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Chevrolet Malibu Meet the Owners



  • csandstecsandste Posts: 1,866
    I changed my oil with 25% on the monitor since I was going on an almost 2000 mile trip. Could have almost stretched it since I only used 14% in steady driving. GM has invested a lot in that system, Ignoring it and dropping oil at 3 to 5K is wasteful. That V6 is a very easy engine on oil.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    with my current driving style..mostly GMOL reduces by 10-13% for every 1000 miles driven right now...I have stretched my oil changes to every 7500 miles now and using synthetic oil now
  • cwesleygcwesleyg Posts: 64
    Anyone not changing their regular motor oil atleast every 5k is asking for trouble. I would never trust that computerized oil life indicator. If I stay with regular oil, I'll change it every 3-3.5k... with synthetic avery 5-6k, regardless of road conditions. There is not enough history on the 3.5 LX9 motor to support your claim. Better safe than sorry. Oil changes are alot cheaper than egine replacements and rebuilds.

    We have a lot of dirt roads in Michigan... even the paved roads get dirt all over them from all the cars entering from dirt ones. Livingston County MI only has about 60% paved roads... and you can taste the road salt in the air all winter...
  • csandstecsandste Posts: 1,866
    Can't put in the links but several months ago bobistheoilguy had a senior GM engineer posting. They threw him out because he was dismissive of synthetics in most situations and really put down Amsoil. Since the board is largely supported by Amsoil dealers he was a gonner within a couple of weeks and most of his links were removed.

    Anyway, he was extremely knowledgable about both oil and the GM engine, more so than most of the others on the board (and that's saying something). They take the GM engine algorhythm very seriously and when they say you can trust their indicator they're really very serious about that. The indicator takes a lot of different things into account and some of the links posted above go into great detail.

    Modern group II+,III and IV SM oils are very, very good. Dumping any modern oil at 3K is wasteful. Most other engines can't do this. I posted a UOA for my Elantra (with 10w30) SuperTech on bob and it was pretty well used up (TBN about 1) at 4K. That was during winter (my GM indicator showed oil degredation to go way up in winter v. long summer trips) with outside rather than garage parking. When you figure out how many rpms the 2 liter Elantra cranks v. the 3.5 liter Maxx it pretty well equals out.

    At the very least you should invest in a used oil analysis or two on this engine before dumping perfectly good oil with about 2/3 of its service life available. I think Blackstone or any other reputable test lab would tell you to stretch things out. I would think that the 5w30 would probably test out as a 5w20, although shear is a lot better than it was 20 years ago. That doesn't bother me since there are so many good 5w20's out there.

    I may invest in another uoa when I drop this oil and will post the data here. I'm using Pennzoil 5w30 with one of the new Wal-Mart (Champion) e-core filters. I'd expect the PZ to be a lot more robust than the SuperTech oil used in my late UOA. If I was changing my own, I'd buy TropArtic instead.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    Im using mobil 1 of those recommended by GM....and change oil between 6-7K miles...your road conditions and driving are what I would consider more on the extreme side...with unpaved conditions..and dust....Im comfortable with the oil life monitor....GM spent too much time, funding, engineering etc into the system for it not to be considered in the overall equation......I use to change ever 3K on the nose......but not anymore..havent been for almost 5 years now....

    165K on a dodge problems....45K on a kia sorento and almost 37 K on my maxx problems with any....of course Im probably one of the few people any actually checks the dipstick everytime I fill up too!!!
  • cwesleygcwesleyg Posts: 64
    All the problems Gm and eveyone else for that matter has with radios, engines, AC... almost anything electronic... and you are going to trust the oil life indicator? No way. 3-3.5k for oil... 6-7k on synth...
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    well again....mine has been problem free from day one....less the window shades in the back...and the initial recall......but as I noted..the GMOL is just another data point and as I stated..should be considered in the overall equation of when you think best to change your oil..........and I will change the synth around the 7k range.....

    in 35 years of driving..never had a car (GM/Ford/Chrysler/Dodge/Toyota/Nissan) fail with electrical, engine or AC problems (except a ford explorer...went thru three compressors in a year under warranty!)...averaging 80-100k on each car that I owned as I normally trade every 5-6 years.....but I also followed factory maintenance schedules for most of that time as well....and never was hard on a car in driving styles.....never towed with the vehicle on a regular basis...the uhaul trailer a few I guess Im a fortunate one that never suffered through a car meltdown....

    csandste msg..127 was very insightful and there are many articles out today on the modern engines and oil.....I would agree with is statements on oil useage..again..just another data point.....just like the auto injector service offered by the oil change places and dealerships....look into any owners manual and it isnt part of regular maintenance....if one uses a high quality gasoline..with good detergent it will clean your fuel system as it works for you......

    BTW...discovered there are 17 grades of gasoline..that refineries make based on the region of the country the product is being sold order to meet environment and air quality why cant we have one standard for the entire country......?
  • Deanna and Randy, we bought our first Maxx in Feb 04. A galaxy silver LT loaded with everything except the eingine heater. Loved the car from day one. The ride is excellent, it has plenty of power, very comfortable and lots of leg room in the rear. The first Maxx however had every problem that has been expressed and after 15 months, over 30 days in the shop and many repair attempts GM finally agreed to buy it back. :lemon:
    We went right back and bought an 05 galxy silver Maxx Lt loaded, we call him Oliver, We were able to get the employee discount, plus rebate, and other discounts and saved over $6,000. We were never unhappy about the car itself just all the repairs we were having to have done. When you buy your first ever brand new car you don't expect it to be in the shop more than at home. I have so much fun telling others about this car and all of it's features. When it came time for GM to buyback the other Maxx we had the option of taking our money elsewhere. We did not want any other car and do not want any other dealership than the one we had. :) We have had the new Maxx since June and other than the rotor trouble no real problems. The stereo has a glich every now and then but I can deal with that, and we have a rattle in the roof we are going to get looked at when it's time for the next oil change. We tinted the rear windows,and added a wooddash kit to the stereo these help give it character.
    I really hope that GM is not serious about doing away with the Maxx in 07 and replacing it with the HHR the two do not compare. Maxx is way cuter and has many more features.
    Having a great dealership to work with helps too. Fitzpatrick is the best. We even got homemade cookies sent to us and free oil changes for the first year.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    seems the bugs are beginning to work themselves out of the Maxx now...Im seeing less and less problems show up on the board now...hope that is a sign it is settling down and not loss of interest in the car and board.....I still love my Maxx LT....built Feb 04, purchased in Mar 04.....have had no problems with it...and will roll over 40K on the way home tonight....just completed a 1700 mile trip this past weekend...Northern upstate SC down to Charleston SC and back to abtou 27-28 MPG..running 75-80 with the AC on....most gas was 3.19 a gallon thru VA, NC, and SC.....I beleive I have lost about 1 MPG with the upgraded 17 inch rims and wider tires...but will trade it for the handling and ride now....otherwise..still a very satisfied Maxx the new styling on the 06 Maxxs.....I do hope they keep them after the 07 model year...perhaps just a major if my Pontiac Solstice would arrive.....I would really be a happy camper....cheers!!!
  • redmaxxredmaxx Posts: 627
    seems the bugs are beginning to work themselves out of the Maxx now...Im seeing less and less problems show up on the board now...hope that is a sign it is settling down

    Unfortunately, I currently have no shortage of problems. I have a returning water leak in the hatch area, the shades in the back don't stay and tend to snap back (even after the fix) which caused them to not roll up completely, intermittent remote start problems, dash peeling, brake vibration (when the car is warmed up, but not cool, which is why the dealer doesn't find any runout) and grinding (when stopping hard and its not very loud), and Auto Volume setting adjustment doesn't always work.

    Since this is "Meet the Members" here is what I've got:

    2004 Red Malibu Maxx LT build in Feb 04, with the sunroof wind deflector. So far, I've replaced the POS Insignia SE200 tires with Goodyear Assurance ComforTread and they are much smoother. The highway I take every day to work is just about forgotten by the state highway department (ADOT), so it is a mixture of cracks, road sealant and developing potholes. Plus the expansion joints for the bridges aren't evenly lined up with the road, so that can be pretty jarring. But, with the new tires, it certainly takes the edge off of the bumps.

    Things I like:
    XM Radio - Nice clear sound, even if the XM module doesn't always communicate to the radio correctly every time (sometimes I get the preview channel for the first minute or so of driving).Economy - Highway is great, getting 30-31 on the highway at 65MPH is nice. Around town? Not spectacular. My average economy is 22-23.Power - Engine is powerful and it makes passing easy :D Transmission - Smooth, most of the time. Sound - The uplevel sound on the LT is excellent!Cruise - Implemented very well. Tries to accelerate for a while before ordering a downshift. Plus, it holds to within 1MPH almost all the time. Unlike my parent's Montana, which goes all over even on the slightest incline.

    Things I don't like:
    Going back into the dealer repeatedly. The've tried to fix the shades now 3-4 times. :lemon: I'm not going to pursue returning it for a lemon as I have no real mechanical issues (right now). They really should have just done away with that whole design and put a sliding solid shade in. Plus, the hatch now leaks water again. Last time it was from the CHMSL, and it looks like that is going to be the problem again. You would think that with all these years of building cars and SUVs, GM would get that right.Transmission inconsistencies. Usually it is smooth and accurate, but there are times when it gets clunky.Cruise - Yep, got it on this side too. What were they thinking not allowing the cruise to unlock the torque converter. If you want to speed up, holding the accel for a few seconds should not result in a downshift. That usually sends me rocketing past the speed I want to go. Ex: Going 65, want to accel to 70. I know I can tap it 5 times, but sometimes it only gets up to 78 or 79 so I must be tapping too fast. So, for precision, I just hold it down. gets to 79, downshifts and by the time I let go its up to 72 or 73.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    I think we are seeing far fewer problems with the 05 model year than our 04.....again ours was probably built around the same time (2/17 a Tues) and we have the same color etc......I never did take the car in for the window shade fix...noone sits in the back mine simply stay open and retracted...never a leak of water......brakes are good...have noticed a slight vibration...but at 40K...nothing Im concerned with at this point..probably need to have them checked...but will do that at my local brake center, not the dealer....

    despite your concern would be the leak.......i think you still hold a favorable opinion of the this point....long term may be a different story

    I probably not as picky as most are with an automobile....Im a fanatic at keeping it clean and maintaining the service.maintenance, oil changes, tire pressure, etc......but I still love this car....
  • redmaxxredmaxx Posts: 627
    despite your concern would be the leak.......i think you still hold a favorable opinion of the this point....long term may be a different story
    Yes, I do have a good opinion of the car. But, if this thing starts leaking again out of warranty, I'm going to be pretty POed.

    I probably not as picky as most are with an automobile....
    I'm probably a little more. I tend to notice the little engineering inconsistencies and stuff. Maybe I should apply to GM? :wink:

    Im a fanatic at keeping it clean and maintaining the service.maintenance, oil changes, tire pressure, etc......but I still love this car....
    Check, check, check and check. :shades:
  • mybooomybooo Posts: 92
    Hello! Just bought an 05 Malibu Maxx. So far we LOVE IT! Have only seen a few on the road here in Iowa. I am learning alot on this forum. Thanks to all!

  • Hello, I recently purchased a used GM certified '05 Malibu Sedan LS with 10,845 miles. This is the first GM product I have ever owned and I'm very happy with the car. Cars are becoming rolling computers nowadays aren't they? I like it though and got a decent price to boot. I read through all the Malibu related forums and it appears that Chevrolet got most of the kinks worked out as I haven't seen too as many posts from owners of the '05 model year compared to 2004. e2helper, would you be able to give me the build date on my vehicle? The last 6 of the VIN is 268769.
  • Back in November of 2004 I purchased a 2005 Base Malibu (yeah, the new style) with Keyless Entry and well I have to be honest - It's a great car! I have over 21,500 miles on it and also just had my 3rd Oil change done at Firestone and my renewal of my Inspection sticker. The only real problem I have had, happened 2 days ago. When I turned the key and the car didn't start well, it eventually did and acted really weird. Seemed like only a few cylinder were firing, gear shifting was erratic, and needless to say, I was worried. I immediately brought it into the dealer, and they shuttled me home because it was at the end of the day and there was nothing they could do. The next morning I got a call from the Service Advisor John, and he stated I had a blown Starter Relay and that they were on it right away, Greg their Service Tech detected it with their advanced diagnostic tools that plugged in under the dash. That little part caused it to act weird, but they replaced the part, and since it was under warranty there was zero cost to me. Their shuttle picked me back up at my home, I filled my travel mug with coffee when I got back to the dealer, and everyone thanked me for coming in. All is great again! All of my friends are very impressed with the power of the 4 cylinder I have, it's pretty potent and I have been averaging mid 20's for overall fuel economy, but when on the highway I get mid 30's - very, very nice!
  • airiusairius Posts: 3
    Hey its rod, just giving an update. I still hate my malibu, 29,320 kms later. Had my 3rd cd changer installed while on vacation in October. Took my car in last month for key sticking in the ignition temporarily, rear brakes squealing and I command started my car went into work,half hour later i came out my headlights were on music blarin', went to restart it and a message came on my message centre about airbag failure and the car died. All these problems were no fault found. finally i complained to the guy who sold it to me who was a previous co-worker, and finally got the dealership to agree to let the chief mechanic at the dealership to come directly to me when my car has these problems. Got the key stuck in the ignition fixed this way, 1 week and 2 days later. Recived the k&n air filter for x-mas, looking to replace the crappy insignia all-seasons that landed me in a ditch, party my fault by going 10kms over the recomended speed limit around a non sharp corner going down hill on a snow covered road.(my back end cut loose around the corner) Highway gas mileage still at avg. 35mpg city down to 17 mpg avg. Maybe in part to the air filter, but was never good to start with.

    Even though i hate this car, its good quality features like the fold down front seat/rear seats, pwr pedals, rear audio controls, good highway mpg, easy maintenance(6-9000km oil changes acording to oil life monitor)would make me love the car if i didnt have so many problems with it.

    p.s. resale value has gone up, car still worth 15,400 with 30,000kms.
  • Hi everyone. My first post here. Just leased a new 06 LS sedan. I had been looking for a roomy car that delivered good gas mileage. Went to the Detroit Auto Show and looked carefully at a lot of makes and models and noted the fuel mileage estimates on all of them. I was very much impressed with the value in the Malibu. The base sedan comes very well equipped with most all of the "must have", features, delivers great gas mileage, and with GM lowering the price $1000.00, has a MSRP of $16,995.00. I also considered a Ford Escape and Ford Fusion. Imagine my surprise when I got home and found a letter in my mailbox from the GM Card informing me they were boosting my GM Card points an additional $1500.00 to $2000.00(good until the end of Jan.)! That pretty well convinced me to go with the Malibu. I found the car at a dealer yesterday, worked out a very good lease payment (see my post in the "prices paid" thread in this forum)and today the car was delivered right to my door! I hope to remain active in this forum and will pass along my experiences with this car over the next three years. My wife has a 2005 Buick LaCrosse so will be comparing our experiences with each. I must say that so far I am very pleased with the Chevy which has a list price of just about half of what my wife's car is.
  • Actually this car was originally my mom's. She wanted a new car, and I had a 1994 Dodge Shadow that was a piece of crap, so I signed over the Shadow to her, and she traded it in for a new Ford Taurus and I made the payments on the Malibu (1998). It finally officially became mine last December. Still runs great.
  • Eric Strauss, 05 Malibu Maxx LS, 16,000 miles. I'm a returning GM owner, after many years. Owned a 79" Malibu Classic and Pontiac Grand Prix LJ (loved the Pontiac). I was previously driving Nissan Sentra 94' and 02' models, loved both of them. From switching to Maxx from the Sentra's I gained a bigger vehicle with a V6, and the same fuel economy, which for my growing family it was needed, since I don't like my 00' Dodge Grand Caravan(POS Special especially the powertrain and brakes)
    I'm had a few problems with the electronic steering, where the steering feels like a standard rack and pinion, when it's to cold outside, but the fit and finish of the interior just stinks. I had to have the clips for the front seat backs replaced, and yesterday I had to have the handle on the passenger side rear seat replace since it snapped off.
    Besides all that, I'm very happy with the Maxx, I'm surprised that GM could actually create a vehicle that I would recomend and by another one.
    Also, I like hearing on Cartalk a few weeks ago, someone from England, was moving back, and taking his Maxx with him because of the fuel economy.
  • I recently picked up my Malibu from a Charlotte, NC area dealer. It's an 2006 Maxx LT:

    1. Versatile....6 CD changer, adjustable rear seats, heated seats are a few of my favorites.

    2. Classy looking, I opted for midnight blue. The fog lights add a nice touch.

    3. Was able to use 2000 GM Card miles

    4. Engine, this 3.5 V6 is great on the highway and around town.

    5. Leg room. I'm 6'4" so I need it for sure.

    6. Mileage. I drove from Spartanburg, SC to Charlotte, NC and averaged 30 MPG. Right now there's about 1,000 miles on the car.
  • airmaxxairmaxx Posts: 9
    I've had my maxx for a while now. I has 33k on it and no problems save a check engine light fixed under warranty. Yesterday I hauled a 6 ft tree, three flats of plants and a large box containing a garden trailer. This with 2 adults. I love this car. Kevin
  • estrauss11estrauss11 Posts: 5
    I forgot to post in my origial reply, that I did own a 1979 Chevy Malibu Classic for many years, until I upgraded to a fully loaded 79 Pontiac Grand Prix LJ.
  • Greetings Fellow Malibu Owners...I purchase my 05 Malibu LT V6 in October of 2005...I racked in over $4000 worth of rebates and dealership incetives as well as used the GM Supplier Discount which brought the asking price all the way down to $25,000 (i purchased)...I Love my Malibu (Scarlet)...I am having trouble out of the brakes which GM REFUSES to replace because they say these are top of the line GM brakes and the sqeeling and grinding is normal!...anyway I love the ride and the gas mileage...I hope you all enjoy your Malibu as much as I LOVE Mine!!
  • I have a 2004 Malibu LS I bought new in November 2003. At over 34k miles, I have had several problems with the car. The major problems has been the steering. I have had the steering column replaced 3 times. After being replaced, it seems fine for a while then more problems. The problems consist of every time I turn the wheel there is a loud "thud" sound. I can also feel it in the wheel. I have complained several times to the same dealer I purchased it from. I called Customer Service and they suggested I take it to a different dealer. Last month I took it to a different dealer with the mound of service paperwork I have. They looked at the car and the service rep told me that GM issued a bulletin in March to service reps about electronic steering issues. According to the bulletin, problems with the steering resurface approximately 3 to 5k miles after being replaced. The rep said GM has made new parts and that they would not be available until June. The repair will be covered under warranty. I will repost once I find out more. Are there any other owners that are having simular problems?
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    first Ive heard about a "new fix" to the steering issue..know there is the same line out for the suspension as well to get rid of the clunk.....but awaiting parts on that as this is a new line.....04 Maxx LT here purchased Feb 04 with 68K on it..and not problems with the steering column at all...will be interesting if this is a reengineering design..will GM retrofit those cars even out of warranty....
  • :mad: They had better fix mine. They will never get rid of me until they do.
  • shakey150shakey150 Posts: 1
    I just purchased a 05 certified chevy malibu LS V6. Car has every option that I could ask for except xm radio. I have to say I really am impressed with this car. This car will run like the wind. The power from the 3.5 is unreal for a v-6 that gets over 30 mpg. handles exceptional. comfortable to drive with many creature comforts. Love the remote start. I was scared of the malibu at first but I am glad I bought it now. Great car at a great price. It's fun to see the look on peoples face when the innocent malibu blows their doors off at red lights. But I bought the car for fuel economy not racing so I got to quit that hehehehe, front tires are also expensive. I have to say I would recommend a malibu to my friends and family. Car feels very safe. Currantly looking for custom accessories would appreciate any links.

    Take care all.
  • shadow5599shadow5599 Posts: 101
    Welcome to the Malibu owners club Shakey! It's nice to hear from another satisfied Malibu owner/driver. I get a kick out of the guys who come into this forum raving about their asian cars and how great they are. But as you now know, alot of those cars are seeing alot of Malibu tail lights at intersections! As far as safety, you picked a winner. Have a look at the sites for crash ratings, if you havent already. Its very impressive that GM's Malibu sits in the top 6 along with Audi, Subaru, Lexus, and Saab for safety in it's class. And yes, Malibu beats most top asians for safety.

    You'll notice that people do very little complaining about the new Malibus here. In fact there really is only one problem that keeps coming up and thats the steering, which was taken care of after 04. Thats quite impressive when you think about it.

    A reason the GMs beat the asians at the traffic lights is good ol north american muscle. Most asians are measuring HP at the flywheel rather than the wheels which makes them look more powerful, on paper at least.

    Good luck with the Malibu!
  • I have a 2003 malibu and I love it. I wish it had more speed but other then that I have had no major issues with it. I have found that it sucks gas though. In the florida weather you have to have air on all the time. I owned a chevy cavalier before this and I had all sorts of problems with it so I am so happy that this car is great. I may even upgrade to the 2006 model which is nice too!!
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