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Chevrolet Malibu Meet the Owners



  • I too have a Malibu Maxx who's steering column has been replaced. I am feeling a vibration now, the dealer says its the breaks.I say its in the steering column. When I wreck, you were all my witnesses... its the steering, stupid!
  • loud00loud00 Posts: 2
    Hi everybody,

    we bought a 2005 Maxx LT in April 05. Lots of miles in 15 months (35,000) and has been GREAT. Until steering went out. Been in the shop a week, and they "cant get it to work". I believe they have installed a new steering column. Got it back after 1 day, then right back in later that day, still there. I have been horrified to read so many accounts of the same problem, and I have even read all the NHTSA reports. I am seriously thinking of getting out of the car and into an Equinox, although I love so many of the features on the Maxx, and the way it drives and fuel economy.

    Does anyone know if there is a legit new fix? If not, I can't see going through this again. I think the dealer will actually be very fair on a trade, and we did get over 1 great year of service from the car, but I am spooked.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    the installation must include a recalibration of the steering column itself.....when you say they cant get it to work...what are you referring too.....most on here have had no problems after the column was replaced...

    I have an 04 Maxx LT....and have had no problems at all with mine....just turned 72K on it....
  • loud00loud00 Posts: 2
    Thanks for the reply!

    After they installed it, I was told last Friday that they were getting some sort of "cannot communicate" message.

    I have read of multiple cases of people having 2, 3 and 4 columns replaced and still having problems. There have also been (at least) two lemon law awards for Malibu's with this problem, including a case in Oklahoma, I believe, where the state statute was strengthened as a result of a case involving this car/problem. This is why I am not optimistic.
  • cwesleygcwesleyg Posts: 64
    Have the rotors turned or replaced and see if it goes away. My rotors had to be turned at around 7K miles and the probelm has not returned... If it is the brakes, you should only feel it while braking. Could be a lump or slipped belt in a tire as well... tire rotation would change the feel of the problem in that case... replace bad tire to fix that issue. Bent rim? I guess a high speed balance would show a tire or wheel issue, and might correct a minor problem. ;)
  • canam81canam81 Posts: 2
    Good morning everyone, my name is Jason. I bought a used 2001 Chevrolet Malibu 2 years ago, as a car to get me to school... and other things too. I bought my car when I lived in the States at 32900 mi and my odometer flipped to 101000 mi yesterday. Did I mention I love to drive? Anyways, I have enjoyed my car, it has never let me down (knock on wood; it is getting old now). I am a new member here, because I wanted a place to come to learn about the inevitable repairs and any other advice.
  • cwesleygcwesleyg Posts: 64
    Welcome to the forum. I hope I get to 101K with as few issues from my black 2005 Maxx LS (BLKMAXX)... only 84.5K to go...
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    04 Maxx LT here..and just flipped 75K yesterday...still going strong....hoping to get at least 125K and more
  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,340
    ...enough trips to SC already!! I just turned over 29k :blush:
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    hey football starts on 1 let the road trips begin..solstice goes down first as we are doing tailofthedragon over labor day in the sol.....318 curves in 11 miles.....
  • smoke76smoke76 Posts: 9
    I own 2 malibus, both well over 100k mi., only minor problems with either one, I purchased both with less than 50k mi. on them, I should probably mention one is a 74 2dr and the other a 78 2dr, I guess they dont build' em like they used to. Last year I went through the motor on the 78 out of boredom, 4bbl intake, edelbrock carb, headers, Ill bet I spent less on these items than gm is spending on each one of these steering column repairs, and I can actually see, and feel improvement in my vehicle :shades:
    I may not have the mpg the newer models have, but if i break down, i can usually fix it in a few minutes, or most small town parts stores even usually carry what i would need. Hasn't happened yet, but I still have that sense of security. ;)

    The 74 starts restoration this winter, weekend cruiser/hot rod toy, cant afford to put gas in it as a daily driver :( Guess I just want to fancy it up some.

    Not the cutest or coolest lookin thing gm ever hatched, probably why it was the last year Malibus were still Chevelles. It would not be the first automotive line ugly ever killed.

    found this discussion looking for chevy malibu, guess i need to specify years in my next search.
  • beebs1beebs1 Posts: 1
    Hello to all. I'm in a quandry here and will listen to any thoughts that anybody might have. I have a good quote on a used '06 Malibu Maxx LT from a dealer. It is silver, has about 16k on it, and is in really great shape. Asking price is $15,995 and I was offered $1000 for my '98 Chevy Prizm Lsi with 136k and a rusty hood.
    My heart is out to a Mazda6 i Hatchback that is equivalent to the Malibu Maxx in body style, and is also a used '06 that was a rental agency car. It has 14k on it, and is priced at $18,990. Dealer will thus far only go down to $18,500 and $1,500 on my Prizm trade. This car has the premium sound system (6-disc changer, 7 speaker Bose sound, power sun roof) and is the same color as the Maxx.
    Which to go with? Any thoughts out there? I've owned both Mazdas and Chevy Prizms (2 of them now - with not a single engine problem on either.....thank you Toyota!), and the only real advantage to the Maxx for me is that I can get service close to home. The Mazda I have to drive 15 miles into Erie to get service. This shouldn't be my sole criteria, but it's out there with gas prices like they are.

    Thoughts? Anyone??
  • Hi All,
    Just purchased an 05 Malibu LS over the weekend. Charcoal gray with remote start and heated seat package. One owner with 19K on it. Picked it up for $13,500. First impressions are smooth ride and very pleasing gas mileage. Couple of questions though. The mpg reading on the highway last night was 38.3. Just how accurate are these readings? Also I noticed that sometimes when I turn the steering wheel I will hear what sounds like a thump under my feet on the drivers side area. Is that some kind of quirk with the electronic steering or does anyone smell some kind of problem showing up? Any comments would be appreciated. Till next time,
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    assume you have a 4 cylinder....the mileage is usually off 1.5-2.0 mpg in my experience....the thump you hear is inherent to the front suspension and steering on the 04-06 malibus.....there is a recently released TSB addressing it with a fix...if your malibu has a warranty left....go look at the TSB from the dealer....and see if they will apply the fix....
  • Thanks for your response pao. Actually I have the LS V-6. Does this fix apply to the 6 cylinder as well as the 4? Does anyone happen to know the TSB number. I could probably search for it on Alldata. Thanks.
  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,340
    Actually, doing a search using the fine tools set up by our friends at Edmunds is always the quickest:

    04-06 model year

    TSB 06-02-32-007

    This is for the steering gear clunk. GM redesigned the part to quiet the rattle where the rack meets the pinion.
  • Hi Deckdog,
    To get more MPG info on the Malibu go back to the Model Central 2007 Malibu page. In the "Discussions" box scroll down to the bottom and click on " See More Discussions". Then click on the "MPG Real World Numbers". You'll find testimonials from other owners regarding fuel mileage.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    Due to many requests, the Malibu Maxx has been given its own group in Hatchbacks. If you own a Maxx, please go to this new Forum to meet and talk with other Maxx owners.

    Chevrolet Malibu Maxx

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  • gonogogonogo Posts: 879
    Since when did the 04 Malibu come with the side seat airbag option. My understanding is it was not available until 05.
  • Hi All,

    I purchased a brand new Silver 2006 Malibu SS five months ago, here's my report to date. First off, I got a great deal through the place I work where I was able to get GM Supplier Pricing plus a dealer rebate of $1,500. In all that knocked off about $4,500 off the MSRP. If you are looking to buy a GM vehicle, never go by the sticker price, you can usually get thousands off if you look around for rebates. Also, I kept pressuring with the dealer because I knew wanted the sell and I said I wasn't paying for the XM radio because it was not a feature I wanted. Since he could't find another SS model he bit the cost on that XM receiver. He had also offered free oil changes for 5 years but I swapped that for a $500 dollar gas card instead, because I like to change my own oil.

    As for the car, its been terrific. I've already put about 8K miles on it, a combination of Citi and Highway driving. The engine is different from the base 4 banger and the other V6 model I test drove. The 3.9L engine is a romp to drive, The variable valve timing defintely helps...and yes it feels like overkill at times, but being a young driver its a good feeling. The downside is obviously the reduced MPG, I'm averaging about 23-25MPG, which is to be expected by an engine this size. I know some ppl have been complaining about the steering with the other Malibu models but the SS came with power hydraulic steering which has been excellent. Its precise and speed sensitive, so I think the steering problems are restricted to the electronic power steering (EPS) in he other models.

    Some of the other Pros:
    - The Suspension: Tight and agressively tuned, its not floaty or all and that helps take turns smoothly.
    - The Body Mouldings: The spoilers and rocker panels are all different than the normal Malibus' and look terrific.
    - The Wheels: This consistently gets comments and remarks from everyone. They are a perfect design for this car I think, the 18 inches are just big enough to draw stares but small enough so that the ride quality isn't affected.
    - Easy to maintain: This may be a minor thing for some but for me it was important. The oil pan and filter were easily accessible ensuring that keeping the car maintainted is an easy job. (My old subaru was a pain cuz the filter was inside the wheel well.) Parts for GM cars are also obviously cheaper.

    The Cons
    - They really should have added an extra gear or two to the transmission. Although there is more than enough power from the V6 to cruise at highway speeds at around 2,000 rpm' extra gear would have utilized the engine more efficently.
    - The radio controls...lots of buttons,a simpler interface would have helped.
    - The leather seats...they have cloth inserts in the middle so techinically its not fully leather...but this could be a good thing also because now that its getting colder I'm glad I'm not freezing my a$$ in the morning on cold leather.
    - The wire seatback holders...whats that about?

    In all though...I'm quite happy with my SS. It fulfills the rational side of my brain with the power/speed side of my other side.
  • Well, I have been posting occasionally blurbing about my 2005 Malibu Base I bought in Nov 2004. It has the 4 cylinder and the window sticker said 25 city, 35 highway. I also have seen where many websites list best fuel economy cars but the Malibu was not on there. I wonder why, look at these stats. I just completed a trip from Gulf Shores Alabama (where I am temp. living) to Buffalo NY, about a 1175 mile trip one way. I just got back and averaged 33.7 mpg the whole trip, that is highway and city. About 100 miles from destination back in Alabama, I logged a record 39.9 mpg travelling above 70 mph much of the time. So that means my 2005 Chevy Malibu got 39.9 mpg! I could not beleive how far I went one one tank of gas, and how nice my car was. I also enjoy the replacement Bridgestone Turanza's I put on. They are the best water tire and make the car very quiet. Most people think I have a 6 cylinder.
  • Wow. No posts in here in years. I just traded my 09 Corolla in (good riddance) for a 2010 Malibu LT-1. A Beautiful ride! Beautiful looking too. Very classy.
    $1000 offer for trading in my recalled Toyota and $3000 in additional offers, which helped with how upside down I was in the Corolla loan.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    congrats and welcome aboard....most over in the 2008-2009 thread....

    04 Malibu Maxx here with 160K on it
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    Hi All:
    Recently I purchased a new 2010 Malibu 4 cylinder LTZ. This is one of two primary vehicles that I own, (the other being a 2007 Toyota Camry.) ---- Since 1997, I have only purchased Honda Vehicles, because of a "very negative quality experience" with a 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee, and a dealer and manufacturer that did not want to perform powertrain warranty work. (The front end would "HUM" at 55 mph like an "old rear end with 100,000 miles.")

    I am VERY satisfied with the quality of the 2010 Malibu. (The "fit and finish" and the performance of the vehicle is simply outstanding.) ------- This vehicle is a "home run" for Chevrolet & General Motors. ------- It is about time that GM manufactured a vehicle as good as a Honda Accord! ------- In about 1 1/2 years, I will be looking to replace my Camry and based on this positive experience, I will be looking at the Chevrolet Malibu, the Chevrolet Impala & the Camry. ----- I would like to see the Impala with a 6 speed automatic transmission. (The Malibu & Camry already has a 6 speed automatic transmission.) ----- GM needs to catch up with the technology!

    My dealer for both the Camry and the Malibu is outstanding in terms of service. They treat me in a very professional manner. (Both dealers handle all of my service!)

    Best regards to all. ---------------- Dwayne :shades: ;) :)
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