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Kia Sedona



  • I have the LX WHALE and I do wish the interior was dark gray. but light gray is better than the tan. What is the weight difference between the shorty and the whale?
  • To answer your question fishbreath (great name BTW), the '07 brochure lists the following:

    "Sedona" (what they are calling the SWB)
    Standard - 4365lbs.
    Full Option - 4618lbs.

    LX and EX (what I refer to as the WHALE!)
    Standard - 4387lbs.
    Full Option - 4646lbs.

    I suppose if these figures are to be believed, just about negligible. Guess that's why those mpg estimates on the stickers are identical. Same engine/drivetrain. Same basic weight. Wind tunnel results probably the same as well. Looks like they just chopped 12.6" off the rearend, tightened the wheelbase and lowered the starting price. Track is listed as identical to LX/EX whales. Ditto the width, height & ground clearance.

    Also, please note a correction to my previous post. I was in error over the rack being listed as standard equipment. Make that roof rails & mats - $300 option. Cross beams extra.

    Light gray innards for your whale, eh? How appropriate. :P

    PS Are these things as thirsty at the pump as some say they are fish or are you getting decent numbers? Just can't see an engine that size combined with the above notated weights on these rather large land cruisers getting the claimed mid-20s. Curious of your first hand figures. Danks in advance.
  • Only 22 lbs. lighter. I only have 1300 miles on it. !st tank 24.5 highway ride to break it in. the next three were mixed driving 18- 18.5 all on reg. gas. We plan on using it mostly on weekends and for my fishing trips. the wife has a liberty and gets 18.5 for the way she drives. Myself I get 21-23 with a 01 nissan frontier 4 cyl, auto.
  • Kia has released a preliminary service bulletin addressing the fuel pump noise some of us have experienced in the 2006 Sedona.

    The bulletin is available in the service section of the Kia webpage. Here is the URL for the bulletin.

    The bulletin was released on November 20, 2006 as KT2006112001

    Looks like a simple fix requiring a cable tie.

    Finally some peace and quiet!!

    Red Bluffian
  • I saw the short version at the SF auto show. Compared to long version, 3rd row can't fold into the floor and there is less cargo space. Seems the legroom in the 3rd row is about the same.
    Amazing that the two versions almost weight the same, figured it would have been 100+ lbs difference...
    Anyone have a link to the 07 brochure? I only see the 06 brochure online.
  • :confuse: After actually seeing the swb in person. Is it worth it.

    Or just settle for the LWB because of the extra space. Does that extra space seems like a big lose
  • FWIW nelset, my sales brochure that I quoted from is an actual hard copy acquired from my recent visit to the showroom. Not sure about any online sightings of this info piece. Very much resembles the '06 version if you looked at those, same pictures, much the same wording etc. etc. besides the addition of the short Sedona page along with the specs page adding another column.

  • Here is a link I found in the uk for the SWB
  • Any chance that you can scan that spec page showing the differences between the LWB and SWB? If not, any difference in space for 2nd row? What's the difference in space for the 3rd row and cargo area? At the auto show, the major difference I found was the cargo space behind the 3rd row. Kia's website only has the 06' info and the brochure I ordered online, they sent the 06' brochure to my home.
  • If you can get by with less cargo space and don't need the 3rd row to fold into the floor, it should be fine. At least it's easier to park in the garage and will cost a couple of grand less.
  • dbtdbt Posts: 298
    Fishbreath posted the Lotpro pricing link earlier. I now see that Edmund's major competitor has also posted pricing on the SWB, and it is the same as in Lotpro:
    2007 Base (SWB) MSRP: $20,495.00
    2007 Base (SWB) Invoice: $19,895.00
    Destination charge: $700

    Not much negotiating room between MSRP & Invoice there.

    Also, Straightline got a couple pictures of the SWB from LA, and some info:
    Straightline's shots of the SWB Sedona from the LA Auto show
    Interestingly, this SWB had captain's chairs for the second row. (my preference)
  • Sorry. Can't scan. But I'll rattle off a couple #'s here that might answer your questions.

    Sedona base: 41.7in/37.0in/33.9in
    LX & EX: 41.7in/40.9in/34.0in

    Sedona base: 40.9in/39.8in/36.4in
    LX & EX: 40.9in/39.8in/38.3in

    Passenger Volume:
    Sedona base: 161.6cu.ft.
    LX & EX: 172.3cu.ft.

    Cargo Volume (behind 1st row/2nd row/3rd row):
    (This one's the kicker!)
    Sedona base:121.3cu.ft./61.8cu.ft./12.9cu.ft.
    LX & EX: 141.5cu.ft./80.1cu.ft./32.2cu.ft.

    It is that room or lack thereof behind the 3rd row in the shorter Base version that IS the difference. Ground clearance same. Ditto the width, height, front & rear track. As noted before, SWB is 12.6 inches shorter overall.

    Hope this helps.

  • My wife normally drives our 2006 Sedona. However, this morning it's cold and I started the engine and was surprised to see the engine race to about 2500 rpm.

    Is this normal?

    It seems like a poor design to race the engine when cold before oil pressure builds. At least the engine is protected by the warranty.


  • I have to bring in my 2006 (again) too. My rear handle bar (3rd row) is broken, the airbag light has stuck on a few times, I hear a knocking under my driving feet in the wheel base at braking, when I gas it I hear a noise, and finally, like you, when I have let it sit a day or two or it's cold, it turns on and makes a loud gear shift noise. I just don't think Kia's (my opinion only) are made well. This is my second. My 2004 was a lemon.
  • The way I was told, the oil get up to the rockers etc. faster when the engine reves a little. Do the rpms come down within about 5 seconds?
  • It handled pretty well and my wife loved that is wasn't as big as the whale.

    I knew more about the car than the salesmen..(all of them didn't even now it existed. This was in Allentown,pa.

    I was sold on the car before this:

    It is a 2+2+3.. not a 2+3+2 like overseas.
    I wanted one fully loaded.
    The new SWB does not come with power sliding doors or rear hatch, no leather, no climate control.. etc. Just base... as in the name. The dealer gave me a brochure also and there is no options for it.

    So basically its just shorter base minivan.. no perks.
    They will check with the KIA rep. and see if it will be offered with any options, but the brochure looks like it will not.

    And all I wanted was a SWB with all power options, not the whale. So back to the drawing board.
  • Yeah, the rpms came down to about 1800 after a few seconds. It just seems a little odd.

    Thanks for the reply,

  • redptcredptc Posts: 78
    Mine does the same thing. I also get a loud resonance (from the exhaust system?)that quits after a few seconds.Doesn`t seem to hurt anything. :shades:
  • I always had dark colored vehicles and were hard to keep clean. Now i have the silver sedona and I get black spots and black dust on the sides mostly behind the rear wheels. I thought after the black crap (that they put on the tires when I bought it) would wear off I wouldn't have the problem. I also noticed they used a lot of undercoating underneath and when I idle for a while I get a little burning smell. So I'm thinking maybe some of the under coating that got on exhaust pipes, etc. burns off and is getting on the lower body panels that are plastic. I don't get it on the rear of the van. I have waxed it 2 times and it seems like the plastic gets static cling and the dust is sticking. Any body else took notice to this? THANKS.
  • Me too, I thought it was from the shiney crap the dealer put on the tires. but i beleive it is from disc brake dust. I added mud flaps, and it's not as bad as it was. I only have 700 miles on the new van so I'll have to wait to see if this black dust reappears. I love this van!
  • I also put mud flaps on and I have 1800 on it.
    Most of your braking is done with the front brakes so I would think if that was brake dust it would be on the side behind the front wheel and also on the wheel cover. When I was it I don't the dust coming off the front wheels.
  • I went to the Obrien hyundai Dealership in Ft Myers, FL said they could
    only program a maximum of 2 key fobs to my 2007 van. I'm pretty sure that I read
    on the HMAservice website that 4 can be programmed to each car. Anybody know what can be done?
  • redptcredptc Posts: 78
    Anyone change the factory headlight bulbs to a better bulb?I would like to get a brighter light.Any suggestions? Also called kia on the key fobs,i was told only two can be programed at one time. :confuse:
  • redptcredptc Posts: 78
    KIA has a tsb pending on noises on their 3.8 engine.(with a build date before oct.9th 2006)Engine has noises on cold start that last just about a min.I brought my 06 sedona in to the dealers to have this check out,i was getting loud noises on cold start.It ends up they have to change some timing chain parts that will take about 13 man hours to fix.So if you have unusual noises have your dealer check it out. :sick:
  • "And all I wanted was a SWB with all power options, not the whale. So back to the drawing board"

    Same here! I want a SWB with a fold flat rear seat. Thought I had the perfect vehicle in the MPV but when I test drove it I didn't like the "play" in the steering and the body roll. :cry:
  • I've owned a 2007 Hyundai Entourage since Thanksgiving, I love it. The Tranny shifts so smooth. Carpeting seems like it wont last to well, i bought extra floor mats. The dealer rebalanced all four 17" Michelins that had vibration at 73 mph, they are perfect now (the dealer has the "ROAD FORCE" BALANCE MACHINE)This van has a lot less body roll than my 1999 Plymouth grand voyager.
    I'd be interested in a Kia or Hyundai SWB minivan If it came with automatic climate control, and if all three door were powered.

    This van barely fits in my garage! But I love it
  • my experience is that I never have enough room
  • ralowralow Posts: 2
    This noise is related to the lifters on the vehicle and also do to the fact that the oil filter is up top as oppose to a bottom or side mount. Nothing to worry about it just takes pressure to build up make the sound go away or the vehicle to warm up. But some people will never understand....
  • redptcredptc Posts: 78
    I`am taking in my sedona next week to have this fixed.The dealer said it has to change the timing chain tensioners.The engine has to be removed to do this.I`ll let you know how it turns out.I`am the first one this dealer has to do. :sick: :sick: :mad:
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