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2013 and earlier BMW X3 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • gracie2gracie2 Posts: 7
    I live in the SF Bayarea,looking to buy an '06 x3 3.0I with the following options: Prem Pak, Nav, Heated Front seats, rear side door mounted airbags. What prices are people paying? Is an offer of $38,000.oo? Thinking of buying very soon and need some input. Thanks - your website is very helpful!
  • gracie2gracie2 Posts: 7
    Hi - Just curious if this purchase was in Northern California? I am trying to negotiate price with the dealer and looks like you got a very good price!
  • creiss1creiss1 Posts: 3
    A dealer in Denver has offered me the following:

    2006 BMW X3 3.0i
    Titanium Silver
    Black Leather
    Dark Wood Trim
    Premium Package
    Sport Package
    Automatic Transmission w/Steptronic
    Xenon Headlights
    Privacy Glass
    Satellite Radio Preparation

    MSRP: 43,545; they will sell it for $42,045 with the following lease terms.

    36 months, 12K miles per year, first payment and security deposit out of pocket. $502.89 + tax. Residual = $29,175.15. Rate = .00170

    That doesn't sound that great(especially the money factor). Any thoughts?
  • rlourlou Posts: 2
    I just ordered my through a So.Cal dealer with the exact same packages. 36 months, 12k miles per year, first payment and security deposit. $490 including tax.
  • 3cypress3cypress Posts: 1
    Inquiring minds want to know!

    2006 X3 3.0
    Metallic PT
    Premium Pkg
    Privacy Glass
    Satellite Prep
    IPOD hookup

    Drive off 3000$ (no sec dep included since I am a current bmw lesee)
    $410 per month inc. taxes
    3 year lease with 12k per year

    Please give me your thoughts I need to decide between this and another car soon.
  • jabsjabs Posts: 1
    Hi...I just got my X3 last night.
    Retail Price $40,370
    Selling Price: $38,500.
    Jet Black
    Premium package (terracotta leather included),
    Heated steering wheel,
    Heated seats,
    Privacy glass,
    Sat radio prep,
    (Inclusive of
    1st month payment: $419
    Title&Registration: $270
    Acuqisition Fee: $825
    NJTire&DOC fee:$205.5
    NJTax: 811.64)

    For $419/month. 15Kmi/36months. w/ $3500trade-in. I can't figure out if got a good deal or a bad one...just really loving the car.
  • drmdaddrmdad Posts: 5
    ok, finally i made the deal today and this is the price i paid.. looks like i got OK price, any openions? i'm going to get the vehicle on this Fri.

    OTD: $40886.40
    premium package
    blue water metallic
    heated front seats
    automatic trans
    sat. radio prep
    priv. glass
    heated steering wheel
    DMV registration/title(4yr)
    documentation fee.

    PS:Also i want to know what is on-board computer system and does it come as standard?

    Hope this info helps for future buyers.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,772
    The OBC comes with the premium package.. It shows up in the odometer area, and you manipulate it with the button at the end of the turn signal stalk.. You can check average speed, MPG, outside temperature, miles to empty, etc..

    It isn't real complicated, but you may have to consult your owner's manual, as the operation of it is not quite intuitive..



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  • gracie2gracie2 Posts: 7
    What is the MACO $400 and Training fee $150 about. These were listed just above the destination fee. The dealer said they were standard fees that the manufacturer charges. When we balked he took some $'s off. We bought and X3 3.0i Jet Black, NAV, Privacy glass, Prem. Package, heated front seats, for $39,140 (not including tax and licence) plus he threw in all weather mats. This was in Fremont, CA.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,772
    MACO is a regional advertising fee.. on the dealer's invoice.. The training fee is also on the dealer's invoice...

    They are standard fees for the dealer.. they shouldn't be added on to the price that you agreed to pay, unless you offered a specific dollar amount over dealer invoice. Otherwise, they are just trying to get more money out of you..



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  • gracie2gracie2 Posts: 7
    So that I understand what I am dealing with in the future, when buying a car do we offer, for example, a dollar amount over the wholesale price $33,490 or over the MSRP price $36,800 (without the options)? And then calculate the desired options (nav, heated seats, sat prep, privacy glass $wholesale $4,125) and the destination charge into the final price - tax and licence? In my case I paid $39,140 before tax and licence but got the dealer to throw in a set of all weather mats. So in actuality did I really pay $1,475 over invoice? For the future, was there anything else I could have done to drop the price?OR do was this a good price. We live in the SF Bay Area. We also bought the extended maintenance program for $1,200 covering us for additional years/ miles. I am not very good at wheeling and dealing. Any ideas of how would I handle this in the future? I keep seeing that people are paying $500 over invoice and thinking I should have been more firm.
  • jvergjverg Posts: 8
    The confusion, I believe, stems from determining the cost of the vehicle from all the readily available dealer cost data that does NOT include regional MACO & training. Depending on how much time you want to spend saving a couple hundred bucks, you COULD solicit quotes from dealers that are outside the large market advertising campaigns - their MACO charges could be less to nonexistent. So, to answer your question, I believe it's best to always work from dealer invoice up, and to know (in the case of BMW) that there might be additional dealer costs that aren't articulated clearly at Edmunds et al. Also, with the Internet, there's basically no reason to go to a dealer to negotiate price. Drive the car, go home, calculate the price you want to pay, and start emailing. My experience is that you will quickly see a consensus range from the return quotes. I recently went through this process for my soon-to-be-delivered X3 and managed to get $400 above dealer invoice (which, of course includes MACO and training) without much pain. Could I have done better??? Probably. But at some point you have to decide whether the tradeoff in time is worth it. If I could have saved an additional $500+, I probably would have gone for it. As it is, I believe I'm in a respectable price range.
  • gracie2gracie2 Posts: 7
    Thanks for your reply. Can you tell me what $400.00 over invoice is? Is that before options or after options? Is that out the door? I really wanted to pay 38,000 for my X3 but did not get much of a response from local dealers. I went with the lowest bid of 39,140, but of course that was with less options so in actuality I really did not save anything. I feel like an idiot for not pressing more about the add on fees (MACO/Training FEE) and sticking to my guns on the price of the car. I hope to know better next time but want to know what I can negotiate and what I cant. In any case I love the X3 and glad that I chose this car over others I was considering. I am happy that a majority of my maintenance costs will be covered for beyond the standard BMW maintenance program. Compared to other comparable SUV's I think the X3 was the better choice. I just have to get over the fact that I could have negotiated better on the price and saved about $500+ on the cost. Next time!
    Thanks -
  • jvergjverg Posts: 8
    Can you tell me what $400.00 over invoice is? Is that before options or after options?

    After options.

    Is that out the door?

    No. Tax and license not included.
  • msaamsaa Posts: 4
    Can anyone give me some guidance and let me know if I am getting a decent deal.
    2006 X3 3.0
    Black Saphire Metallic
    Black Leather
    Cold Weather
    Premium Pack
    Automatic Transition
    Heated Steering wheel
    Xenon lights
    Satellite Prep
    Privacy Glass
    MSRP $43,695
    Total price negotiated $41,695
  • talyvantalyvan Posts: 17
    You're basically dropping $2000 off the MSRP, but you can do better than that, insist in $2500 off MSRP, you might get it.

    I got $2250 off mine this past weekend (Apr/8th) with pretty much no questions asked.

    Now, READ the contract if you land a deal, make sure that the MSRP price - the discount exactly matches the Gross Cap Cost reduction (item 10) on the contract. In my experience, they tried to pump it about $1000, and I caugh it and requested a new contract.
  • msaamsaa Posts: 4
    Thank you for your input. The dealer justified the $2,000 drop by classifying me as an internet customer. Reasoning being I was dealing with their Internet salesperson, which made me wonder if the deal was too good to be true.

    I will read the fine print and check item 10 on the contract, but could explain to me what the Gross Cap Cost is?

    Thank you once again.
  • talyvantalyvan Posts: 17
    Sure not a problem.

    The Gross Cap Cost is basically in Lease terms the price you agree with the sales manager, not the MSRP.

    This ammount is very important because remember that in few words the Lease amount you pay is the Depreciation cost (negotiated price of the car minus the agreed residual), plus the rent charge ($ amount of the generated by the "interest" rate) which is called Money Factor. Closing the gap between the negotiated price and the residual is one way to lower your payment, but it can kill you if you decide to keep the car at lease end.

    Edmund's Leasing guide is one of the most comprehensive guides out there, at least to get to know the Lingo used and how things really work.

    I did Google also last week and came across this page on the CarBuying Tips website, the read is long, but the information is 100% real and useful, they also have an Excel Spreadsheet that will help you to estimate vey close the real scenario.

    Hope it helps.
  • msaamsaa Posts: 4
    This is great information! Thanks. One thing I forgot to mention is that I am looking to finance the car as opposed to leasing it. I am trying to shop around dealers to see how much of a competitive interest rate i can get. Initially I was offered a 7.25% interest rate, which is too high.
  • talyvantalyvan Posts: 17
    If you're financing, yes that's a bit high, with your credit score, you should be shooting about 6%.

    Now, since the dealerships won't give you the APR you're looking for.. then shop around and get pre-approved. I've heard many good stories about Chase, Costco, Banco Popular, E-Loan, etc. The good thing about getting pre-approved is that they'll basically hand you a blank check that you can write up to the ammount you need.

    If you have a trade, you can still negotiate the trade side directly on the dealership (remember that the trade should be handled as a totally separate business) or just go to Carmax (if you have one available) and have your car appraised, don't sell the car on the spot, go with the appraisal back to the dealership and try to get at least a match of Carmax price, it'll be just another card under your sleeve to play.

    As far as hidden tricks, etc.. :) , there is none (as far as I know), everything is here, in Edmunds,, Forums, etc.. I just compile information, have a clear understanding of what to expect and the difference I think, is that I'm not afraid or shy to ask what I want.

    You should have the control of the transaction, not the dealership, treat is as a game, demand your terms and in the worst case, nothing will happen (as long you don't sign anything).

    The best deal is not the least amount of money (that helps though), is just the comfort zone you feel, for the product and deal you get.
  • msaamsaa Posts: 4
    After some negotiation and putting two dealers against eachother I received the following price.

    2006 X3 - Black Metallic Paint
    Beige Leather with Maple Trim
    Servotronic Streering
    Automatic steering
    Xenon lights
    Park Distance Control
    Premium Package
    Cold Weather Package
    Privacy Glass
    Heated Steering Wheel
    Premium Sound System

    MSRP= $45,692
    Negotiated Price= $42,900

    The 1st dealer I was working with had their MSRP with the same optiosn as mentioned above for $46,892. The only reason there was a price difference was because I was being charged for automatic transmission!!! This is a non charge option. So be careful. I am trying to have the 2nd dealer beat Eloan's interest rate of 5.95%. But so far I think this is a pretty decent deal and was hoping someone would just double check and chime in.

    Does anyone know how much it would cost to have the 4 yr maintainence extended to six years?
  • talyvantalyvan Posts: 17
    Awesome man!!, congrats, that's a great package there. You have been negotiating a very decent deal.

    About the rate, the only option I'd suggest is going through, just to see what they come up with.

    Also, remember that if rates drop (very unlikely), you can still re-finance before the 1st year and the car will still be considered new, therefore, getting new car rates, that usually are like .5% better than re-finance rates.
  • dogsambamdogsambam Posts: 59
    Got quote in Illinois

    Sticker $41095
    24 mo lease, 12K per year
    $467 per mo. Taxes included in payment. No money down except first month and plates???? Have to let dealer know quick.

    Please let me know.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,772
    Do you live in Illinois? If so, that is a great quote... IL taxes the entire purchase price of the vehicle..

    If you live elsewhere, it still looks like a good deal..


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  • dogsambamdogsambam Posts: 59
    Yes- Just picked up car. Silver Grey with Grey leather. No other dealer could come close. A certain Northern Suburban dealer quoted me almost $120.00 more per month, and said that was as low as they could go. Very happy.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,772
    That is great!!

    Have fun with your new BMW!!


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  • talyvantalyvan Posts: 17
    Sorry I missed all the action, but indeed you got a very good deal, enjoy.

    My wife is actually thrilled with hers, every single day, she makes comments of how she likes the X3.
  • 2007x32007x3 Posts: 1
    Hey, just joined the forum. I am planning to purchase a 2007 local dealer in the Philadephia burbs tells me I can order the end of August for October delivery. I will likely pick it up at the performance driving school...can't wait. When I go in to work up a deal I hope you all can help! Until then...

    I'm thinking -
    Silver grey metallic, black leather, premium package, heated seats, privacy glass, automatic trans, 18 in. wheels, and any other options that may be new offerings.
  • tc9897tc9897 Posts: 6
    I got my lease on a new 2006 X3 3.0i yesterday: Silver gray metallic, premium package, and winter package, with privacy glass.

    MSRP was $41090, but the final sales price was $38500. With no money down except for inception, the 24-month lease, 12k miles a year lease comes out to $422 a month or $455 with the 7% sales tax in NJ. The dealer is in central NJ.

    I just joined the forum a few days ago -- and all the information on this forum was extremely helpful. Thanks!
  • tc9897tc9897 Posts: 6
    ...and I should add that the following figures were used during negotiation/calculation:

    Residual value: 77%
    Money factor: .00195

    The residual value was what I expected going in, but the money factor was slightly higher. I had read that .00185 was the going rate with BMW Financial. They showed me the actual book for the dealers, and this seems to be the current rate. I can't figure out where the discrepancy comes from, but at $422 a month for a model with premium and winter package etc, with just $600 above invoice price, seems like a good deal.
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