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Kia Sedona



  • mickeyrommickeyrom Posts: 936
    I would appreciate any comments about this year's model.What should I be looking for as far as problem areas.Would you recommend this vehicle to your mom or dad?
  • I have a 2005 Sedona with captain's chairs in the 2nd row. I am wondering if I could swap them out for a bench seat? This arrangement would work much better for our family. Does anyone know ifs the bench seat will fit where captain's chairs are now?
  • I'm also having the same wind Howl problems that looks its coming from AC at high wind conditions. Just noticed on this Colorado trip. Is this above solution the solution for this problem? If so is there anyway you can provide me the info for the dealership that fixed your problem. Hopefully that way the dealership in my area can contact them. Thank you so much for your help

  • My problem was finally solved. The windshield was not properly sealed at the factory. The problem you mentioned is exactly what I had. I was very surprised when the tech finally sovled the concern by having the windshield properly sealed. The dealership was Capital Kia in Austin, Texas.
  • We drove about 550 miles one way to Nashville, Tn. The wind noise where the passenger side sliding door and front passenger door meet was awful. I could hardly hear what my husband was saying while we were on the trip.
    My dealer, Galeana Kia in Columbia, SC cannot fix anything we have taken it in for. We do not have another dealer anywhere near. One in Charleston was willing to try to fix it but said we would have to leave it a couple of days. That would mean driving 120 miles one way, paying for a motel or driving another car 240 miles RT and then again to pick the van up. Does this suck or what?
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    that speaks pretty poorly of the reasons to go with a particular manufacturer and their warranty huh? if a dealership has trouble attracting and retaining competent help, it sure would sway my purchasing decision. sounds like their techs need some training. doesn't corporate care that they can't seem to fix anything there?

    now you may want to do some sleuthing yourself. you are pretty sure the problem exists at the interface of the sliding door and the pilar. is there a rubberized seal that goes around the door? look at it carefully and compare to the otherside.

    maybe it's gotten krimped or pulled out of it's track or something else is interfering with full closing of the door. it seems you'll have to do a little of your own investigation and bring it back.

    good luck.
  • Hello everyone, I just signed up here and wanted to add to this post about my 2006 sedona ex.
    First we bought it brand new April 2007, at 2000 miles the cooling was slapping the shroud, then on our vacation I had to have the fuel pump replaced in Catersville Georgia with 3800 miles on it(the worst service and parts department I have ever seen, long story :mad: . Anyway and the the biggest issue is the headlight dimming out under 40 mph while off the throttle. I it so annoying in city traffic because at high speeds it doesen't do it. The third time at the dealer I was told by them, kia engineers, and kia HQ that they areaware of the problem but no fix. They said there a thousands of these vans with this problem but won't issue a recall because they said they have no fix and not enough complaints yet.

    I really made a mistake by buying this van, at 7000 miles we have had it at the dealer 6 times and 3 times for the same problem!! I am trying to sell it but it does not

    Please let me know if any one else has this trouble

  • I have had nothing but problems with 2 kia sedonas as well. My first a 2004 was a lemon and my settlement was forced to trade it for a 2006 (I paid the difference in sticker of 6K). Now I've been to the shop several times and still get an engine noise that they can't duplicate with this one..may turn out as another lemon. I suggest you file a lemon law if you've had that many serious problems. All you have to do is have gone 3 times to the shop for the same issue within a certain amount of time..might be within 2 years..not sure. Call one of the lemon law attorneys to discuss your problems. I personally would NEVER buy another kia. If I hadn't already paid my car off, I'd get rid of this one. I just would lose so much cash. Their service has been terrible in my experience as well..they can never duplicate the problem..convenient.
  • Thanks for the info. I am afraid to take it to someone not an authorized dealer or they can cancel my warranty. I am thinking of calling up Kia AGAIN and see if they will allow me, at my own expense, to take it to a body shop and get them to see what the heck is going on.

    My air conditioner is still doing it's own thing...getting hotter on the driver's side than on the passenger side and blows warm air when the AC is on. It mainly does it when the dealership is CLOSED. I got it there once before and made them sit in the car and feel it. They said, "Well, you have it on 72 and it is over 90 outside so it won't cool!!! Can you believe they think we are that stupid? Good grief, it cooled on the right side but not the left!!

    The standard answer is "Well, we can't duplicate the problem".

    As for the wind noise on the right rear, they say, "Well, this is just the nature of the beast." I am really mad about this. The KIA was such a good deal financially, but I totally understand why now. I need to rent an apartment in the service dept so I don't put so many miles on it driving back and forth between them and home.
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    Would any harm be done if running 5W30 oil for a single oil change interval instead of the recommended 5W20? What about running 5W30 for the life of the vehicle instead of 5W20?
  • redptcredptc Posts: 78
    Check your owners manual,it gives the weights of oil you can use.(factory recommened) :shades:
  • rgochoargochoa Posts: 17
    Wind howl on back doors on my Sedona was created by the crossbars on the roof rack. Move the front one all the way forward and the rear one all the way back. This eliminated the door howl on my vehicle. As for the howl coming from the ac on the drivers side this proved to be a windshield that was not properly sealed. This corrected all my howl problems and I am now a happy owner with 25000 miles.
  • jonh1jonh1 Posts: 1
    Speaking of Kia engines... does anyone know where I can go to find the life expectancy of the 3.5LV6 DOHC 195 hp engine--I'm asking in terms of mileage of course.
  • I have a 2002 sedona and the trans doesn't want to go pass 3rd gear. Hooked up the diagnostic computer and says FO715 turbine speed sensor control. Where is it located? Other than that, the van has given me good service out here in Germany. Also, I have to order the diag tool because the German dealers say that theirs doesn't read American specs cars. Thanks.
  • Wanted to make all 2006 Kia Sedona owners aware of a problem I recently experienced with my van. Problem involved worn subframe bushings and required replacement of the subframe itself. Repair was accomplished under warranty but still leaves plenty of room for concern. Learned from the dealer parts dept that the cost of the subframe is $1974.00. Don't know how many hours of labor were involved, but nonetheless it would drive cost of repair well above $2,000.00

    I first notice a problem at approximately 18K miles. Suspension felt like it had weakened but it was nothing I could put my finger on. At approximately 24K miles it sounded like the van was bottoming out, especially during turns. Thought the problem was likely strut related. However, was told when I took it to my dealer that it was a problem with the sub frame bushings and they'd have to order and replace the entire subframe. Was told that mine was the second 2006 that the dealer had to replacer the subframe on. Mine had 27,113 miles on it when the subframe was replaced.

    I've written Kia to report the problem and express concern that this is a repair that potentially could have to be made several times unless they've began using more durable bushings. Also ask for assurance that they'd cover the problem if it occurs again - even outside the warranty.

    Will update my post when I hear back from Kia.

    Love my van - this is the first problem I've had, but it's a potential biggie
  • byyallbyyall Posts: 24
    I also have a 2006 Sedona, but have had some other problems with it. The dealer is NO HELP in Columbia, SC. The back passenger side door is very noisy when driving on highway. They say it is "the nature of the beast" and all of them do it. Tell me if yours does it also. The left side is fine. Thanks. Carolyn
  • My 2007 Entourage is not noisey, can you describe the noise, is it wind, or a rattle?
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    if i'm not mistaken, a bushing is a hardened piece of rubber used at points where there is a mechanical pivot or hinge point, or otherwise pieces of metal come together and there needs to be some mechanical compliance. when they wear and that shouldn't happen in 18K, they may become overly compliant or allow metal parts to move too much.

    having a sub-frame go, that seems a bit different, like they were using inferior metals that either corroded (rusted), or fatigued under stress and bent and/or fractured.

    i suppose if the bushing materials failed and you had metal on metal contact, then you'd have to have particular elements replaced, like perhaps a sway-bar or a wheel arm or something like that.... but not a whole sub-frame.

    there is something about your description that causes me confusion and no-doubt may cause others similar confusion. :confuse:

    your report could help others if you were more specific. was it something in the front or rear-end? were was the problem? did you see what failed? do you have the wording from your service record?

    it may help other owners to know what to be vigilant about.
  • byyallbyyall Posts: 24
    The noise is a wind noise coming from the side back passenger door. Sometimes it will not open or shut correctly and the wind noise is terrible when we are on the road. The dealer is absolutely useless. They say if they tried to do anything to the door it "could make the noise worse". Sounds like truly ingenious people there, huh?
    I called a dealelrship in Charleston, SC and they said if I could leave the van for a few days they would work on it. The problem is they are 3 hours away meaning we would have to drive down then home and back again to pick up the van. That may be the way we go because it is so frustrating.
    The Kia dealer here has fixed absolutely nothing we have taken the van in for.
  • byyallbyyall Posts: 24
    The noise is a wind noise coming from the side back passenger door. Sometimes it will not open or shut correctly and the wind noise is terrible when we are on the road. The dealer is absolutely useless. They say if they tried to do anything to the door it "could make the noise worse". Sounds like truly ingenious people there, huh?
    I called a dealership in Charleston, SC and they said if I could leave the van for a few days they would work on it. The problem is they are 3 hours away meaning we would have to drive down then home and back again to pick up the van. That may be the way we go because it is so frustrating.
    The Kia dealer here has fixed absolutely nothing we have taken the van in for.
  • Sorry I wasn't more descriptive, sort of defeated the whole purpose of the post. The noise that I was hearing was coming from the front and particularly on turns. I could hear it clearly while pulling into and out of an inclined driveway as well as when hitting bumps on the road surface.

    Paperwork from dealership reads:

    Customer states when driving over bumps the front end sounds like it is bottoming out
    Subframe bushings loose
    Replaced subframe

    I'm not mechanically inclined, so know nothing about bushings. Didn't realized until I read your response and dug out the paperwork that it stated the subframe bushings were loose. Service manager told me when they initially diagnosed the problem that it was the result of worn bushings. Worn, loose, whatever - they had to replace the entire subframe. Part number is 62405-4D100, Noun is Crossmember Complete

    I did not see the replaced part.
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    i'm not an expert in this area, but one would expect that if a bushing were worn or torn or needing replacement, it would be a simple matter of replacing a hardened rubber item as i described.

    but your whole sub-frame was replaced... and that is interesting. perhaps i have the wrong idea what a sub-frame is.

    to me anyway, it seems your work-order isn't very descriptive or complete; to me the damage or the problem or whatever was much more extensive than one or more bushings.
  • kyle11kyle11 Posts: 11
    It is so cheep it is not maid in the USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • byyallbyyall Posts: 24
    I just wondered what model KIA you have and what problems you experienced. Many of us are in the same boat. I don't hate Kia but I do not like the lack of service the dealer in Columbia, SC gives. I have not gotten one problem solved with my 2006 Sedona since I purchased it new in June of '06.

    I DO LOVE THE Van. The steering is tight, which I don't like. In fact what is it with the HUGE DIAMETERS in the steering wheels these days. It is truly uncomfortable and not only the Kia, but all other minivans I have driven.

    You get a lot of car for the money; however, the stress of trying to get anything fixed on one is really not worth it. I wish I had selected Honda or Toyota instead.
  • I bought a new sedona in 2002. Problem after problem: engine blew at 23K (bad oil sending unit), replaced AC condenser; its bad after 6 months! Evaporator has a hole in it! Side door doesn't open, needs new part. It seems that the van is falling apart in front of me. We have tried to take good care of it and give it preventive maintenance. I still owe $ on this thing but it is deteriorating in front of our eyes. Any suggestions on what to do?
  • byyallbyyall Posts: 24
    Took my 2006 Sedona back to the dealer last weel. As usual, NONE of the problems were fixed. The dealership always says the same thing on every problem, "We can't duplicate the problem" I thought in this day and age of computer science they could hook the vehicle up and find out anything that is wrong. Apparently, I was wrong.
    The air noise on the right side of the van somewhere along the post between the front and back seats continues and actually seemed worse after I took it in. It only could be heard on the right front seat side, but now I can hear it when I drive!
    Lordy, Lordy. I know I will never buy another one.
    Mechanically it runs good and gets great gas mileage for such a heavy van. There are so many extras I still don't know about all of them. I have to get the book out and find out what some of the little icons on the dashboard are.
    I know this is more a dealership problem than it is the vans fault.
    At least this past time I got a NICE service advisor who wanted to help; HOWEVER, he has no control over the mechanics, etc.
    There is NO WAY I will ever buy another one NOR will I recommend a KIA to anyone.
  • sounds like you went to the same dealer I've been going to in Fort Myers Fl. they seem to have the excuses down pat--vibration in front wheels that starts at 70 mph-(we can't duplicate your problem, we are not allowed to drive that fast.) wind noise, not bad at local traffic speeds,but deafening at expressway speeds--( we can't duplicate your problem- we are not allowed to drive that fast) Did get a new one last time in-( the wind noise is probably being caused by the window visors you have on the van) before he made that statement he should have looked at the visors and saw the kia name on them. talk about putting your foot in your mouth! the concept that I had the noise before the visors were available never occured to him. I'm with you--I'm sure this will be my last KIA, the van is a great vehicle, as was the SORENTO we had before it but the incompetance I have run into at the dealership cancels out the efforts that KIA has put into it
  • What problems are you having in your 06? I have one as well and may be able to help.
  • I really have only two problems with my 06 that bother me to any degree and those are the wind noise coming from the area of the right hand center pillar and the vibration seemingly coming from the front wheels. the wind noise only becomes really bad when you get to highway speeds,but the dealer appears reluctant to put a couple of techs in the van and have them drive out on the highway to islolate the noise. one person in the vehicle could not locate the problem by himself, and unless he got out on the highway he wouldn't hear it. the problem with the front end vibration is most likely( in my opinion as an ex-mechanic) either a tire running out of round at higher speeds or a hydraulic pulse in the power steering system. trouble is that it don't start acting up until you get over 70 mph-seeming to peak out about 77/78 mph. the vibration increases when you back off the throttle and is more pronounced than when accelerating. all the dealer wants to do is balance the wheels-I guess that is supposed to cure everything.of course the other solution is not to go over 70. It's very rare that a person can drive on I-75 and stay at 70 or below without feeling like somebody is going to run over you-I'd rather drive a couple of mph faster and flow with the traffic. I keep hoping somebody up the line in the KIA world would start reading the posts on this site and rattle the dealers a bit , or maybe to loosen the purse strings and let the dealers find solutions. Like a lot of others, I think the Sedonna is a great vehicle-just a few bugs.
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