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Front Suspension of 2016 Envision Seriously Damaged Without Any Hit

jolie_1206jolie_1206 Member Posts: 1
edited August 2017 in Buick
Hi, guys, I am a car owner of a Buick Envision 2.0T from China. Recently, my car was seriously out of order within 242Km driving distance. Envision is produced in China and it will be sold in US in this summer, so I want to share my unhappy experience with you.

I was driving my car in a very slow speed (about 5 mph) in the community street and turned the steering wheel lightly to avoid another car on December 30th. Suddenly, my car was out of control and broken down, then I found out that the lower control arm was spun off from the sub-frame, the axle shaft was also drawn out. Oh My God, the car hasn’t hit any object before the fault occurred! Why the car break down so easy?

As far as I know another Envision car malfunctioned as my car in normal driving in December. Another owner of Envision also doubt that the connect sets of lower control arm is not reliable.

SAIC-GM doesn’t give us a definite response till now, but also take a passive attitude on this accident! I hope you will keep eyes on it, and give us more feedback and support in the Forum if you have any idea to solve this problem. Thanks a lot!


My damaged car

Another damaged car

Fault analysis


  • name1235name1235 Member Posts: 1
    edited January 2016
    Need GM give response.
  • rocketman18rocketman18 Member Posts: 43
    Thanks for this post....looked at 2016 Envision this weekend....100% wife said this or 2017 Lacrosse USA except for [non-permissible content removed] transmission....Going with Lacrosse now>>>>bring back Made in America
  • normsky_normsky_ Member Posts: 9
    Over one year now with the Envision in the states and no suspension epidemic here.
  • thecardoc3thecardoc3 Member Posts: 5,701
    This is one where you can't have things both ways. Does your state have an annual vehicle inspection?
    Since I do not see stickers on the windshield it would appear that you do not. 242Km is 151,000 miles
    and its normal for parts to be wearing out and requiring service. Oddly enough states don't record failure
    statistics even if a crash occurs and results in injury or a fatality and then they turn right around and use the lack
    of any evidence that an inspection program can prevent failures like this as the justification that they are not necessary.

    In your photo's, look at the hole in the bushing where the shaft was, see how oblong it is?
    This was moving and clunking for a while before it failed completely. That is direct evidence that the impending failure
    would likely been detectable by an experienced technician for some 30-50Km.

    I'm glad you didn't get hurt but this isn't some defect beyond a lack of proper service, inspection and repair.
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