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2013 and earlier Volkswagen Jetta Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • drfrisbiedrfrisbie Posts: 1
    The only VW dealership in Tulsa is asking MSRP + $2000 Market Adjustment + $700 Dealer Add Ons for all remaining Jetta TDI's. I offered MSRP - $500, and they didn't even consider it. Seems like cash for clunkers has driven up the demand, and combined with low supply, the dealer, at least in Tulsa, can get over retail for this car now.
  • claudin11claudin11 Posts: 2
    I'm waaaaayyyy late to the Sportwagen TDI party...seems like I'm too late.

    I was never in the market for a new car but once the cash for clunkers deal came along I started to look around (online) a bit and quickly realized that the Sportwagen TDI is the perfect car for me (lots of leg room, great mileage, and a wagon). I also have a new job and will do some serious commute miles for a few months and the “clunker” is not going to make it much longer.

    I quickly realized that this car is very difficult to find. I live in the inland Pacific Northwest (90 minutes away from Spokane and 5 hours form Seattle). Looking around the NW it seems as though there are very few SW TDIs available. Yesterday I went up to Appleway VW in Spokane to just look at the gas SW and to my surprise they actually do have a Sportwagen TDI. It's a manual with 16" wheels and has the sunroof and the iPod adapter. The salesman disclosed immediately that this car was involved in an accident (a fender bender as it was pulling out of the lot and it was currently being fixed). He showed me the car back in the body shop area where it was apart and being fixed. He says that it will still be covered under warranty and the accident will never show up on a carfax report.

    He also said that they will sell it at MSRP of $26095...and that's dealing since it is such a hot item.

    I was not ready to wheel and deal right then and there and thought I may have a leg up because of the little accident. After getting home and doing more research it seems as though I may be screwed as far as dealing goes. My "clunker" is getting quite bad though it can probably make it to Portland, Boise, or Seattle so I’m willing to travel a bit if it will save me some cash.

    Any opinions would be appreciated...basically I’m wondering what kind of offer I should go it with. I’ve never purchased a new car before and everything I read talks about starting below invoice but the TDI seems like a different beast due to the demand.

    If this is not the forum to post this "question" in sorry to waste your time.

  • micosilvermicosilver Posts: 212
    Any opinions would be appreciated...basically I’m wondering what kind of offer I should go it with. I’ve never purchased a new car before and everything I read talks about starting below invoice but the TDI seems like a different beast due to the demand

    Based on what you are saying, and what I know as a VW salesman - take the car at MSRP, or someone else will.
    When he is telling you they will sell it at MSRP - there is no hidden meaning to it, don't waste anyone's time with offers.
  • claudin11claudin11 Posts: 2
    Thanks...that what I thought. I could not pull the trigger due to the sunroof. Someone else did, though.

    Looks like I'll just be looking at a regular Jetta TDI.
  • outlawjjoutlawjj Posts: 1
    I am taking advantage of the cash for clunkers program and trading in my 1997 Jeep Cherokee country 4WD for a 2009 VW Jetta TDi Sportwagen. I am writing from Georgia and the only manual transmission wagon that I could find is in Chicago. I put my deposit down on Monday and driving up this weekend. The manual is a must for us. We have had the Jeep since new, it has 173000 miles. We are buying the Jetta TDi because we believe that it will last just as long (and hopefully longer) and get 40+ MPG. I thought it was crazy that no Tdi's were available in the SW US. The dealer in Chicago told me that this was the last one there as well. I called almost everywhere! I could find a couple auto trans, but no manual. Good luck if you are still looking. If that extra money gets approved from congress, you may be able to order a 2010, but you are risking it!
  • investor27investor27 Posts: 59
    Were you able to get the Sportwagen at MSRP? If not, how much higher?
  • We bought our Jetta S on Monday. Price was something like $17,977, and it came with the iPod adapter, rubber mats/trunk liner and alloy wheels. The price was about a thousand below sticker, and $500 below invoice. We got $3500 on cash for clunkers for our terminally rusting 1995 Isuzu Rodeo, so that was cool.

    As an aside, I think the iPod adapter is kinda crappy, it doesn't function nearly as seamlessly as the one in our Honda Fit. Given its limited navigation functionality, I'd prefer to just have the basic AUX jack. But, that's what the car came with, and as we found out, finding S manuals is not easy. Most dealers only had one in stock.
  • Just bought a 2009 Jetta SE (candy white) automatic with Premium iPod, Bluetooth, and rubber mats (MSRP = $22,543; invoice = $21,292) for $19,800 plus tax/title. That's $1,492 under invoice. 3.9% financing. The car is great. Columbus, OH
  • doug889doug889 Posts: 60
    Hi all. I am looking to get a Jetta SE for my son in the next several months. Just wonder what kind of deals folks are getting for Jetta SE in Baltimore/Washington area? Should I wait until the cash for clunker craze is over?

  • dbtdbt Posts: 298
    Long time Doug. You still have your 330 convertible?

    Clunker craze is just that. I'd wait.
  • Hello everyone. I am torn between leasing or buying the 2009 Jetta.

    Solely looking at value (depreciation, etc.), would it be better leasing or buying? Enlighten me please. Thank you.
  • doug889doug889 Posts: 60
    Yeah, it's been a long time since I posted here but I have been lurking on and off. I sold the 330 convertible few years ago and bought a 750i, a hell of a car I must say. Now the boy is learning to drive, I don't really want him to practice with my 750 or the wife's MDX, they are too big and too wide for him. I want to get him a Jetta SE. I know it's not the most reliable car out there but when I closed the door of the Jetta, I know it's a much more solid car than the Civic or the Corola or most other compact cars.

    I sent emails to two dealers but they don't even bother to respond. Must be too busy with cash for clunker.

    I think I will wait a bit, the 2010 model will be out anytime.

  • ptn206ptn206 Posts: 1
    MSRP: 22,198 With clunker, it was $14,500 out the door. I'm quite psyched. Love the stick.. Love the car..
  • dru37dru37 Posts: 8
    Just bought a Candy White Jetta SE automatic with bluetooth and premium ipod for $21,500 plus doc fees of $580 and sales tax. They didn't want to budge on the price, but I was able to squeeze hard on the value of my trade-in.
  • doug889doug889 Posts: 60
    This is the Jetta SE with the exact options I am looking for. The MSRP including freight is $22,543. Local dealers have them for $20,000 to $21,700 (including freight, excluding doc. fee and taxes). I haven't tried to get qoates from dealers. Some dealers already have some 2010 Jettas on their lots. Hopefully with the 2010 model arriving and the cash for clunker program ending tomorrow, dealers should be more motivated to clear their 2009 models.
  • We just bought a 09 SE Jetta with what the dealer here in Miami,FL called the Southeastern package (17' inch rims,ipod adapter,Bluetooth,6 disc cd changer) for $21,500, didnt want to budge much in final sales price, seems to be a few 100 under Invoice. Was this a decent deal? I love the car though!
  • Hi, could you tell me which dealer you went to? I am planning to buy a 2009 Jetta SE in NJ this week as well. Thanks
  • I leased my Jetta SE last Nov from Young VW in Easton, PA, which may not be too far from you. I forget the final price but my lease is $300/month. I'm actually thinking of selling mine. I've only got 7000 mi on it and the lease buyout is around $18,000. That puts me at about a grand under blue book.
  • I just bought a 09 Jetta S Auto + 16" Alloy last week, TX. The d.o. price was 19k, is this an ok deal? Overall, I like this car. But I found a problem that stick shift does not feels smooth enough while shifting between P, R, D, S. Wondering if this is a common problem or it'll be getting smoother along with break-in.
  • Anyone recently purchase a 2010 TDI sedan. Looking to get one soon . Is anyone discounting them to spur DEAD sales for this Fall?????? I notice alot of 2009 leftovers but I like the 2010 model better.
  • Hi, I like this car too and is currently looking for one. What do you mean d.o? Do you mind share the out of door price? Thanks.
  • rbk3rbk3 Posts: 34
    2010 Wolfsburg, msrp $24015.00. Sale price $22000.00, plus $462.00 (B.S. Charge), plus tax & doc fee.

    Price: 22,462.00? It sounds okay, but there is tons of inventory and very few buyers.
  • fho2008fho2008 Posts: 393
    09 TDI's? Cant find em around here, where do they have em?
  • I just bought a 2010 TDI near Fredericksburg VA 24450 plus tax out the door. No sunroof, no 17 wheels and no navigation. otherwise loaded.
  • Do you happen to have the lease numbers for both the 2010 and 2009 VW Jetta's...all trim levels if possible? Thanks.
  • Have you already purchased your 2010 TDI wagon? If not, I know of an untitled one with 1000 miles on in Columbia SC. The dealer Wray VW is selling it back of invoice. (Silver / dark interior, roof, 17" wheels, DSG trans.mat kit) MSRP 28,125. Hope this helps.
  • guzzguzz Posts: 1
    Finally bought 2010 Jetta SE Blue Graphite with floor mat option for $20,1xx at Stevens Creek VW, San Jose, CA. The whole process was smooth and the Sales team Riaz Ahmed and Raja Tharmaraja were awesome. First time me and my wife felt comfortable talking to a Salesman. Would recommend this team to anybody.
  • Hello, I need some help with the following deal, my girlfriend is trying to get out of her old car but is currently upside down by about 3500 bucks.. (thanks to the service contract she bought and god knows what else at the closing.........this was before I as with her, it never would of happened on my watch, lol)

    it's a 2006 jeep commander base model with 4X4, 26,000 miles. (kbb and edmunds say trade in is about 12,000, private party about 14,000 and dealer retail a little over 16,000)

    heres their offer

    2010 jetta SE, 5speed manual. $21,360
    Trade: 2006 Jeep commander 4X4 $14,300
    Down payment $2,000
    reg/dealer fees $400

    60 months @ 1.9% = 410 a month

    now the jetta is being sold at MSRP, the salesmen said they added 800 to the value of the car instead of taking it off the sticker of the car as "its better for tax purposes"

    after everything, I figured their max profit on the car (with 2% holdback) to be about 1600 bucks. the 2 other dealers we saw were only going to give 12k or 12,500 for the jeep so im thinking this is a decent deal.

    I was going to counter with this:

    2010 jetta SE, 5speed manual. $20,900
    Trade: 2006 Jeep commander 4X4 $14,300
    Down payment $2,000
    reg/dealer fees $400

    60 months @1.9 = $399 month

    thoughts? is this a good approach? should I try and go lower? are there any hidden cash to dealer incentives that im not aware of?

    thanks in advance!
  • Just bought 1996 VW JETTA (GL) with 107,000 miles. Does anyone has same year,how does it drive? Any after market parts.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,124

    We have a whole list of Jetta discussions. This one focuses mainly on the price of new models.

    Click the link, and you'll see a whole list to pick from, and one that might be on topic for your question. VW Jetta forums


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