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Toyota Tacoma 2005+



  • I just got a 2008 DC Sport Taco and I am wondering if the Mother's Carnuba Polish is any good. I am looking for an easy polish with great protection and shine. I would also like this polish to be "powder free" and not leave behind powder on the windshield and stuff...thanks

    Hawaiian Sunshine...
  • bigandybigandy Posts: 70
    You guys are forgetting that these engines have variable valve timing and other tweaks that allow them to properly use higher octane fuel. My own experience is that the mileage is actually better with 91 octane, but not enough to make it pay for itself. I thus use 87 octane all the time in a 2005 4x4 TRD Access Cab with 6 and 6 speed manual.
  • pb2themaxpb2themax Posts: 471
    Well, which one do you want? A polish or a wax? They're totally different products. A polish cleans and repairs paint damage. A wax/sealant protects the paint and adds gloss. I did a detailing How-To here
  • saesae Posts: 1
    my toyota recently started squeking when in reverse but stops if i put it in neutral while coasting backwards. if i go fast enough in reverse it stops but starts back up when i slow down any guess what this could be. only does it in reverse, not drive
  • bolucaboluca Pittsboro, NCPosts: 30
    I would like to find a used access cab, 4x4 with manual trans. Any idea what year I would need to start looking at to get stability control and side airbags? I know it might be hard but those things are important to me.
  • bobadbobad Posts: 1,587
    The last 2 Toyota trucks I bought had a bottle of sealant/wax in the glove box. That stuff is amazing. It makes the paint so shiny and slick it's hard to believe. They sell it at the dealers, too.
  • offroader3offroader3 Posts: 37
    I have a question,I have a 05 Tacoma double cab,been struggling with wind noise 70-80 mph when it's windy.Anyway I took it to the dealer but didn't fix the issue.My question is does changing the whole windshield will fix this issue???
  • bobadbobad Posts: 1,587
    My guess is that it has nothing to do with the windshield.

    I get wind noise at the doors at 55-60mph. It's probably hopeless above 70mph. I don't think wind noise is a priority on pickup trucks, and I doubt Toyota will fix it.
  • jomano1jomano1 Posts: 4
    I agree with responder. Its a truck...not a luxury car. Wind noise is going to be an issue, especially with a sliding back window if present. If you want a car free of wind noise you should buy a Lexus or a Mercedes.
  • bigandybigandy Posts: 70
    If you are talking about a whistling noise at 70-80 in a high cross wind, there is a TSB on this and I had no trouble getting Toyota to fix it. You don't have to live with it.

    I used a digital camera to record a short movie showing:

    1) my speed
    2) the noise itself, which is unmistakable.

    I had to play it back for the service manager in the showroom to get away from all the shop noise, but he heard it and they fixed it.

    Here's the link to the TSB:
  • eforsstromeforsstrom Posts: 5
    I have the same clunk in my 2005 Dbl Cab 4x4 and my 2003 Dbl Cab 4x4 that I had before. I keep getting the 'its normal' speech too. I would love to hear if the jewelers grease (or anything else) fixes it.
  • eforsstromeforsstrom Posts: 5
    2005 Tacoma 4x4 Dbl Cab - The A/C - Heater blower inside all of a sudden will not operate at any other speed than full Hi. All the other positions on the fan switch are the same as Off. If the A/C button is On it does light up on all the speed settings, however the fan only blows on the highest setting. Any ideas?
  • tacomaguytacomaguy Eugene, OregonPosts: 41
    I have a 6 cylinder '05 TRD Prerunner 2-wheel drive automatic with the towing package. Would like to hear from anyone who has experience towing a heavy camping trailer with this truck. How much did the trailer weigh? How long was it? Issues? Am I limited to just pulling boats and small trailers? I know the truck is rated for towing a certain weight load but how realistic is it?
  • eforsstromeforsstrom Posts: 5
    I tow a 1k trailer with 2k of ATV and camping gear. Acceleration has no noticeable effect until I get to 70+ mph. MPG drops to 16 on highway.

    I do notice the load on my brakes. The trailer has no brakes and with 3k behind me, it takes longer to stop, so be careful.

    I have 05 Dbl Cab 4x4.
  • xatlxxatlx Posts: 1
    for some reason my 2005 4x4 dbl cab Tacoma happen the same thing any one can help me with this situation ?? plz give me a email on what happen , this happen aaround 5/20/2008
  • mikes.mikes. Posts: 336
    Hey all, I just today bought a new 2008 DC LB 4x4 in speedway blue. It didn't come with a security system so I'm wondering what y'all like in that regards?

    A local shop recommends the Viper 560xv.
  • janice96janice96 Posts: 19
    Got a 06 Tacoma a year ago.Does anyone know where a good set of seat covers can be gotten??
  • wsuiterwsuiter Posts: 6
    i got the TRD Neoprene seat covers for my '05 dbl cab. they work like a charm. water proof, and thick, so they save the OEM seats. They dont make that for the back seats, so i got a generic cover from petsmart that slips over, is also waterproof and is washable. i took them both off after having them on for over two years and my seats look brand new. washed the covers and put them back on. the TRD covers i got off of a toyo dealer on ebay for about $100, which is about $120 off of list i believe.
  • hmmmmm called two different dealers and they samed confused aswell about the service but not about the price What is going on 2006 Pre Runner due 30000 mile check up :confuse:
  • ksenatorksenator Posts: 4
    Can anyone tell me why the GVRW on my 2005 DC LB 4x4 is only 850 pounds but the similar Nissan Frontier is rated at 1392 pounds

    I wanted to put a small cab over camper on it but at 850 pounds it is impossible
  • mcs726mcs726 Posts: 1
    you need to replace the blower motor resistor, you can buy this from the dealership only or internet. it under the or around the glove box compartment at the duct work next to the motor.
  • sed2sed2 Posts: 1
    Does anyone have experience installing a keyless entry pad on the new generation Tacoma? Current vehicle is an '07 DC TRD 4X4...any info and insight would be greatly appreciated...Thanks for the help!
  • tacomaguytacomaguy Eugene, OregonPosts: 41
    My town is getting hit hard by converter thieves. Toyota trucks, with their high clearance, bolt-on converters and precious metals in the unit, are prime targets. There is a company that sells wire cages made out of aircraft cables. They can't be cut with a sawzall and they are connected to the truck so even if the pipes are cut they can't pull the unit loose. About $238.00 as I recall. On trips, or if you park in a lot during the day, someone could cut off an un-protected unit in seconds. I wouldn't advise trying to cover it with a skid plate or similar protecter because of the heat build up. Thoughts?
  • tacomaguytacomaguy Eugene, OregonPosts: 41 sells a converter guard made out of aircraft wire for $269.95.
    Most people have insurance deductibles higher than that, so any theft loss is going to cost you out of pocket expense to get it replaced. Besides, you can transfer it to the next vehicle when you decide to sell. Anyone who ever parks their truck in an un-guarded area, should look into this product.
  • I have a 2005 tacoma sport double cab. My airbag light recently came on and when I brought it to the dealership I was told that the left front sensor had corroded along with the wire harness. I was then told that this was a repair upwards of $3000!! Does anyone know if this is a recall, I can't see how this can be considered normal wear and tear on a 3 year old truck.

  • i have a '05 dbl cab off road, my light came on about a month ago and i took mine in to the dealer. i have a 100,000 bumper to bumper warranty, i now found out it isn't so bmpr to bmpr. They told me that the computer behind the driver air bag went out and that the warranty does not cover it and that i need to shell out $890 bucks to get it replaced. i dont know what is going on, i was waiting to hear if someone else was having the same problem. my compass/temp went out (another $1,000) but the warranty people covered that. i guess when i am laying in the middle of the road dying from an injury because my airbag doesn't work, at least the EMS people will know what the temp. is outside and which direction i was facing. i haven't replaced my computer yet, i dont know if i will. i looked into it a little bit and have not been able to find any recalls. if i find one, i will be sure to post it on here, anyone else, PLEASE do the same.

    Thanks, Wayne
  • had the same thing happen on my '05 dbl cab. Found out it is the u-joint from the trany to the d-shaft. parts and labor at my dealer was $42. works great now and have had no more issues.

  • My compass/temp just recently went out also. The other problem with my airbag light being on is that my truck will not pass inspection in MA until it is fixed. My next move will be to try and find a local machanic that can splice these wires until I figure out what Im going to do in the long run.
  • I own a 2005 tacoma and the srs(airbags) light came on and and its been on for a good while. I connected the comp to it and it game a PO198 code. Does anyone know that that means? The comp says the code info is not available. Looked it up on all data and that code is not even listed.
  • I have a Ford Bronco II Eddie Bauer Edition that a friend gave me. I need to have it smogged but cannot get it passed due to a missing hose. I do not see where the hose should connect to stop the escape. Does anyone have a similar truck that you can help me find the solution to my problem. I would rather do it myself and save some money on it. Just to have the diagonistic it will cost another $100. Maybe some one out there can give me some info. Thanks, :shades:
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