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  • standepuystandepuy Posts: 23
    I have a 93 Mazda 929 - I'm the 3rd owner - loved the looks of the car in the mid 90's but didn't want to put out $30k.
    I bought this one in 2000 for $10k with 87k miles on it. What amazes me is how good the body looks - it's Ivory and hardy any dings (no I'm not trying to sell it). It still rides great - put new Michelins on it (15" rims).
    Spent $2400 to have the valve seals replaced when it started to smoke but had a very good leak down test of 15%. There's a few whiffs of smoke after it's been sitting for a few days but I'm using a 5w 30w and only has 2600 miles after the mechanical work.
    Mazda wanted to have a luxury car to compete with Toyota and Nissan but left out a few things (no tilt steering wheel and a small trunk).
    The body shape is somewhat curved (I describe the rear end as having hips) with a 3" "shelf" at the beltline which probably takes away from the interior width.
    The trunk is small most likely because of the way the rear end is set up (yes this is a rear wheel drive).
    There are shock towers (not leaf springs) for the independent wheel suspension with half shafts coming out of the differential to the rear wheels.
    For years I wondered why Mazda didn't have a solid rear axle (and more trunk space)until I ran across an ad for Mazda's in Australia.
    "929 4WS Leather" or "929 4WS Cloth" currently selling for $10K dollars (Australian).
    I would really like to try FOUR Wheel Steering. Mazda never offered 4WS to us common folk in the USA (so far as I know). You would have more maintenance in the rear.
    Since AU has a right hand drive Mazda would have more of a production problem. Couldn't make just one configuration to sell to both countries (or I guess most of the rest of the world) - damn those Englishmen.
    The rear end does not have Positraction which wouldn't make it too popular in areas with snow (FWD would be better).
    The thing I like about rear wheel drive is the distribution of NOISE. With FWD all the noise would come from the front and gets increasing worse even with low mileage (try out a Chevy Impala or Monte Carlo from Hertz some time).
    One thing that the hotter climates need is the Solar Ventilation System (SVS). Never have seen a 929 with it (another $3k to $5k) but they have cars with it in AU.
    It's a nice thought to have these features mentioned above - but I wouldn't expect Mazda to put them on a new 929. :)
  • bronstahdbronstahd Posts: 1
    ANT14, i DID say mid-size engine... why would they make another model, more expensive than the 6 but has an engine that is only several ten horses more power? The MAzda series would not make sense if only a 3.5L is going to be put in a 9. The 3 is a compact - 2.0L & 2.3L engines (small engines). The 6 has a 2.3L (base) and a 3.0L mid-size engine. So why make ANOTHER mid-size car for the 3.5L (supposedly put into a 9) as this mid-size engine would not provide adequate power for a larger sedan. This "9" would not be able to sell at all, the gap between the 6 and the supposed 9 would be way too close.

    Sorry... what? You are aware, I'm sure, that the Toyota Avalon utilizes a 3.5L engine, right? The same 3.5L engine that you can get in a Camry. And that the Nissan Maxima also uses a 3.5L engine? The same engine that you can get in an Altima. The same is true, as far as I can tell, of all the major manufacturers except Ford (which for some reason only offers the Fusion with the 3.0L Duratec even though the 3.5L was available when they introduced the model... I guess they were just trying to make a slower, uglier version of the Mazda6). I don't think it is correct to say that it wouldn't make sense to offer a 3.5L option in the 6 and standard in the 9.

    I do agree with your other arguments, though. I think it's unlikely Mazda will develop a new 9 until they can offer a bigger engine world-wide. Whether that means the Duratec will become available or Mazda will develop their own V6 remains to be seen. I wouldn't be surprised if either, or neither, happen.

    I will note that they developed CX-9 as an America only car. I wouldn't take that to mean they are going to develop the Mazda9 as an America only car, though. I doubt Mazda or Ford are foolish enough to believe the mid-size sedan market is as easy to break into as the crossover market.
  • Hello Mazdadrivers,

    As I am probably the only one in Holland with a very nice Mazda 929 (1988) and there is not much contact here so I thought, lets throw out a line out hope to exchange some knowledge and share my experiences.

    My car has also AAS, whereas I believe not many cars had it at that time. I had luck and found it somewhere in the back of an old garage by a dealer in Holland. They wanted to put the car for sale to Poland where they all polish Dutch cars for own use.

    The car is wonderfull and I found a digidash for it as well. Unfortunately not the rest of the equipment to get it used, but, one will never know.

    My car has a SOHC 3.0i - v18 engine, automatic, CC and sunroof. Unfortunately no airco, nevertheless, a very fine car. On the I put some pics. Klik on the picture and see more of it.

    Enjoy the visit. Anyone else has such a car?

    My best regards
  • As I am probably the only one in Holland with a very nice Mazda 929 (1988)

    Two generations of the 929 were sold in the US (in small numbers) before being replaced by the Mazda Millenia (Eunos 9, Xedos 9). Both cars were very good, but neither found a sizable market in the US. Adding a Mazda9 could be done (since it was done before), but I can't imagine that the end result would be a spectacular success.

    As for a comparison, the Millenia came with a 2.5L V6 (same as the 626 of the time) or a Miller-cycle 2.3L V6 (more horsepower than the 626, but not wildly more).
  • They already did it. It was the 929. It has a 3.8 Liter V-6. It's biggest problem was inavailability of parts via the normal outlets, (Almost all parts were dealer only, and dealer install only). Even the Parking brake pads (Separate from the service brake pads. It is RWD, and has twin turbos and great gas mileage (33 MPG on mine HWY, 28 City). That and the cheapie cable drives for the window cranks, and undersized motors on those cranks. Even came with a 6 CD changer by Panasonic!

    Mine runs even after 268,000 miles, well built, just irksome on repair costs. :)
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