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Infiniti QX56 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I was just on Infiniti's website. 4WD 2011 QX with touring, theater, roof rails and cargo net has an MSRP of 69,515. Invoice was 63 and change according to this website. I paid $66k plust tax at 2.9%. I dont know how you came up with the MSRP that you think i should have came up with. But that is what I paid which according to the posts on this forum is a good price. I had to battle and play the game to get that price. I had a hard time getting the car with theater and touring without the tech(dont care for all the beeps and warning). I will save that for my retirement when I am driving 20mph in the right lane. All dealers told me when I was searching for that specific configuration that it would be tough to find and it proved to be true. Most dealers told me flat out the car doesnt exist because there were so few. The theater package only seemed pretty readily available in my area (NYC tri-state area) if you were slightly flexible with color.
  • It has been a long wait for me to get the specific conf. that I wanted. I have been waiting 6 weeks but should finally be in next week. Black w/ graphite int., touring, 4wd, theater. roof rails, bumper plate, etc.. Everything but tech and I paid 66,960. I'm pretty sure if they lowered the price by $2500. as previously posted it would show the new price on the infiniti site. Trading in my denali, so I will post comparison after I get to drive QX56.
  • cuibapcuibap Posts: 15
    Just went out for dinner and saw a 2011 qx56 in black. Lucky for me since the restaurant was full, we had to wait outside for about 5-7 minutes and the owner came out. I asked him how he likes the car. He told me that he loved the car except it's a little bigger than what he used to drive, ML350. He told me he has the car only for 2 days and he paid $3000 under MSRP. He aslo said that he got it from the gsm here at the North Houston dealer location (so much for MSRP and $500 for our previous owner :) )

    I think the price is going down slowly. I am waiting until the end of the year and get mine.
  • $3,000 below MSRP is not unreasonable considering that American Express' auto purchasing program has a target price of $66,774 ($2,226 below MSRP) for 2011 QX56 4WD with Theater and Touring packages.

    I'm personally waiting for the VPP to be applied to this vehicle so i will be working from the "invoice" price plus potential customer cash incentives. Yes, i do understand that it may not be applied to this "new" vehicle for a while but for 5-10K+ off, I'm willing to play the waiting game :)

    FYI, check out the different savings from various VPP programs:
    "friends" and extended family 2010:
    "friends" and extended family 2011:
  • sewellgsmsewellgsm Posts: 775
    2010 vs 2011 = Big Difference

    Go back and look at previous post. Most dealers were taking $10-$11k off the MSRP on the 2010 (Infiniti had $7k dealer cash) that was normal, so getting an 2010 for under $51k was normal. However, it is normal that right now the 2011 are going for MSRP or right around there. This is not a "lie".

    You are comparing two totally different situations.

    Only reason I respond is you are advising people to go around "low balling" - they would be wasting their time. Supply vs day it will sway back and the price will come down....but probably around March or so.

    PS Have you ever considered the higher the dealers are selling the 2011, the more your 2010 holds its value? If we discount the 2011 by say $5k like you suggest, then your 2010 goes down $5k....ummm business sense..... ;)

    One last thing - this in a National site - I am speaking for the Southwest, maybe where you live things are different.
  • It surely must be a Southwest thing. As I have previously posted, I am in the NYC metro area and paid 66k for a 69,515 MSRP and had multiple dealers ready to make that deal.
  • infinitivppinfinitivpp Posts: 4
    edited October 2010
    For the record, I never asked anyone to go around low balling all the dealers. Just as I never accused the dealers on this forum of going around creating false hype and demand to get everyone to purchase at MSRP. Just as you justified your contribution as a dealership to this "buying and leasing experience" in previous posts with your "experience", I'm simply presenting facts that everyone can actually verify for themselves. Now, that's "no lie".

    The first thing I pointed out is that American Express auto purchase program (a national program) also offers 2K+ off MSRP so 3K off MSRP is not unreasonable for a buyer to ask for. If you think that's low balling then you need to reach out to American Express and let them know that they are cutting into your profit margin.

    Another thing i pointed out is that the Nissan/Infiniti VPP program out there provides discounts to friends, extended family, business associates and employees. This is also a national program that everyone should investigate and see if it's something they can take part of.

    Indeed 2010 vs 2011 is a big difference at a specific point in time. The point of sharing both of the 2010 and 2011 incentives from VPP is to help people estimate what *may* the 2011 incentive look like the same time next year. Just a way to help people plan accordingly with their own budget if they are willing to take a leap of faith that the incentive trend will be fairly consistent from year to year. By no means i'm asking them to demand 2010 incentives on a 2011 vehicle right now. If they are dumb enough to interpret that from my post and show up at your dealership with that demand then I have no doubt that your sales skill can easily persuade them to pay full MSRP :P

    As for cars holding its value. For the people that purchased the vehicle for invoice price, the vehicle will hold its true value longer than those that paid MSRP. Business sense is only necessary when you're the business owner; Common sense on the other hand is for everyone else.

    Again, you're absolutely right about supply and demand but we the buyer ultimately controls the demand while the sellers will continue to influence the demand by controlling supply, creating a better product or creating a bigger hype (by posting on "buying and leasing experience" forums)

    For the record, when i do buy my QX56 sometime next year if and when the VPP finally applies to QX56, I will have no doubt that I will take it to Sewell for service as you guys are without a doubt the best for your customer service but I have to admit that i was shocked to see how hard Sewell is trying to influence everyone on this board when people are simply trying to educate each other.
  • You may be able to get a better deal if you wait till next year but you also have to consider what that will do to your trade value. Most people buying this car are trading in another high dollar vehicle that is losing significant value the longer you wait. Once the calender says 2011 it will be worth even less. If your buying straight out and not trading then I would agree it makes more sense to wait, but if your trading you may want to work the best deal you can and make the move. Its all about out the door after trade, not just new vehicle price.
  • unbelievable3unbelievable3 Posts: 2
    edited October 2010

    Here is a quote you made on February 6, 2010, about a month AFTER I bought mine.

    "$10k off seems to be the going sale price on all QX - regardless of equipment. You may get a few hundred more off a demo or just playing hard ball, but that is where they are selling. And 10k off is assuming all the dealer cash, so no lease or special rates at that price."

    Direct from an Infiniti PDF-
    2010 QX56 MSRP 56,050
    Entertainment Package 1,700
    Tech Package 1,150
    Tow Package 350
    Cargo mat net 95

    Total = 59,345

    I paid 47,062 (exclusive of tax, tag and title). That was brand new, still in the plastic, with 8 miles on the odometer.

    That's 12,283 less than MSRP.

    That's a 2,283 difference from "10K".

    If I had listened to you, I would have left AT LEAST 2.3K on the table.
    That's a good chunk of change.

    Luckily, actual buyers posted their REAL prices paid which allowed me to get to that number.

    My dealer in my hometown was dealing based on 7K off of MSRP and after extensive negotiation, wouldn't budge more than 9K off of MSRP.

    I drove 240 miles and was able to save at least 3.3K from the best deal I was able to get in my hometown. And remember, I bought mine back in the middle of January 2010, at least a month before you said "10K seems to be the going rate".

    The point is that you as the seller are here trying to sell at the highest price possible, while we, the buyers, are trying to buy at the lowest price possible.

    As mentioned earlier by another person, you would not be here posting on this forum if your sales were that good. You aren't posting in this forum to make us, the buyers, get the best deal, and you aren't posting here looking out for us buyers.

    You are only spreading inaccurate and unnecessary information and rumors with the intent to make us, the buyers, pay more than we should.

  • cuibapcuibap Posts: 15
    You are absolutely right! I don't want to trade in my vehicle as this is for the wife and we'll keep her current one as the extra car (2009 RX350 PBE). If I have to trade in, the out the door price is what matters.
  • cuibapcuibap Posts: 15
    Guys, which forum do you suggest? I am planning to buy later in the year or early next year but want to read more about the potential problem that the current QX56 owners are facing with. Used Google to search but looks like they are not very active forums. Thanx
  • sewellgsmsewellgsm Posts: 775
    The all-new QX is not eligible YET on the VPP program.

    AMEX program is powered by ZAG (who also powers USAA, Overstock, etc) - it is simply a marketing tool. We, the dealers, pay them money to get you, the customer, into our dealerships. Go to any dealer with that piece of paper and say you want your $2k off and watch them talk their way out of it - saying that they are not participating in the program on the QX.

    I send the prices I'm willing to sell the vehicles for to ZAG, they take my prices along with about 10 other dealers and come up with an average - and they call it a "Target Price". Again - a way you can get an idea of what to expect to pay. On all the other lines (FX, G, M etc.), you will get real close to that maybe even below it - but not on the QX right now.

    When it is eligible for VPP, come buy it from us at invoice (VPP price) - I promise you will like the experience. I'm not trying to influence, I'm just telling the truth and sometimes the truth stinks. I too am trying to educate, go test what I'm saying and report back. Have a nice weekend - Go Rangers! :)
  • Just to put a name to my deal since you are so skeptical of reality, Infiniti of Manhattan in NYC $69515 MSRP --Paid $66,000 plus tax at 2.9% 66months. Circle Infiniti in NJ offered me the same deal but couldnt locate the car. I am pretty sure real estate and the cost of doing business in the middle of Manhattan is significantly higher than somewhere in the middle of Texas and some how, miraculously they found a way to get it done. I will be happy to show you the deal if you would like. I guess they are bad business people!
  • sewellgsmsewellgsm Posts: 775
    Congrats - and thanks for the info.

    If that is all they can get for them up there - I guess they got to do what they have to do.
  • I'm ready to pull the trigger on the QX, the 2 dealerships in the Seattle area are both owned by the same person. No deals other than MSRP here.

    I'd love to go out of state if it saves me a few thousand. Because of the low inventory, dealers in Portland, Idaho etc. already have customers lined up for the 3-4 cars they are expecting.

    Any tips other than wait. :confuse:
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,665
    Many off-topic posts have been removed... All the clutter just sends readers elsewhere..

    To address a few points:

    - All members are welcome to post here... salespeople included, as long as the discussion is on-topic.

    - A good way to tell if your post is off-topic? If the subject of the post is another member, rather than the QX56, then you are probably off-topic.

    - Posts complaining about other members being off-topic... are off topic.

    Anyone with a buying experience?



    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • cuibapcuibap Posts: 15
    edited October 2010
    I would wait unless you have money to burn. Full size SUVs depreciate a lot more than other smaller cars. I just received an internet quote from a local Houston dealer for a 2011 QX56 with the touring package for $1,500 off of MSRP. $1,500 for only about less than a month? I don't think I want to buy it right now. I know if I go to the dealer right now, I think I can get a little bit better.

    Just wait and with the money you save, take a road trip vacation in your new truck :) :)
  • sewellgsmsewellgsm Posts: 775
    Infiniti decided to truck QXs directly from the ports to the dealers, bypassing the rails they generally use. This cost them money; however, it gets the vehicles to the dealerships a couple of weeks early. I think they are behind on their projections overall and think if they can get these QXs to the dealerships this week they can boost sales for October.

    Many of these QXs are already sold to customers or custom orders but Infiniti doesn't get to count the "sale" until they are contracted. Dealer must have vehicle to contract.

    So, if availablity in your area has been low, check with your local dealer this weekend. More supply on the ground may lead you to better deals as well. :)
  • cuibapcuibap Posts: 15
    Some on the infiniti forum got very good deals now: b144447bd161a&t=5758

    the first one got $1K above invoice and the other one got $3900 off of MSRP. Wow!

    Get ready to deal in December :)
  • tw69tw69 Posts: 4
    Which dealer as we are looking in H Towna rea and a nrthern dealer (S..ll) will not budge.
  • Dealer finally gets 6 on the lot, with 3 presold, including mine.

    I paid MSRP less 500 with the tech pkg, black with wheat interior.

    I had a trade-in, and received little over KBB dealer pricing on the trade. They beat the Acura and Lexus dealers on the trade-in by 2K!!

    The whole deal took 15 min to put together, and by the time we were done, all 6 trucks on the lot were sold. The supply is weak, so demand remains strong.

    BTW, I asked for a few accessories to be thrown in as well.
  • emagniemagni Posts: 9
    edited November 2010
    I paid MSRP less $750 plus discount on the financing rate to 3.15% for 72 months. Dealer gave tint, wheel locks, and two years free oil changes and tire rotation. Black on black with tech, deluxe and theatre and this SUV is limited in supply or has already been bespoken for. Saw a few on the lot but not that many and the count was less than what was posted on their website.
  • johnhwjohnhw Posts: 111
    Great deal on a fabulous vehicle. Same as mine except mine has bench 2nd row seats. I have 7k miles on mine, maybe the tops for a new one in this forum?

    This vehicle far exceeds my expectations. Drives like a luxury car not a truck like my 2008 did, which I still really liked just not near as much as the 2011. No issues at all to report. I love all the features, the looks, the handling is great as well. I drove it in the Mountains in NM on vacation and it handles in this mountain twisties like a sports car. I simply love this vehicle and am glad to own one,. Maybe my favorite of the 12 Infiniti's I have owned over the past 17 years. Great job Infiniti
  • Only thing Infiniti has going on is special rates.

    up to 66 months is 2.9%
    up to 72 months is 3.9%

    Infiniti offered up another small allocation of vehicles they already got to the US to dealers who were short of QX's, everyone was short so the ones who sold the most got the most - we got just over 20 - the vehicles should get to the dealerships at the end of Nov or beginning of Dec. Because the directed shipped most QXs a few weeks ago, what is on the ground is what dealers will have until this next batch hits in late Nov. So, go look now - if you wait a couple weeks there won't be any to choose from.

    We sold 116 total vehicles (3rd in the Nation) of those 38 were QX's (I assume the most in the Nation but have yet to see the breakdown). We consistantly sold them from MSRP to $500 off, sometimes throwing in mats or tint. So, if you are getting better deals than that you should feel good about it. I think the price will start to come down at the first of the year, many buyers buy big SUVs for tax write-offs at the end of the year - so if you holding out for a bargain - expect around March. :)
  • Car finally arrived after waiting for 2 months and it was well worth the wait. Deluxe touring models seem to be pretty scarce in Florida, so I had to wait for one the dealer had on order. Black with graphite, awd deluxe. Every option minus tech and I paid $66,900. That price was $3500 off msrp. Infiniti has since raised the price and same options now sticker for $72,115, thats a $1700 increase on msrp. I'm glad I bought when I did. Even though it is still a lot of money, I felt it was a value when compared to competition. Traded in a 09 Denali and the 2 vehicles don't even compare.
  • tw69tw69 Posts: 4
    So I have been dealing with Sewell who refuses to budge on pricing form MSRP. A dealer in Georgia offered me an approximate discount of $3700 off MSRP on an undelivered Touring Edition 2011. THe Sewell saleman basically said I was a fool and was about to be scammed. During our banter, which I believe has brainwashed this salesman, he said no Sewell employee is allowed to post anything on the internet re: Infiniti cars. If that is true, then SewellGSM is very bogus. So taking anything he says with a grain of dsalt or a valium.
  • Yea, almost all of the dealers in the south (from Texas to Louisiana) has been pretty tough on their price point for deluxe models but can you blame them?...It's been pretty tough for some of these dealers when infiniti overall was down 30% from prior periods earlier in the year.
  • LOL - congrats on your deal. Please read my past post - I'm not "banned" from anything. BTW, we've started to see some minor discounting here in Texas as well (not $3700) but some chinks in the MSRP armor.

    Remember, I can only tell you what I see and hear - if a Georgia dealer is having trouble selling them and needs to discount it in order to do so - that is their business.

    We led the country in QX sales last month and have a bigger demand in Texas (10 dealers whom all did well in QX sales) - don't shoot the messenger.

    PS Look at my post on FX or EX or G sedan - prices paid on those in Texas are as agressive as anywhere in the country.

    I'm not Bogus.... :D I'm the real deal!
  • How rare is the 2011 Infiniti QX56 with all three packages from a non-preorder standpoint? (theatre, deluxe and tech)
  • johnhwjohnhw Posts: 111
    I got mine in early August with all three option packages and with a 2nd row bench seat as well. Black on black so just the car I wanted but I had to wait on it to be delivered for about a month after finding it in process in early July. Love this vehicle. It is great...have nearly 8k miles now
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