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Nissan Sentra Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • craigmricraigmri Posts: 243
    SSN, did you get that deal you illustrated? My guess not.

  • Bought today for $16,699.88 OTD. Paid as follows:

    16,695.00 Price
    55.00 Doc prep
    1,633.13 Sales tax
    28.00 DMV fee
    288.75 License & Reg.
    (2,000.00) Rebate

    Did I get a decent price? I was told MSRP was $18,450.00. Any info you can provide will be appreciated.
  • may i know your zipcode? i am considering this car too. btw, MSRP $18,450 is for SL, not SR...

    So you prefer 2k rebate rather than the %0 APR for 60 month?
  • I bought the car at Glendale Nissan, So Cal, zip code 91204. It was an SR, not an SL, with floor mats and splash guards. I paid all cash, so took the $2,000.00 rebate.

    I'd still love some input as to whether I got rooked, or this was a good price.
  • ike3ike3 Posts: 81
    In western NY state, your exact same vehicle...Sentra SR w/CVT, splashguards, floormats...MSRP of $18,450. One dealer was selling it
    for $14, 795. Plus another $100. for washing/waxing/full tank of gas. Extra
    fees include $12.50 tire tax, 8% sales tax and MV fees which are low in NY.
    Hope this helps!
  • Hi,

    I bought new 2011 Nissan Sentra 2.0 S for $13350 (excluding sales tax) and includes floor mats, splash guards -out the door. Not sure if this is a good price??? Any comments.
  • ike3ike3 Posts: 81
    What was the MSRP on this unit, including the factory shipping fee? And which dealer in what state?
    Here in western NY I am seeing MSRP's of $18,450. for a Sentra 2.0 S or SR,
    with the floor mats and splash guards...and being sold for $14,795. or $14,999.
    Excluding sales tax, MV fees of course.
    If your Sentra retailed for the same as here, you are getting a $5,100 discount
    off of MSRP. And you asked if you got a good price?
    Fill us in as to whom the dealer is and what state?
  • Hello what are rates & residuals for NMAC for a 2011 Sentra SL, for a tiers 1 & 2?

  • wschecklawscheckla Posts: 3
    edited February 2011
    Bought a 2011 Sentra 2.0 S (CVT automatic), with floor mats and splash guards (can't find a car around here without at least those options) yesterday. My first Nissan product....MSRP was $18,480, Invoice was $17,248, my price was $13,398 + tax, fees, & license. $3850 below invoice. I don't need to ask if I got a good deal, I know that was a great deal. Oh, and the fleet manager was SUPER easy to work with - not a single hassle or upsell. If you're in the SF Bay Area, and looking for a Nissan, it's worth a call to Adam at Antioch Nissan. (and no, I'm not a shill for these guys, just a happy customer).

    Sentra wasn't my #1 choice, I preferred the Mazda3 and Civic LX *slightly* more than the Sentra, but with that kind of crazy deal (couldn't get below $15,700 for Mazda3, and $16,100 for the Civic), I couldn't pass it up. Drove it 150 miles so far, and it feels and drives solid, with great mileage. Just what I needed. As long as its reliability holds up over time (every car I've had went well over 100k miles without any major problems), I'll be ecstatic.
  • fushigifushigi Chicago suburbsPosts: 1,399
    Reliability shouldn't be a problem. A friend of mine has a '00 Sentra and as of a few weeks ago he had 193K on it. He's done some repairs plus the routine maintenance and had it repaired after an accident but overall he's very satisfied with the car.

    I owned an '85 Sentra wagon/5-door. Good car, great on gas, but it was a stripper model so it didn't have things like AC. Obviously too far back to use as a benchmark for current Nissan quality but unlike my Mazda ownership experience in the '90s it didn't leave a sour taste in my mouth.

    My wife & I sat in the current Sentra at the Chicago Auto Show last week. I really liked the cabin layout in terms of having a good amount of head room (noticeably lacking in the Elantra & Cruze) and seat travel. I could sit in the back seat with good leg room, too. I wasn't thrilled with the design of things like the arm rests (too narrow & could be more rounded at the edges) and other parts of the cabin; they came across as a bit spartan for my tastes. Overall, my wife liked it so it'll be on her list to drive when she decides to replace her car.
    2017 Infiniti QX60 (me), 2012 Hyundai Elantra (wife)
  • Thanks for the input - I figure the reliability should be OK. It's funny you mentioned the headroom - that was a key factor for my wife, who gets somewhat carsick, and that is exacerbated by feeling closed-in. Sentra's roominess and headroom was a big positive on that front, and both Elantra and Cruze were eliminated because she felt claustrophobic in each. Elantra (and Sonata for that matter) both have very high dashboards that contribute to that closed-in feeling, which was not good for her. I liked both Hyundais except for that (and Elantra GLS was $1500 more than the Sentra 2.0 S).
  • I would appreciate if you can share the dealer name in NY. Thanks
  • buyer777buyer777 Posts: 70
    Was looking for a 3 year old used sedan, Civic,Corolla, Hyundai, Fusion, Jetta, Mazda3 etc for my teenage son and as a spare car for the family. Seeing prices of $9k-$13k for these used cars. Then see this $2,000+ rebate and discounts on Sentras and am thinking should I spend $14k for an S and get brand new sentra instead? Thoughts?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,910
    edited March 2011
    This is a question I asked a year ago. I was looking for a gently used car in that price range. Then I saw that I could lease a new 2010 Sentra 2.0S for only $179/month, 39 months, with nothing out of pocket except the first payment (and the dealer tossed in a free Garmin nav system and portable DVD player). I did the math and figured that was less than payments for a 5 year loan on a $10k used car, which might have little or no warranty left and need more repairs than a new car. Cash flow was important to me, as was low up-front costs, so I went the leased route, and it's worked well for me. It's been a good car for me. Haven't decided yet if I'll buy it at the end (residual about $11k) or turn it in.

    Funny thing is, I've had 3 new Sentras in my life and all were leased, although I usually buy. They just were really good lease deals.
  • bemshabemsha Posts: 1
    edited April 2011
    Just bought a 2011 Sentra 2.0S CVT with splash guards, auto-dimming rearview mirror, floormats, and window tint (which I got them to add included in the price), for $14937.62 out the door for sixty month at 3.49%. Keep in mind that this was only with $2000 in rebates, not the $2500 that nissan was offering in February. I actually could have saved another $500 off the price ($540 after tax) if I had used nissan's college grad rebate since i started at community college and now am at a university and coud've just taken two classes over the summer to complete the associates. However, one of them I don't need for my university degree and decided it's not worth the $178 for the class, plus all the work for the class, plus im sure nissan would've had a higher interest rate (you have to finance with nissan to get that rebate). The college grad rebate would've put me at $14,397 out the door!! Take away the lifetime warranteed window tint that I convinced them to add ($200 value) and it becomes $14,197 out the door!!!! The MSRP of this was car is $18,605 when i bought it yesterday. The sentra just went up this month, so the new MSRP for this model with these features is $18,925. The only way I got away with this deal is that nissan's fiscal year ends on march 31st and the dealer incentives let them sell these cars at huge discounts. Also, they delivered it to austin from san antonio, about an hour and a half drive. I did go to san antonio to fill out the paper work, but couldn't bring a freind with me, so they followed me with my new car and an altima and drove back to SA in the altima. Pretty awesome experience.
  • jreeder64jreeder64 Posts: 1
    edited April 2011
    Bought a 2011 Sentra 2.0 S CVT for $14,588 out the door - the only optional items included were floor mats. Bought it on Presidents day weekend - there was a Nissan incentive for the month plus an additional $500 incentive for that weekend. The starting point was the zag pricing.
  • thats a broad statement you make about why you claim nissan is behind honda and toyota.You had a bad experirnce at a nissan dealer that doesnt meanall nissan dealers are the same way.Did you know toyota had more recalls(problems) than any other manufacter last year? people buy on looks and price most dont have a clue about quality. Honda and nissan are better vechicles overall than toyota.dont take my word for it go to independent repair garages and ask them.
  • Hi Just wanted to know if this was a good price i paid . 2011 Nissan Sentra SR with floor mats and splash guards and convenience package(inteligent key, hands free bluetooth, cargo net)for 15,035 plus 7% sales tax(I live in N.J.) $249 Doc Fee plus registration = $16,565 OTD plus they gave me $642 for my 1999 Volkswagen Beetle with 180,000 miles with more problems then i care to discuss. Which brought it to a final of $15,908. What do you think? Thanks for any responses.
  • hoplarihoplari Posts: 2
    edited April 2011
    About a month late but first chance I've got to post this :). I got a (Superblack) Nissan Sentra SR for $14,700.00 OTD with splash guards, convenience package and floor mats. It had 54 miles on it when I got it. If anyone one wants the breakdown of what the exact fees were, I can post the exact amounts but this is how it went roughly;
    about $15,100 base price (from the $19,300 MSRP sticker)
    about $500 tax (3.17% VA tax)
    about $500 processing fee/delivery fee
    about $100 for everything else (titling/registration)
    -$1500 customer rebate
    $14700 OTD price
    Let me know if you want exact numbers but I paid for the car outright (no financing/leasing) and no trade-ins. I got the title the middle of April.
    I tried getting the same deal for my uncle this month but between the dealer I bought it at and another dealer in our area, neither one could come close and the other dealer even said "You basically stole the vehicle". :D!
    Again let me know if anyone wants the exact breakdown, I did the ones above based on memory (except the final price of course and the rebate). I also felt that the area that I'm from (Virginia suburbs of DC) are notorious for ripping people off.
    I was comparing the Sentra to the Civic LX and the Corolla LE and thought the Sentra was by far the best for the deal I was getting!
  • You did get a steal. I posted right before you with the same exact vehicle in white. I thought i got a good price but you got a much better one. I live in New Jersey so the sales tax is higher (7%) but i got $2000 in customer rebates which offsets the tax difference. I also got $600 on my trade in which should have made it lower but i still paid $15,908 OTD about $1200 more. My car had 20 miles on it i guess from test driving. Was yours a demo car by any chance? I also bought it outright no financing or lease. Could you send me the exact numbers or invoice so i can compare mine to see if they messed up with the numbers. I also looked at the Honda civic and Toyota corolla LE and even for what i paid they still wanted more in my area for them with less features. Thanks for any feedback and good luck with your new car.
  • hoplarihoplari Posts: 2
    If it was a demo, they didn't tell me, he had the car ready to be test driven when I came in but it didn't have mats and wasn't washed but it only had 54 miles on it. This is how it was listed:
    Price (including freight, handling and delivery): 15,144.36
    Processing fee for consumer services: 499.00
    Title Tax: 469.30
    Dealer's business license tax: 26.59
    Online systems filing fee: 10.00
    Registration Fee: 40.75
    Title Fee: 10.00
    Total delivered price: 16,200.00
    Rebate: -1,500.00
    Total: 14,700.00
    I'm not sure why the title tax is coming out to 3.09% and not 3.17% but I was told it was 3.17 in VA, it might be because they didn't break down what the freight/handling/delivery charges were separate from the price. 469.30 is 3.17% of 14,804.42 which may then be the price excluding the freight, handling and delivery. Thanks and I hope you enjoy your new car as well.
  • jamtracyjamtracy Posts: 75
    Really? Your commenting on a post from 7 years ago?????
  • steven39steven39 Posts: 636
    just recieved a internet quote for a 2011 nissan sentra SR with splash guards and floor mats for $17,295.00.msrp is $18, this a good deal????plus the usual TTT......
  • suzyq21967suzyq21967 Posts: 4
    Nissan had much better deals at the end of 2010 because they had customer cash rebates which i am not sure if they do now you should check into that. I bought a 2011 Nissan Sentra SR with convenience package(handsfree bluetooth,leatherwrapped steering wheel, cargo net) plus splash guards and floor mats for $15,135 plus TTT. It came to about $16,600 including everything. I think you can get a better deal if you can afford to wait. The Nissan Sentra is o.k. not crazy about the CVT transmission takes a while to get used to. Have you looked into other vehicles? The Ford Fiesta is a nice little vehicle available in sedan and hatchback that i am regretting not looking at but i would definitely not get the Nissan Sentra at that price. There are other cars in that price range that are better quality. The reason ibought mine was the rebates which made the price alot lower than the competition. Hope this helps
  • steven39steven39 Posts: 636
    i have narrowed down my choices between the new 2011 elantra and the 2011 nissan sentra SR..however,the hyundai dealers are not moveing from msrp so i might go with the sentra when the rebates are in effect...
  • ike3ike3 Posts: 81
    Your best deal will be the Nissan Sentra, hands down. However, the best deals with Nissan have come and gone. If you had purchased your Sentra SR in February or March, you could have picked one up for 14,800, including the convenience package. There were very heavy rebates going on then. Those
    generous rebates were halved when the calendar turned from March 31 to April
    Fools Day. Buying any automobile in May or June is the height of the greed season for auto dealers. Demand is high and transaction prices are much closer
    to retail prices during this period. If you can wait till July, or especially August,
    you will see rebates get better with 2011 models being sold for discount. That is,
    if you can wait that long. If you buy now, you could be 'raked over the coals.'
  • acharachar Posts: 1
    When i gave this deal as reference to dealer in Sunnyvale he quietly said to provide the invoice .In a fix
  • cmancdf1cmancdf1 Posts: 5
    Just came home with a new 2011 Sentra 2.0 SR with Special Edition package, Auto-dimming mirror, floor mats and splash guards in Northeast Ohio. Breakdown was as follows:

    MSRP: $20,225
    Sale Price: $18,550 (before $500 rebate)
    Rebate: $500 (with 2.9% through NMAC)
    Doc Fee: $250
    Sales Tax: $1175
    DMV/Title: $33.50

    Total OTD: $19,508.50

    Nissan of North Olmsted hooked it up with the best price I received among 4 other dealers in the area.
  • Note: this is for Arizona with its 9%+ sales tax rate depending what City. Purchased a new Sentra S with tint, mudflaps, convenience package, upgraded stereo (but not Nav) for $18,799.99 out the door. This included $500 rebate, 0% for 36 months from NIMAC and $500 new graduate rebate. I see that others have much lower tax rates and we apparently missed those $2500 rebates that were available last December. Doc fee was $299, DMV/Title $246. Got this deal from Earnhardt Nissan through internet pricing. 90 days before first payment.
  • Hey which dealer did you get that from VA?

    I'm currently looking for the same car 2011 or 2012 Nissan Sentra SR for around the same price since she just recently graduated :-)
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