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Nissan Sentra Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hey, just wanted to give you an update. They ended up having to replace factory radio because after I came out of pocket to upgrade, problem was still occurring. Since I had brought it back 3 times and made sure it was documented, they had not choice because it should not have been doing that and it was happending from the very beginning. So they did correct, but look how many times I went about it, let alone 2 other times for things other than the radio. I think all is well now, hopefully. Thanks for responding.
  • It sounds good. I am planing to buy a 08 2.0S w/o pkg, but the price with mats is 14500 + TTL. I am at Boston.
    Good luck
  • We purchased the new 2008 2.0S with the Convenience package with 6 miles on it. On the drive home from the dealership, the gear stick came loose in my hand - I was able to gingerly push it back into the socket and drive back to the dealership the next day.

    Finding such serious problems on a brand new car was disconcerting and ruined the new car buying experience. :lemon: Fortunately, the dealership was willing to take the car back (they offered a replacement, but did not have another one in the same color/configuration available). :cry:
  • This message board has been a bit quiet...just checking if any one managed to get their hands on a 2009 2.0 S yet?
  • Finally, found a replacement 2008 2.0S CVT with convenience plus package from another dealer here in Dallas. Negotiated for $15600 OTD. The car we finally picked out at the dealership had a pre-installed after market rear spoiler (not the plain one from Nissan) which looked really nifty - so ended up paying an extra $200. Final price with the rear spoiler was $15800 OTD. All in all - I think this is a really good time to be buying those last few 2008 cars.

    Happy new year to all of you!

  • Sridhar, thanks for sharing! Did you get financing? If so, what rates were you offered?
  • I went with my own financing and took the Nissan rebate. To qualify for Nissan 0% or 1.9% financing, had to give up the $2000 rebate. The finance guys at the dealership offered 8.5% - when I said I had pre-approved financing from my credit union, they magically dropped their rate to 5.2%. I went with my credit union anyways.

    Hope this helps.

  • NiscarNiscar Posts: 1
    Can anybody say how the steering feels in the new sentra. I test drove the new corolla and did not feel very comfortable with the new electric steering. I am going to try the sentra.
  • Just purchased a new 2009 black base model sentra SL, OTD for $17,999. Purchase was cash.
  • Dishonest dealership, here is what I experienced with them yesterday:

    1) The guy called Dale Jungeberg quoted internet price of $12478 for a Versa 1.6 + Auto + ABS + free mats

    2) I confirmed every piece of details with him on the phone

    3) I drove 25mi down there. They let me see the manager only and said 1.6 doesn't have ABS (even though it does have that officially on Nissan website) and claimed that no dealers are quoting that with ABS. The lowest model that has ABS is 1.8 (much more expensive)

    4) They requoted a lower price but without ABS and still stood firm on their lies that the model I wanted is without ABS until I told them I saw that exact model with my own eyes at other dealerships

    5) Suddenly the manager changed his tone and said that they can get it for a higher price

    6) I shook his hands and left

    Their overall attitude was horrible. They can lie to you without even blinking their eyes. One thing for sure is they are still using that kind of old school bait and switch to cheat people. You folks out there be careful. I am sure you don't want to deal with any dealership without a single bit of honesty in their heart. It's a cold hard warning to you!!!

    Good luck buying a new car!!!
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    Where are they located? Bought our daughter's 1.8 SL Hatchback with ABS and a few other things last month from Endicott Nissan in Pompano Beach, Florida and had a good experience. There was a warranty issue that no one saw, except me, but they stepped up and fixed the small problem and gave me a rental for a couple of days.
    Nice little car and really like the CVT on it. Got a very fair price with the rebates so everyone is happy.

    The Sandman :)
  • ... oh I forgot to mention where they are. It is North Olmsted, OH, which is about 25mi from downtown Cleveland, OH
  • Just bought a 2008 Nissan Sentra 2.0s. Paid cash, OTD $14000 ( including tax title etc).
    The Dealer is Tamaroff in Southfield, in the metro detroit area.

    From my this and past experience, this particular dealer gives a very reasonable initial quotes, so there is not much haggling involved.

    Tamaroff gave me an initial price quote of $15.3K. OTD
    Another dealer, (Dick Scott) gave me an initial quote of $16.8K for a 2.0S. OTD
    Suburban Nissan, gave me an initial quote of $15.5 for a 2.0base. OTD

    Even for my previous purchase of the 2004 Sentra, tamaroff gave me the best quote of 12.7k OTD. Only at the time, a dealer near my home was able to match it, so I bought it from the other dealer.

  • I'm going to be in the market next month. I know I can get a 08 2.0S CVT for $14900 +TTT. However, that was when the rebates were $2000, and I know they just cycled a $2500 rebate.

    I'm hoping for $14000 for the car, or under $14900 with the ConvPkg +TTT. I'd rather try for 14K as I want to be about $15000 before my down payments. I'm here in the Tampa, FL area so if anyone as far north as Gainesville, South to Naples or East to Orlando area got a car, let me know!!! and what price.
  • Forgot to mention, the 08Sentra 2.0s, came with the convenience pkg, i.e. ABS, bluetooth, leather wrapped steering, cruise, audio on steering wheel, etc.
    All this for $14k OTD. Bought the car on 2/2/09.
    Want to know if this was a good price, or are there people who get an even better deal?
  • out the door??? for 14k??? i need to go to Detroit!!!
  • I know the rebates that are out there now are $2500 for an '08 and $2250 for an '09 which both expire on March 2nd.

    Does anyone have some insider info as to what the next round of rebates will be???

    I believe in Dec/Jan the rebates were $2000/$1750.. i'd like to get an 09 but might not be ready to purchase prior to March 3rd (have someone buying my car and my father will be so kind and give me $200/month to help out in March...

    I'm thinking of just waiting and seeing what comes next..
  • jcoryjcory Posts: 17
    I've driven both vehicles, and the Nissan is by far the better vehicle if you care about the driving experience.... I trust Toyota implicitly to create a trouble-free ownership experience, but if you care the least bit about fun-to-drive or an engaging ownership experience, I'd go with the Nissan.
  • $500 total out of pocket (includes first month and all taxes and fees)
    36 months. 12k miles
    $259 per month

    How would you rate this???
  • asuasuasuasu Posts: 1
    I am trying to get a nissan sentra for my wife, and the dealers in AZ quote me a fully loaded model with over 18k, anyone purchased this model recently in AZ, and what deal u got, or how do u rate this?

  • alpine1alpine1 Posts: 51
    You should be able to purchase a 2009 Nissan Sentra 2.0S with MSRP of $18,595 for $15,345 + tax.
  • lance_llance_l Posts: 6
    This is what I found on the dealer website 94046381e013cb165ecb1ed8d

    17,163 miles.

    So how much should I offer them? (OTD/DO price)
  • Just bought a 2009 Sentra S FE+ with MSRP $19,675 for $16K out the door (with the new tag). They gave me $2250 rebate. I just wondering if I made a good deal or not. I'm here in JAX FL.
  • lance_llance_l Posts: 6
    I think they rigged you $500 on the rebate. The 09 Sentra have $2750 rebate in total.
    I bought myself an 09 Sentra CVT FE+ 2.0S with $15,500 drive-out (car+ TTL+ rebate).

    P.S: I lived in Texas with 6.25% tax
  • The dealer made some error on paper work so I had to came back there & I also mentioned about the rebate & they agree to give me addition $500 rebate to make it $2750 rebate total :-)
  • dxd15dxd15 Posts: 1
    I totally agree to stay away from this terrible Nissan dealership!

    On Monday 5/18/09 I came to the Nissan of North Olmsted dealership to look at a used 2008 BMW 335xi.

    The salespeople who assisted me were Steve Johnson Jr. and Jarod Miller.

    After having further researched the vehicle myself, I feel that I was deceived about the car's tires (Jarod said they were not runflats after going back and supposedly researching them online when indeed they were) and lack of a spare tire in the trunk - but that's not where it ends.

    On Thursday afternoon, 5/21/09, I got a very rude phone call from Steve Johnson Jr. After I tried nicely to explain to him that I was no longer interested in the vehicle, he accused me (in a very resentful tone) of 'wasting his time', 'keeping him late', 'copping out' and not telling him 'like a man' that I wasn't interested.

    He also tried to tell me that it was my fault that I didn't research the car better prior to coming in, and that I should have already known myself that the tires were the problematic runflats that have created multiple class action lawsuits against BMW.

    It amazes me that someone with this bad of an attitude problem still has a job as a car salesman.

    I work in a corporate environment and we are typically not allowed to make personal phone calls, which is why I sent an email on Thursday morning explaining to Steve why I was no longer going to pursue the BMW.

    I have never been this insulted in my entire life by a salesperson (or anyone in general for that matter). I used to work as a salesperson in retail, and if we told off a customer like Steve did to me, we would get fired on the spot.

    This has me absolutely outraged and I will not stop until corrective action is taken against both Steve Johnson Jr. and Nissan of North Olmsted.

    My suggestion is to RUN, not walk, away from this dealership.
  • spdnyspdny Posts: 4
    Did you finance through Nissan. Dealers in upstate NY are telling me I can only get 2000 as the 750 is if you finance through Nissan and not the 1.9 special.
  • crh3crh3 Posts: 5
    Last Sunday, I bot a Nissan Sentra S CVT for $12554 (after $3000 regular rebate and $500 college graduate rebate). OTD with CA TTL on $16054 is $14380, with 6.9% 60mon NMAC financing (I would pay it off right after the rebate is posted to my account, so rate does not matter).

    The original MSRP of the car with floor mat and mud guard is $18,760.

    The car has 31 miles before I test drove it. But it has sit in the dealer's lot for 5-6 months.
  • stlrodstlrod Posts: 8
    Just purchased today a 2009 Sentra S plus FE w/ convenience pkg, body side moldings, mats and mud flaps for $15,488 OTD (does not inlcude taxes since I live in a state other than state of purchase.) MSRP was $19,785. Rebate used was $2,000.
  • jkool56jkool56 Posts: 11
    What is a good price for a 2010 new sentra 2.0S stripped down. I am planning on buying this month (October 2009) and will be purchasing in the midwest. I have been using edmunds TMV but am a little confused on how that works. I am thinking that 15.8k is a fair price before tax and titles. Is it possible to get the dealers to go any lower?
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