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2013 and earlier BMW X3 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I'm looking at 36 month lease and have been told by two of the four dealers (having yet to talk to the other two) in Denver metro area that the money factor is .00255 vs. the 00215 mentioned in post #1314. The residual numbers are consistent with what has been posted here, although the discounting off of MSRP (per both dealers and Edumnuds TMV pricing) is closer to between 1.5 and 2%. Inventories seem somewhat tight around here, so that would seem to affect discounting.

    Is money factor a regional thing or should it be standard nation wide?

    Thanks for your input - this site has been a very useful resource.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,749
    BMWFS allows the dealer to mark-up the base rate by .0004, resulting in the money factor your dealer is quoting. This is extra profit for the dealer.

    On a typical X3 lease, this will raise the payment by around $30/mo.


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  • timmbojtimmboj Posts: 123
    When the time is right, I think what I'll do is create my own fair deal lease and send it to my local dealer. Giving them the option of meeting MY requirements for a lease (or at least getting close) before venturing into markets outside of my city. Sort of like the fax attack, except the calculations have already been done to my specifications. This way they'll know I'm an informed consumer, and hopefully keep the negotiating shinanagins to a minimum. If my one-BMW-dealership town rejects my offer, then I can send the same to outside markets and let them fight it out. Has anyone out there tried this approach?Bright idea? Or not?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,749
    That is a great idea.. I just looked up the e-mail I sent to the dealer on my last car (edited for brevity and personal details).
    I was walking the lot today (Sunday), and noticed that you had a leftover '05 330 convertible.. in Silver Gray.. I think it is this unit from your website:

    Exterior Color: Silver Gray Metallic
    Interior Color: Black Leather
    Engine: 6-cylinder
    Transmision: Automatic
    Cold Weather

    Safety Features:
    Dual Front Airbags
    Front Side Airbags
    Traction Control
    ABS (4-Wheel)

    Xenon Headlights
    BMW Assist

    I'd be interested in leasing this car, if you can do this deal:

    $49,345 MSRP
    $45,200 Selling price
    $45,825 Cap cost (selling price + $625 acquisition fee)
    3yr/45K lease
    61% residual ($30,100.45)
    Money factor .00075 (base rate)
    Payment = $494/mo. + KY sales tax (approx. $525/mo. total)
    Due at inception: 1st payment ($525), security deposit ($550), title/license/registration fees (approx. $200)
    Total due at signing approx. $1300

    Thanks for your time and consideration..

    I made almost that exact deal within 4 days.. My actual deal was for $200 more, resulting in a payment that was $529/mo... and my due at signing was $1196.

    So.. it can work!!



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  • phatjoephatjoe Posts: 1
    I'm interested in leasing a bmw x3. I shopped around the Chicago area, and asked my brother to stop by bimmer dealerships in a few neighboring states.

    One particular dealer showed him a 2007 X3, which was VERY nicely equipped with a msrp around $44,xxx. The lease details are as follows:

    $3,000 total out of pocket cash (clearly stated not interested in hidden fees, just want to write one check).
    12,000 miles a year
    24 month lease
    $425 a month

    I've seen a few people on this site with $500+ lease rates. Does this monthly rate ($425) seem about right, a bit sketchy, or simply a great deal? :)

    Very much value your input...

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,749
    With $3000 out of pocket on a 24 month lease, this quote is basically a $500/mo. lease, if you didn't have the big amount down upfront..

    Still.. not a bad deal on a $44K vehicle...

    But, I'm sure that quote from an out-of-state dealer doesn't account for Illinois taxes.. Illinois taxes the full selling price on a lease.. Over 24 months, that will likely add more than $100/mo. to the payment. Which is why short-term leases aren't usually cost effective in Illinois.



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  • maryn165maryn165 Posts: 12
    I just picked up my 07 x3 today. I got the premium package, heated front seats, privacy glass, rear and front sensing system. I am paying $475 a month for a 36 month lease with 12,000 miles (no money down and I paid the taxes upfont).
    I think this was a pretty good deal. What do you think?
  • ejsmithejsmith Posts: 1
    I just sent an email to a local BMW dealer (Dallas, TX area). Here is the deal I sent them:

    Terms: 36 months / 15k miles
    MSRP: $42,975
    Sale Price: $41,685.75
    Down Payment: $2,000
    Residual: 65% ($27,933.75)
    Money Factor: .002
    Tax Rate: 8.25%

    Monthly Payment: $563.04

    They sent me an email back saying that they can't control the money factor, but that everything else with the offer is fine. They also said that they are running a special for this month with no sales tax. That is a big deal in Texas since sales tax is based on the total sale price instead of the used value.

    I have a couple questions:

    1. My equifax credit score is 710. What kind of money factor should I expect to be getting?

    2. In Texas, to calculate the total lease payment, the tax is based on the sale price only or is it sale price + fees?

    3. What kind of fees should I be seeing? I'm guessing just an acquisition fee.

    By my calculations, with the no sales tax offer, I should be looking at $461.88/month for this without any fees being accounted for yet.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,749
    1) BMWFS is pass/fail.. if you qualify, the rate is the same... base MF is .00215 this month. Dealers can mark it up, but you want the base rate.

    2) Tax is most likely on selling price plus any non-governmental fees (acq.fee, doc fee, etc.) No tax would be a big, big savings. I've heard of TX dealers having tax credits available.

    3) Acquisition fee of $625 (dealer can mark this up to $825), most TX dealers charge an inventory tax (it is under $100, I think, registration.. Watch out for document fees, prep fees, dealer fees.. these are all just profit padding.

    With the .00215 MF, I get around $471/mo. with a $2000 CAP cost reduction..

    If you use the $2000 to pay the upfront costs (1st payment, security deposit, acquisition fee, title), then the payment would be approximately $532/mo.+ tax..

    No tax is a huge savings... Tax would be around $70/mo in Texas..


    PS: $2000 upfront and $532/mo. is a very achievable deal.. don't let them bump you up any higher.. They are only providing a $1300 discount from MSRP.. They shouldn't have to make any more from the financing..


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  • newq7newq7 Posts: 21
    Hi Folks:

    I've just ordered a new X3 loaded to the gills. Found an accomidating dealer and have placed an order. Now I'm figuring out leasing terms. This is my first potential BMW lease - but I've leased before and I am familiar with how leasing works.

    I only lease for tax purposes. It can help accelerate tax write off of a business luxury car. The alternative is paying cash.

    So, here is my question. Right now I'm being told that for a 24 month lease with 50,000 miles per year the money factor is .00215. This translates into 5.16%. Here on this site I've also seen money rates being discussed at .00200 and even someone talking about .000700 or an ultra-low 1.68%. My credit scores are north of 800 (perfect). Lastly the residual buy the car at lease end value that I'm being quoted is about 54% of the negotiated cash price,(remember 24 month at 50K miles per year).

    Is this residual in line or should it be different?

    Is .00215 the deepest discount money rate BMW offers right now?

    Is the $625 "acquisition fee" standard or is it negotiable? BTW does the dealer get part of this?

    Do you have any idea how the money rate and or the residual value may change over the next 6 to 8 weeks (the time needed to build and deliver the car)?

    Many thanks,

  • joechicago7joechicago7 Posts: 22
    A couple of questions / comments

    - Do you really mean 50k miles per year? That's alot.

    - Residuals are typically stated as a percentage of MSRP, not the selling price.
  • newq7newq7 Posts: 21
    Hi Joe:

    Thanks for the correction on Residuals. OK, then as a percentage of the MSRP (Sticker + Dealer installed options) the residual works out to 52.07%.

    As for the 50,000 miles per year - yes that is what I mean. I'd buy more if BMW would let me (and have bought more from other manufacturers). Unlike most who lease I'm not concerned about the payments. I'm concerned about total out of pocket cost to "buy" the car. I intend to buy the car at lease end - and want it to have as low a buy out value at lease end as possible. My only reason to lease is that it works better for taxes than does buying for cash and depreciating.

    Are my money factor numbers correct? .00215?

    BTW - following my having cut a tight deal for as cash purchase, the dealer is trying to recoup profit by bumping the lease money rate. I'm not going for it.

  • z4drivercaz4driverca Posts: 16
    Just picked up My X3 on a 2 yr lease,
    MSRP 45250
    Cap Cost 42710 ( 500 over invoice)
    Sale Price ( including Acq fee) 43335
    Residual 78% ( 24 months/10000 miles)
    Monthly 499.24 ( Money factor 0.00166 with 7 security deposits)

    Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,749
    Looks like a great deal!

    How much due at inception, outside of your security deposits?


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  • z4drivercaz4driverca Posts: 16
    First month down payment + 347 DMV + doc fee ~ $1100
    with free floor mats :D
  • vsaxenavsaxena Posts: 203
    This z4driver did multiple security deposits and is a returning BMWFS customer. He got a family special since the CA sells a car or two every year to this guy's extended family :).
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,749
    Yeah.. I noted the relationship... ;)

    Still.. a good deal is a good deal, right?


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  • 4kids4kids Posts: 7

    My husband and I were at the BMW dealership again this weekend and we saw a Monaco Blue X3 w/ tobacco brown interior on the showroom floor. My husband LOVED :blush: the color combo but were never able to build it like that (interior is either beige, black or gray). The car has:

    -metallic paint
    -premium pkg
    -heated front seats
    -heated steering
    -privacy glass

    Anyhow we went in to talk to our dealer and this is what he gave us:

    MSRP: $42,800
    Sellling Price: $40,600 + $695 destination charge
    Monthly 36mo/12k: $499

    Due at signing: taxes & fees...NO DOWN PAYMENT

    We put down a deposit on the car and locked in this months rates (although they aren't the greatest this month but just in case they go higher in June).

    What do you think? Could we do better? Do u think we could still do a little more negotiating? :confuse:

    Thanks for all the postings...a great help! :)
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,749
    It looks like the $40,600 includes the destination at that monthly payment..

    How much do the fees and taxes add up to? Give us the total amount due upfront, and break it down if you can.

    I had a Monaco blue loaner a couple of weeks ago.. While I liked the color (it is really blue!), my wife hated it. The loaner had gray interior with gray poplar trim. That was a really nice combo with the blue, but that interior is really light and would be had to keep clean, I think.



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  • 4kids4kids Posts: 7
    The Monaco blue is actually more like a navy (sometimes it's hard to distinguish it from black). We got the Monaco. It's the Montego blue that is really blue...I don't like that color either! :)

    I have the yellow slip that gives total out of pocket as: $3515.03. Doesn't have it broken down, but I'll try doing it myself:

    1st month: $499
    Tax: $1560 (based on NY rate of 8.375%)
    Security: $500
    Acq. Fee: $625
    Fees & Ins: $105
    TOTAL: $3289

    Still need to account for $226...don't know what else was included. Maybe they jacked up the acq fee? My baby was getting cranky when they were working up the papers so I couldn't pay much attention. I'll email him for a break-up.

    What do you think? Can I work on anything else? Praying that the June rates are much better! :)
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,749
    That looks pretty good.. It's possible they ran it without a security deposit, and instead made a cap cost reduction.. Which would make it a worse deal by $500..

    If there is a security deposit involved, then the deal looks more than fair... If not, then I'd want the deal to be $500 less..

    Good luck,


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  • hugo5hugo5 Posts: 68
    Finally decided on the X3 and put a deposit down today.
    Here is the deal:
    $39,750 MSRP (metallic paint and heated seats)
    $38,015 sales price ( I am being told it's $275 over invoice, although Edmunds invoice price is $36,620, which would make it $1395 over invoice)

    $445 month (36/10k)
    +$1435.64 tax (8.625%)
    +$625 bank fee
    +$67.50 MV
    =$2573.14 out of pocket

    I thought I was getting a great deal with $275 over invoice, and they are willing to give me a copy of their invoice, but the extra $1120.00, however they explain it, still bother me.
    What do you think?
  • MSRP - 40725
    Invoice - 37510
    Price for Lease - 39450
    Down Payment - Aqcuisition, First Payment, Sec Dep = $1897
    Monthly Payment - $545 (taxes included - 10% for lease in my county in PA)

    He says invoice is 38100, and that he has a 300 dollar national advertising charge or some BS.

  • that deal sounds good. I have had bad experiences all mourning with sales people :sick: , do you mind telling me where you are shopping?
  • Where did you get that quote? I am leasing my first car and I want it to be the BMW X3 i don't like talking to the sales people over the phone because all they tell you is the monthly "low" payments they hate going into detail :mad: . It's like asking them to do something out of their job describtion. I am so scared of them. any tips?
  • I wound up getting him down to 38800, so I think I am going to for it, which gets me to the 5% off the MSRP or better I was looking for. The other dealership I contacted wouldnt match and the third wont get back to me. Im in Eastern Pa.
  • hey I was looking to lease a New X3. when I contacted the Dealership (in Kansas City) a fully loaded MSRP around 46,000 -- 36 months -- 15k/year mileage was like $715 a month. I haven't yet been in to negotiate a lower price off the MSRP, but how are you guys getting these leases for the $450 - $550 range? they said that the taxes and licensing was included, will just negotiating the purchase price to about $43,000 get my lease under $600? or how in the world can I get my lease payment near the $500 range?

  • 4kids4kids Posts: 7
    We've been working with the salesman for a few months (we couldn't decide b/w the X3 or 328xi) and he ended up giving $495 for 36mo/12k on an X3 w/ MSRP of $42,800. We went in 2 hours before closing and since he's met w/ us before he cut the chase and gave us a good deal. i acutally emailed other dealerships about X3's in stock w/ the MSRP as mine and asked them for quotes and one even emailed me back w/ a payment of $485/month. (but the original dealership I worked w/ had better service and amenities like free carwashes and a large fleet of loaners that I decided that it was worth the extra $10/month). But basically use edmunds free quotes service and request quotes from dealers in your area. You can even set your own price and email it to dealers and see if they are willing to work w/ your numbers. Personally I think you can do a bit better. Perhaps you can also ask abt demos models. BMW executive demos lease out pretty well.

    To all NYorkers, I have had good experience w/ RallyeBMW in westbury...they're not pushy and are happy to help you with questions. It took us a few months to decide what we wanted and they were totally patient.

    Happy Bargaining!
  • 4kids4kids Posts: 7
    redvelvet go to the bmw website and find the dealers in your area. go to the dealer websites and try to find a car that you'd like and either email them for a quote or call them w/ the stock#. This way they know you r interested and serious otherwise you'll keep getting a ballpark figure. Also, be sure to know what options you want, how many miles, colors etc... From my experience salesmen don't want to take the time to explain that stuff to you. Afterall all that info is at ur fingertips on the web anyway.

    Good luck! :)
  • Thank you I learned that the hard way and if you ask too many serious questions like MF, the BASE acqusation fee. They get really uptight and thats when they have to call you back. I am going to the dealership on Saturday and I am terrified. :confuse:
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