
  • Yes, the hatch has ALOT of room with seats flipped and folded. That is one of the reasons I purchased it.I needed the cargo room for hauling maps for my job. I find myself not using that feature very often though as it is a little difficult to do. It is easier to just fold seats down even though there is not as much cargo room this way.I still like the looks of the hatch over the sedan and people are really surprised at the room in the interior when they see it!! Also this model is a little cheaper in price!! Hope this helps!! Happy New Year!!!
  • c118fec118fe Posts: 23
    :shades: I removed the front bottom slide bolts and folded it up, hold fold up's with bungee cords.Slide my wife's wheelchair in and out,no problem.Bungee on chair.Lots of room.
  • I have a hatchback as well and just love it for all the room. However, I was not aware (call me stupid) that the seats folded AND flipped. I knew they folded down but is there another button you have to release to flip them? :confuse:
  • c118fec118fe Posts: 23
    Its not in a book.The rear seat,front mounts are (2) slip pins held onto a mount on the floor with a snap washer holding it in.You would normally remove these for seat removal.
  • Another factor:
    Crash test ratings for the 2008 sedan and hatchback are not the same. Check them out.
  • Just want to thank everyone who chimed in on this topic. As an update, I purchased a new 07 Aveo sedan LT this afternoon. This, of course, was after a lot of debating, research, and test drives. Probably drove my dealer crazy, but hey, they'll make their money I'm sure. Anyway, got the 07 sedan for a great deal; 1.9% financing thru GMAC. Sweet car. White with leatherette interior, sunroof, 6 disc player, steering wheel audio controls. Handles and drives well. Drove quite a bit and the freakin' needle barely moved. Peace everyone.
  • flaaveoflaaveo Posts: 161
    Here's a different topic! After I spend all the time to get my Aveo spotless, and dry...the next morning I find cat hair all over the roof and footprints on the hood and windshield!! I cant keep the damn wild cats off my clean car. They dont do it much when it's dirty, but the day it is clean, I find it is covered in cat hair on the roof and the footprints on the windshield and the roof. Does anyone have any ideas on how to keep them off the car? I cant afford a cover right thats out. Is there anything that I can put on it to keep them off..something that smells bad to them, or something they won't lay on and that won't scratch the paint?? Any hints would be VERY much appreciated.
  • "Creaks and klunks" at slow speeds sounds like suspension/control issues to include: wheel bearings, bushings, control arms, struts. Best to find another Chevrolet dealer who has more experienced and trained techs.. Also have the service manager ride with you at slow speeds so he/she can hear and feel the noises.

    The WheelMan
  • You might want to try a chemical spray called "Boundary" which is a dog/cat repellent. I do not know if it is safe to spray on the car metal. Perhaps you could spray a perimeter around the car. More info.> Google >Enter "Boundary pet deterrent"

    If cats are resting or wandering on your car, they most likely have "marked" the car as their territory with urine. I would recommend cleaning your tires/ rims/ mudflaps/ bumpers with a very strong cleaner capable of removing the cat urine.

    If the above treatment plan fails, I would get one badass dog to guard your car.

    The WheelMan
  • flaaveoflaaveo Posts: 161
    The spray will ruin the 'clean car'....and might ruin the paint. No cat pee on the wheels, and I check for dog pee all the time, these damn animals mark anything so I check and wash the tires and wheels all the time and spray with a urine killer if I fine any.

    Thanks for the idea. But it wont work. I was thinking of laying something slippery on the roof so when the cat jumps up,it flys off! But what won't scratch the paint? A sheet of felt? I dont want to make it a comfortable meeting place for them to sleep in a group! And old sheet?
  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490
    After 3 years of ownership and 34,000 miles, I have traded my Aveo LT with automatic. It was purchased new and had every available option plus the Rostra cruise control (I believe this is the same unit that GM used on the 2006 models, and probably later year models as well), added after purchase since it was not an option on the 2005 model year.

    This car was primarily driven in the city,with the exception of one long road trip from South Carolina to Wyoming in the summer of 2007.

    I averaged 23-25 MPG in city driving (23 with the A/C in summer and 25 in the winter), and 30-31 MPG highway driving. I never got better than 31 MPG, even using 93 octane gas. I drive the speed limit, and consider myself a conservative driver.


    Afetr 6 months of ownership, the suspension began making creaking and groaning noises...a familiar compalint on this forum. Also, I had the problem with the clock resetting/losing the correct time until I had the cruise control installed. My suspicion is that there was an electrical grounding issue that was resolved when the battery was removed and reinstalled during the cruise control installation.

    After 22 months of ownership, the sunroof started "binding"and had to be replaced. Ten months later, the sunroof "tilt" feature ceased to operate correctly. The sunroof repair was done at the local Chevrolet/Cadillac dealer, so you would think they would have the appropriate expertise to do this type of repair correctly.

    The car interior developed several squeaks and rattles during my ownership, but it was "tight" and quiet for the first 6 months or so. I had to remove all 4 door panels and tighten the nuts holding the interior door handle "simulated carbon fiber" inserts in place after approximately 8 months of ownership. The front passenger side insert actually became detached from the door handle, forcing the "retightening" exercise. I don't believe the nuts were ever correctly tighened at the factory. As the car aged, I continuously discovered loose screws and nuts in various spots in the vehicle.

    I purchesed the Helm service manuals (the factory service manuals sold by Helm for GM) and performed the regular maintenance and service on this vehicle, and it was very easy to maintain mechanically. The oil filter was easily accessable,as was the oil pan drain plug. The engine was "oil tight", with no fluid leaks of any kind. I used synthetic oil and changed oil and filter every 5000 miles/6 months.

    No problems with the transmission or the air conditioning, lights, or anything electrical except the Radio/CD player. After approximately 1 year, the CD player started "skipping" at random, sometimes playing for hours correctly and then skipping so badly on the same identical CDs that you couldn't stand to listen to it. For the record, this happened on factory stamped CDs.

    Front tire wear was a big issue. I was well into my second set of tires (Goodyears) when I traded. I spoke with 2 different tire shops about this issue (both very reputable) and they echoed each other when describing the excessive front tire wear of the Aveo. It appears to be an issue with additional Chevrolet models as well. There was no unacceptable wear on the rear tires.

    I felt the engine horsepower was sufficient in city driving, but another 20-30 horsepower would have been much nicer on the highway, as anything more than a modest slope on the Interstate caused the transmission to constantly downshift/upshift at 65-70 MPH.

    The interior quality was good, and held up well during my ownership. The interior cloth was very easy to maintain and never developed any permanent stains.


    I had planned to keep this car for many years ,but I saw the writing on the wall. I suspect that the Aveo, on average, will perform adequately for 50,000-60,000 miles, and then begin to self destruct. I know it wasn't an expensive car, but still, any modern automobile with proper maintenance should make 100,000 miles without significant problems or unreasonable costs.

    For comparason, my daughter had a 1998 Chevy Metro when she was a teenager in high school/college (you can imagine the abuse it received), and it was as solid the day we sold it (approximately 70,000 miles when sold in 2004) as it was when it was new. Also, it never had and groans, squeaks or rattles. I have no doubt that the Aveo I owned will share this reliability.
  • flaaveoflaaveo Posts: 161
    I know this is a long time since you posted this....even though you just missed the 36K mile warranty....wont the warranty cover it? Call GM customer service and complain. THAT is a huge safety problem...I think they cover issues like this for more time, like 50K miles??? I'm not sure. Can't hurt to ask.
  • c118fec118fe Posts: 23
    Very good report! I get the same MPG,no matter what.My trans acts like yours,it gets totally confused.My driver door keyway fell out inside the door.The chev dealer said "no star washer" was installed and nut loosened up and fell off.I know,now after 18,000 mi,I made a mistake,so the bank and me are stuck.2006 Aveo5. :( :(
  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490
    In a way, I am glad to hear others experiencing the same issues I had, but in another way, somewhat sad that the product hasn't performed well.

    I decided to purchase this car after much deliberation, since I had experienced many problems with the GM vehicles that I have owned over the years, especially build quality issues. Mechanically speaking, I think their products are OK, and they will get you where you want to go usually, but the cabin quality is, how shall I say this...SUCKS!.

    I also own a 2002 S-10 extended cab pickup with all available options, and it is an absolute rattle-trap. It is mechanically sound, and it gets me where I want to go, but inside the cabin it is "squeak and rattle" city.

    I decided to give GM one more chance with the Aveo, maybe because I wanted to buy "American", or maybe because it is built in Korea...but I now know that it didn't take GM very long to export its "quality control methodology" to its Korean subsidiary.

    I am sure that there are those who will say "Well, what do you expect in a $15 K car?", and there is some truth to that.

    However, I expect the options and features to work effectively through the expected service life of the car, which should be longer than the factory warranty. Also, the suspension system should not creak and moan constantly, which is a big complaint on the Aveo.

    For a suitable vehicle to compare the Aveo to, take a look at the Nissan Versa. It is priced slightly higher than a comparable Aveo, but the build quality is light years ahead of the Aveo. Also, you can get features such as the Bluetooth hands free phone system, which the Aveo doesn't offer. Or, how about the Toyota Corolla? My daughter has one she purchased in 2005. It has twice the miles on it than my Aveo had, and it has never been in for a single repair. It was priced slightly higher, had the very same options, more interior room and trunk space, and approximately 30 more horsepower. And, by the way, significantly better highway mileage and comparable city mileage. Don't tell me that GM couldn't do a better job on the was a concious decision to offer a substandard vehicle. After all, the Aveo isn't the Space Shuttle....

    One last comment....this one about GM service. Maybe its just the dealerships that I dealt with, especially with the Aveo, but I always came away with the feeling that I was being treated like the red-headed step-child during a warranty repair visit. It was like I should thank them for doing me a favor by fixing my car. Of course, if you have to repair substandard vehicles on a daily basis, maybe you end up developing an uncaring and thankless attitude as a way of emotional and professional survival....

    SO, I feel fairly confident that I have purchased the last GM product that I will ever own...There are simply too many other quality vehicles in the market for me to choose from. GM only has itself to blame for its market share losses...
  • flaaveoflaaveo Posts: 161
    If you have read MY posts, you know I am no fan of GM at all! I agree with most of what you and others say. I seem to be the only one with a rattle FREE interior and no suspension noises. BUT I am treated like I am a piece of sh-- when I walk in for the constant exterior repairs. But on my car it is exterior build problems. Tires going bald at 2K miles! Hatchback constantly not opening and the lever breaking, Drivers seat ripping at the seam and replaced now 2 times so far at less than 7K miles, a 2006! But mechanically so far it is perfect. BUT I fuss over my vehicles, maybe tomorrow it will fall apart. I will NEVER buy A GM product again, I'll go get a Ranger truck again in a flash! I traded in my hot yellow Edge on this little car to be 'green'. I am 'yellow' instead, egg on my face! My Rangers...all 4 of them never gave me a days problem, If OPEC didnt have us over THAT barrel of oil, I wouldn't have bought this car...that only gets 15mpg in the city for me!! My huge 6 cyl truck got 18mpg! I got screwed bad.

    First mechanical problem that isnt covered by the warranty, or things start creaking, or I start getting all the problems I read in here, I am heading to Ford or Toyota. I love the roominess and the zippy way the car goes, I made it look like no other Aveo on the road, with accessories that it turns out are only meant for Canada or Europe! Thanks EBay! Bodyside mouldings, that turns out was not meant to be sold in America! I am the only one that has them. All the Aveos I see are covered in door dings. Add a wild graphics body kit, Painted the wheel covers with Fusion spray paint, and put on Daewoo ones,since it is a Daewoo car basically. Dark window tint and it looks hot!

    Replaced the logos on the hatch. When people with Aveos see it, they think it is from Canada, or shipped over from Europe! So far I have gone all of 2 months without a problem, now that I have said that, it will fall apart tomorrow!
    But after next year and the warranty is gone, I can get crappy mileage from a Ranger, and still get MORE than I get in this car! I like the roominess, the 'uniqueness', and the ease of driving it,and I see few on the road, everyone has the new sedan, but the mpg stinks, my tires are so bald I dont drive in the rain, I know they will blow out soon, at 6,500 miles! GM doesnt care. Calling them is a waste of time. But I will keep my car and sell it to the next sucker next year. LOW mileage and keep it looking so good will get me a great trade in and then screwed over by the next dealer. :shades:
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