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Infiniti QX56 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hey Little Joe, does the little describe your: a) unit size b) IQ c)breadth of family tree D) all of the above.
  • LOL, its a tricky little name in more ways than one. Only a confident man would call himself little. I knew that rust belt comment would get somebody hot. It must have hit a cord with ya. Sorry if I offended you. I'll stay on the topic since it got ya so mad. I was just saying I cant get any in my area and others are saying nobody is buying them. That doesnt work in my mind. I'm gonna try searching up north and see how my luck goes.
  • cuibapcuibap Posts: 15
    edited September 2010
    You are full of it. IF you knew it's going to offend someone then why the hell you did it?

    In Houston area, even some of the upscale neighborhood (River Oak, Memorial, the Wood Land, Sugar Land) did not have that many QX56 either. They do have others: LX570, GL550/450/350, X5.... You might ask how the hell I know? Because I live in one of those and many of my family and friend live in the others.

    Like I said in other posts, right now the dealers are trying to sell at MSRP or $1000 or so below MSRP simply because of the supply and demand. The demand is way less than before but the supply is even worse. They don't make as many as before to start with. After 3-6 months, you'll see a lot of them on the dealer lots and it's a buyer market then. If this were a Benz, Lexus, Porsche, or BMW, it makes sense because the owner can use it to show it off. But this is Infiniti and it's, IMHO, the lowest ranking of luxury name out there. You DON"T use it to show off (except in your area of course)
  • You might be right about the level of snob appeal associated with Infiniti. I personally have had alot of good luck with the Infiniti product. I'm questioning why you are in this forum since you dont find it as good a product as what your nieghbors drive. Mine drive Hondas and Toyotas so I guess they think I'm high rollin' it. Thanks for setting me straight though. I still think there will be a QX56 in my family, If I can find one with all the options.
  • In most upscale areas, maybe Houston's an exception, people don't buy $60K+ cars to impress their neighbors. Mostly because the neighbors are affluent enough themselves not to care what anyone else drives. I traded in a year old Range Rover Sport for my Q. My neighbors never noticed the RRS and haven't noticed the Q. Once you pass a certain income threshold you'd be amazed how little value name dropping and brand cache have. Actually, some of the most wealthy intentionally "buy down" so as not flaunt their wealth. I have friends who drive GMC Yukon's simply because they don't want the glitz and "look at me" of an Escalade. New money however is all about flaunting it so perhaps that's the phenomenon you're describing in Houston.
  • cuibapcuibap Posts: 15
    edited September 2010
    I never said it is not a good product. it's not just the kind of car you would want to show off. I am buying car not to show off but trying to get the more for my money. Like I said before, I test drove and I like it but will not pay MSRP for it. Infiniti is not studid, if they could raise the price of the car, they would have done it already. They had the chance at the 1st year model since that's expected for a brand new body but they didn't do it because they knew the market wouldn't bear it. I don't expect they raise the price next year simply because that is not something anyone with a marketing background would do under this economy, especially the 2nd year model when people look for discount (compared to previous year model. not the MSRP.) Of course you have to compare apple to apple meaning options in the car, not the base price. They might raise the price but with more options. Otherwise, the MRSP will be higher but not to exceed the rate of inflation.

    I am still looking for either QX56, LX570/GX460, or GL550/450. GL is the last on the list since it is not very reliable compared to Lexus and Infiniti. If I can get invoice for the QX then I am buying it; otherwise, I am getting either the GX or the LX.
  • You know nothing about Houston then. I lived in some areas in the Bay Area (Silicon valley) and down south in South LA and people just drive you they like. Some like German cars, other American made but all for the luxury options that come with the car. The Houston areas I described are consider old money areas and they are like other areas in the country: they drive whatever they like since they can afford it. Escalade is for young people with bling. If GMC Yukon is what they like, nothing is wrong with that. Check back my posts, I never said I would buy car to show off. I always buy the cars I like but I am not willing to pay MSRP for it. I am just a smarter shopper than a lot of people out there.
  • Ok. Pulling back on topic...

    I've looked at many of the 7 passenger vehicles on the market today. I did a look at what I would want (fits my family) regardless of cost to see what's really out there. We looked at everything from the Mazda CX9, Hyundai Vera Cruz, all the way to Lexus LX, MB GL550, Audi Q7, and the Infiniti QX. We really narrowed the field down to the Infiniti, Audi, and MB (for our needs, regardless of whether you think they are competitive) . All are competitively street priced and we shopped for all of them in the DFW area. From an availability standpoint, regardless of the market/economy, both the Audi and Infiniti are in short supply in DFW and close to MSRP is the asking price. We visited sewellgsm's dealership this past weekend and ended up buying one off his incoming list. Deluxe, Tech, and Theater.

    I can confirm that they have very few on the ground and lots of interest even with MSRP so they certainly have the "right" to make their money while they can. (Another family basically jumped in the car with us when we brought one back from a test drive so they could be next) I don't think this is a mistreatment of customers or will cause them to lose out with the consumer as it's simple supply and demand. I believe an area where the dealership can lose customers is going to be on fair trade-in value. If they low-ball trades hoping to make extra on both ends on this car, they then have the possiblity of customer backlash. I believe sewellgsm addressed that from his perspective several posts ago, but I should be in a position to comment to the group on that in the next several weeks. While I like this car, I won't be part of that behavior.

    I am interested in whether folks are getting the paint protection film and any thoughts on it's usefulness on an SUV? I've seen it work wonders on sports cars low to the ground but not sure the need on a vehicle this tall. Thoughts?

    Also any ideas on the incentive APRs post 9/30?
  • Enjoy your new GX or LX.... :)
  • Thanks - I look forward to meeting you face to face.

    Clear Mask (outside vendor comes in and does them)

    Front Bumper: $595
    Front part of hood, fenders, side mirrors: $395
    Door Edges: $30 each
    Rear Bumper: $145

    I'll post the new incentives when we get them. I expect the 2.9% to continue. :)
  • I am looking at leasing a new 2011 QX56 AWD.........I have my prices all set......The question I have which maybe a dealer or 2 could give their opinion is whether they think there might be better incentives beginning Oct 1, 2010 or if I should just sign a deal tomorrow.

    If someone could let me know their thoughts on this, I'd really appreciate it.
  • Since Infiniti is not having any problems moving the units, I doubt they make the incentives better. No reason for them too.
  • sewellgsmsewellgsm Posts: 775
    Same as before:

    2.9% up to 60 months
    3.9% up to 72 months

    That is it.

    I heard that Infiniti is pushing 140 more units into the Western US - but there are about 80 dealers, so that is only a few each.
  • kiiwiikiiwii Posts: 318
    with such limited production quantity, it probably will take infiniti a long time to recoup the $$ spent on the new QX tooling and development.
  • The Infiniti QX is the same platform as the Nissan Patrol which is not available in the states. Tooling and development cost can be recovered much quicker between the 2 vehicles. I would imagine it is Infiniti's intent to keep demand high on these in the beginning.
  • Finally dealer calls me to get a deposit on an incoming, part of the 140 units I guess coming to the west. I've been quoted MSRP and promised that I won't be low balled on my trade-in. Delivery date oct 27th, potentially as early as next week since Nissan is conservative on shipping estimates.

    I was given the choice of 2 colors and took the one that had most options. Black not available and dealer has all of the accessories available.

    Any recommendations on accessories? All weather mats for the winter for sure!
  • sewellgsmsewellgsm Posts: 775
    As I predicted in earlier post...Infiniti announced today that they are increasing the price on the QX56.

    All units will go up $500 plus if you want the Deluxe Pkg - it is going up another $1150 (so $1650 total on those units).

    Now, if the dealer has a customers name on the vehicle already - it will be the original price! Including those we are ordering today for Jan. That is good till 10/7/10. But after that the new prices will go into effect.

    So, if you were waiting, you may want to rethink that strategy. Even in March or so, IF the dealer discounts the vehicle to you ..... say $1500, you are still paying $150 more than if you paid MSRP now (on a Deluxe pkg QX).

    If you have not driven it - you need to - the vehicle is awesome. :)
  • Glad I got my deposit in Sewellgsm. The car is great!

    I am not sure if the 2rd row bench is an option or standard? The dealers only have ones with the captain's chair. With 4 kids, I prefer a 2nd row bench...
  • sewellgsmsewellgsm Posts: 775
    It is a free option. So, they make both bench and captain - vehicle is the same price.
  • Just picked up my 2011 qx 56 black/black, theater, touring, roof rails, cargo net. MSRP 69,515. Paid $66k. with 2.9% 66 month finance. Had similar deal from another dealership but they could not locate the car. Deals can be made. Dont let these dealers blow smoke. Good luck everyone. Truck is awesome. Coming out of an 08 Escalade. Trucks dont compare!
  • Congrats. Where you at and dealer info please?
  • cuibapcuibap Posts: 15
    edited October 2010
    Congrats! These dealers on this forum are trying so hard to sell it to you. Don't listen to them. They are here with an agenda that wants you to pay as high as MSRP so they can make more money. Do you really think they are here to help you to save money? Think again people. All the info they are providing here can be found on the internet.

    qx56man, can you provide the dealer and sale person info please? Thanx.
  • matsolmatsol Posts: 8

    Can you please let me know the city and dealer.

  • kiiwiikiiwii Posts: 318
    I think it's quite likely this new car is being sold at MSRP. If I remember correctly, the VW New Beetles were selling at $1k above MSRP when it just came out. There is nothing wrong with selling (or advertising) above or below MSRP. It's a free market. Sometimes crazy (high) prices will actually stimulate purchases.

    Personally, I wouldn't pay for MSRP. Just wait few months, I'm sure the price will drop a bit.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,724
    Personally directed posts have been removed.. indiscriminately..

    If you have a buying or shopping experience, please post it.. otherwise, please keep your keyboard in your pocket..



    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • johnhwjohnhw Posts: 111
    Hauled five adults, 4 dogs and a load of luggage from Dallas to Taos NM. This vehicle continues to exceed my lofty expectations of it. In the mountain roads, this baby runs through the curves like a sports car..,.. wait let me correct that...better than a 1987 mazda Rx7 Turbo I owned. It handled the turns like I couldnt believe. I was able to run 20 to 30 mps over the recommended speed in twisties up and down the canyon running east of Taos on US 64.

    Great for the long road trip as well, handled the crowd comfortably and mileage was very good for load and speed I was driving.

    I love this vehicle, it truly is a replacement for a large luxury car in addition to being best in class SUV to my knowledge. 6500 miles on mine already and no issues at all. This black/black beauty with bench second row and entertainment/ delux touring and tech packages is one great improvement over the others in this class.
  • Glad you liked the QX, but I highly doubt it handled better than your RX7. Either your RX7 was old and had a bad suspension or you simply don't remember how good that car handled! We just test drove this QX today. We loved it - it was "anti X5". Our X5 is definitely sportier and handled much better, but at the sacrifice of comfort. The X5 rides too hard and is really for people who must have a compromise between having an SUV and a sports car. Since we already own 2 Porsches, we don't really care to have the family hauler be sporty. With 2 kids and possibly 1 more coming, we need a comfortable "cruise mobile" that's NOT a minivan. The QX steering and brakes were noticeably lighter and softer than the X5. Again, it's what we're looking for. We must be getting old. Also, I LOVED the cruise control that keeps an automatic distance with the car in front!!! But I can't believe that they are making you buy the $5800 Touring package in order to buy the $2800 Tech Package that includes this feature... With the Theater, Touring and Tech Package, this makes the QX a $72k vehicle... Ouch...We're test driving the Mercedes GL next.
  • Everything you listed on the new 2011 QX56 4WD, the MSRP should be $66,415, with the invoice $60,808. Unless you forgot to list some things on the car. I noticed the price went down since I was at the dealership last week.

    Invoice went down $2500 from last week with the car being loaded with Deluxe touring, Technology, Theater, Illuminated Kick Plates, Roof Rail Crossbars, Stainless Steel Rear Bumper Protector, Carpeted Cargo Mat, Cargo Net & First Aid Kit, Moonroof Wind Deflector & Vehicle Alarm Impact Sensor.
  • The 2011 QX56 Fully Load went down in price this week. I was at the dealership last week and I'm glad I didn't go through with the deal and waited.
  • unbelievable3unbelievable3 Posts: 2
    edited October 2010
    I just had to register and post after continually reading up on some of the cheap salesman talk that is coming out of this forum.

    People, don't fall for the cheap salesman talk. I'm sorry, but it appears many of you are. If you are looking to buy a 60K+ vehicle, then I am sure you have some business sense. Use it.

    1. Don't buy 'paint protection'. It's a rip-off. Plain and simple. Wax your car, heck, even use Klasse Sealant on it before waxing it if you really want to. It's the same thing. Go read up on the Meguiar's forums for some real car care/detailing advice.

    2. Don't let some salesman tell you what these cars are going for. It's a flat out LIE. I bought a 2010 QX56 FULLY loaded 2WD with Tech, 8 miles on it, in the plastic, back in January of this year for LESS than 51K OUT THE DOOR. This was back in January!! This price was at least 5K less than the best price that some of these General Sales Managers were pitching as "the best discount you will ever see on these!!". Low ball whoever you need to to get the price you want. You will get it eventually. It took about 6 extra emails and I saved myself 5K. Just like that. The salesman in this forum are only creating a false demand that is simply NOT TRUE.

    Someone earlier mentioned they bought a 2011 for around 800 over invoice. It is completely within reason to be able to pick one of these up for around that or up to a max of 1200 over invoice right now. It may not be in your home town, and you may have to drive a couple hundred miles, but it's a real deal that can be had.

    Don't let salesman on these forums think that you are getting a good deal when you buy at 1K under MSRP!

    Good luck.
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