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Infiniti QX56 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • theta2theta2 Posts: 3
    texasdoc - I see. They have several with 6,000 off and one with over 8,000 off.
  • I am working a deal on a 2012 Infiniti QX56 2wd with deluxe touring, theater, tire and wheel, stainless bumper protector, carpeted cargo mat, with MSRP of $69,500. The offer is for a selling price of $63,267, which is $6,033 below MSRP and $519 below invoice. Obviously this appears to be a great deal. There MUST be some incentive from Infiniti in play here--a different dealer was advertising over $8,000 off one vehicle (since sold). Is this as good as it's going to get? Should I wait until after November 1 and see if any more incentives are available?

    There is no need to purchase the vehicle immediately, so I would be fine with waiting. My main fear is that if additional incentives arrive to push selling prices down even more, the resale values will suffer. I see large numbers of QX56s available at dealerships in Texas and many more on the way, based on inventory searches on the Infiniti website.

    Any thoughts/comments?
  • johnhwjohnhw Posts: 111
    Consumers finally has enough data to rank the QX tops in reliability. This matches my experience and supports my belief this is the best SUV on the road today. I see a lot of the new QX vehicles on the road in TX but they are backing up some in inventory too recently from an eye ball count - so deals may be around finally. Great vehicle I highly recommend it
  • Many businesses are looking for SUV over 6000 lbs to buy and the QX is one of them!

    If you can find a 2011 - Infiniti has 1.9% up to 66 months & 2.9% for 72 months AND $1000 dealer you should be able to buy one for invoice!

    On the 2012, they have 1.9% for 36 months and 2.9% for 72 months but no money, so depending on equipment you should be able to get $2-$4k off MSRP. :)
  • I am living in Austin. But I don't mind shopping at Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio. We love this vehicle but we have no pressure to replace it now. Should we wait for 6 months? From this forum, Infiniti gave lots of discount before and someone even got price >$10k below MSRP.

    By the way, had anyone here bought Infiniti QX56 recently?
  • I posted on the leasing forum as there is no activity here. Anyone buying or getting offers though in Texas?
  • okbuckokbuck Posts: 1
    I just purchased a 2012 4WD w/theater, roof rails, etc. from a Dallas dealer for $61,980 (MSRP $67,025). Two other dealers (TX and OK) came within $800 but wouldn't match or beat so I felt this was a good deal
  • I ended up with one in Austin. The color was hard to come by. I got the theater package, lighted step plates, cargo package, stainless steel step plate. It stickered for 63,495 which was before the 500.00 price increase. I got it for 59340 I think it was. That was around 4,155 off plus it didn't include the 500 price increase of course. The others I looked at were 500 higher due to the price increase on them in January. It had under 20 miles on it. I love it.

    I would have even gotten a 4wd but really didn't need that. You got 5,045 off which is great really. The others I looked at were 500 higher due to the price increase and so I feel really it was like me getting 4,655 off as I have to look at it that way. It was close enough though in the scheme of things and they treated me right. In Dallas they had told me about a grey 4 wheel drive but they offered me 1,000 tops less for my trade in. They said even if it was perfect they would give me 9,000. In Austin I got 10,000 and it was a steal at that for them as I know it will sell for 14 to 15,000 retail. They also sold it quick. I mean to offer 9,000 for a vehicle that would sell for right at 15k was an insult to me. Even 10k was low but that was full trade in value for outstanding condition. You can't have it all. I could have sold it for more but you lose the tax thing plus I use it for business so have a recapture so trading was just easier and made more sense to save a lot of hassle.

    They for sure did you right on price up there. I see on the Austin website now something they didn't have before. Now there are several that are marked down and one white one is marked down 6,800. It is white, 4 wheel drive, theater package, deluxe touring package, Tire and wheel package, lighted kick plates, cargo package, Roof rail crossbars, Stainless steel step bumper plate. It stickers for 73,320 and they have it priced down to 66,522. That was more than I would want to spend and I didn't want white and I didn't want the tan interior. I think it is pretty but not what I was wanting. I also didn't want the 22" wheels. To me paying over4,000 for wheels on a vehicle doesn't make sense. The standard ones are 20" and beautiful. Plus the ride is better even if slightly better. I mean the vehicle comes with wheels and tires. You upgrade for 2,300 which means you are paying that over and above what the standard ones cost which probably is over 2,000 easily. So nah didn't make sense.

    Congrats on the new purchase. I think you did great.
  • fsmwsfsmws Posts: 4
    Does anyone know if there are any dealer incentives on 2011 QX's? I was looking at '12. The dealer had a 2011 leftover but it wasn't eligible for a lease.
  • sewellgsmsewellgsm Posts: 775
    edited May 2012
    There are not any incentives on any 2011 Infiniti. Infiniti gave the dealers $1000 for every QX they had left in if they sell you one for $1000 below invoice they are breaking even....I'm surprised any dealers have any 2011 left.
  • alonzov1alonzov1 Posts: 7
    Got one at the end of May. MSRP $63,140, paid $57599. Great experience with one of the San Diego dealers. Loving it so far!.
  • sewellgsmsewellgsm Posts: 775
    The QX has never had too many incentives from Infiniti, but that added one for July.

    $1000 dealer cash if you purchase plus
    $750 more if you purchase and you finance through IFS...

    IFS has great rates, similar to any credit union or the other big banks. So, $1750 total...most we've seen on this new body style! :)
  • ongtroiongtroi Posts: 1
    edited July 2012
    Don't listen to this guy. I bought it last year (2011 model) at around the same time frame (August 3rd) and got it for $4800 less than the listed price. He is the dealer and posted here the same thing last year.

    btw, I bought it in Houston and had the same 1.9% interest rate
  • jjawjjaw Posts: 6
    edited August 2012
    Just wondering what deals are being offered on the 2012.

    Looking at a new 2012 Qx56 Liquid Platinum 4wd:
    Theater Package, Tire and Wheel Package, Illuminated Kick Plates, Stainless Steel Rear Bumper Protector, Carpeted Cargo Mat/Cargo Net & First Aid Kit, 50State Emissions.

    Retail $68895.00 + $199 admin
    Dealers first proposal $64120.50
  • ymerymer Posts: 1
    If you are going 4x4, they currently have $3K cash, plus there is $1K dealer cash and another $750 if you finance with IFS.

    Just bought 2012 4x4 white/wheat with theater package, illuminated door sill and rear bumper protector. MSRP $67,095 Purchased $57,374!

    This is in the DFW Market
  • Any idea what the actual Factory and Dealer invoice are? 10,000 off sounds great. I am also dealing in Texas (Houston Area).
  • jjawjjaw Posts: 6
    That's a great deal. What dealer?
  • jjawjjaw Posts: 6
    Was this out the door price (not including sales tax) or were there additional fees on top of the $57374?
  • I have not seen much activity on this post. Any body have any updates on prices paid? I found our local dealer offering 6500 off of MSRP. Not sure if this is a good deal or not but wanted to ask folks here if you have seen anything better
  • Lots of changes from August. No more special rates...1.9%, etc. this is not that big a deal since most folks can get a great rate from IFS or their own bank or credit union anyway.

    $1000 dealer cash on all QX.
    $1000 more dealer cash IF you finance (not lease) with IFS

    Here is the tricky Texas (maybe other regions too) Infiniti has way too many QX56 in stock, so they have given the dealers certificates worth $500 each. It is up to the dealer how to ration them out, every dealer got a different amount depending on how many QX's they normally sell.

    A dealer CAN give up to 6 ($3000) to a customer - MOST dealers will give one or two to have them throughout the month...we will give all 6 to someone buying a demo to help us move those. So, unlike most months - you can probably get a better deal NOW then the end of the month, because once a dealer runs out of certificates they are out! These can be used with a lease or purchase.

    So, technically - a customer could get up to $5000 off before the dealer discounts the QX...most will take $4000 off themselves for a total of $9000 off!!! But remember - I don't know if all regions have expect about $6000-$7000 off and if you live in Texas and go now before they run might get even a demo from us, finance with IFS and we will give $9k off - not speaking for all Texas dealers.

    So, I expect to see all kinds of numbers on this forum depending on where you live.

    PS I hate me it is NOT fair, but at least you guys reading the post are "in the know".... :D
  • Swellgsm

    I think with all the significant large inventory of QX56s in Houston, 9K off is not competitive enough. Once the 2013 hits the market then you and the other dealers are forced to give stronger incentives. I was already hearing that some folks got 10K off last month. I would expect that Dec and Jan will be the strongest discounts. I would expect 15K off the car as a minimum. I am actually ready to buy now but not in a hurry. I want to get the best deal out there. So waiting until Dec/Jan for the right price is worth it for me.

    Houston, TX :shades:
  • I just received a quote on a 2012 with theater package MSRP of 67405 for 62,9000. Invoice is about 600 less are people finding better deals? I also am will to look at 2011's but the best price I received was 53.2k with 34k. Since they have about 150 2012 QX in my area will pricing get better?

    At this point I am willing to go to Dallas and pick it up for 10k off of MSRP.... Help!!!!
  • I am in DFW area and was talking to Grubbs Infiniti.QX56 with 4WD and theater package MSRP is 67.5K and the best quote I got is 62K.
  • If you dont mind can you please share the dealer info?
  • Blue...I assure you (promise) we won't get to $15k...I've talked to both District and Area manager...they know there is a problem - but not with demand...we sold over 40 last month - they simply built too many. So, the problem will self correct over the next couple of months (they simply slow down building). Infiniti also is holding back the 2013 until inventory levels get in line. Every other model, the 13 is either on the ground or coming. They told me they will not release the 2013 QX until December, so that gives us over 2 months to sell these...and at $9k off they are selling. Most dealers are out of Deluxe, getting low on bench seat, no Dark Currant or Mountain don't wait too long.

    We expect about $4-5k from Infiniti next month plus us dealers can knock off $4-5k, so you may see $10k off in October. We will see...I will post the incentives as soon as I get them next week. :)
  • Sewellgsm...are you sure about the delay on the 2013.
    I put a deposit down and ordered the 2013 from my dealer. He gave me a print out from the NNA website which showed the Order #, production month as 9/12 and ETA as month of 10/12.

    Are you saying this is not coming till December?
  • SewellGSM,
    My husband and I have been looking at purchasing the QX in November, but if the October price is better ($10K off), then there is no point in waiting. Can you confirm that $10K is what was decided? Thanks!
  • I'm in the northwest but was given $60,000 for white/wheat 4WD, theater package, illuminated plates, cargo mat/net, roof cross bars, all weather mats for 3 rows, cargo protector. I would have waited longer but color was important to me. I'd love to hear from others whether this is a decent deal.
  • I saw that there is a 4k dealer incentive to move these trucks, but I'm wondering if it could be better for Nov/dec. I'm not to picky on color but really want the split bench seat and where I am there are not to many in stock.

    Anyone want to share recent purchases?
  • Purchased mid-September in Tampa, FL. MSRP 67,420, and I paid $58,800.
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