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Toyota Tacoma 2005+



  • eforsstromeforsstrom Posts: 5
    edited May 2010
    I am so glad you posted this. I have had the same issue since my 2005 Tacoma V6, Auto, Double Cab, Short bed, was new. The dealer keeps saying it is normal.
    Like you my pipe is black, and the mud flap and the lower rear body panel too. I thought it was running to rich, so at about 30k miles I changed to a K&N air filter hoping that would help lean it out. No noticable change. I now have 76k miles on it.
    If any one knows something constructive about this, please let me know.
    I love my truck, but this does not seem normal.
  • bigandybigandy Posts: 70
    Had my 2005 V6 4x4 TRD Access Cab in for the 45k service yesterday and my mechanic called me during the day to report he found a creamy foam under the oil cap and that the coolant level was down (1 pt to 1 qt). He was thinking head gaskets but as I read on line about others finding this, it looks like it's probably pretty normal. I usually change the oil myself before I go in, so he normally wouldn't see this, even if it were an ongoing problem. He's also familiar with the head gasket problems on some of the other Toyota V6's which may have made him more likely to favor that explanation of what's going on.

    I went to the local Toyota service desk and talked to the assistant service manager about the problem. He pointed out that we don't actually know the starting level of the coolant, so it may have been down a little for the 15k and 30k services. I only put on about 8k or 9k miles a year, so it was at least a year and a half ago that the 30k service happened. I NEVER look at the coolant because it has never shown signs of problems and it's a young vehicle. The service guy also said the foam can easily be caused by condensation and would be considered normal, barring other symptoms. I do a lot of short trips and that makes it less likely that the condensation would be removed from a hot engine.

    Both the Toyota service guy and my mechanic agree that we should watch the coolant and the oil more carefully for a while. I'm inclined to think that the coolant loss happened over a matter of years and is ultimately not something that indicates big problems (like the need to replace head gaskets at $2k.

    Has anyone else had experience with this problem? I don't see much reference to it here, though there is some on a couple of the other boards.

    Thanks in advance.
  • al16al16 Posts: 1
    Do I need to replace the whole rack & pinion assembly if the driver side boot is leaking grease? I asked NAPA tech and told me most likely I have to do the whole thing to make sure that no steering fluid is lost? Can I do that my self or I have to take it to the shop? Please advice.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    When, and what year, did the Tacoma get "blown up" to the size of the Tundra...?

    And why...??
  • bigandybigandy Posts: 70
    2005. That's why this is the 2005+ forum.
  • Im wondering how easy it is to remove and replace the blow motor (which blows air for heater and AC functions).
    A friend of mine has low air output, the fan noise varies, especially when going over a bump. The bearings are starting to go, probably needs replacement
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    edited July 2010
    Blower motor bearing failure is pretty rare, more likely something(s...?) down inside the squirrel cage blower wheel itself, bird, mouse, debris, etc.
  • cregocrego Posts: 1
    Hi Bigandy!

    You are a genius!
    The whole thing took less than 10 minutes and my display is now brighter than ever. You saved me a wad of money

  • bigandybigandy Posts: 70
    Kind of amazing, isn't it. Going to Toyota costs $800 or more to replace that thing. Seems that nearly all of them fail and it should be a TSB repair, not something that civilians are talking about here. Glad it worked for you.
  • My 2005 access cab frame is rusting bad also. The dealer says surface rust is visible but no soft spots....anyone walking by can see all the is flaking real bad. Toyota will only say....2005 tacoma is not included in frame program...i told them it needs to be...they had no other response...
  • I also have a 2005 tacoma acc cab, my frame is rusting too. its not thru yet but getting there. I have 90000 miles on it, also other than the frame rusting, my truck looks like it came off the showroom floor. I am not sure it will last another 5 years. toyota should take care of it. who do we call about the frame.
  • I also have an '05 and the body is perfect but the frame and all under-body brackets are seriously rusting. I called Toyota and logged a complaint and am logging another one at the next dealer visit. The more people who complain the more likely it is to get resolved. I am also considering writing the Attorney General of CT. It is BS. I complained 3 years ago to the dealer.
  • Consumer Reports rates replacement car batteries and divides their reviews into battery "groups", group 35 , group 65 etc.
    Does anyone know the group code for 2005+ Tacoma car battery.
  • i have a 09' tacoma that i took to the dealer...when driving over 60mph the truck does not de-accelerate. it appears to be worse in colder weather and does not do it below 60 mph or all the time. the dealer WEBB TOYOTA, in farmington new mexico, refused to address the issue. claimed there was nothing wrong with the vehicle. refuse to even go on a test drive. they accutally claim that it was normal and that the vehicle would slow down when applying the brakes...well i would hope so! i have the manual 5 speed tranny. when you clutch it at high speeds the engine does not idle down, recently on snow packed roads in colorado i had to turn off the ignition in order to get the rpms down. i have a friend with an 08', same problem. sometimes tapping the accelerator will make the engine idle down... others time it won't. what use is a manual tranny truck that you can not decelerate with. i've been reading on the web and have found others with the same problem...they were also ignored by their dealers... what is a guy to do????
  • I have a 95 which passed inspection in 2009. It failed last month due to a very large hole which dealer told me took more than a year to develop, but I was out of the warranty period!!

    I originally attempted to talk to Toyota via the phone but spoke to a very rude and nasty Case Manager, who basically said "too bad". When I asked to speak to her supervisor, she initially refused and said that Customer Support Supervisors do not talk to customers! She eventually gave me a name. I spoke to a supervisor the next day who was even more unprofessional and told me that he was the highest person in Toyota I could speak with and his decision to deny the warranty claim was final. He said I was lucky he called me back as supervisors don't talk to customers!!

    He encouraged me to contact the President and CEO of Toyota, the BB and the Attorney General. So I wrote to the CEO and many other VP's pleading my case and letting them know that my family and I are loyal customers and would be purchasing another Toyota if they honored their warranty.

    The answer was "the hole may have been overlooked in 2009, but you are now out of the warranty period".

    So, I filed complaints with the BB, NHTSA, Consumer Protection Agency, The Attorney General and the Federal Trade Commission. I also contacted several well respected writers in the auto world at the NY Times and a local news station is considering "investigating" my complaint. I was hoping not to bring additional bad press to Toyota, but they left me no other alternative.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    edited December 2010
    "...worse in colder weather.."

    There is a new technique "afoot" wherein with a manual transmission the engine will be "up-revved" if a coastdown, engine compression braking, downshift or not, results in some level of driven wheel slip as a result of slippery road conditions.

    The technique was originally developed by VW to reduce instances of loss of directional control on their manually equipped FWD cars and by now may have migrated to other fleets, even RWD.

    And think about it, do you REALLY want the engine RPM down to idle when you "de-clutch" doing 75MPH on a slippery roadbed...?? Many new sports cars will now automatically "blip" the throttle as/when you downshift an automatic.
  • "think about it"????

    i've been driving sticks for 40 years...30 years in the high country of colorado.
    Yes, i want the engine to idle down...i want to be in control of the vehicle...not the vehicle in control of me.
    whether the roads are slippery or not if i release the accelerator i want to slow down, period. if it is actually designed this way then why doesn't it do it all the time...very spuratic....very inconsistent
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    On a known slippery roadbed an experienced "stick" driver would automatically uprev the engine prior to a downshift "at speed" in order to alleviate the potential for skidding or plowing. The new technique allows VW to sell otherwise PATENTLY UNSAFE FWD cars with a stick shift without incurring the liability arising from use by inexperienced FWD "stick" drivers.
  • you sound like a toyota dealer, ignoring the problem and making up your own scenerious to justify the un-solved problem. who said anything about downshifting on slippery roads or front wheel drives. toyota can't or hasn't figured out how to fix the problem of a sticking accelerator. period. and you want to justify it?

    the king is necked...the suit of cloths is the lie.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Nekkid, not "necked"..
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    You did....

    "...when you clutch it at high speeds the engine does not idle down, recently on snow packed roads in colorado.."
  • fair enough...i had to clutch it to slow down. maybe you've hit the nail on the head. extend your logic a bit.

    going down hill on slippery road, driver de-accelerorates, driving wheels slip, non-board computer detects slippage and revs up engine, vehicle increases in speed. sounds exactly what the stories are in the news, CAR SPEEDs UP ON IT'S OWN. so, maybe the vehicle hits a bump in the road....wheel slippage...vehicle accelerorates. possible a bit of sand on the road...same effect.

    if this is indeed the intended design, then why doesn't toyota print this...why let unsuspecting drivers find out the hard way? and why does the engine rev down below 60mph like a normal vehicle? and why does the engine rev down when you tap the accelerator, sometimes? if what your saying is true then toyota is trying to make the vehicle smarter than the driver. that's just dumb. and the really big question...why did they try to explain it on faulty floor mats and accelerator pedals???? and why did NASA get involved if toyota purposely design the vehicle this way...they would have already know what was causing the problem?

    or is just another government cover up conspirisey.

    you sound like a smart guy west...maybe you have the answers...i'm all ears
  • excuss me Mr. English.....but the correct spelling is "naked"
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    I was born in Arkansas...
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    ".. Toyota is trying to make the vehicle smarter than the driver.."

    No, just smarter than the AVERAGE driver....

    Take a new Porsche 996 or 997, for instance.

    The factory expects that anyone purchasing a Porsche in this class will know how to "drive" the vehicle. So the PSM, stability system, is designed to delay taking any corrective action, activity, until the driver has an opportunity to do so.

    Toyota's VSC, on the other hand, acts INSTANTLY to correct any yawing condition because there in NO expectation of the AVERAGE driver having the experience, background, or knowledge as to how to correct for a plowing/understearing condition.
  • 2006 Tacoma TRD V6 navigation system burned out 6 months after I got it. any cheap fix its? I forgot all about it til riding in friends truck.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Sure, buy a portable Garmin.
  • I had the same problem with my 2005 tacoma the dealer replaced rear diff. i got tired going back . I got a set of new tires today the noise was worse went back to discount tire and found out the front left bearing was bad took it to a to a local shop and they replaced bearing noise is gone my truck has 102k miles hope this helps you
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