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Infiniti QX56 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • bigcat007bigcat007 Posts: 18
    edited March 2011
    MSRP was $71K around for 2011 QX56 fully loaded(Tech, enter, delux), 15k per year for 42 months. We got lease for $1000 per month with $2400 during signing the lease which includes first month's lease. Is it good deal? I was getting ESV of same MSRP for $950.
  • mlevinemlevine Posts: 349
    Car dealings in southeast floida is always an experience. 2011 QX 4x4 with theater package from northern florida dealer $65,400. Ship to local southeast florida dealer and to include trade-in $30,000 for 2008 4x4 QX 24,300 miles. Had to come up with $36,500 difference. The deal of a lifetime, I thanked the salesman and manager and walked out as fast as I could.
  • QX56 was delivered by South Bay Infiniti to my house this past Sunday - Black on black 2011 2WD with Theater package and Illuminated Kick Plates (list Price of $61,640 including destination charges) - My price was an even $58K, $3,640 below MSRP. They also offered $1K more than other dealers were willing to pay for my trade in. Tried to deal with Infiniti of Mission Viejo but their used salesman mentality prevailed. I bought the car and traded in my old car without even setting my feet at the dealership. Everyone from the Internet Sales Manager to the Finance Manager and the delivery Sales Person was just great. I have no affiliation whatsoever with South Bay Infiniti, they just made a happy customer out of me.
  • artd1artd1 Posts: 9
    Can I get your opinion on this deal:

    2011 QX 56- MSRP $65,255 reduced price $60,255 cap cost $60, 580
    MF .00220, residual 54% or $35,237.70
    $2518 due at signing
    payment $929 including tax

    thank you, NJ
  • alessiocesaralessiocesar Posts: 21
    edited March 2011
    Got a good offer through VPP, $57600. The car is 4x4 captain chair w/ illum and cargo.

  • artd1artd1 Posts: 9
    What is VPP and can anyone get that? If I may ask, what was MSRP of your vehicle?
  • artd1artd1 Posts: 9
    Got it, google did the job.
  • Sure, MSRP $62,500.
  • ab_vegasab_vegas Posts: 9
    Hi Artd, could you please let me know what dealership this is at?

    Sounds like a good deal; I'm so in the market for a QX56 (have a 2008 right now)!

    Anybody here take advantage of the 3 month pull-ahead program for current Infiniti lessees?

  • artd1artd1 Posts: 9
    Sure, no problem. Circle Infiniti. Great experience, no bs whatsoever. Used Internet dept and was given this price from start.
  • sewellgsmsewellgsm Posts: 775
    It is the employee and supplier purchase program from Nissan/Infiniti. You must work for Nissan/Infiniti or one of the suppliers to be eligible. You can check with your HR department to see if you qualify.

    Very few people have this - I'd say about 5% or less.
  • alessiocesaralessiocesar Posts: 21
    edited April 2011
    Boy but the VPP is good. Got a G37x coupe and now a QX56 awd, no hassle at all @ invoice including accessories. I'd say I saved about 10k on both cars.

  • For VPP info, go to There's actually 4 different VPP categories for savings. Obviously, the best deals are for nissan/infiniti employees and family members...probably a small percentage qualify. However, there are business associates that qualify and the discount is still significant (what I went through and got invoice price). There are over 1300 companies that qualify, a lot of them are major corporations too. You can click the "do you qualify" button to download the list of companies to see if the company you work for is listed.
  • ecowboyecowboy Posts: 1
    I just did a VPP purchase for a loaded 2011 QX56. It came with Theater, Touring, and Technology. Black on Black, captain's chairs, and optional wind deflector, cargo/first aid kit, illuminated kick plates, tinted windows, and bumper protector. MSRP was $74,665 and the VPP price was $69,135 also with no dealer prep I saved $5530+500 dealer prep. I got 3.1% 63 month financing. No trade in. I tried to deal with Sewell in Houston but they would not offer VPP for a QX56 equipped with anything better than the theater package. We googled the internet and found this vehicle in Louisville, KY at Swope Infiniti. They were willing to honor VPP so I drove 2400 miles roundtrip to trailer the vehicle home to Texas. Wife is loving the QX56, especially the technology package components. Thanks for all the informed posts here on this forum which definitely provided the necessary info I needed for my purchase. :shades: :shades:
  • I just got our new QX out of Tulsa. We live north of Dallas and also found the Dallas dealers unwilling to honor VPP on the QX with the deluxe package. The folks in Tulsa were great to work with and I paid $500 to have the car delivered to my house in fairview. The whole transaction was very smooth with the paperwork handled via Fedex.

    The dealer added pin striping that looks great! I haven't seen this before and am glad it was already on the car when wee purchased it. They also added a clear protection material on the door edges, inside the door handles and the rear bumper. You can't see it but it nicely protect the pain in the high damage areas.

    Fyi- almost all of the qx's out of Tulsa are 4wd as opposed to Dallas where 80% are 2wd.

    Ask for Ron in sales or Andy the sales manager. Both great!
  • muzamuza Posts: 5
    could you please give details about the deal you got from Tulsa Dealer.
  • If you have your VPP number just give it to them and they can provide you with the price. If you don't like the deal you don't have to buy it. There isn't any negotiating. I am sure you know all of this as you are probably a dealer given your posting history and the 'private' designations you have on your profile.

    The fact is that they were willing to do the deal while the others in the Texas market and some others were not willing to accept VPP. Crest would only negotiate a little off the MSRP on a fully loaded QX56, so we walked. The sales guy - Tux was great at Crest - he kind of got screwed on the deal.

    Good luck. We love our QX and we would definitely buy from Tulsa again - with or without VPP, because they were so nice and easy to work with. BTW - my friend who gave us the VPP speaks very highly of Jackie Cooper imports and said they have a great reputation which we validated first hand.
  • sewellgsmsewellgsm Posts: 775
    We sold 45 QX56 in March for an average price of $1000 off of MSRP...unlike most Infiniti vehicles which people like to price from invoice up (or down) - the QX is generally priced MSRP - Discount.

    The earthquake in Japan has not helped the supply situation that has been bad ever since the vehicle was launched. Even though Infiniti has raised the price 3 times for a total of $2k since it was launched, it is still a great value compared to it's competitors.

    Keep in mind, we are in Texas - so the demand maybe higher here than in your area.
  • dan70810dan70810 Posts: 2
    Just bought a pre-owned 2011 QX w/ 16,000 miles. $57,300 w/ Touring Pkg, Theater Pkg, rear bumper guard, lighted kick plates, cross bars on luggage rack, clear front end protector and the cargo net options.
    Not sure or not if the best deal in the world as I haven't seen too many figures on re-sells yet, but maybe this will help you if you are looking.
  • sewellgsmsewellgsm Posts: 775
    Nice - many are going for that at the auction, so you got it at wholesale.
  • eg2011eg2011 Posts: 1
    I'm also looking for a used 2011 and appreciate the info. Would you mind sharing the dealership name or was this a private party sale?

  • dan70810dan70810 Posts: 2
    Carsplus in Lenoir, NC. Fantastic group of people to do business with.
  • sewellgsmsewellgsm Posts: 775
    Very few out there, but if you search or and set the mileage limit to unlimited you should find some. You can have mine for $59k. :)
  • h82bl8h82bl8 Posts: 5
    Why are you selling it, if you don't mind me asking?
  • sewellgsmsewellgsm Posts: 775
    Ordered another one that came in - Dark Currant w/ 22"...wife wanted that color from the beginning but we didn't have it - so we bought silver and ordered this. Listed on autotrader.... :)
  • 68goatman68goatman Posts: 2
    You can have mine for $59k. -sewellgsm

    Is yours still available? Is it the silver one @Sewell in Dallas? I need to get my wife out of her Navi. I might just be your huckleberry.
  • sewellgsmsewellgsm Posts: 775
    Sort of...I traded it in and got the new it is here on the pre-owned lot - you can find it on-line. But, I no longer control the price.... :(
  • 68goatman68goatman Posts: 2
    Figures, :( Are they moving off MSRP yet on the new ones?
  • h82bl8h82bl8 Posts: 5
    Moonlight White/Wheat, 2WD, Theater Pkg. Had 28 miles on the odometer. Paid $57,158..... smokin' hot deal, IMO! Edmunds says the MSRP is $62,140.
    No, I didn't use VPP.
  • You should be able to get ~1-1.5K off msrp even in higher demand areas. In areas where they don't sell as well, you can do even more.
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