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Toyota Tacoma 2005+



  • geogeckogeogecko Posts: 225
    I just had to say how impressed I am with the DynoLock electronic tailgate lock. I put off installing it, because I figured it would take the better part of a day. Actually, it only took about 2 hours to install.

    I made some "operator" errors on the wiring, and installed it into the wrong wiring harness. After a quick call to Jim, all was resolved. You can't beat having direct cell phone customer service available when you need it.

    Anyway, something as simple as a tailgate lock...personally, I am glad I didn't get the PopNLock, because now, it unlocks automatically with my passenger/rear doors. No need to use "another" key.

    I'd highly recommend one to anyone.
  • I've been looking at purchasing one of these also. Where did you end up buying yours?
  • gandalf1gandalf1 Posts: 62
    From page 303 in the Tacoma 2006 manual, 2nd paragraph under the Trailer Towing heading:

    "We recommend you use a weight distribution hitch when towing to keep your vehicle level with the ground"
  • geo22geo22 Posts: 5
    Thanks for the clarification (ie.that the manual does NOT indicate not to use wt. distribution hitch).... The person that mentioned this must have been misinformed.
  • len888len888 Posts: 112
    I don't take my shoes off when I get in my truck, as suggested by some of the nifty interiors posted on this website. Jus kiddin'. Anyway, I noticed some ground in dirt starting to imbed on the carpeting next to the side of the gas pedal and just ordered WeatherTech front and rear floormats from Cabela' who have an excellent internet chat/ordering system. They'll dropship from the factory for my receipt in 3 to 5 wks. UPS freight is an outrageous $25.

    With my '05 V-6 Red Access Cab having an interior blend of various shades of grey to include the dashboard and BEL textured seat covers, I went with all grey mats. It was great to read all of the owners' experiences with different brands of floormats. It's the form, fit and function that is most important to me which led to my buying WeatherTech. The striking black accents on my truck are the door sill protectors, the TOY running boards, the Dunlop tires and the Fold-A-Cover tonneau over the composite bedliner. Keep on truckin'.......
  • caltacocaltaco Posts: 8
    Just took my 2005 6 speed sport into the dealership last week. Had the clutch assembly replaced as it was squeeking badly and lubrication wouldn't help it.

    While I was there I had the manager take a look at my paint. Specifically on the drivers side behind the rear door. On the curve of the door sill most of the paint had been worn off. The passenger side didn't have a mark on it. The manager said this was the second truck he had seen with misalligned doors with the same paitn problems. The passenger door is actually adjusted to far in to the cab exposing the door sill to the elements.

    They are fixing the door and repainting for me at no charge. If you look at the passenger side rear door it is adjusted a bit out from the cab and protects the sill, the drivers side is indented a bit causing the problem. Just an FYI for any of you to review before your paint is gone.....

    This is my 4th Toyota truck and they have always been prone to paint issues around the rear of the cab / in front of the rear wheel well but this was way worse.
  • gandalf1gandalf1 Posts: 62
    Has anyone mounted a trailer brake controller in their Tacoma? Where did you put it? I think the best spot is at the bottom of the center stack - in the opening above the cup holders, but then you have to drill a hole in the plastic for the wires. I think I can get around drilling any mounting holes by using heavy duty velcro to attach it.

    I'm ticked that Toyota doesn't include a brake controller when you buy the tow package like they do on American trucks. I mean, if you buy the tow package there's a good chance you're gonna be towing something heavy enough to need one! Instead, you have to install one mickey-mouse fashion someplace - just like I did on my 82 Toyota truck.

    I have added the above gripe to the cost cutting rear drum brakes and sagging left side complaints...oh yeah, and occasional 'clunk' that others have also reported.
  • len888len888 Posts: 112
    The assembly of your door(s) is the strangest story of Toyota workmanship I ever heard. Where was the truck assembled? Your VIN will tell you. My Tacoma was assembled and painted in CA and is excellent.
  • pb2themaxpb2themax Posts: 471
    I got my Weathertech floor liners from within a week from when I ordered them. The total for front and rear for a double cab was $156, including shipping. At checkout use AUTOPIA in the discount code box for 10% off your order.
  • pilotpilot Posts: 9
    can anyone tell me why at 60 to 65 miles an hour my steering wheel shakes , my truck only has 600 miles on it
  • bill55bill55 Posts: 25
    If it is an 05 model there may be a a TSB on that. It is "ST004-06", check with your dealer.
  • caltacocaltaco Posts: 8
    Not the assembly of the doors but the adjustment or allignment. My driver side passenger door is alligned in a bit to far exposing the door sill. Mine was installed in CA as well. Take a look at both your passenger rear doors...on mine the driver side is adjusted in to far where as my passenger side rear is adjusted out a bit...I only have the paint problem on the driver side...I'll see if I can get a photo to post...
  • aztacoaztaco Posts: 36
    WOW! Haven't been here in about 6 months, have some catching up to do. Had a flat this week on my 05 taco and when I pulled the spare there were 8 marks where the tire rubbed against the frame and actually rubbed into the sidewalls. Went to the dealer and they said this is "normal" and there is nothing they can do about it. They also said the tire was perfectly safe to drive on, even in the 115 degree heat. (I'm in AZ) I have had 2 other trucks, an 88 Chevy and a 2000 Tacoma and neither one had this problem. Dealer said I was just lucky with my other 2 trucks because this is a common problem for trucks.
    My question, is this really normal? I plan on getting a sheet of fairly thick rubber to go between the spare and the frame. That should stop further damage, but it sucks that I have to replace a brand new spare. I think my life is worth the $100.
    Does anyone have Toyota's address? I think this requires a letter.
  • kbshadowkbshadow Posts: 22
    I have heard its because of the brakes, and the valve that adjusts for the weight in the back, it will not work right with the hitch.

    stockton Ca
  • ustazzafustazzaf Posts: 311
    I have only seen Ford with the brake controller standard, and only in the last year or 2. I may be wrong. It is possible that the majority who buy a truck with a tow package will actually tow with it, but I would guess that the majority will not pull a trailer large enough to use brakes. When I bought my truck, the tow package was part of the TRD package, so it was either get the tow package or not get the TRD package. Some would say getting the brake controller they will never use with the tow package is Toyotas way of sticking it to the consumer, while others say they should go hand in hand. Toyota can't win. I figure if I get the offroad package, the hitch, tow hook, skid plate and 110 outlet would be naturally included because I intend to go out in the boonies where I may need a tow or to tow someone else. Others complain that they have to take all or none. All they can do is see what the majority of people want in each area and try to please them. As for the rear drums, the only time it will make any difference at all is if you have the rear end loaded and need to do a panic stop. Otherwise the rear wheels will lock before you run out of braking capability. The only difference is that discs will lock sooner. You aren't going to get any more stopping power out of locked discs than you will locked drums. I had to make a panic stop with my truck on my recent cross-country trip, and the brakes are certainly not lacking. And the rear track system had no problem holding the 600 pound motorcycle in place. The only sagging problem I have seen is the S10s from many years ago. Must be stolen from them.
  • banowetlbanowetl Posts: 6
    Hi, I have an 06 Double Cab Long Bed TRD Sport with the tow package. Since December, I have put 11,000 miles on it. I just put a Prodigy brake controller in on Tuesday night and the Equal-I-Zer sway/distribution hitch tonight. Every thing works great. The Prodigy controller does not have to be level to operate. It can be mounted up to 70 degrees from level and still work. It just needs to be pointing straight ahead. I mounted it on the plastic cover that goes under the steering wheel. The wiring harness from Toyota that came with the truck and the Prodigy cable wired together in just a few minutes. It looks ok and does not interfere with my legs. I have a Starcraft 21CK hybrid camper (3100 lbs dry) that I will be pulling. I took it out tonight and the weight distribution hitch and controller made the ride very smooth. The Prodigy can be had online for $99.00
  • bc02svtbc02svt Posts: 3
    I mounted a Hayes Lemmerz controller to the left underside of my dash, below the little door storage compartment. Perfect. Toyota provided the harness which is more than my 02 Ram with towing package provided. Under $100 and along with my weight distribution hitch, I'm ready to hook up. Easy to install.
  • len888len888 Posts: 112
    Thx for the info. Their availability for the '05 access cab is listed as 'front' only. I am letting the Cabela order proceed (front & rear in grey). The upside is getting a complete set in the color I want (grey) with a guaranteed fit The downside is UPS and 'outside leadtime' of 3 - 5 wks. PB you always share good info and this was worth my pausing about.
  • pb2themaxpb2themax Posts: 471
    Yeah, their site doesn't list the rear mats for the 05/06 but they still carry them, and they carry them in every color too. Just select the option for front and rear floor liners, then enter your trucks info. In the Notes section I entered the manufactuer part number of the floor liners I wanted. The front and rear liners arrived exactly how I wanted. You can look up the exact color and part number at
  • Just thought I would let everyone know that the Tacoma saved my life today. I was T boned by a cop going throuth a red light at about 50 mph. The truck was hit on the passenger side door and flipped landing upright on the medium. None of the wheels came off and the cab did not crumble. Also the head curtain and side airbags went off. I walked out of the truck. Only injury are sore ribs on my right side. Also my dog (90 lbs) was in the back seat- folded into a flat bench- and she walked away. God Bless Toyota and believe me when i say everyone on this forum bought a safe truck that will protect you and your family.
  • geogeckogeogecko Posts: 225
    Hey. Sorry for the late reply, out on business.

    I ordered direct from:

    But it appears their site is under construction. You could probably order one by e-mailing Jim @: jim [at] dynolock [dot] com
  • eaglegeagleg Posts: 87
    Sorry to hear about your accident.Bet you'll be buying another Tacoma.
  • wooddorkerwooddorker Posts: 300
    "I have heard its because of the brakes, and the valve that adjusts for the weight in the back, it will not work right with the hitch."

    PLEASE check your manual.
  • len888len888 Posts: 112
    My phone order to Cabela's for front and rear WeatherShield floor mats in grey arrived yesterday by UPS. Just one week ARO in spite of their published leadtime of 4 to 5 weeks. Mats were shipped from the manufacturer.
  • billg1billg1 Posts: 1
    Thanks a million for your insight and fix. I had to use the 0.220 diameter cord...guess the groove differs a bit between Tacos. Never would have guessed at the cause. Have been driving this truck, a 2005 access cab model, for 1.5 years and this particular noise just noticed yesterday!

    Thanks again....what a great web site Edmunds has and thanks to them for the forum. :)
  • riverrat1riverrat1 Posts: 12
    Good fix! I think I have the same problem especially with a head wind. I thought that it was related to another problem and it was the door seals, at 40-50 mph, it sounds like I'm always driving into a head wind. At higher speeds, is when, like you, I have the whistle. A lot of my driving is at 40-50 and the constant noise drives me CRAZY. I will try the cord and hopefully fix one problem...
  • len888len888 Posts: 112
    Check to see that each wheel is balanced with weights on BOTH sides of each wheel otherwise called a 'dynamic balance'. The inner wheel weights are stuck on whereas the outer weights are crimped on. That should fix the problem.
  • vabundezvabundez Posts: 2
    how or where did you get your headlights blacked out and where are u gonna do the tailights?
  • spicey33spicey33 Posts: 6
    I am having the same problem with my '05 Tacoma. The suggested fixes posted are way to technical for someone of my limited auto knowledge. I'm assuming this is a problem the dealer will address at no charge.

    Did you get the problem fixed afterwards?
  • pb2themaxpb2themax Posts: 471
    This is how you black out the headlights.

    I wouldn't try the tail lights. They are made from a softer plastic.
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