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2007 Chevrolet Avalanche



  • you should check out the avalanche fan club website to forums and then look up battery drain
  • The truck had 29K when the tranny went, but the battery issue had happened off and on since about 10K miles. I should have been alerted something might be wrong as well, because the day I purchased mine, they couldn't get the OnStar to recognize the vehicle, and they kept it an additional 6 days and got some new sensor put in.
    It's been a little over a month since I got the battery replaced, and we're ok so far, but I am really careful about things - I don't run the air or play the radio all the time, I don't leave it running when I'm just sitting, etc.... I live my life on a time clock, needing to be places on time, so I can't really afford to be stuck somewhere, waiting on a tow.
    I DO have documentation about the jump start, because I would call OnStar to send someone out to do it - at least there is proof there. However, one must keep all the receipts from whomever OnStar sends out, because if you call OnStar and ask them any details about date/time that you requested assistance, they will tell you it's confidential and they cannot give you that info. Again, I'll say WTF? I'm paying for the OnStar service, I made the call for assistance - why in the heck would I not be privvy to my own information?
    Really, I am done with GM - when I get my taxes back, I'm going to trade it in for something else - probably a Tundra - they have a better track record. :sick:
  • xsgt1xsgt1 Posts: 3
    I am registered there already and have posted in regard to the electrical (if that is what it is) NO START isuue. There are other post that seem to be related to the problem and it would appear that GM has not been entirely forthright in the handling of the problem. I can only hope that by my filing with the BBB the issue will be handled fairly. I do have faith in the arbitration process as I have been through it once before. Thanks for your comments. I do appreciate all of the posts that comment on this issue.
  • My 07 AV with 31000 km. has suffered 3 dead batteries, rain sense wipers which are total garbage, an instrument cluster which can not be seen in daylight, stuck on front brakes, and lifter noise at cold start up which could be expected after 200000 kms. Nice truck, but when the warranties are over, it has to go.
  • xsgt1xsgt1 Posts: 3
    Yes I have experienced brake problems as well. They replaced the battery after the first time it failed to start. The wipers do come oc occasionly for one wipe but that is infrequent. they told me that the lifter noise is not a concern (I guess they mean for them). That is why I filed for arbitration. The Avalanches are basically a good vehicle but there seeems to be some problems out there that GM needs to address. I don't consider 7000 miles to be adequate mileage for them to classify it as normal wear and tear. They need to get real. I am still under the 36 thousand mile 3 yr warranty but not for much longer.Thanks for your post pissed5.
  • What really annoys me is when I explain the problem to the service manager I am treated like a moron. The first time the battery went stone dead, I was informed that a software upgrade would fix the problem. On subsequent dead battery no starts no explaination was offered. This is NOT a charging problem, but rather an electrical system[body computer] not shutting off. This thing has got to be the glitchiest vehicle we have ever owned. The sales manager suggested that I had good equity in this vehicle and would love trade me out of the problem. I assured him if he got an 09 F150 I would consider it. As far as having OnStar, who are you going to call with a dead battery?
  • That's the whole thing about the battery, and the fact that it ISN'T a dead battery - if it was, the battery would not be jumped so easily, nor would any of the interior battery powered things work (like OnStar, the lights, the radio, etc....). Something in the computer system is sucking all the life out of the battery, and for whatever reason, jumping it must "reset" it or at least, "recharge" it enough to go for a few more weeks/months.
    I essentially avoid using the battery any more than I have to while I'm in the car. I've started listening to my iPOD instead of the radio, and with it being winter in Florida, I can crack my windows for ventilation. It sucks that you can pay 28K for a vehicle and still have to do this, but with the recession, I'll never get out from under it.
  • When my Av does not start the battery has been discharged to almost zero volts, I have checked with the proper tools as I an a mechanic. Here in southern ontario my LT with most off the toys was 56K after taxes.
  • My battery would dischage to nothing as well. The doors would not unlock with the remote or anything else. Absolutely nothing would happen. I had to call onstar from my cell.
  • I can only add that since both the anti-teft relay and the recalled wiper fluid heater part were replaced my no starts have gone away. I was in at least once a month prior to the recalled part switch out. If these have not been changed on your vehicles have a tech specifically check them. Good luck to all. I am crossing my fingers and hoping not to have jinxed my self and truck.
  • I have an 07 LTZ and began experiencing a lifter tick at about 50k, at 62k, it began consuming oil, after the dealership did their consumption test, they took it in, and REBUILT the motor, after getting the truck back, it started dripping a good bit of oil, took it back, and dealer said it was mech error, so they fixed it. at 66k, I got an add engine oil warning, again, back to the dealer, tech said they're going to start another consumption test,at 67k oil was 1 1/4 quart low. What I'm having a hard time with, is that GM says that 1 quart is acceptable within a 1000 miles, I say, REALLY!!! My 96 GMC that had 222,000 on it, didn't burn a drop, and my sons 01 Ford f250 with 150,000 doesn't burn a drop. How the heck can they say that a truck the cost 56 grand, is okay burning roughly 3 quarts of oil between changes, Im still trying to figure that one out, oh, and I didn't even mention the smoking at startup, but I guess one goes with the other. The truck is currently at the dealership, diagnosing the problem again ( I have to say that the dealership has been great though, their just as frustrated as me, GM should have let them put a brand new motor in, right from the start of all this. the original said cause of this, was the active fuel management system had caused the problem. I have contacted GM directly, and stated that I want a brand new crate motor put in, so wish me luck! BTW for those of you who always seem to have the phantom issues (LOL) the second you get to the dealership, my suggestion to you is to take a video with your cell phone or video camera, just so that when you take your vehicle to them, and they can't find anything wrong, whip that video out, and say there's the dang problem!
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