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2013 and earlier BMW X3 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • flightnurseflightnurse 35K feetPosts: 2,065
    The M sport package has been watered down lately, it does not add the extra sport suspension as it has in the past, to me save the money and just get the Sport activity package, this comes with the sport seats which are very comfortable. Stay away fro the Wheel Protection package, that is $1100 you do not need to speed, just a money maker for the dealer.
  • pzzcatpzzcat Posts: 20
    chesnut nevada (P1)
    convenience package
    cold weather package
    rear veiw camera
    park distance control
    MSRP $44345

    offer $41000

    Is this a good deal?

    Thanks in advance for your response.
  • go to edmunds/here & build the car here-not BMWusa and print out that INVOICE!!! price & deal from there,period. As already said here you should start @ ~$300 over invoice to $500,. Watch the dealer fees as they are too high some places. If you finance the deal with BMW thats a holiday credit,then if in a BMW bow-loyalty credit,then if a vet ask for USAA discount of 1,000 to 1,250 & if recent grad then college cred too. You can buy it anywhere -they do the paperwork only- & take delivery @ SC BMW center. Or you can buy from inventory & hope for the best which will be + you pay more time! Your in Boston?-try "Z" @ Spring Valley, NY for a deal?
  • pzzcatpzzcat Posts: 20
    thank you very much
  • rcaccrcacc Posts: 2
    Alpine White
    Black Leatherette
    Brushed Aluminum Trim
    Rear View Camera & Park Distance Control
    Xenon Headlights

    Sale Price: $39,445

    Less the $1,000 holiday cash for financing with BMW brings me to $38,445 before taxes, fees etc.

    Is this a good deal? My thought is that I can get a better APR using my bank/credit union, but then i lose the $1000 rebate. I'm thinking I could possibly get an additional $1000 off the MSRP if im using BMW for financing, bringing the total to around $37,445. Any insight/advice?
  • Spent a Lot of time shopping and finally settled on new 2013 X3 28i with Mineral Silver and Oyster interior. My USAA discount on MSRP of $49,195 was $3410. Thats 7% off MSRP. Costco has a discount of $1000 over invoice.
  • gbriankgbriank Posts: 220
    Got a similar deal. $750 over invoice for an xDrive35i minus the $1000 USAA discount and the $1000 Holiday discount. Downside? I am waiting for the factory to assemble it... :-(
  • flightnurseflightnurse 35K feetPosts: 2,065
    Not much of a wait since it is built here in the US.... BTW, did you ask the dealer about taking delivery of it at the factory and go through the driving school that is offered?
  • Just making sure I understood correctly- the Costco price is $1000 BELOW invoice, or $1000 over invoice?
  • Costco is $1000 over invoice. Did I say below in previous post?
  • I asked the Ann Arbor dealer about driving school. He was unaware of the program for US-Built vehicles. He was going to get back with me but must have forgot.. :-) We found a vehicle in the Idaho and having it shipped here. Should arrive early next week. Wanted to close transaction before year end for tax purposes. Would have loved to doing the driving school thing though. Can we still do that if not ordering?
  • gbriankgbriank Posts: 220
    There was a fire at the factory earlier in the week in the X3 Assembly section. No word yet from BMW if there will be any delays.
  • flightnurseflightnurse 35K feetPosts: 2,065
    I'm sure you can, just go to BMWUSA.COM and the info should be on the web page.
  • Dealer said that if I ordered a custom built X3 from the factory (they didn't have what I was looking for on the lot) I could not get the holiday discount for $1000 as it would not arrive by January 3 2013 after which the discount would expire. Sounds backwards to me, as I would pay for the car with a deposit? Is this valid or a sales tactic to get me to buy something on the lot?
  • That sounds fishy to me. I placed an order recently for an X3 and got the discount. Should be part of the final paperwork when you make your deposit.
  • spi5spi5 Posts: 48
    Dealer has a 2012 X3 XDrive35i with 12,500miles on it. It is full loaded. Original MSRP is $55,000. They offer me $42,500. Is this a good deal? It seems only save me $6,000 from a new car.
  • Have got two quotes from different Bay Area dealers- both prices are $500 over invoice. This is before I negotiate- seems like getting it at invoice (before any holiday discounts) should be possible for December.
  • From Edmunds, 2013 X3 28i, cold weather + premium + tech, MSRP: $46,745, Invoice: $43,000. Seems to me that you can buy this car at invoice or even below invoice now
  • Acc to Edmunds, the invoice price for that combo is $41000. If that price does not include the holiday discount, it is good.
  • Is there any Holdback for BMW right now?
  • Dealer claims the invoice price published on is lower than the real invoice. They added a $400 advertising (maco) and a $180 fee for "training". They agreed to sell at invoice but "their invoice". They said all BMW dealers in the Bay Area would charge the same cost. Is this a legitimate add-on?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,603
    Yes... their invoice is likely Edmund's invoice plus those two charges..


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  • Premium pkg, premium sound, cold weather pkg and deep sea blue metallic paint:
    Per Edmunds, MSRP $45,045; Invoice $41,455; dealer added MACO $300 and Training fee $180 to the invoice for a total invoice of $41,935. I gave the dealer a profit of $500.
    Price paid $42,435 less $1000 for financing $8,000 (the financing will add $11.52 per month until paid off after 6 months).
    The sales person said that the Edmunds invoice is too low since the invoice is 93% of MSRP. She was wrong. It's 92%. When they add in the non-discounted delivery fee plus MACO and training, then it works out to 93%.
  • xDrive28i

    BASE MSRP $38,500
    Jet Black $0
    Beige Leatherette $0
    Silver Matte Trim $0
    Cold Weather Package $700
    Comfort Access keyless entry $500
    Navigation system $2,150
    Panoramic moonroof $1,350
    Real Time Traffic Information $0
    Rear manual side window shades $250
    BMW Assist with enhanced Bluetooth and USB $0
    Park Distance Control $750
    Rear-view camera $400
    BMW Rubber Floor Mats $81
    Online Information Services $0
    Destination & Handling: $895
    Total MSRP as Built $45,576

    Edmunds Invoice $42271 (including floor mats)

    OTD price = 42670 + 2560.2 (tax) + 172 (Tags, registration) = 45,402 - 1000 (holiday credit) = 44,402.

    No training, advertising, finance or document charges at all.

    Is it a good price?

    Thanks for your feedback-

  • IMHO you got a good price. There is one thing though. The base price MSRP is correct while the invoice that you paid is $320 high. This represents the price increase for 2013. The new MSRP is $38,850 and an invoice of $35,740. Adding up your list came to $41,951. You showed $42,271. There's the $320 increase! The base invoice that you should have paid was $35,420. So you paid $719 over invoice but invoice includes MACO and the training charges. The MACO charge varies but the training charge is always $180. So if the MACO was $300 then your invoice would be $41,951+300+180=$42,431. OTD price $42,670-$42,431=$239 dealer profit. A good deal. BTW MACO and training are not part of MSRP. The extra $320 should be questioned if you ordered in 2012. Good luck.
  • You did mean a 2013 x3, correct?
  • Oh yeh, I meant 2013 X3 28i. Sorry :-)

    Many thanks for your input.

  • dinosmdinosm Posts: 16
    Here is the deal i closed last week:

    MSRP Invoice
    Code X3 xDrive 28i $38,500 $35,420
    354 Titanium Silver Metallic $550 $500
    LUSW Black Nevada Leather - -
    4AD Brushed Aluminum Trim - -
    ZCW Cold Weather Package $700 $640
    ZCV Convenience Package $1,300 $1,185
    ZPP Premium Package $3,450 $3,140
    ZMP M Sport Package $3,000 $2,730
    ZTP Technology Package $3,200 $2,915
    6NR BMW Apple iPhone Media $250 $230
    Del Destination $895 $895
    TRA Training $180 $180
    Total $52,025 $47,835
    Profit $450
    Holiday Cash for Financing with BMW $(1,000)
    Total $47,285

    No Maco fee in my areas so with holiday cash $550 below invoice. I could have pushed a bit more but it was not worth the few hundred bucks.

    Let me know what you think, thanks.

    Now is the anticipations for waiting.
    The dealer then charges $250 for doc fees and another $50 or so for temp tags, and some other bs charges.
  • My doc fee was $75.
  • Congrats! Sounds like a very good deal. Where did you purchase? Which dealer?
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