2004 Sienna sliding door issues

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I have a 2004 Sienna XLE Limited and the side sliding doors no longer work. The cable corroded, rusted snapped and then broke. I was told it would cost $4,200 to fix both doors. My car is barely worth that amount having 195k miles on it. It has run wonderful until the electronics starting going bad. Has anyone had any luck replacing this or had it covered by Toyota. I read there was a recall on this vehicle to replace the weatherstripping in the doors. When was this and did it cover the doors.


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    The weatherstriping wasn't a recall, but a service advisory on how to lubricate the seals to help keep the doors from freezing shut in extreme cold weather.

    Sounds like your car's problem is more about old age and normal parts failure. However, there's no reason why this repair should cost so much.

    Here's a HOW TO on replacing the broken cables. Maybe you're handy enough to attempt this or you can bring these instructions to your local mechanic?

    How To Replace Sienna Sliding Door Cables
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