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Nissan Armada Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Wow, what town are you in? That was the final price including taxes and fees, etc.?? I just want to be sure I don't get hosed ..... Thanks!
  • 514329514329 Posts: 60
    i'm from denver co. yes thats out the door. i offered them $ 36000 + my 04 SE w/ $ 15300 balance but way beyond there price so we end up $ 37015. my sales tax is 4%
  • I see...... my sales tax here in Vegas is 7.75% and I have no trade in and no down payment...... so, I guess getting out the door at 41,000 is pretty good.
    Thanks again!
  • 514329514329 Posts: 60
    yeah 0 down for me too
  • yeah no trade for mine and 0 down
  • Sometimes I don't know who to believe. You have a huge rebate and then a dealer offers to sell you the thing for just $500 bucks over invoice - and you balk? So they sell it to you at invoice. You're too cheap to own this thing, but then you go to Tim Horton's everyday in your new Armada, and when prodded, you tell the clerk when he asks what the sticker price was - like that's what you paid. Meanwhile the $1.75 coffee you buy everyday has 90% profit. During the next 4 years while you drive that Armada, Tim Hortons will make more than the dealer did selling you the Armada. The Armada probably sat on the lot, the dealer paid interest on it, and they spent money advertising in print, on tv, on the radio, and barely made several hundred dollars net on a vehicle valued at almost $50K. If you spend $50K at Tim Hortons, they will make about $45K. You never complain about paying retail at Tim Hortons, or McDonalds, etc... but that Armada takes you everywhere, is your prestige tool ... what a mess people are.
  • I hope you bought the Salesperson Dinner that night, or offered him some hospitality? We are considering the Armada too, but we're looking at a 24 month lease. We will probably save over $15,000 by not having to deal with the higher buy payment, and depreciation.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 128,257
    Gee, Clarence....

    In the Prices Paid forums, we're all about getting the lowest price we can.. That's why the forums exist..

    I'm not sure what that has to do with the price of coffee at Tim Hortons, though.. :surprise:

    Of course, if you pay an extra $1000, you might have to skip the coffee for a year or two..

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • 514329514329 Posts: 60
    well if you think if you work for a company that pays you $ 120000 a year and they make a profit of 10% - %50 on top of that then you should not work for them. if you think you buy clothings and food even if they are 50% off and they still make 50% profit on it then don't buy them. this forum is for people to know what price others got theirs and what to expect period.
  • Is this a good deal I just made for 26,300??

    2006 Nissan Armanda SE
    14,000 Miles
    1 Owner
    Not Smoker
    No Accidents

    It is in like new condition

    Loaded with Leather, DVD , 3rd row seats, tow package, moon roof plus more

    Its as loaded an SE model you can get before it becomes an LE - its not the off road SE but it is 4x4
  • pmtrepmtre Posts: 55
    2008 LE 4WD Black with almond, captain chairs, nav, dvd,remote start(dealer add on) msrp $52,290 traded in my 04 LE 63k , dealer gave me $17,100 for the trade,
    10,700 off MSRP including $4500 rebate. MA tax ,tittle tags, doc fee, added $1600. I went for the Gold Plus Warranty 0 deductible 5 yr/ 75 k paid $1,250 for that. Dan from Nissan Village in Attleboro MA, went out to Albany to pick it up.

    Quite impressed!
  • pulmccpulmcc Posts: 11
    I know the current cash back ending today is $4500. I don't know how long this promotion has been good and have been trying to find out previous cash back amounts on the Armada. With the economy being the way it is and gas prices, I imagine that fewer people will be buying full-size SUV's. Do you folks think that the cash back amount will increase perhaps after the current promotion ends?
  • Congrats on the new rig.

    I am looking at the same car. I just had a conversation with the salesguy who told me that he would take $9000 off MSRP (I know I will eventually get him to $10K off), but then he tells me I can't lease the truck. I ask him to find a 3rd party lease company so I can retain the rebate. I know the residuals and MF will still be decent. He tells me that those lenders only have open ended leases only and that I would be on the hook at the end of the lease for the difference between the residual and the then auction price....

    Does all this sound kosher??
  • I just purchased a silver 2008 Armada LE 4X2. It has the technology package, premium package, floor/cargo mats, cargo tray, and cargo net. The out the door price with tax and license was $40,443. I am in the Los Angeles area and the sales tax was $3,243 (7.75%) and license/registration/tire fee/smog abatement fees were a total of $345.

    The dealer was West Covina Nissan. I did all the negotiation over the phone and internet with the internet department. I walked in took a quick test drive and bought the vehicle. Unfortunately with the President's Day sale they had going they were very busy and it still took us about 4 hours to get out the door.

    It seems like a nice vehicle, but it is for my wife. This forum gave me some good information, so I wanted to pass along what I was able to get done. Hope this is helpful to all you out there looking to buy.
  • 2008 SE 4WD Smoke with Charcoal Cloth, msrp $42,600. Discount $5250 + $5000 Nissan rebate. There was a $699 Admin charge, and I purchase an extended warranty for $716 to extend to 5 yr/60k. Orlando, FL
  • 2008 LE 2wd Soke/Charcoal, moonroof, floormats, cargo mat, windflector, cabin filter, MSRP 44320 dealer discount of $4500 $5000 rebate and made dealer match private banks 5.45 % for 60 months. No haggles no hassles in Plam Beach.
  • Just purchased a new 08 Armada for 28,5k. MSRP was well over 37,7. Fantastic vehicle. Purchased from Trophy Nissan in Mesquite and love it.
  • mseningenmseningen Posts: 27
    Looking at working on an SE or LE over the weekend.

    I know the rebate is $4500 here in Texas -- what should I expect
    below invoice?


  • Looked at an LE today -we really like it but when I test drove it I Noticed the Odometer at 1600 miles! How unusual is this?! IF we decide to buy how much additional compensation should i get for the excess miles!
  • I would expect to pay $9000 or more under MSRP. Easily 4k under invoice.
  • My goal is 10-11K under MSRP-- but your figure of 4K under invoice???? Where would this come from- dealer holdback is less than$1K and incentives maybe another 1K

    Also I was considering asking for the AAA rate of 52 cents per mile for the 1600 miles already on the vehicle or an additional $832 that is fair and should be after any other negotiation-- If the vehicle had less than 200 miles I would understand but at 1600 someone has used this as a demonstrator or a service loaner vehicle - unless they drove the thing across country
  • keg97keg97 Posts: 189
    Do you plan to keep this vehicle for a good long time? I ask b/c unless I was getting a steal (14-15K under MSRP), I would not buy a truck that was broken in by somebody else who has no ownership stake in the vehicle. At the very least, I want would a sweet deal and get a free extended warranty.
  • I do plan on keeping this vehicle a while- I certainly think the free extended warranty is a great suggestion- For a dealer to sell a vehicle 14-15K under MSRP--- Have you ever heard of anyone getting a vehicle this cheap?
  • keg97keg97 Posts: 189
    supply and demand. Somebody will buy that truck for something...the question becomes one of several variables. How much does the dealer want to move it? How much does a buyer want it? What is the cost? Again, personally, no way am I buying that truck, especially considering that you're planning to keep it.

    What is the dealer offering you a "new" one for? What is the price difference btwn the used new one and the real new one?
  • it is the only LE on the lot- it is coming in 2000 more than the SE models. MSRP for LE is 4000 more than SE

    Checking other dealers further away for LE prices
  • Does your vehicle have a Sunroof and the DVD package? (Still learning the differences in the LE, SE trims). Also, does it have the "push a button" and the third seats fold down flat? Thanks for the information! :blush:
  • zoomzoomnzoomzoomn Posts: 143
    2008 SE 4X4

    MSRP $42280

    paid $34143 after rebates and discounts

    bought at Pence Nissan in Midlothian, VA - very good buying experience!!!

  • pulmccpulmcc Posts: 11
    For my completely loaded 2008 Armada LE straight from Nissan so no miles (see below for all the options) with all-season mats, Nissan hood protector/bug deflector, and Nissan Gold Preferred 7 year/100,000 extended warranty w/$50 deductible, I paid $44906 (included a $249.95 "procurement charge" which I didn't bother negotiating). The MSRP on the vehicle without the all-season mats and hood protector was $52,460.
    2008 Armada LE 4WD Smoke Preferred Package, Moonroof Package, In-cabin Microfilter, Tow Package, Technology Package, DVD Entertainment System, Splash Guards, Moonroof Wind Deflector, Carpeted Floor and Cargo Mats, Rear Cargo Net, Cargo Mat, Cargo Tray
  • matt04matt04 Posts: 6
    We test drove an '08 Armada LE 4wd, 5.7L V8 with DVD, Moonroof, Technology, preferred package and tow hitch/package (essentially all options). MSRP on Vehicle $52,500. Dealer 1st offer was $46,464 (he said this was $750 under invoice). Less $4,500 incentive brings price to $41,964. Dealer will finance for 4.9% for 60 months. Is $46,464 a good price given the current state of the economy and the price of gas?
  • pulmccpulmcc Posts: 11
    In today's market, I think you should be able to get around $1000 below invoice, or get them to throw in a few extras like the all season mats (the regular carpeted ones are already wearing and I don't even have 4K miles yet), a bug deflector, or something else. One thing I would do is look on the driver's door and see when that vehicle was manufactured. If it was over a year ago, I would point it out and use it to your advantage. Obviously, if it's still sitting on the lot, it's not selling.
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