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Mazda3 Canada



  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    My question is, will snow tires offer significant improvement ??

    ... or is the car simply too light and has too much torque to drive safely in the winter
    No. The Mazda3 is one of the most popular cars in Canada for the last couple of years, do you think all those Canadians stop driving them in the winter?

    BFGoodrich, Bridgestone, Michelin, Toyos, Yokohamas all make excellent winter tires. When you buy your snows, I strongly suggest that you consider separate rims to make the transition each year easier. Expect to pay approximately C$700 to a C$1000 for the tires+rims.
  • Has anyone purchased satellite radio in Canada and installed it in their Mazda 3 ?? I'm wondering what installation choices people are making..??..where to install the attenna ?...where to install the unit and how to connect it to power..??..I know you can plug these units into the cigarette lighter but it pains me to think I have to mess up my interior with wires running all over the dash for power and attenna ?? :confuse:
  • markb3markb3 Posts: 23
    I have found that my 2004 Mazda 3 isn't the best in the snow either! even though I have 4 Toyo GO2 plus snow tires installed. I've had many front wheel drive vehicles in my life and this car handles by far the worse in Winter conditions.

    I don't think I can blame the Toyo's because we have the same tires installed on our Rear Drive Safari Van and it handles fantastic with these tires.

    I would like to here from other Mazda 3 owners that live in Eastern Ontario or Montreal area and here what they have found with their Mazda 3s :confuse:
  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    I have found that my 2004 Mazda 3 isn't the best in the snow either! even though I have 4 Toyo GO2 plus snow tires installed.

    Interesting. What size Toyos? What problems do you experience?
  • For whatever it's worth, I bought my wife an '05 Mazda 3 Sport on Dec. 30 (Hey, we like these cars..:)and I immediately put Blizzak snow tires on her car. She travels on highways and after my own experience in the snow with my Mazda 3 sedan without snow tires, I knew she was going to need snow's

    The snow tires make a huge difference. Her car feels totally in control. It's kind of late in the winter to get myself snow tires but next year I will definately get myself a set of rims and Blizzaks. :)
  • markb3markb3 Posts: 23
    My Toyo Tire size are 195/65R15 on steel rims. These are what replaces my summers on alloy rims.
    I just find I do not have the control and grip that one would expect from winter tires. Not sure I can blame the tires though because like I said in previous message we have these on our Rear drive Safari and are fantastic.

    Also! I drive from Cornwall to Montreal frequently and see a lot of poor road conditions.

    Do you use these tires? is that why your asking?
  • jv44jv44 Posts: 2
    Hey Wildthing,

    I purchased an XM radio. I got the portable unit by Delphi. What I've found works great, is using the the clip that attaches to the vents. It gives you easy access to the unit. That means it's one small cord from the unit to the lighter. In regards to the antenna, you have to bite the bullet and take the the panels off the interior to hide the wires. I've put my antenna outside the passenger's window. Not sure if that helps or not.
  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    I was asking about the tire size because some people occasionally use weird combos but your setup seems fine. And Toyos are supposed to be one of the better brands; my brother swears by his on his Camry. My Bridgestone Winter Slaloms make all the difference in winter driving; I feel confident in my Protege5 to pass at 120 km in the wet / snow.

    The Safari is a truck or truck-like isn't it? I guess the driving dynamics would be quite different than those for a light car, like the Mazda3, but in any case I would expect what ever vehicle I drive to be safe.

    You may want to talk to a tech at the dealer the next time you're there to see if there's anything that they would recommend (e.g. tire pressure settings).

    I drive to Montreal from Ottawa monthly so I know what you mean about poor road conditions.
  • Since I posted my orginal question, I also went with XM and purchased a Roady XT. I didn't want wires running everywhere so I contacted my Mazda dealer. They recommended a car radio installation place here in Toronto. These guys were great...they replaced the lower section of my center dashboard (The area that held the passenger seatbelt light, cig. lighter recepticle and ashtray) with a fabricated matching plastic piece that held the Roady XT connector and the cig. lighter so I can still charge my cell phone. Nice, neat looking job....all the wires connected and hidden behind the console and the antenna run back through the trunk. The small XM antenna sits on the trunck and is not very obvious. The actual Roady is down and out of the way of "curious" outside eyes. The XM radio plays through an FM interface....I just tune my Mazda radio to channle 88.3 and the XM radio plays through that channel.....XM radio is great !!!
  • My wife's car snows are Blizzak P20555R/16 on steel rims....they are great on least here in Toronto... :)
  • jv44jv44 Posts: 2
    That's great! 88.3 is the best channel as well. I've tried them all. Some seem to work for a day or two and then they lose their sound quality.
  • ronfcronfc Posts: 6
    after the first snow i scraped the goodyears that came with the car, they were uslesssss in even a dusting of snow
    i live in the snow belt this is my second winter with this car a loaded mazda3gt sedan 04. the tires i changed to have been good under all conditions but i have not used the car in very heavy snow i am well satisfied with them.
    they are Kumho ecsta asx so far they have nearly 32000 on them
  • brodie2brodie2 Posts: 32
    I have been having two problems with my automatic 2004 mazda 3. The engine shuts down on me after all the warning lights come on and I am experiencing a power surge when my foot is not on the gas. Has anyone else had these problems :cry: ?
  • dufosdufos Posts: 16
    No not as yet. But I am sure if you take it to the dealer they will probably tell you "you are the first to complain about this problem"
    Google Mazda3 and check other forums, there are a few good ones around.
  • ex_tdierex_tdier Posts: 277
    How's the sound quality using the FM broadcast? Is it the same or worse than a good FM station?

    I am not impressed with the the FM tuner, the CD is much better though. Too bad we can't have something where you insert a CD and then the satellite radio works that way, rather than through the FM.
  • Well, I find the sound quality through the FM broadcast fine...I never hear any static...certainly no worse to my ears than ay other FM station.

    Don't know about the CD thing but the Delphi Roady XT I bought had a cassette thing that you could insert into your car radio's cassette player and play the Sat radio through that....obviously useless in our '3's s they don't come with cassette players
  • siciliansicilian Posts: 4
    Hello everyone

    I found this site and found it to be very helpful. I am in the process of purchasing a Mazda 3 GT with GFX Package. I went to a dealer today to get a price. With a $1500 trade it I was quoted at 26,727 after taxes. I was wondering if that was a good deal or not. Like to hear from Ontario residents since prices vary from provinces. And I would like also to hear how much you paid after taxes. Thanks
  • Hey there,
    Well I just purcahsed a brand new mazda3 2006 standard and after taxes and all i got it for about 25000 so I know that with the Gt model it's automatically consider sport so it does go up by another 2 thousand so at the price your getting it form it seems pretty good but always try to get a little more discount. I was able to close the deal at that price and with 1 yr free oil change and a free spoiler. =) So if you need more info let me know. Maybe i can even refer you to my deal guy he was awsome adn so helpful. But yeah sounds pretty good so far regardless. And The purchase was just this week so it's pretty relivant info for yah :) good luck =) The car's amazing
  • siciliansicilian Posts: 4
    Thanks for the reply. It gives me a gauge as to what I should be looking for in terms of price. My price of $26,727 included a $1500 trade in. Did your deal involve a trade in as well?
    Anyways I would appreciate it if you provide me with the name of the sales rep and the place you purchased it as well. Perhaps you can get something out of it as well from a referral. Take care
  • Hi there, hope this will be of help to you but I had gone to the dealership thats at the boarderline of mississauga and brampton called ontario mazda and its on dixie off the highway basically. The amazing car sales person name was izzy and he is great help and a very pleasant guy. The pricing i got it at was actually $2300 roughly after looking back at my papers. there was no trade in either but i did just purchase a mazda 3 exact model 6 months prior at that same dealer so that is the reason for the amazing deal. But go in and see what he can do. I also did kinda plan things.Dealership as you know has quotas to hit every month. i purpously purchased my car on feb 28 cause i knew it was the shortest month and the last day of the month so dealerships will drop prices dramatically just so they can hit there target of the month. so if u can hold out, try coming in the last week of the month to do your negotiation. thats when they will be willing to push for lower prices. Well hope all this was helpful and good luck =) let me know how itt goes :blush:
  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    You said:
    purcahsed a brand new mazda3 2006 standard and after taxes and all i got it for about 25000 so I know that with the Gt model it's automatically consider sport so it does go up by another 2 thousand so at the price your getting it form it seems pretty good but always try to get a little more discount. I was able to close the deal at that price and with 1 yr free oil change and a free spoiler.

    And then you said:
    pricing i got it at was actually $2300 roughly after looking back at my papers

    Really, you paid $2300? Not too many dealers could survive with that pricing. :P

    TIP: It would help when quoting prices to identify: exact model with options, selling price and the negotiated out the door (OTD) price after trade and with all taxes.
  • siciliansicilian Posts: 4
    Thanks for the tip.

    I went to Ontario Mazda. I bought the Mazda 3 GT Automatic with GFX package. Traded my car for $1500 and ended up paying $25,700 tax included. Happy owner of of Winning Blue Mazda 3. Thanks again for the tip. If anyone is intersted let me know. I can recommend a good sales rep for you. Take care
  • finchyfinchy Posts: 1
    Hi all,

    Hope you could help me out.

    I'm looking at a Mazda 3 GT, 5 speed automatic, with GFX and Luxury Package. The dealer quoted me $24,935 as MSRP.

    Is this good?

    Also could anyone comment on the CarCostCanada service, where they "claim" to give consumers the invoice pricing for cars sold in Canada?

    Is this for real or a scam?

  • Congrats to the new purchase. So you did go to the dealership I went to? Your price did go down which was great to hear. Who was your sales person? Regardless glad I was able to help enjoy the new ride =)
  • Hi there, Yes i did inititally say i got it for around $25,000, but then when looking back at my papers realized it was roughly $23,000 because on the day of pick up the price was dropped lower due to some misunderstanding on their side. But yes, I know the deal i got was amazing. The manager at the dealership said they actually lost money in selling that car to me. The deal though, I did just buy the exact car 6 months prior which was also a reason they went so low. But yes i should be more specific on models. I got the Mazda3 GS model standard with spoiler additional, rust proof, and no extended warranty. At that price. I did no trade in but did financing with zero down and that was the price i got. But financing at 4.9 is whats gonna kill me and make it a few grand more but only because i couldnt dish out the cash. But thanks for the tip.
  • Hey,
    If anyone is into modifying cars, please help, I'm modifying my Mazda 3 GS model and just purchased a kenstyle bodykit and would like to know if that was even a good brand to go with. it looks pretty amazing r the pictures i've seen and I would also like to know if anyone has some ideas for whats a good price to get the bodykit painted and installed or either or. I'd like to heqar some replys with in the GTA if possible. Bt any help or info wouldbe appreciated. So for the bodykit. its front lip side skirts and bumper. and the car is silver. Please let me know if you can. thanks.
  • siciliansicilian Posts: 4
    Hi Finchy

    Is that price tax included?
  • Ok. Hopefully someone can help me as I’ve just moved to Vancouver and I am finding buying a new car somewhat problematic as every time I go to a dealership they keep changing their stories.

    Basically, I am looking to pay cash for a Mazda 3 GS with auto, AC, the sp and the pp package in silver. I was wondering what people in the lower mainland were paying for their cars and in what dealerships they bought them.

    Cheers for any info and if you have other advice please feel free to offer your opinion.
  • ex_tdierex_tdier Posts: 277
    Morrey Mazda NOrth Shore, boycott Signature Mazda. Don't go there at all.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Sorry, we can't use the Forums to name salespeople or give exact locations of dealerships. Here is the scoop (taken from the Rules of the Road linked on the left):

    6. Posts about dealers
    When posting about your experience with a dealership, you may post ONLY the dealership name, city, and state. You may not post a salesperson's name, phone numbers, email addresses, links to dealer web sites, etc.
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