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2013 and earlier BMW X3 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • pp2009pppp2009pp Posts: 228
    I did want to add that the X3 has been a dismal experience all the way around.

    From the frightening stories of the original transmission problems to the extremely hard and bumpy ride to the loud noises it makes going up even the smallest of hills to the accounts of the failing and extremely expensive sunroof cassettes to those of the water that pours into the car from either the roof drainage holes or the leaf clogged back of the hood....what will happen in the future? Read up and worry!

    The lose-a-customer-today rigid oil change policy is just the cherry on top of the sour sundae.

    I have driven many cars in my life and I have never had one that is more of a less-reassuring pain-in-the-neck than the BMW X3. Never.
  • kohinahikohinahi Posts: 103
    Dealer changed my brakes/rotors nearly 3 months after expiration of the maintenance warranty - saved me approx $1,200. I had brought it to their notice at the last eligible service and it had not qualified, but they were nice enough to accommodate me without too much hassle. This was in Richmond, VA, so YMMV, but I think this is a dealer not BMW issue.
  • pp2009pppp2009pp Posts: 228
    I imagine that BMW, not the dealer, pays for warranty and maintenance both for new cars and through their extended warranty policies. In that case the dealer is out $0.

    My understanding, albeit limited, is that a directive came down from above to ratchet down the timing so nothing, not even a penny of service, is provided to the BMW customer. IIRC the term was 'tight' so that even less than a week of being out of warranty was cause to deny a simple oil change.

    If BMW is not being cheap and cheesy then one of its dealers is being openly hostile to a longterm BMW customer.

    Why would that happen?

    This was an appointment made online, confirmed online and then service was denied at the dealership.

    My image of BMW: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • steevosteevo Posts: 383
    edited August 2013
    you said : " My understanding, albeit limited, ".

    This is clear since you are posting about customer service issues in a thread about PRICES PAID. Are you going to tell us what you paid for the car?
  • I would love to hear your opinion about the below price.

    2014 BMW X3 28i with Deep Sea Blue Metallic Color and Sienaa Wood Trim, Black Leatherette (which is standard)
    Driver Assistance Package
    Panaromic Moon Roof
    Heated Front seats

    The price quoted for me is $ 42,195 against MSRP $ 44,375. It doesn't look so attractive to me. What would be a good price?
  • pp2009pppp2009pp Posts: 228
    "This is clear since you are posting about customer service issues in a thread about PRICES PAID."

    Read the title. Makes all the difference doesn't it.

    "BMW X3 Prices Paid and Buying Experience"

    This is about the buying experience which is not good.
  • pp2009pppp2009pp Posts: 228
    No, that price is unimpressive.
  • spatel94spatel94 Posts: 3
    edited August 2013
    Currently being offered this deal with the following packages:

    Sport Activity
    Cold Weather
    Premium Sound
    BMW Apps

    $489/month 36 months 15,000 miles/year

    $1500 total down (including all fees)

    MSRP Price: $49,095

    Executive demo from BMW Corporate

    9,934 miles on the car.

    Please let me know your thoughts, plan on signing this tomorrow.

    Thank You.
  • flightnurseflightnurse 35K feetPosts: 2,074
    What is the sale price of the X3, and money factor they have quoted you? Is that $489 with tax or without tax?
  • Money factor I believe was .0125. The price and numbers include all taxes and fees. What would also be an appropriate residual amount for this car?

    The sticker price was 42,500. Not sure what they adjusted the final price to.

    Thanks, again.
  • lestatlestat Posts: 1
    Hi all, I'm seriously considering buying the 2014 X3 28i w the following:

    Std ext and interior paint and leatherette and silver trim (all free stuff)
    Driver assist pkg
    Dynamic handling pkg
    Tech pkg

    Edmund inv $44,090 and msrp $47,925

    What should I expect to be a reasonably good deal from dealer?

    Also, please anyone let me know what goes on in the dreaded F&I office? Are bmw folks really "nicer" or not different from the others?

    Thanks all!!
  • I work at a Lexus dealer owned by the same brand as the BMW dealer and a finance person came up to me and told me that he would sell me the tire warranty at cost of $1670. Can anyone confirm this? Sounds like bologna to me. He also told me I was unable to adjust my residual even though the car was pre-owned with only 9,900 miles. Shouldn't I be able to adjust my residual to account for the pre-owned miles on the car?

    Some advice would be great.

    Again the numbers:

    $489/36 months 15k miles/year

    $1500 total down including taxes and fees.

    2013 X3 28i with

    Sport Activity
    Cold Weather
    Premium Sound
    BMW Apps

    MSRP: $49045

    Residual of $26,097 (Thoughts on this?)

    Thank you again.
  • Tire warranty for my 328 15/36 was around $750
  • Today I picked up our custom ordered BMW X3 2.8. We paid $600 over invoice (not including fees & taxes). We likely could have done better but the dealer had to deliver the car across state lines and that costs them around $250-300, so I think we had bought local we could have gotten the price down to $300 over invoice or less if we waited until end of the quarter.

    From order to delivery it took just 1 month and 2 days (and we are on the west coast!). When we ordered we were given a production slot 3 weeks in the future, so it only took about 2 weeks from start of production to delivery.

    I did *a lot* of research online and have the following advice for anyone currently looking to buy and X3:

    1. You should always negotiate based on the invoice price and not on the MSRP. Calculate the invoice price for the configuration you want on Edmunds.

    2. You can test drive the car at your closest dealer, but buy the car over the internet. Contact multiple dealers at the same time via email. Any dealer within 300-500 miles of your house is fair game. Tell them you are a serious buyer and exactly what configuration you want and what invoice price it has. Tell them you have done your research and know how much X3s are going for over invoice and ask them for their price. Tell them the first dealer that quotes you a fair price is getting the business.

    3. Based on postings from the BMW user group message boards, people who follow this tactic appear to be able to consistently get an X3, no matter what the final configuration is, for $300-$700 over invoice without much hassle at all. Many BMW dealers appear to be willing to sell any BMW for $500 over invoice. If you wait until the end of the month or quarter, negotiate doggedly, and are not picky you can sometimes get invoice or below. The dealers that do the most volume are the ones that are typically are the most willing to deal on price. They can sell close to or below invoice because they receive what are essentially kickbacks from BMW if they hit certain sales volumes. The more cars they sell, the bigger the kickbacks. Thus, the biggest dealers can actually sell below invoice and still make decent money on a per car basis (and good money in the aggregate) if they hit certain volume thresholds.

    4. It was surprising to learn that custom orders should get equal or better pricing to buying an existing car off of the lot. Custom orders generate no carrying costs for a dealer so they are actually quite profitable, especially if they increase overall sales volumes. Do not be afraid to negotiate just as hard on a custom order as you would for a car on the lot. If the dealer tries to play hardball by claiming their production slots are in short supply, tell them you will just find a dealer with an open slot.

    5. Order your accessories (car mats, roof racks, etc.) separately online. You can get discounts of 20-25% on BMW accessories online. This is much better than the implied discount you will get if you buy with the car or if you buy them at the dealer (which will often offer you a 15% discount if you buy them the same day you pick up the car).

    6. Always negotiate a price first. Never negotiate financing or a trade-in until you have settled on a price.

    The first dealer we went to was a local dealer than has a monopoly in our city. They had no inventory and said that if we custom ordered they would "do us a favor" and give us $1,000 off MSRP because inventory and production slots we "in such short supply". Don't be fooled by such obvious cons.

    Decide what you want and contact multiple dealers over the internet and negotiate via email. This is the key to getting a good price.
  • Great tips, bilxma. Thanks for posting.
  • Hi-
    Just bought my 3rd BMW from my dealer. Ordered a '14 X3 35i for $750 over invoice. Before rebates and incentives. ($500 loyalty, $500 turnkey off 1st month's pay't, $500 BMW CCA member rebate).

    Finance is 2.99%, but if rates drop before I take delivery, or if bigger incentives come on the scene, I may be eligible to do even better. In the past, rates have dropped the month AFTER I make my purchase. Just my luck.

    You may find there is less wiggle room on the 35i price than the 28i since they only take one order for 35i for about every 30 28i's ordered... or so they say.

    I was offered a 28i at ~$250 over invoice, but after I loaded it up with all the packages/options, I went with the 35i. It came down to about $2k difference when all was said and done. Over 60 months, the difference seemed worth it for the extra horsies and package amenities I wouldn't have otherwise purchased.

    Plus, I had a 335xi before and am trading in my 535xi. No offense intended to 28i owners, but I couldn't really get used to the 28i after the 35i engines. I found myself putting it in Sport mode all the time- negating any fuel efficiency, and probably straining the engine if I did it all the time.
    At the end of a hard 12-14 hr day of work, my ride home is like a 2nd paycheck for me. The thrust and exhaust note off a 35 is better than punching a speed bag when it comes to starting to unwind from the stress. I don't drink, smoke, cheat, golf or make my wife a football season widow. My pleasures in life (outside of family) are my car, good BBQ, and Springsteen concerts.

    My trade was respectable- equaled what Galves and other sites said it was worth. Hard to negotiate better than that.

    Now I'm looking forward to the Spartanburg Performance Center delivery experience in mid-October. (I never see myself being able to make it to the Welt, so this will have to do). Unfortunately, two cool things are shut down now due to new model year tooling (and probably to prevent corporate espionage): the video portal where you can watch your Bimmer being built, and the factory tour. Tours resume summer 2014; no word on the video portal.

    Also looking forward to driving home, in part, along the Blue Ridge parkway as well as some Carolina BBQ!
  • rgarland1rgarland1 Posts: 4
    edited September 2013
    Here's what I got...

    Mineral Silver with Tan Interior
    Technology Package
    Driver's Assistance Package
    Driver Assistance Plus Package
    Premium Package
    Premium Hi Fi Stereo
    Satin Roof Rack
    Heated Front Seats

    MSRP: 54,800 Price Paid: 51,150
    Registration Fee: 51.75
    Refundable Security Deposit: 399.00
    Acquisition Fee: 725.00
    Trade In Allowance: $5484.00 (They gave me full KBB value for my Audi Q5 after some serious haggling)
    Money Down: $1000
    36 months, 12,000 miles
    Monthly: 599.98

    MF: .00127
    Residual: 56%

    I think I did ok. If I had a little more stamina, I'm fairly certain that I could have gotten $1000 off. 6 hours at the very busy dealership made me throw in the towel though.
  • You did very good. There isn't very much left, let alone another $1000
  • You're probably right. I was just being greedy knowing there is a $2300 dealer hold back on the price ..
  • Hi - I have been shopping around for a BMW X3 (to buy . not lease) for a few weeks and the best offer i have received is 2K less than MSRP.I saw on the BMW Site a new Option allowance of 750$.

    It says 750 OFF MSRP.

    So it is fair to ask for it on top of negotiated price (2K below MSRP?)

    Are there more incentives on pipeline for Nove with holidays?
  • As of 10/1 they added an option bonus of $750 towards the MSRP of the 35i (yay!). That brought the total of rebates and bonuses to about $2250. That and my great deal vs. invoice to start with gave me a discount of about $5K below MSRP.

    Dealer was Craig, Park Ave BMW, Passaic Ave Internet sales/Pre-owned sales division (not the Rt 17 showroom), Maywood, NJ

    BTW- I did the Performance Center Delivery and it is not to be passed up. Cost me $150 1-way plane ticket, $120 fuel and $90 hotel room half way home back to N. Jersey. I may detail the experience in another post.
  • Can you let us know how much exactly you pay OTD?

    What packages have you purchased within that OTD price?

    In addition, what is the invoice price?
  • Can you give us a price breakdown for your purchase as well as the packages included? Thx.
  • Car:
    2014 X3 28i
    Metallic Paint
    Fineline wood trim
    Cold Weather Pack
    Driver Assistance Pack
    Review w/Top View
    Premium Pack
    Technology Pack
    Read Manual Shades
    Roof Rails
    Premium Hi-Fi
    Automatic High Beams

    MSRP. $51,800

    Invoice $47,620

    Agreed Price pre fees $48,220 ($600 over invoice)

    + BMW MACO ($500) and TRA Fees ($180)
    + $21 State DMV Fees

    $48,921 OTD (does not include state sales tax)
  • aha2aha2 Posts: 3
    Hello, please help, I have never leased before, and i tried researching all about residual value and money factor, but it just left me more confused. I am currently looking at a X3 28i with the following options

    •DRIVER ASSISTANCE PACKAGE -inc: Rear-View Camera, Park Distance Control
    •PREMIUM PACKAGE -inc: Nevada Leather Upholstery, Panoramic Moonroof, Satellite Radio, 1 year subscription, Comfort Access Keyless Entry, Lumbar Support

    Quote MSRP 46,425
    Selling Price 42,875 + TTL
    Total price 45,915.27 Including TTL and Fees

    Lease options

    $3000 cash down 36 months @ $586

    $5000 cash down 36 months @ $525

    $7000 cash down 36 months @ $465

    12,000 miles / year

    Residual is 58% and the money factor is 1.65
  • flightnurseflightnurse 35K feetPosts: 2,074
    OK first off, if your money factor is really 1.65, DO NOT LEASE.. Or is it .00165?

    Basically when leasing the goal is to put the least amount of money down on the car, usually 1st month payment, fee's...

    Why are you leasing? Are you wanting lower monthly payments? Can you write off the payments?

    Another option is BMW select, BMW will give a value after X years, (3,4,5) and that value is deducted from the price of the BMW. There is no mileage restrictions like in a lease, and after X years the price is what is owed on the car, you can either sale it, trade it or pay the balloon payment. I just did this on a 320i, payment is less then a lease and I own the car.
  • Just to share on my recent purchase, special ordered one last month, came in last week, got a price for $250 over invoice, after all applicable programs, I ended up at $1,000 under invoice, this is before any TTL. I am in northern california for reference purposes.
  • Hi

    I am in northern california, bay area, too. I am looking to buy a X3 recently.
    May you share with me the build/options you have for your new purchase, and the dealer you worked with.

    The one I want to purchase is X3 xDrive28i:
    Base MSRP: $39,800
    Mineral Silver Metallic: $550
    Driver Assistant Pkg.: $950
    Technology Pkg.: $3,150
    Des. & Handling: $925
    Total MSRP: $45,375

    (1) For this build, do you know how much is the invoice price?
    (2) What program could I apply to?

    This is the first time for me to purchase a car here. Your help is greatly appreciated!!
  • Did you get your X3 yet?
  • hclllhclll Posts: 35

    Got offered 2014 X3 2.8i with premium, Navi, driver assist, and heated seats --MSRP-$48575, selling price $42075 before TTL.

    Is this a good deal and should i pull the trigger?

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