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Chevrolet Malibu: Problems & Solutions



  • 1st time poster. 2005 used maxx w/19K. Love it.
    Is there a "Custom" plate mount for a Malibu Maxx that has a curve to match that of the bumper?
    Need to put a license plate on the front bumper for SD.I hate to ruin the beautiful lines of the front with an ugly license plate.

    Is there a custom mod available?
  • dear e2helper, duhhhhh, i cant believe it 'cept if you knew how many hours i was online to get to this place and enroll and find the right place, you'd understand why i forgot to put year and model. duhhh, i cant believe it anyway.well, the year is 1997, chevy malibu LS. thanks for the response and bringing my attention to the lack of info. thanks, kat
  • e2helpere2helper Posts: 1,002
    OK - On the 1997 Malibu both the power windows and the ac/heater blower are fed off of fuses/circuit breakers located in right hand IP electrical center. They are on different fuses - sounds like you found the window circuit breaker.

    Any other electrical issues with your vehicle?

    Does your vehicle have cruise control - and if it does when you press the ON/OFF switch in steering wheel does the indicator in the switch light up?

    If you look at the heater/ac control head do other functions work - like the rear defogger?

    It sounds like there might be an issue with the main power feed to the right hand IP fuse center (from ignition switch) or the IP fuse center itself from your description so far - answers to above will help isolate it a bit further.
  • thanks e2helper for such a quick response. its late and i'll be checking these items out tomorrow morning and report back the results. thank you. kat
  • sgr5516sgr5516 Posts: 156
    Yes, I had the dealer install the wind deflector for the sunroof on my Maxx under the TSB. However, the deflector only cuts down on wind noise when you drive with the sunroof open all the way. The deflector does nothing for the violent buffeting you hear when only the rear windows are down and the sunroof and front windows are closed. The "rear window down" buffeting noise stops if you open the sunroof, with or without the sunroof deflector.
  • e2helper, checked those things out today. nothing works. (cruise,rear window defroster) have ordered a 'library loan' to our library "chiltons manual including 97 malibu" data. should come soon. we're gone 3 days if surgery (rotorooter) goes well tomorrow morning. our small town (page, az) doesnt have a big enough hosp to do those things. hope to be able to check out forum by early fri. evening to see if you have an update. thanks for your help. kat
  • e2helpere2helper Posts: 1,002
    Hmm. Since you vehicle will start (right?) then I would say the problem might be with the ignition switch (or wiring connection right at the ignition switch).

    I am just kind of surprised you don't have a few other electrical problems like Check Engine Light and Daytime Running Lamps inoperative.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    I think you may have to live with this noise and remember to not lower the rear windows alone. Every car I have own did this as well. It's not a Malibu problem but more of the aerodynamics of cars today.
  • Was wondering if the steering rack replacement for 04 - 06 Malibu's is a full blown campaign or just a fix on complaint basis??
  • sean74sean74 Posts: 18
    My car's left turn signal worked abnormaly. Its frequency was doubled today. After I turned emergency light for a while it was back to normal.

    Four months ago I have a similar case. But at that time, there was no flash for turn signal. And it was also back to normal later.

    It's dangerous and wierd. Does anybody know what's the problem? Thanks.
  • e2helpere2helper Posts: 1,002
    Check information in your owner manual. Around page 3-8 or so. A fast flashing turn signal indication in your instrument cluster is telling you that you have a bulb outtage condition on one or both of the exterior lamps.

    Next time it happens if possible try to watch and see if either front or rear left turn lamp isn't flashing and then have the dealer take a look at it. It likely isn't a blown bulb but might be a connection problem at bulb socket.
  • sean74sean74 Posts: 18
    Thanks a lot for the information.
  • I've had this problem too - a couple times. According NHTSA Action Number: PE05055 - you'll have to search the web site -maybe serach under defect investigations - for that number then choose the "Document Search" item, it appears that beginning in April 2006 GM will be recalling certain 2002 cars for this defect.

    I would go to the NHTSA website and report your issue to see if many people are having the same problem / # of complaints to take action.
  • I have had a 2006 Malibu LT for less than 3 weeks and notice what looks like rust seeping under the plastic of the headlights.

    Has anyone else noticed this? Any advice? I will be taking the car to the dealer for attention but wondered if anyone else has encountered this.

  • redmaxxredmaxx Posts: 627
    Similar to the above item, I have a 2004 (which as the big silver bar going across the front) and that bar is discolored under the headlights. I can I reasonably expect them to replace it?
  • I also am experiencing the same problems. However my Malibu is a 2004. One time it stalled as I was waiting at a red light, only to restart minutes later. However often it will just not start...I will wait minutes & then it will start snd it runs just fine. We too have taken it to the dealer numerous times & are looked at as though we are crazy. They connect it to their computer & nothing shows up as wrong. Trying to get rid of this fear of the warranty ending before we have a resolution to the problem. But due to the great resale value...we are upside down in the loan. Any help would be great! :lemon:
  • My Problem is that the gas gauge went all the way around and I dont where to start to find the problem. It seemed to have done this after we installed subs in the trunk. Please Help
  • drejdrej Posts: 119
    That buffetting noise also happens to my 95Yukon if you open the rear windows... and its pretty bad ! , my Maxx does it to but not as bad.
    so how did they fix the Rattle behind the rr seat (pass side.? I have that too.
    THX D~
  • e2helper: took longer to get back than i thought, the after surgery trip and activities. i can hardly believe it, i used the car yesterday and everything worked!!!! almost shell shocked. if there's a short somewhere, where would i look? i'm waiting on a libraryloan book on 97 malibu troubleshooting and repair. could be a long wait tho. thanks for your help. hubby doing just fine and quit smoking too!!!
  • Can you just drill holes in the front bumper to install a license plate mount?

    Is there steel befind it or just the rubber/plastic?
    I bought a mount for $6 from Chevy.
    The Bumper is not pre-drilled for front plates.
    Can you help? :)
  • e2helpere2helper Posts: 1,002
    Well that is good news but intermittent problems can be very frustrating. I am interested when you were having this problem did you ever notice the Check Engine Light on?
  • mybooomybooo Posts: 92
    Well, I just got a call from the service manager at my local dealer. The new steering rack that was supposed to be out 1st quarter 06 is now not going to be out until 2nd quarter 06. Man, that will be over 6 months for a fix! They told me they will not put a new one in, as the problem will just be back in a few thousand miles. What to do? What can I do? It is kinda disappointing in having a new car that takes so long to get fix! Anyone have any thoughts? Oh, I have an 05 MAXX LS. 35000miles. They said don't worry about the warranty, they will cover it.
  • 79377937 Posts: 390
    My 2004 Malibu came with a front plate mounting kit and instructions. I bought the car in California where a front plate is required. The kit includes a plastic mounting plate and 4 pop rivets. There are 4 dimples in the center of the bumper which are drilled for the rivets and the backing plate fixed to it. The license plate is then screwed to the backing plate with supplied screws.

    Check with your dealer for the kit.
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 879
    Does this new rack apply to 04 Malibu also.
  • I have a 98 also, and guess what, it just did that to me a couple of weeks ago after a collision garage had worked on the front end, but I think it was due to the accident I was in and not the collision people? So I took it back to them. They fixed it but just thought I'd comment on them. Maybe you can take it to a car garage and they can help?
  • You people won't believe how many times I've had my 1998 Malibu brakes replaced. I've finally replaced the rotors because I had enought of having to go back and get pads. Calipers have been replaced also, this was all as of just yesterday evening. It makes the car a safety issue when the brakes wear down so quickly and you don't have the money to fix them ever 6 months! And everyone tried to tell me I was a heavy braker. If that was true then I would've already rear-ended somebody since i live in Columbus Ohio!
  • I have a 98 Malibu also and can tell you up front that brakes are the one issue it seems 98's and 99's have big problems with, if you read the updated forums it seems like the later models also. Did your mechanic show you the rotors? Seems to be a problem with most of these vehicles. I'm not sure about the MPG though, do you have any idea if the previous owner drove it on the highway a lot?
  • Hi. I have a 1998 Malibu that ever since I've had been dealing with one tiny annoying problem: my radio seems to get interference from the heating system when I turn it up. Also, the sound has also been a bit static-y because I cannot get Columbus OH radio stations right outside of the city limits. Don't understand that because the radios in every other vehicle I've had could get the stations.

    Also, I have recently found a windshield visor (driver's side) at the local junkyard, am trying to remove the piece from the old one that I accidentally broke a couple of years ago, was wondering if anyone knows of instructions anywhere on the net or something on how to install one because I wanted to replace it myself?

  • Now I am confused. Not sure __what__ they put in my '04 maxx to replace the bad rack that was in there.
    Are __all__ the racks in '04 and up Malibu going to have problems or just selected ones?

    Has anyone else had a problem with the Lumbar support in the driver seat going "boing" and abruptly shifting when adjusted?
    If so, what was the fix, if any?
  • redmaxxredmaxx Posts: 627
    Well, I woke up this morning to a dead Malibu. It was running fine last night. Locked it up and all the lights were off and nothing was plugged in. This morning I can barely eek out a beep from the horn and it just clicks when I try to start it. :sick:

    Should the dealer perform a test to see how much power its drawing when its off?

    As for the lumbar, I haven't had problems with it. Although my power driver's seat tilts toward the back right. If I lower the back of the seat bottom to the floor and then raise it, the left side comes up for awhile before the right side does anything. Make sense? Its verrrry irritating driving at an angle. :mad:
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