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Toyota Tacoma 2005+



  • issysmomissysmom Posts: 1
    Big Andy-THANK YOU! We did just exactly that- it's 11pm and we couldn't wait to take your suggestion- we fixed the "$800 problem" in 10 minutes. And we didn't even need to reset. You rock.
  • This morning on my way into the office I stopped and got gas when my light came on. I only got about half a tank because i was running late. About 5 miles down the road i was at a stop light and when i went to accelerate from said stop light my truck wouldn't go. I had to mash the gas pedal for it to go. It slowly got worse as I got closer to the office. None of my idiot lights are on, and I work in a not so good part of town and don't want to continue driving my truck for fear it might break down on me.
    I called my husband and he won't be able to come look at it for a few hours. He seems to think I got gas with water in it, but I'm sure it could be anything.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  • I have a 2005 toyota tacoma 4.0 4x4 with aprox 140k miles on it. I've had a problem develop. Here's the problem: I backed up out a parking spot, went aprox 50 feet, hit the brakes to turn out of a restaurant (so low speed) and the rps dropped in half, the truck seemed to lock up, motor stalled, electronics went out, kind like the trucked was slammed in to part. only lasted a couple of seconds. same thing happened today, truck was drove aprox 10 miles in to town, went to a fast food restaurant and while in line the same problems as mentioned above happened. Anyone know whats going on with my truck?

    thanks in advance dja9520

    Some addition information: Front Brakes were redone about 2 weeks ago
  • I've been reading that the 3rd generation Tacoma will be released as a 2013 model. I've yet to see any pics or read this from Toyota. What's the latest?

    Thank you.
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