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Drivers side rear running light not working, but turn/brake light do run.

pontiac2005sv5pontiac2005sv5 Member Posts: 2
edited January 2016 in Pontiac
Originally the i noticed the running light were on one morning and would not go off. Now the dirvers side rear running light is not working, but the turn/brake lights do work. I swapped bulbs from the other side, and it still does not work so they are not burnt out, checked fuses no problems found, any ideas? Oh, also the back light for the dash board is no longer working, not sure if its related but happened at same time.


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    pontiac2005sv5pontiac2005sv5 Member Posts: 2
    new discovery, I pluged my cell phone in and it did not charge, checked the fuse and it was blown,,,,replace, then running lights would not go off,,,,(which happened in the beginning of the problem, but went away) I then noticed the light on the top of the tail gate was broken,,,, so I thought water was getting in and disconnected it. But driver rear running lights still don't work, but brake and turn signal do,...also, the back light on the console was not working,,, so the gaugees work but not the light so when its dark you can not see the gauges. I found a fuse blown,,, labeled etc, and also backup lts,,,,blown,,,, replace backup lights and dash lights came back on,,,,,im in michigan so it was cold today and spent an hour out side, still can not get running lights on the drivers side rear of mini van,, again brake and turn signal work,,,,help
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