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2013 and earlier BMW X3 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • stactumstactum Posts: 39
    After I placed an order (see my post above) I ended up matching deal from another dealer which ends up being even better, so basically it is:

    2013 X3 xDrive28i
    Mineral Silver Metallic paint (A14)
    Premium Package (Oyster Leather LUCX, Brushed Aluminum Trim 4AD) ZPP
    Cold Weather Package (ZCW)
    Comfort Access Keyless Entry (322)
    MSRP: $44,595 (including $895 destination)

    Sale Price: $41,450 + TTL

    It's about $3,145 discount (about 7.1%) off msrp
  • I just started my car search, and saw this vehicle today (link below). Please let me know what you think of it? What price would you negotiate for? Thanks!

    Please see this link: ake=BMW&model=X3&year=2011&defaultType=&mode=&invtype=USED
  • Hey Stactum,

    I'm in Green Bay area & planning on buying 2013 X3 28i. I test drove the 2012 one, but the Vermillion Red with my options wasn't available and that's when the Salesman told me about the 2013 X3 w/4-cyl turbo coming in Apr/2012. So, I'm waiting to test drive it.

    However, I would definitely like to know more about the dealers you contacted for your 2013 X3 28i quotes. Bergstrom in Appleton, WI is the closest dealership for me. However, the next closest dealership is in Milwaukee/Madison. So, I don't think there would be much negotiation @Appleton dealer.

    My main concern is - If I get a good deal from a far away dealer (say Chicago, IL) - I'll still have to come to the Bergstrom, Appleton dealer for the maintenance. Won't they make my life difficult if I ever end up buying from other dealers?

    Here's the config I'm looking for:

    X3 28iDrive
    Premium pkg (Vermillion Red+Mohave or Oyester leather+Siena line wood)
    Cold Wthr pkg
    Conv. pkg (Mainly Xenon Headlights & comfort key)
    Tech. Pkg ( I want everything in Tech pkg other than Nav., and m not sure if I can get Bluetooth + USB without Nav.)

    Your help is much appreciated. Thanks
  • From that I'm reading, about 7 to 7.1% is about the max anyone's getting off MSRP. I'm looking at ordering a 2013 for Factory Delivery in SC. I'll have to see if the 3 dealers in the DFW, Texas area will go 7+% off MSRP. My MSRP will be over $60k for a X3 xDrive 35i. Pretty much loaded... no trade, now BMW financing as I can go better at my Credit Union.

    Has anyone done better than 7.1% off?
  • stactumstactum Posts: 39
    I spoke with Concours and International in MKE, Zimbrick, and bunch of dealers at IL (Knauz - since they are part of costco program but it's $1K over invoice, Patrick BMW, Motor Werke, and lots of others).

    MKE dealers offered me 1500 off MSRP and I test drove 2012 X3 at both. Concours was very strict with pricing, International seemed very strict but after I told them that I got one from IL they said: "too bad you didn't give us a chance to match the offer, woud've saved you a trip to Chicago" - so if you are getting some good offers from IL - it will be worth asking local dealers including Appleton to match the offer. For them sale is a sale, and even though they may not make money off your sale - it gives them volume.

    I ended up getting at Motor Werke, but Patrick BMW was in the running also. MW gave me no BS offer right from the bat, and then matched Patrick BMW matching. Fun negotiations!

    Also, I don't think it matters where you get your car and where you service it since service doesn't necessarily care where the car was purchased.

    Good luck negotiating!
  • stactumstactum Posts: 39
    7.1% puts it at about invoice. There is 7% markup on the car and 9% markup on packages and accessories.
    I am sure you can get better discount if you get outgoing model year or something from dealer's lot. Any special order for upcoming model year with 7% discount seems pretty good deal. Also have to consider any kind of incentives from BMW for upcoming MY, but I don't think there will be good ones, maybe just APR.
  • gauravgulatigauravgulati Posts: 6
    edited April 2012
    Thanks much for sharing your experience. I e-mailed for Quotes from all dealers within 250mi of me and it includes all the names you've listed above =))

    I also have Costco Membership...would try that with Knauz. Some great tips, man (given that negotiations can be a pain).

    Would it be OK for me to use your contact as Referral when reaching out to the dealers you listed above (esp. Werke)?

    I plugged in my specs in & this is what I got:

    Premium Pkg - Tech. Pkg - Convenience Pkg - Cold Weather I Pkg

    Vermillion Red - Nevada Mohave Leather trim - Fineline Wave Wood trim
    Aluminum Roof Rails

    Dealer Factory MSRP
    BASE 35,420 35,420 38,500
    Holdback 1,101 n/a n/a
    Dealer 0 n/a n/a
    Regional 500 500 n/a
    Ad Fee
    Dest. Fee 895 895 895
    Cust. Incentive 0 n/a n/a
    TOTAL 44,315 45,415 48,845

    Based on the above, I'm thinking 46-46,500 + TTL should be a fair price. What say?
  • larryxularryxu Posts: 2
    May I ask the Sale Price is pre-tax or plus-tax? In other words, is your OTD $41250? Thanks.
  • @Larryxu

    Stactum's post clearly mentions "Sale Price: $41,450 + TTL" (TTL - Tax, Title, License/Registration)

    MSRP: $44,595 (including $895 destination)

    Sale Price: $41,450 + TTL

    It's about $3,145 discount (about 7.1%) off msrp

    Hope this helps.
  • larryxularryxu Posts: 2
    Sorry still a bit confused. '$41,450 + TTL' means $41,450 is plus TTL (TTL included in $41,450, so the final price paid as OTD is $41,450) or the sale price is $41,450 without TTL (so the final OTD paid should be $41,450 + some more dollars for TTL)?
  • Yes. "+ TTL" means Tax, Title & License extra. Because stactum purchased from out of state, he'll have to pay TTL at the time of getting registration in WI ( unless the dealer is somehow able to deduct WI tax.. which I highly doubt)
  • gauravgulatigauravgulati Posts: 6
    edited April 2012
    So, I finally ordered my 2013 X3 xDrive 28i yesterday. Yayyy!! Delivery in 3-4 weeks

    Vermillion Red - Nevada Oyster Leather - Fineline Wave Wood trim - Aluminum Roof Rails
    Premium Pkg - Tech. Pkg - Convenience Pkg - Cold Weather I Pkg

    MSRP - $48,845
    OTD Selling Price - $46,000 (Incl. Doc. Fees & Dest.) + TTL extra
    Discount - $2,845+ (just about 6% off MSRP)

    A.S@Bill Jacobs BMW, Naperville, IL was first to give the BO (best offer) of $46k + Doc. (Initial offer $46,635).

    A.S@International BMW, Milwaukee, WI matched the offer. (He also gave the best Initial Offer $46,345)

    My local dealership (B.S & R.H @Bergstrom, Appleton WI) were able to match the best Offer & included the Doc. fee in it as well. They were most courteous, accommodating, very spontaneous and transparent. They didn't even push me for Financing from BMW or Bergstrom. Even so, they suggested some CUs which had lower Rates than their Dealership. Extremely Professional & knowledgeable

    Anyone looking to buy a Beemer in WI/IL region - I would definitely recommend checking with the above listed dealerships for excellent offers & treatment.

    Good Luck with your Ultimate Driving Machines!
  • radoncgsradoncgs Posts: 60
    Hi, is this the N20 engine? Please let me know how you like it thanks.
  • Yes, It is N20. 2013 X3 2.8 are N20 only. I didn't Test Drive N20 X3 2.8 (You probably won't find one on the lots yet for a test drive as people who pre-ordered, are getting their vehicles delivered now. I test drove 2012 X3 2.8 (inline 6 cyl) - in March and I did test drive 3-series (N20) a few days back. I must say, it was kool. Unless you drive both engines back 2 back - you probably won't know the difference. And, N20 is proclaimed to be faster, more powerful & more fuel efficient (with 2013 X3 having more standard features) than the 2012 X3 - ofcourse at a revised Base Price

    Verdict: I liked it and ordered it. But, everyone is different.

    Hope this helps.
  • pzzcatpzzcat Posts: 20
    edited April 2012
    Hello everyone
    here what i got MSRP$45845 offer $43,470 Good deal? Comments?
    2013 BMW X3 xDrive28i
    Exterior: Black Sapphire Metallic
    Interior: Chestnut Nevada Lthr (P1) (cleared / no charge)
    Trim: Fineline wave wood trim (Req. ZPP)
    Convenience Package
    Premium Package (required)
    Rear-view camera (Req 508)
    Panoramic moonroof (included / no charge)
    Park Distance Control (required)
    Xenon headlights (included / no charge)
    Comfort access keyless entry (P1) (included / no charge)
    Rear manual side window shades (P1) (included / no charge)
  • stactumstactum Posts: 39
    This is approximately 5.2% off - it is a good deal, not great deal. I talked my dealer to 7.1% discount.

    Use and add necessary options to see what the invoice on the vehicle and than compare to what dealer wants. You can probably bounce his quote off some other dealers and see if they beat it.
  • sevenawaysevenaway Posts: 22
    edited April 2012
    With the 2013 X3 hitting the lots now, does anyone have any insight on the possible May offers for the remaining 2012s? Any rumors?
  • My local dealer tried to assure me that with only a couple of 2012 xDrive28i on his lot, they would fly off the lot for MSRP, so he doesn't even have to share the quest cash.
  • sevenawaysevenaway Posts: 22
    Appreciate the insight. I will most likely wait until the offers come out next week before attempting a purchase.
  • bugchuckerbugchucker Posts: 118
    I was taught to offer invoice up, not Msrp down. Why all these percent off of Msrp posts?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,263
    Because MSRP is a known price...

    Negotiating from invoice up is good... if you know what number the dealer is using for invoice... many times, it ends up to be more than you thought..


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  • I was quoted $500 above invoice on 2013 X3. There is a $1000 incentive from BMW Driving for Team USA event which will bring the total down to $500 under invoice.
  • citroencitroen Posts: 1
    That sounds pretty amazing. I went to a dealer in the LA area looking for a 2013 X3 28i with about $10,000 in options and they told me they'd only take $300 off of MSRP since I was ordering a car that wasn't in dealer inventory. I've only begun the search, but that hardly seems like a deal, right!?
  • stactumstactum Posts: 39
    It's kind of BS excuse :)

    Most people order their X3 as they want them. Dealers have their production slots - it's better to fill them with pre-sold cars (like for you) than order something for the lot that will seat on it before it's sold.

    The way I would approach it (kind of how I did with my purchase) - send a separate email to multiple dealers with your config and ask for their quotes. State that you will be ordering that particular configuration.
  • Yes. They won't cut you a deal just because it is on their lot. They are just selling their allocation to you regardless it is on their lot or ordering new one. I am going to order it with my configuration.

    I email/call all dealers within 100 miles and get quotes from them. It is best if they give you a written offer. Call the 2nd lowest offer dealership and ask them to beat your lowest written offer. Do it repeatedly until they can't go any lower. I was able to cut $1000 off the original "lowest" offer quote from one dealership.
  • jay_2013jay_2013 Posts: 11
    I am in the Bay Area, CA. Looking to get either a 2012 Q5 2.0T Base or the 2012/3 X3 Base. I hear that there is much less price flexibility on the Q5 than on the X3. Is that true? Also, is $1500 below MSRP a reasonable target- for either vehicle?
  • jeffreyfujeffreyfu Posts: 8
    edited May 2012
    On the X3, I can get $500 under invoice price with the Drive to Team USA($1000 incentive). It is about $3400 under MSRP or 9% off MSRP.
  • stactumstactum Posts: 39
    Q5 will be going through mid-cycle refresh for 2013, even it's not changing that much visually, it will still get some new headlights, and some interior improvements. If you will find one sitting on dealer's lot - you may be able to get it reasonably cheap.

    As for bimmers - even it Milwaukee the first quotes I got were about 1500$ off MSRP, I ended up getting it at invoice for 3145$ off MSRP, but yes, I guess it might be easier to get a better deal on X3 since BMW sells more cars and have more wiggle room. Also bimmer you can order just as you want it since they produced in SC. For Audis - they're all coming from Germany so it may not be as easy to get what you want.
  • bugchuckerbugchucker Posts: 118
    What dealer is $500 over invoice? In the PNW, the best offer so far is not near that price.
  • bugchuckerbugchucker Posts: 118
    I asked abount the Drive for Team USA discount. It is not available on the X3 just the 3 series. Also, it isn't until July.
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