Ignition off key turned off and key out something still running under the dash?

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Hello and good day.. Just picked up a pretty clean little Geo 1994 prizm for my daughter. It has been sitting for a few years.. She fired right up after putting some juice to it.. Drove it up the hill, and turned off the key and heard a noise coming from the dash, almost sounds like a little noisy fan ( really little). anyone ever here the overhead cab fan on a 2003 sierra or silverado that senses the cab air when they are a bit noisy.. This is sort of what it sounds like.. I let it set for 5 minutes still running... It wasn't in the engine compartment for sure... not the ac fan running or anything like that.. It sounds like pretty much dead center in the dash behind all the controls.. I had to disconnect the bat just to make sure it doesn't run the bat down....

Any thoughts to save this ol Dad some troubleshooting time? Tank you...


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    Hello! Of course without having the vehicle I can't say dogmatically, but I would start by unplugging the heater blower fuse and see if it stops. The control switch for these is a brass ring with slider assembly, similar to a variable oscillator knob and after setting will stick. If this is the case, the cure is to pull the assembly and using electrical cleaner spray it out good then apply die-electrical grease in the switch. If this is not the case, look to the fuel pump relay which is under the dash about center, it may be stuck causing the pump to run. These are my best guesses, these GEO's are great little vehicles and seem to run forever with very little upkeep. I think once you solve this she will fall in love with this little car. Good luck, and let us know how you make out.
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